Top 24 Apps Similar to Blogger User Panel

Blogger 2.1.3
Google LLC
Download the latest release of the official Blogger app, andstartblogging on the go. With Blogger for Android you can:* Composeapost that you can save to draft or immediately publish*Editexisting posts* View list of your saved and published posts*Switchaccount/blog if you have more than one* Embed an image fromthegallery, or, by taking a picture directly from the app* Addlabelsto your posts* Add location informationWith the Blogger appforAndroid, you can quickly and easily publish posts to yourblogwherever you are.
WordPress – Website & Blog Builder
Automattic, Inc
Manage or create your WordPress blog or website right fromyourAndroid device: create and edit posts and pages, uploadyourfavorite photos and videos, view stats and reply to comments.WithWordPress for Android, you have the power to publish in thepalm ofyour hand. Draft a spontaneous haiku from the couch. Snapand posta photo on your lunch break. Respond to your latestcomments, orcheck your stats to see what new countries today'sreaders arecoming from. WordPress for Android is an Open Sourceproject, whichmeans you too can contribute to its development.Learn more at WordPress forAndroidsupports and self-hosted sitesrunningWordPress 4.0 or higher. Need help with the app? Visit theforumsat us @WPAndroid.
Blogaway for Android (Blogger) 7.0.8
Gleam One Labs
A simple blogging client for your Android phones. BlogawayforAndroid is your blogging companion while you are away fromyourdesktop. Keeps you connected, on the go. Currently only workswithblogger ( With Blogaway for Android, youcanpublish to your blog in seconds. Write a few words, attachphotosand videos from your phone, and Blogaway does the rest.Blogginghas never been easier. * Handles multiple accounts andblogs * Readyour blogs * Add multiple photos and videos * Addlabels to yourposts * Add your location to your posts * Richformatting options *Drafts auto saved locally * Add a signature tobe attached to yourposts * Manage your reading list by adding otherblogger blogs *Bookmark posts to read them later * View comments onyour posts *Moderate comments (Approve, Mark Spam, Delete)
Bloggeroid for Blogger 2.9.9
Blogger in your hand ;-) and without ads :-) Blog withsimpleBlogger client, create & edit posts on any of yourblogs,create & delete comments. Create draft posts. Share yourpoststo Google+ (if installed) and other apps. Add multiple imagestoyour Blogger posts. Decide where in post your images shouldbeplaced. Use simple "wikisyntax" like **bold**,__italic__,--strike--, ^^superscript^^ and [link texthttp://linkAddress] (forexample [Blogger] willcreate link to with text Blogger. Work withmultipleblogs/Blogger accounts. Save and Load your posts to andfrom SD.Add information where you are to blog post. Works extrawell on allphones with physical keyboard. (in case of problem,please contactwith developer. Comment with info like "doesn't workfor me" orsimilar will not help me to find solution for yourproblem,additionally I'm not able to answer for comment, so mailme, I willtry to find solution). App usesandroid.permission.GET_ACCOUNTSpermission to access list ofaccounts device, thanks to this it isable to let you link youraccount with app, and access your blog.
Blogger User Panel 1.5
Ercan Duman
This is a free androidapplicationforBlogers.You can post on your blog, review or editposts withthisapp.* You can manage multiple accounts and blogs.* read your blog posts.* add labels to your articles.* In addition,- More SECURE now- No spams!- free application and will remain freeDownload now!.Enjoy your bloging!
my blog 1.7
Ercan Duman
With simple and practical design.Through my blog app;* You can manage multiple accounts and blogs.* read your blog posts.* add multiple photos and videos.* add labels to your articles.* You can add location information to your post.* In addition,- no spams- free application and will remain freeThe only thing you need to do is download my blog.Enjoy your bloging! Wish you a healthy and beautiful blog - "Your new blog"
Bloglovin' 3.15.2
Bloglovin' Inc
Over 20 million people use Bloglovin’ to discover and read blogsinfashion, food, DIY, travel and more! Never miss a post fromyourfavorite bloggers again, whether you're at home or on thego.Bloglovin’ is a simple way to read blogs and share post; it'sfastand fun! Bloglovin’ helps you to keep up with yourfavoritebloggers and Youtube vloggers like The Sartorialist,Cashmere &Cupcakes, Michelle Phan and millions more. Bloglovin’has everykind of blog you'd want to read, whether its a Wordpress,Blogger,Squarespace or Tumblr blog. - Follow all of your favoriteblogs andsee all of their posts and videos in a beautiful feed -Discovernew blogs and bloggers through both social and curatedchannels -Save articles, fashion ideas, DIY craft instructions, andrecipesto read later -Share posts and video with your family andfriendsWhatever your passions may be, discover the best blogs foryourinterests. Get inspiration from top fashion, food, DIY, homedecor,travel and fitness bloggers. Find us online!Website:http://www.bloglovin.comFacebook: To learn moreaboutBloglovin’, visit us at: you are havingtechnical issues or have any questions, pleasevisit us
Medium 3.6.6831
Welcome to Medium, where words matter. We are creating anetworkthat enables people to make an impression on others. To makethemthink or change their minds. To teach them something orconnectemotionally. Where the quality of the idea matters, nottheauthor’s qualifications. A place where conversation pushesideasforward and words still matter. Read Create your Mediumaccount,then scroll through your personalized homepage, tailored toyourinterests based on the topics, people, and publications youfollow.Dive into Series--mobile stories that can be added to overtime andunfold card by card with the tap of your finger. WriteStartwriting your draft in the app, and it will automatically synctoyour drafts folder at You can also edit apublishedpost from anywhere. Our editor is easy to use, with allthefunctionality of the web, right from your pocket. ReactHighlight aparticular passage that speaks to you, or clap for it toshare thepiece with your followers. Join the conversation bywriting yourown response to any post right from the bottom of thepage.Questions? Feedback? To get help, visit
Blogger-droid (Ad-free) 1.1.13
Simple Blogger client. You can:-create/view/edit/deleteblogposts-post comments to published blog posts-upload picture(s)andvideo(s)-select size and quality of pictures uploaded-selectuploadalbum at Picasa Web Albums-set publish date/time-publishasdraft-share pictures, videos, YouTube clips, links etc.* No ads*NoBlogger-droid signature* Using Flurry for basic ( *** Follow Blogger-droid on [email protected] ***---Do you need support, have any questions orafeature request, send a mail to: [email protected] oruseGTalk: [email protected]: I keep getting aCAPTCHAerror?A: The CAPTCHA handling in the app is a known bug, toget ridof the CAPTCHA requirement you need to use a browserand login at and/or (depending on which google servicerequiringCAPTCHA)with the same credentials that you're usinginBlogger-droid app.Q: I get a 403 or 404 error when tryingtopublish blog posts with pictures?A 1: To be able to postpictures,you must activate your account @, allpictures uploaded fromBlogger-droid will end up in the defaultalbum 'Drop box'.A 2: YourGoogle account may be full.A 3: Your'Drop box' album may be full.It seems like there is a limit of1000 pictures in a album.A 4: Makesure there is no unwanted spacesin your username, some keyboardsoftware have a tendency to add aspace at the end.Q: I can'tpublish blog posts with pictures?A: Tobe able to post pictures, youmust activate your account @
Blogaway Pro (Blogger) 7.0.7
Gleam One Labs
A simple blogging client for your Android phones. BlogawayforAndroid is your blogging companion while you are away fromyourdesktop. Keeps you connected, on the go. Currently only workswithblogger ( Blogaway for Android, you canpublishto your blog in seconds. Write a few words, attach photosandvideos from your phone, and Blogaway does the rest. Blogginghasnever been easier. * Handles multiple accounts and blogs* Readyourblogs* Add multiple photos and videos* Add labels to yourposts*Add your location to your posts* Rich formatting options*Draftsauto saved locally* Add a signature to be attached to yourposts*Manage your reading list by adding other blogger blogs*Bookmarkposts to read them later* View comments on your posts*Moderatecomments (Approve, Mark Spam, Delete) 2.2.9
Blogg direkte fra mobilen! sin mobil-app lar deg bloggeogfølge vennene dine som vanlig - også når du er på farten. Lardeglogge inn og skrive, lagre og publisere innlegg i bloggen dinpå Bildeopplastning fra album eller direkte frakamera.Dukan også bla og slette i arkivet, og godkjenne/skjuleeller slettekommentarer.Support: from your mobilephone! its mobile app lets youblog and follow your friendsas usual - even when on the go.Allowsyou to login and write, saveand publish posts to your blog Photo upload from albumor directly from the camera.Youcan also browse and delete thearchive and approve / hide ordeletecomments.Support:
BlogPost (Blogger Client) 0.4.12
Vadim Babin
App for Blogging! Blogger, WordPressandLiveJournal (soon Drupal, Joomla...). BlogPost is fast and easytouse blogging app with visual editor!App not optimizate for Android 4.0 and later!IMPORTANT! Flickr was Delete Default "BlogPost Application"Albumand all uploaded images! Please use own Picasa/Flickraccounts forupload images!Create and Edit your posts in visual editor and managecomments.Insert and upload your photo or video from app to YouTube,Picasaor Flickr! Just shoot and post :-)POWERFULL VISUAL EDITOR! Support all tags: aligns, quotes,lists,text styles, fonts, more...YouTube BLOGGING! Insert your video or photo from app toYoutube,Picasa or Flickr!Main features of the Visual Editor:- Text styles: all standart fonts (Arial, Courier,Georgia,Helvetica, Times, Trebuchet, Verdana), text size, textstyles(bold, italic, underline, strike), colors (foregroundandbackground);- You can insert links, photo (which will be uploaded to PicasaorFlickr), video (which will be uploaded to YouTube);- Paragraph styles: aligns (left, center, right), lists(numberedlist or bulleted list), quote;- And even tag "More"!Use new function Insert image from your Web Album! You canbrowseyour Picasa / Flickr album and insert image directly.Blogger client! LiveJournal Client! WordPress Client!We need your FeedBack and Suggestions for improve thisapp;-) 1.0.4
Arvind Gupta is a simple yetpowerfulmobile-first blog builder with great community andcustomersupport. Experience a faster and simpler way to postupdates,upload pictures and manage your blog on thego. Withexciting features such as offline mode, WYSIWYG editor,great UIand much more for Android makes blogging easyandfun.With the for Android you can:❍ Register a new blog❍ Write a post even if you’re offline❍ Publish, schedule or save a blog post as draft❍ Manage existing posts❍ Manage old and new comments❍ Upload files, pictures and videos❍ Embed files and pictures to posts❍ Manage existing files❍ Manage existing categories and add new ones❍ Change blog and profile settings❍ Change post privacy settings (Private / Public posts)❍ Receive notifications for visitor activities such as whennewcomments, feedback, guestbook entries are postedThis is the initial release of the blogging appanddoes not include all the features of the web /mobile-webversion.
Blogger User Panel Pro 1.5
Ercan Duman
This is a free android application for Blogers. You can post onyourblog, review or edit posts with this app. * You can managemultipleaccounts and blogs. * read your blog posts. * add labelsto yourarticles. * In addition, - No ads! - No spams!Downloadnow!.Enjoyyour bloging!
네이버 블로그 - Naver Blog
Stay connected anywhere, anytime withNaverBlog.With the official Naver Blog app, you can check out real-timestatusof your blog and the latest updates from your neighbors.Also, youcan easily publish posts with photos or locationinformation. NaverBlog is just the right way to share your storieswith theworld!Highlighted Features:1)Check out real-time status updates of your blog and anyupdatedpost from your neighbors2)View enlarged photos on posts.3)Enjoy lively communication with your neighbors. You candirectlyaccess your neighbors, read their latest updates, and leaveshortmessages on the board.4)Upload posts with photos or maps. You can save them even whenyouare offline!5)Add a new blogger as your neighbor and accept anybody who wantstobecome one of your neighbors.Thank you for using Naver apps. We will continue to improveourproducts and to provide up-to-date services.In case a problem or an error occurs while using the app,pleasefeel free to leave your inquiry on NAVER Customer Center(, MAIL: [email protected]) Pleasenotethat an accurate assessment and answer to your problem may notbepossible if you do not provide us with a direct inquiry totheabove Customer Center. Please understand that leaving us afeedbackcomment on the review board, while greatly appreciated,does notsuffice as a direct inquiry.
Buffer: Manage Twitter, Facebook, Social Media 7.0.16
Buffer, Inc
Save time and manage all your social media in one place. Buffer isasimpler way to schedule posts and track the performance ofyourcontent on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedInandGoogle+. No more wasting time, no more logging into multiplesocialaccounts. Any link, text, picture or video - just add it toBufferand you can quickly choose when and where it’ll be posted.WHYYOU’LL LOVE BUFFER - Share to multiple Facebook,Instagram,Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+ accounts fromone place. -Maintain a consistent presence on social media, so youcan buildyour following and influence. - Get easy-to-read analyticsforevery update you share. - Schedule your posts automatically soyounever have to worry about setting a time and date, or customizethetiming of individual posts. Scheduling has never been easierormore flexible. - Share from all of your favourite apps.Includingscheduling native retweets from most Twitter apps! - Neverrun outof amazing content with Instagram Reposting. - Get worldclasssupport from your friends at Buffer. You can also add toBufferfrom your favourite browser using our Browser ExtensionsforSafari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera. Buffer’s main version isfree,but you can easily upgrade within the app. Free Plan Features:•Connect up to 3 Social Accounts • 10 scheduled posts perprofilePro Plan Features: • Have upto 100 posts in your Buffer. •Connectupto 8 Social Accounts. • RSS feed integration SmallBusiness PlanFeatures: • 25 Connected Social Accounts • 5 TeamMembers &Contributions Feature. • 2,000 scheduled posts perprofile • RSSfeed integration • All standard Buffer features &Pro Planfeatures. The Pro Plan & Small Business plansubscriptions areoptional and are available via an auto-renewingsubscription: ProPlan subscriptions are at a monthly rate of $15 oran annual rateof $144. Small Business subscriptions are availableat a monthlyrate of $99.99. Payments will be charged to your GooglePlayaccount after confirmation of purchase. Your subscriptionwillautomatically renew unless canceled at least 24-hours beforetheend of the current period. Your subscription can be managed inyourGoogle Play Account Settings after purchase. PrivacyPolicy: Terms of Use: you have any questions for us? Email:[email protected] Twitter:@buffer Facebook: Instagram: @bufferPinterest:
1-App:fb twitter Social Media 2.0
1-App: Social Media is a must have app forallsocial network users. All social network apps like Facebook,Quora,Vimeo, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Gmail Aol Mail, O2, Digg, etc.can beaccessed through this social media appIt contains all popular social networking, Email,News,Travelling apps etc.No need of downloading FB, Twitter, Quora, Pinterest,Instagram,Gmail, Digg and 100+ apps-#1 All in one Social Media app on Android Play Store lovedby40000+ users!-Fast, Safe and secure browser. We leave no traces of yourbrowsinghistory-A free version of similar paid apps like Hootsuite-Secure all your social media sessions at one place. Login justonceand it is secure forever-Save upto 1GB of phone memory by uninstalling all thesocialapps-And lastly book an UBER without downloading the UBERappThis apps includes the following social network apps:-Email:GmailOutlookRediff MailYahoo MailAol MailZoho MailOffice 365mail.comGMXO2Mail.ruMail2World126.comQQYandexWeb.deSocial Network Apps:Facebook (FB)Google plusTwitterLinkedinTumblrInstagramBehanceBloglovinDribbbleFoursquareMeetupMyspacePinterestQuoraChat:MessengerWhatsappSnapchatKikDating:OmegleeHarmonyMatchVideo:YouTubeDailymotionYoukuVimeo9GAGTEDNiconicoMusicSpotifySound CloudLastfmSearch Engine:GoogleYahooBingDuckDuckGoBaiduKnowledge:DiigoGoodreadsWikipediaHowstuffworksBlogging:WordpressBloggerNews:RedditBuzzFeedDiggFlipboardHuffington PostNew York TimesCNNWall Street JournalBBCSportsYahoo SportsCBS SportsCricinfoESPNFox SportsSports IllustratedEntertainment:StumbleuponIMDBNetflixDiplyHulu9GAGCloud Storage:DropboxGoogle DriveOne DriveImage Sharing:FlickrImgurPicasaFoodFoodpandaZomatoShoppingAmazonEtsyPolyvoreRedbubbleSociety 6Travel:UberAirbnbBooking.comLonely PlanetTripadvisorXESome highlights of all the applications that areintegratedare★Get breaking news and information from reddit,Flipboard,BBC, Stumbleupon etc. Stay informed with the localand globalnews that matters to you most, as it happens★Password Protection: We securely protect your passwordswhenyou browse through any of the social media sites listed onourapp★Express yourself with text, photos, emoji, emoticons, video,GIFs,Vines, Imgur★Use flikr and store upto 1000GB of photos for free★Access to all the major emails like rediff mail, gmail, yahoomailetc★Search and book a room in Airbnb using our app. It is fasterandlighter than Airbnb app★Get content from sites like YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram,Spotify,Soundcloud and Pandora.★Super fast streaming of 1080 HD videos from Vimeo★Instantly share photos and videos on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblrandother social networks.★Get an app like experience of 9GAG through this app★Apply to certain jobs with your LinkedIn profile in justonetap★With the new browser browse the buzzfeed content even faster★Share your buzzfeed stories over email, facebook, twitteretc★Search the web securely with out your personal datausingduckduckgo★Meetup around the things that are important to you usingthisapp.★Save travel inspiration: Outdoor adventures, road trips andmorevia Airbnb, Lonely planet, Trip Advisor.★Sync your all mail ids at one place, Gmail, yahoo mail, AolMail,Outlook, Rediff mail etc★Search everything with the most power search engine like-DuckDuckGo, Google search, Bing search, Baidu, YahoosearchetcGet this fast app and save time and memory in yourmobile!! 1.4 Network empowers ordinary people from all walks oflifeto be extra-ordinary millionaire bloggers. This is a truestory ofordinary people like you who have come from zero to hero.You toocan make extra money from blogging when you opt-in atBlogsApp.comor your mobile blogs and stayconnected withyour friends with the new app makes it easy to stay connectedand share yourpictures and blogs with your friends. Share yourblog statusupdates, exchange your blog messages and your pictureswith yourfriends, check out your blog news feed, review yourupcoming blogseventsAnyway, What is a Blog actually?Why do peoplelove to blog?Ablog (a truncation of the expression weblog) isbasically an onlinediscussion or informational site published onthe World Wide Web andconsisting of discrete entries ("posts")typically displayed inreverse chronological order (the most recentpost appears first).Until 2009 blogs were usually the work of asingleindividual[citation needed], occasionally of a small group,andoften covered a single subject. More recently "multi-authorblogs"(MABs) have developed, with posts written by large numbersofauthors and professionally edited. MABs from newspapers, othermediaoutlets, universities, think tanks, advocacy groups andsimilarinstitutions account for an increasing quantity of blogtraffic. Therise of Twitter and other "microblogging" systemshelps integrateMABs and single-author blogs into societalnewstreams. Blog can alsobe used as a verb, meaning to maintain oradd content to a blog.Theemergence and growth of blogs in the late1990s coincided with theadvent of web publishing tools thatfacilitated the posting ofcontent by non-technical users.(Previously, a knowledge of suchtechnologies as HTML and FTP hadbeen required to publish content onthe Web.)A majority areinteractive, allowing visitors to leavecomments and even messageeach other via GUI widgets on the blogs,and it is thisinteractivity that distinguishes them from otherstaticwebsites.[2] In that sense, blogging can be seen as a formofsocial networking service. Indeed, bloggers do not onlyproducecontent to post on their blogs, but also build socialrelationswith their readers and other bloggers.[3] However, therearehigh-readership blogs which do not allow comments, such asDaringFireball.Many blogs provide commentary on a particularsubject;others function as more personal online diaries; othersfunctionmore as online brand advertising of a particular individualorcompany. A typical blog combines text, images, and links tootherblogs, Web pages, and other media related to its topic. Theabilityof readers to leave comments in an interactive format isanimportant contribution to the popularity of many blogs. Mostblogsare primarily textual, although some focus on art (artblogs),photographs (photoblogs), videos (video blogs or "vlogs"),music(MP3 blogs), and audio (podcasts). Microblogging is anothertype ofblogging, featuring very short posts. In education, blogscan beused as instructional resources. These blogs are referred toasedublogs.On 16 February 2011, there were over 156 millionpublicblogs in existence. On 20 February 2014, there were around172million Tumblr[4] and 75.8 million WordPress[5] blogs inexistenceworldwide. According to critics and other bloggers,Blogger is themost popular blogging service used today, howeverBlogger does notoffer public statistics.[6][7] Technorati has 1.3million blogs asof February 22, 2014[8]
Blogger Comment 1.2
Organizing favorite Blogger blog and simplifyBloggercomment.Introducing a new feature "Track" Blogger NameTheapp willalways jump to your latest comment on yourfriend'sblog.Features:1. Adding blog posts and comments using RSSAtom 1.0(currently only supports Blogspot and Wordpress blog)2.Integratedmobile Blogger interface3. Rename, delete blogs4.TRACKing yourblogger name in comments
ShortBlogger for Tumblr 2.1.0
ShortBlogger is powerful Tumblr clientforAndroid.Features:* Post to Tumblr. Send a Text, Photo, Quote, Link, Chat, AudioorVideo post.* View your dashboard, posts, queue and drafts.* View your liked posts.* Animated GIFs.* Following/followers list;* Tracking by tags;* Blogs cache. You can view blogs when you're offline.* Edit or delete your own posts.* Supports multiple blogs.* Quick Reblog and Like.* Follow or unfollow.* Messages: View and reply to messages.* View notes.* Spotlight/Featured Tags.* Powerful post editor with rich text styles.* Save images to SD card.* And much much more!Follow
Easy WordPress & Blogger 2.0
Ubik Transmedia
Welcome to Soffice! Please keep in mind:thisis an interface designed to make your blog-writing experiencemorecomfortable, but it is not a "full" WordPress/Bloggerdashboard.You better install both apps for a comfortable writingwhile atotal management control ;)Please, remember to rate and spread the app. Yourfeedbackencourages us to continue improving it.Happy blogging!---Soffice is a WordPress/Blogger publishing interface thatsimplifiesthe way the user composes and archives articles. WhileWordPressand Blogger offer a complete solution, Soffice focuses onmakingthe most common tasks easier and faster. Nevertheless, itisadvised to install Fedora and the original WordPress appbecausethey complement each other.If you are a starter blogger, a community manager, a socialmediaspecialist or a journalist, this software was made mindingyourinterests. Do in a few seconds what used to take minutes; droptheinformation into your blogs as you take it; leave the desk andgetinvolved with the environment while you post about it. Fedoraisproductivity.But you have to know that:The trademark 'WordPress' and The WordPress Foundation keepNOprofessional relation with Ubik Transmedia. This is NOT anofficialWordPress app but a third-party contribution. The presenceofWordPress' name and part of the logo stay as reminders for theuserof what the app does and this app will not make any WordPressCMSwork without any other means than the ones the user hadalreadyimplemented in the hosting server; in other words, this appis NOTWordPress.Past versions of Fedora will become GPL and will beavailablefrom, while the last version of it will beheld as abinary file. You are allowed to hack/crack theapplication-including the last released APK- if your intentions donot harmothers and work for the benefit of us all. You are allowedtoremove the advertising from the GPL versions, whileadvertisingmust stay in the latest version. Part of the benefits ofthisproject are constantly reinvested as improvements and the useofthis app will remain free for the final user. Adds areservedrespecting user's privacy but allowing Google to useefficientkeywords.
Social Networks - All in one 1.7.0
All Social Network Mobile Sites - quick access to over 48popularmobile social media networks on your Android!Why to installtens ofindividual apps for each social network when you can accessall ofthem in only one app, that is Social Networks app.You nolongerhave to re-enter your social network credentials withthisapplication, you have the freedom to access all yoursocialnetworking apps.You can Hide unwanted social networks!List ofallsupportedsocialnetworksFacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedInTelegramMessengerPinterestSkypeGoogle+YouTubeTumblrRedditMyspaceMeetupTaggedFlickrLivejournalFoursquareBehanceDribbbleVKOKMyWorldMail.ruTopFaceMambaHi5DiggPathOmegleWeheartitVineMeetmeMocospaceBloggertsuaskEvernoteSpotifyStumbleUponWikipediaSlackQuoraXingSoundcloudBasecamp3VimeoFlipboardPhotobucketDisclaimer:All graphics and media usedare under CCO or public Domain. This isnot an official app.We arenot affiliated with any of the servicesaccessed through this app.This app only directs the user to availrequired service and we arenot responsible for any financial ortechnical difficulties facedby the user due to network failure,device failure or any othercomplications.User of this app is solelyresponsible for sharing ofhis personal data with the socialnetworking sites listed in thisapp. We are in no way have controlover your data, all theinformation you access are through theofficial sites of listedsocial networks.If you face any problemusing this app or need anyimprovement please email us.
Blogging Millionaire 1.0
Wolfgang Schmuck
If you have a blog or are looking to make money online then youneedto download this app and discover great new techniques thatworkonline right now! Everything’s explained in plain English withallthe fluff cut out. I got hold of an advanced copy of the bookfor amuch higher price than what it actually sells for and it hasbeenworth every single cent! I got it in the afternoon and bytheevening I was creating new profitable blogs. Within a coupleofhours of them being active I had made a nice littleprofit.BloggingTo The Bank 2011 teaches you Robs new step by stepblueprint tocreating highly profitable long term niche blogs usingthe newestoptimization techniques. There’s even a section onadvanced SearchEngine Optimization. Most people think SEO isdifficult but Robexplains this nice and simply so even the bloggingnewbie willunderstand it.
Castle Global
Kiwi is an outlet for curiosity. It's asocialQ&A app that makes it fun and easy to ask and answerquestionswith your friends, community, and the world at large. Goahead –ask anyone anything!Features:• Ask any question to a friend, your followers, or theKiwicommunity• Answer questions about yourself and share your thoughts withtheworld• Follow people you care about to create a personalized feed• Go beyond your friends and family and connect with aglobalcommunity of curious people• Get to know your city by asking questions to people nearby• Tell a unique and authentic story through your questionsandanswers• Never get bored – you never know what someone will ask you!