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Planit Pro: Photo Planner 10.1.3
PlanIt Photo Inc.
Please email for bug reports orfeaturerequests. Please also remember tovisit for more video tutorials. Eachvideoonly lasts a few minutes but you will sure learn a lot fromthem.You can also reach us through Instagram or Facebook. Linksareunder the menu inside the app. This is a special call tolandscapephotographers, travel photographers, nature photographersand thosewho are interested in night photography, cityphotography,time-lapse, star-trails, milky way orastro-photography: look nomore, this is the ultimate app for you -the Planit Pro. It onlycosts you a cup of Frappuccino but will saveyou tons of time andeffort and a lot of gas money. Mostimportantly, it will make youenjoying landscape photography evenmore. Ansel Adams dedicates thebeginning of his first book "TaosPueblo" to visualization. Heintroduced the idea of"previsualization", which involved thephotographer imagining whathe wanted his final print to look likebefore he even took the shot.Of course, there are many greatphotos which were taken impromptu.However, for landscapephotographers, being able to previsualize thescene before goingthere will greatly reduce the chance of beingcaught unprepared andwill greatly increase the chance of gettingbetter shots.Photographers use various tools to help thempre-visualizing thescene. Nowadays, many of those tools are phoneapps. Planit Pro isan all-in-one solution that is designed toleverage the map andsimulated viewfinder technologies to providethe necessary toolsfor photographers to pre-visualize the scene incombination withthe ground subjects and the celestial objects suchas the Sun, theMoon, Stars, Star-trails and Milky Way. In thePlanit Pro app, wepacked it with features - from location scoutingsuch as GPScoordinates, elevations, distance, elevation gain, clearview,focal length, depth of field (DoF), hyperfocal distance,panoramaand aerial photography, to the Ephemeris features such asthesunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset time and direction,twilighttime, special hours of the day, sun/moon finder, majorstars,constellations, nebulae azimuth and elevation angle, startrailplanning, time-lapse calculation and simulation,sequencecalculation and simulation, milky way searching, solareclipse andlunar eclipse, exposure/ND filter calculator, lightmeter, rainbowposition prediction, tide height and tide search etc.All theinformation are either represented on the map as an overlayorvisually presented in simulated viewfinders (VR, AR, picture,orstreet view), just like you look through your camera'sviewfinder.Whatever you want for your landscape photography, it isthere inthe Planit Pro. Landscape photography is an adventure inthe natureworld. We understand sometimes there won't be anynetworkconnection when you are out exploring. Planit Pro wasdesigned forhave it in mind. If you preload the offline elevationfiles and theoffline mbtiles maps, you can use the app fullyoffline without theneed for network connections.
Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile 1.7.2016.03020
Microsoft Hyperlapse is a simple app to help you shootsmoothandstable time-lapse videos, or quickly upload andenhanceyourexisting videos.  Features:  ·Instantgratification:Capture the video, see the Hyperlapseimmediately. ·Importexisting video: Create a hyperlapse of anyvideo you’vealreadyshot on your phone. · Multiple speeds: Choosefrom 1x to 32xtimesthe normal speed. · Multiple HD Resolutions:Save in 720 or1080p,if supported by your device. · Stabilize-onlymode: Select 1xfor stabilization without time-lapse, and keepthevideo’s audiotrack. · Share: It’s easy to post your hyperlapsesonpopularsocial media and video sites such as Twitter,Facebook,orInstagram. · Save to SD:  Save finished videos toSDstorage(on compatible devices) · Hyperlapse Mobile requiresAndroid4.4 or5.0 (KitKat and Lollipop)