Top 3 Apps Similar to Sweety Photo Maker

Lica Cam - selfie cam, beauty cam, photo edit 1.0.4146
LBE Tech
Create beautiful and natural looking stylish selfiewithyourfingertips by using fully featured Lica Pro! See yourselfiescometo live with a simple touch of Motion Stickers. You canalsoaddyour favorite Music both from Lica Pro and your owncollection.Andcreate a live show by taking amazing short videowithhilariousstickers. Moreover, real time skin Beautifyingfunctionand Filtersmake you look flawless in every photo. With LicaPro addfiltersand special effects, blur photos and so much more. Itgivesyou somany options and better control over what your photosaregoing tolook like! ★Stickers & Filters - It comeswithvariouscategorized stickers and special filters for those wholiketo takeselfies! Decorate your selfie by the variety ofstickersincludingmotion ones! - Bring your selfies to live, take avideoselfie witha diverse range of stickers accompanied byamusivemusic. - Previewyour photo or video before capturing withareal-time filter. -Experience the ultimate collectionofaccessories, wore a headpieceof cute animals and hilarious props.-Use make-up stickers forvideo selfies with fiends andfamilies.★Beauty function - You geta choice of default instantbeauty effectwhich can bring out skintone and visual ambience togive youexactly the look and feel youwant for the selfie! - LicaPro alsolet you modify every detail ofyour photo, you can enlargeyour eyesor get rid of wrinkles ofyour selfie just by moving rightand leftof a scale. Create supernatural looking selfies with acouple oftaps, take beautifulselfies anywhere and anytime! KeyFeatures -Live selfie camerawith various effect which can bepreviewed beforethe snap. -Real-time face detection. - Real-timefilters, speciallydesignedfor selfies. - Smart auto beautifyingfunction. - Shortvideo show.- Live photo editing. - Intuitive andsimple interfacewithfeatures and settings. - Interface featurestap-to-focus,zoomandmenu loaded with powerful editing tools : timer(withconfigurabledelay), flash, blur, contrast, vignette,front/rearcamera, framesand other options. - Disabled shuttersound. -Location targeting.Contact us: Any problem or suggestionpleasesend us email
Easysnap - Photo Editor & Selfie Camera Filters 1.55.2
Easysnap is the high-end photo editor all beauty buffs dreamabout.Explore a rich collection of trendy makeup looks, glamphotofilters, and other retouching tools. Unleash the power ofyourcamera and take your selfie game to the next level. 8 REASONSWHYYOU SHOULD GET EASYSNAP 🤳3D Photo Create stunning 3D photosthatreally pop! Capture depth-enhanced selfies and easily sharethemwith your friends or family via all possible social networks.🌈Face Retouch Smooth & brighten your skin tone to get aflawlessface complexion with Easysnap retouching tools. You caneitherapply soft, moderate, or supreme auto adjustments or create afullycustomizable look. 💄 Makeup Looks Play around with Glossy,Romance,Fresh and a ton of other mesmerizing makeup looks in asingle tap.Change them instantly to see what matches your currentbeauty moodand dive into the never-experienced-before vision ofyourself. 💃Photo Filters Discover new perspectives of your photosby applyingour favorite photo effects: Glitch, Retro, Chroma,Sunset, Grunge,and more. Add a touch of glam with a LUX filter orapply Paladinfor a fancy dramatic effect. 🎭 Celebrity Twin Simplyupload yourselfie and let the magic generator match your face withyourcelebrity twin! Thousands of celebrities' faces are here tobecompared to your unique appearance in seconds. 🤩 EyeColoringInstantly edit any picture by changing eye color to bothnaturaland unrealistic tones depending on your unique preferences.Usefultip: apply Brown, Hazel, and Honey to your natural brown eyestocreate a deeper and more expressive look. Use Pacific, Blue,andSapphire to emphasize and deepen your natural blue. 🧑‍🦰HairColoring Apply dozens of hair color options from LavenderandGinger to sophisticated Brunette and Chocolate shades. Save&share a picture of a new you with the community! The bestselfiewill be featured <3 🌄 Backdrop Breathe life into yourphotoswith dozens of atmospheric backdrops: pretend you are havingfun ata dinner with a Bar filter, or apply Beach filter to statethat youare on vacation, bring back romantic memories of springwith Dawnfilter, or use Galaxy background to feel the "Star Wars"ambiance.Have you ever dreamt about professional makeup by MUA?Yes?Easysnap is here to help you. It includes a unique collectionofthe most trendy realistic-looking looks and photo effects,whichwere designed especially for you by our beauty experts.Easilychoose a new look, change your hair color, or just simplydressyour lips in red and feel like a diva again. Unlike otherphotoeditors, Easysnap camera will help to take a satisfyingandnatural-looking selfie in just a few taps. There arevariousbeauty-enhancing tools that can be tweaked to differentfilterintensities to fit your needs. Teeth whitening, hair colorchanger,facial contouring, skin smoothing, skin tone, eye-size&nose-size adjustments, lighting, and more – everything youneed toshowcase your true beauty and take a spectacular, never thesame,totally awesome selfie! If you've ever dreamed of seeingyourcelebrity twin, you don't need to look any further,becauseEasysnap is ready to show it to you! It's the most accurateapp inthe world to find your face look alike. It's fast, easy andfun.Take selfies, and we'll do the rest. In a second you'll meetyourcelebrity twin. If you are not satisfied, just tap on theReloadbutton, and we'll find your best match again. 'A must-haveforbeauty buffs!' — Charlie J., blogger Dreamed aboutstunningselfies? Stop time. Stay beautiful with Easysnap. Read moreaboutour terms and conditionshere:
Photo editor & Photo stickers 1.2.5
Eco Mobile
How to create beautiful photos? Let Photo editor - Pictureeditorhelp you. Photo sticker is an application beauty cameraandstickers for photos easy-to-use and completely free. Withsimpleoperation with the help of a photo editor & picturestickers,you can freely create your own stunning photos.Especially, whenyou download picture editor & photo sticker,you already have ahuge sticker collection completely free. Theoutstanding featuresof stickers for photos: 💖 200 ++ photo sticker.💎 Catface - pictureeditor provides super cute sticker stock withmany unique andvaried themes (birthday, noel, anniversary, cuteanimals, flower,heart, crown ...) and is always updated to catch upwith newtrends. 💎 In particular, the released add stickers forphotosfeature increases the diversity of the sticker on photostore,giving you more beautiful and cute choices when applyingstickersfor photos. 💖 A simple and convenient picture editor toolmakes iteasy to edit photos according to your personal preferences.💎 50 ++Colorful Mysterious filters will embellish your photos fromclassicto modern beauty, from dawn to dusk or fairy color ... andevenfunny filters. 💎 The newly launched Brush tool fulfills yourdesireto personalize your photos. You can draw or write like anartist inyour own photo. Brush and Colorful Mysterious filters arethe toolsthat make the difference of photo sticker. 💖 Beauty camerais amodern and completely free camera. 💎 Just pick up the phone,openthe app Catface - picture sticker, choose the camera, choosethebeauty mode and take a picture, you will have the bestphotos,especially the selfies. You can also use filters whileshooting tomake the photo more impressive. 💖 Share photos easilyand quicklywith just one click. 💎 When you take the desired photo,youdefinitely want to share it with your friends and relativesonsocial networks. Catface - Picture edito application has abuilt-insharing feature, which can be shared on most popularsocialnetworking applications today. 💎 The great features ofstickers forphotos are completely free. We always try to improve,update everyday to bring you the best experience and yoursuggestions andreviews are extremely valuable for us to improve ourproducts. Wehope to receive your feedback by Photo editor - Picture editor& photo sticker now onyour smart device to own a hugecollection of cute stickers andcreate the best pictures. Thank youvery much!