Top 50 Games Similar to Chuzzle Snap

Jelly Beast Blast 2.1.5
Play with colorful beasts in a match 3 game and take part inthebestconnecting puzzle game now. A free online puzzle game,itpromises totake you to an exciting world. It is a newconnectingjelly maniapuzzle line match 3 game. Start your colorfulcandybeast journey inthis jelly mania kingdom and relax withthefun-filled entertainment.With sweet surprises at each level, anewmystery unveils in everyterritory of the Jellicious world.Splashand blast the jellies byconnecting three or more matchingitems.Connect as many similarprops as you can in a single touchand makethe longest line tounfold sweet surprises. This will helpyoufinish the game levelsquickly and earn more Candy stars. Themorejellies you blast in asingle line, the more you enjoy!!! Spinthecandy magic wheel and geta chance to collect various powerbombs,extra moves, boosters andpower candies. These powerboosterssupport you in the gameplay tocomplete the challenginglevels.Earn three stars at every level ofMatch 3 puzzles and be aking inthis monster jam world. Theseaddictive puzzle games arefull ofadventures. If you are looking fora free online puzzle gamewithcute colors, Jelly Beast Blast ishere! Download now andplayrelaxing games for fun. You will love thematch 3 games. Tipstoovercome the game obstacles in Jelly Blast:Chain blocks:Breakstrategically and move to the next levels.WoodenBlocks:Tactically remove them when they come in your gameplayandearn thehigh score. Water Jellies: Crush and pop them withyourmagicalconnecting skills. Black Jellies: Destroy themquickly,before theygenerate more. GAME FEATURES: * FREE TO PLAY *500+strategicallyplanned levels of exciting Jelly Blast ManiaWorld. *Splendideye-catching graphics. * FREE to play and in-apppurchasesto getextra power-ups. * Facebook connectivity to shareandchallengeyour journey with friends. * Integrated withGooglePlayAchievements and Leaderboards. * Compatible withmostsmartphonesand tablets. * Power-ups and magical booster to helpyoufinish thechallenging levels. * Enjoy playing relaxinggamesoffline. You cannow enjoy Jelly Beast Blast withoutWi-Fi/internet.Enjoy offlineconnecting games anytime and anywhere.Need some help?Contact oursupport team:
Jelly Jelly Crush - In the sky 303
The Second Story of the Jelly Jelly Series Begins ~ Come andMeetourJellies, Cuter than Ever~! Collect Jellies in our NEWSkyMap~![Updates] ★ At last! Levels higher than 300! ★ IntroducingtheBagMonster / Caterpillar Obstacle! A bit more difficult! ★JewelShophas opened ! ★ Introducing the Spoon and Cane items!★AdditionalTutorial Pop-ups ! ★ Now able to login with Facebook!(If youlogin with Facebook, the saved data can be recoveredevenwhen youre- install) ★ Next updates will soon beannounced![Features ofJelly Jelly Crush ] ★ Please rescue the cuteJelliesfrom the evilmonsters! ★ At last, introducing the items !Clear thedifficultstages with items! Pop Pop! ★ Splendid neweffects! Enjoythem now!★ Over 350 stages! Oh boy! When do I crackthem all? [Howto Play]★ You can see the jelly missions you have togather on thetop ofthe page. ★ All you have to do is match 3 blocksof the samecolor.★ If you match 3 blocks together, you get a +1 onthejelliesaround them with fixed probability. ★ If you match 3blocksbothacross and down, you get a +2 on the relevant rows andcolumnswitha fixed probability. ★ If you match 5 blocks of thesamecolor,they all disappear. ★ In the case of the jelly lockedinsidethethorns, it'll be released if you match it with jellies ofthesamecolor. ★ Ghost jellies vanish if you match blocksaroundthem.(Butyou have to do this 3 times for it to disappear.)[LearnMore aboutthe Obstacles] ★Bag Monster: They munch up themissionJelliesevery five turns! Oh boy! Bag Monsters cannot evenberemoved !★Caterpillar : If you do not remove them quickly,theywill munchup the Jellies! Try to remove them quickly usingtheneighboringjellies! If you are a fan of RiverApps, please‘like’our FacebookPage ~ Check out our latest news~ ! FacebookFanPage:
Chuzzle 2 2.0.4
Fall back in love with a fuzzy, non-stop explosion ofadorableChuzzle matching action! Slide and match colorful chuzzles,andwatch them sneeze, shiver and explode with delight! But watchoutfor locks and other dangers as you take on dozens ofChuzzlechallenges in your quest to funkify the universe! Your petChuzzlesare waiting for you to find them! Unlock them all to fillyour veryown Chuzzarium! Take a break to watch your Chuzzles swing,run,dance, eat, and play! Raptisoft's ADO (artificial digitalorganism)technology makes your pet Chuzzles feel real! So cuddle upwithPuzzle fun -- once you start popping Chuzzles, you won't beable tostop!
Bubble Blast 2 1.0.45
Magma Mobile
Bubble Blast 2 is a puzzle game in which you burst bubblestotriggera chain reaction in order to eliminate them. 2 gamemodesareavailable - Puzzle mode with 10000 levels - Arcade modetoplayfreely This game is also available in Easter,Sports,SaintPatrick's Day, Valentine, Halloween and Holidayeditions. Givethema try.
Snake on a String 1.5.0
Get ready for the ultimate snake game! More than 200challenginglevels! Plenty of snakes to unlock, all with uniquelooks andproperties! Which snake is your favorite - the fastest,thesmallest, or the luckiest? Try the Bunny snake, the Ninja snake,orwhy not the Zombie snake! Are you ready for a challenge? Canyoufinish the levels fast enough to collect the gold stars? Goodluck- you're gonna need it!
Mr Super Fish: Star Hero Fill Build Blocks 2.2
Mr Super Xon is an addictive board arcade game about a worldinthesea. This place appears a super star fish hero man withtheabilityto build bricks quickly. He is trapping other pacmonsterstryingto attack him. On the trap line, the brother hero cangetpower upitems to move faster, so that he can attack andeatmonsters...##### Game features ##### - 4 Enemies (monstersfish): +Ms jellyfish: Just move around the empty space. + Pac crab:Justmovearound the block space. + Sea Snails Xon: move aroundthewalls. +Ball Fish Man: move around the empty space but they caneatblockof walls. - 4 Power-up Items: + Blue Fish: Enemies willstopmovefor a while. + Green Leaf: Enemies move slower. +Pinkfemoral:Player can eat enemies. + Pill: Player move faster.-Other: + 10offline high score. + 20 levels: endless mode andlevelmode. +Google Leaderboard and Achievenment. + Good soundandgraphic withglow style. + 3 ways for controller. ##### How toplay##### -Swipe right, left, up, down to control player. - Moveplayerintothe empty area and back to the wall to capture the area.Do notletthe monsters touch super hero Fish or the wall thatfollows him.-Try to grab the power-ups when they appear, they willhelp youtomove faster or will slow down/freeze the monsters. - OnceMrSuperfilled more than 80% of the area, you can advance tothenext,harder, level. - The number of remaining lives appearsonthetop-left side of the screen. You can also view thegame'sprogresson the top-right. Please for us some review thatsupportdevelop MrSuper Fish: Star Hero Fill Build Blocks better,thank forenjoy.For feedback about Bugs, Optimizations and ideas.PleaseContact tous at:
Sugar Blast: Pop & Relax 1.35.1
Candy lover Maple is dreaming of all of the sweetest treats.Helpher match the candies to complete challenges and satisfy yoursweettooth at the same time! Treat yourself to hundreds offun,confectionary-filled levels with different goals – crushcrispytoffee, collect sugary sweets, and unwrap creamy chocolateeggs.Playing is easy! Tap groups of matching candies to clear them.Fouror more candies makes a powerful Choco candy that clears awholebunch of candies at once! Combine matching Chocos to make anew,more powerful Choco. Strategically set off chains of chocostoclear the board and complete your challenge! Piece ofcake!Features: 🍬 Easy to pick up and play any time you need alittletreat. 🍭 Blast candies to solve puzzles! 🍫 Tap matchingcandies toblast them and more candies rush to fill their place.🍒Combine morecandies at once to create more powerful & tastyboosters! 🍩Every move introduces exciting strategic possibilitiesandunexpected surprises! 🍯 Play thousands of decadently funlevels!🍬Take on different level types. ⭐️Join the adorable Beaniesin anew seasonal adventure with every update! 🍭 Need some help?That’swhat boosters are for! 🍫 Level up and win rewards likeboosters andinfinite lives! 🍒 Win multiple levels in a row andstart withChocos in play. 🍩 Take part in sweet limited time events!🍯Team upwith friends and other players – an easy way to earn freelives,free coins, and take part in more events! ⭐️⭐️Download andjoin thecandy-blasting fun for FREE! ⭐️⭐️-----------------------------Need some help? Visit our supportpages, or send us a message!Support@Rovio.Com Like us onFacebook: Blast is completely free toplay, but there are optionalin-app purchases available. Terms ofUse: PrivacyPolicy:
Bookworm Classic (Expert)
Bookworm Classic (Expert) is a puzzle video game. Players can formaword by linking the letters. As words were formed andsubmitted,they are removed from the grid. Every word submitted willbereplaced by new tiles. The longer the words the higher thepoints.DOWNLOAD the latest 'Bookworm Classic (Expert)' game forFREE! ★MAKE FUN WITH PUZZLES ★ ✓ Hey bookworm, can you solve apuzzlegame? Formable words puzzles are waiting for you! ✓Noregistration, no complex rules. Just remain a bookworm andhavefun! ★ BOOKWORM FEATURES ★ ✓ 5 different tiles (wood, fire,leaf,gold, sapphire and diamond). ✓ Passive Shuffle -Automaticallyscramble all the letters when no words could possiblyform. ✓Active Shuffle - Click on 'Scramble' to Scramble all thelettersbut it produces fire. ✓ The word list was based onMammothCensored. ★ HOW TO PLAY BOOKWORM ★ ✓ Click on letters tolink theminto words. ✓ Click on Submit to bust the words. ✓ Clickon'scramble' to scramble all the letters, but at a cost! ✓ Thewordindicated at the top is a bonus word. If you can complete abonusword, you'll get a hefty bonus to your score! ✓ Bonusincreases foreach bonus completed. ✓ Beware of burning tiles! Ifthey reach thebottom, game over!
Yumsters! Free - Color Match Puzzle game 2.14.48
HeroCraft Labs
Yumsters! Free. Fruit madness! These are Yumsters!Theadorablehole-dwelling creatures are mad about fruit andevenparticipate inthe world fruit-eating cup. You'll need to gatherateam ofsuper-yumsters from different countries to winthiscompetition.Control the Yumsters, dragging them from holestofruits trying tomake them eat as much as possible as oftenaspossible. Just settlethem in your mobile device and say goodbyetoboredom forever! Yourtask is to control the Yumsters, draggingthemfrom holes to fruitstrying to make them eat as much as possibleasoften as possible.Match the fruits and Yumsters becausethesecreatures can eat onlyfruits of the same colour. Usesuperpowersand bonuses to completelevels, cope with pest insects,but don’tlet your Yumsters getbored and you'll win the competitionand a lotof personal awards!Game features: • 64 amazing levels • 7humorousYumsters, each onehas its own superpower • A variety ofawards • 2game modes • 7original locations • Loads of differentbonuses •Splendid graphicsand sound effects
Witchdom - Candy Witch Match 3 Puzzle 2019 1.9.0
🎃 Halloween Games 2019 🎃 Witchdom – Candy Witch Match 3PuzzleGame,1Gamez comes with another enticing Halloween puzzlegameWitchdom.Join and Play this fun-filled witch games andexperiencethe magicalcandy world. Explore all the fun candy levelsand runthrough youradventurous journey by completing witch puzzleswithyour strategicmoves. Match 3, 4 or more similar propertiesandcomplete the levelsin this mysterious world. Createspecialproperties by makingcombinations of more than 3. Thesespecialitems help you to finishthe candy witch puzzles veryquickly.Match and play with uniqueproperties like pumpkins,hats,half-moons, pots, wizard candies andmore. Collect variousmagicalpowers like the magic skull, powerbroom, monster hand, andgaspots by playing strategically forcombining more thanthreeproperties at the same time. Wheelspinning helps you getluckypower-ups to use in the gameplay andcomplete thechallenginglevels. Play like a wizard and stand-upamong the funHalloweenwitch games match 3 lovers. GAME FEATURES :★ CompletelyFREE TOPLAY and in-app purchases to get extra powersand moves. ★1500+spectacular unique levels – with and full of funand amazingtasks.★ Fantastic unmatched graphics that you haveunique Halloweenmatch3 puzzle game experience. ★Attention-grabbing simulationswhichwill bring you into themysterious magical witchdom world.★Amazing magical boosters,well-designed power-ups help withthechallenging strategic levels.★ Move and burst as many asmatchingitems to drive to the nextlevel. ★ Connect with yourFacebookaccount to challenge theadventure journey with yourfriends. ★Easy and fun to play, yetchallenging to fully master: allwithstrategic matching andconnecting! No more waiting! – 🎃 Installnowand experienceHalloween games for girls & candy gameslikematching 3, 4, 5games. 🎃
Star Link Puzzle - Pokki PoP Quest 1.899
★ Match-3 Link Puzzle Game - Star Link Puzzle★ ★ Rescue theStarsandrestore the constellations!★ ★Game Play Connect 3 ormorePokkies.Connect more Pokkies to create spirits. Use thespirits torescue thePokkies. Tap the Pokkies quickly during PokkiTime togain extrapoints! ★Features Test your skills against thevariousmissionstages. Anyone can enjoy this easy game playstyle.Experience thefun and thrill of one touch drawing. Can beplayedoffline withoutdata. Try out the Stage, Time mode andMovemodes.Rush mode ★StageMode Challenge the 400 stages. ★MoveModeScore the highest pointswithin limited moves. ★Time Mode Scorethehighest points withinlimited time. ★Rush Mode Challengethehighest levels! ★Combo ModeChallenge the highest score!-Achievements and leaderboard supportedvia Google Play Games.-Pokki Pop is a free-to-play game, but hasoptionalin-apppurchases. Notes ▶ We collect information aboutGoogle+accountsfor the gamers' logins. ▶ The account information isusedto sendyou Pokki Pop puzzle's event news and informationwithpushmessages. Contact E-mail
Bubble Wars 2 2.0
Bubble Wars 2 – Bubble Wars just got an Epic upgrade!Thisamazingbubble shooter game featuring challenging bubblebustinglevels andaddictive gameplay with serious bubble shootingandpopping fun.Get on a war with the colorful world ofbubbles,literally. What’smore? This bubble shooting game iscompletelyFREE! Make acombination of 3 or more bubbles with samecolor tomake themexplode! To make it more exciting, the entire armyofbubbles sitson a spinning ring full of bubbles. Each time youshootthebubbles, the bubble ring spins, thus changing the dynamicsofyourstrategy in real time. Challenge your hunger and testyourskillsto shoot, pop and defeat the army of bubbles in BubbleWars..##Challenging Game Modes ## Attack mode: Shoot coloredbubbles atthebubble spinner circle and try to shrink it. If you get3 ormorecolors in a row the bubbles burst and are destroyed.Otherwisethecircle can grow again. Once it is large enough to hityou, thegameends. Defend modes: Shoot colored bubbles at a bubblespinningringthat surrounds you. If you get 3 or more colors in arowthebubbles burst are destroyed. Otherwise the ring canstartshrinkingaround you. Once it reaches you, the game ends. Andthereis morefor the advanced players. ## Awesome Features ## --JustPoint andShoot -- Multiple exciting playing fields. -- Playeachround atthree difficult levels to go to next level andpossiblyeachpower-ups. -- Infinite play mode like the classicBubble Wars.--Multiple Bubble Combinations -- Exciting newBubbleCombinations:Magical Bubbles, Fog of War Bubbles,ExpandingBubbles, ExplodingBubbles, Capturing Bubbles, even Bubbleswithbaby Bubbles. --Exciting new Power-Ups: Magic Spin, ColorBlasts,Multi-Colorshots, and precision aims. -- Fast Paced ArcadeGame --Accurateand Simple controls -- Continuous updates -- Andmuch muchmore...Original and widely played bubble shooter arcadegame isback withserious fun and shooting challenges of course. 
Thanksfor playingBubble Wars 2 and we would love to hear back fromyou!
Fruit Splash Mania - Line Match 3 9.1.3
Good Logic
From the makers of Chicken Splash,Pet Crush & JellyBubblePop& comes Fruit Splash Maina! Connect colorful lines offruittosolve compelling levels in this puzzle adventure! How toplayFruitSplash Mania: 1, Connect three or more same fruits splashtoscorepoints. 2,The more you connect, the higher scoreyouget.3,Eliminate the more fruits line quickly can getextrascores.4,Super elements and skills detonated pleasure. FruitSplashMainaFeatures: 1,More than 300 challenging levels &manygameboosters. 2,Sweet and delicious UI & coolanimationeffects.3,Easy to learn, hard to master. 4,For playersthatFacebookConnect, there are leaderboards for you and yourfriends tocompareyour crush scores 6,Play the game and Have Fun!!!Follow usto getnews andupdates; playing Fruit Splash Mania!
Repton 2 1.0.19
Repton 2 is one of our most popular Reptongames,introducingspirits, cages, transporters, skulls, guardianskulls,savepoints,starports and puzzle pieces! This new version ofRepton2 includesseveral features that have been requested byReptonplayers: * gameprogress can be saved at any location. *classic,mid-range ormodern graphics can be selected. * classic ormodernsound effectscan be selected. * classic, intermezzo or modernmusiccan beselected. * maps are available for all levels, and allof themapscan be moved and zoomed in and out. * Immortal Reptonoptionscanbe chosen including infinite lives and immortalitytospecifichazards. * infopoints in the introductory Welcomescenarioto easenew players into the game. The game has some easylevels aswell asmore challenging ones, so it’s ideal for everyonefromchildren toseasoned puzzlers! In-app purchasing via thein-gamestore offersnew scenarios to Repton 2 fans: * Mega Bundle: avaluepackcontaining all of the extra scenarios, comprising 240Repton2levels in total! * 10 scenarios ranging from relativelyeasytovery challenging: Castle, Message (Classic &Modern),Loch,Shrine, Playground, Labyrinth, Caverns, Volcano, FjordandJungle.* 2 bonus scenarios: Notebook and Memories. Repton beganasa BBCMicro game by a talented 16-year-old called Tim Tyler.Thiswasfollowed by several sequels, and our award-winning Reptonrangehasachieved collective sales of over 125,000 unitsacrosscomputersystems including the BBC Micro, Acorn Electron,Commodore64,Sinclair ZX Spectrum and Windows PC! Can you completeall oftheRepton 2 levels?
Pudding Splash: Draw Line Match Puzzle Game 1.0.20
CookApps Play
Challenge yourself in line drawing match 3 puzzle gamewithcutefruit puddings! Try more than 2,500 stages connectingthecutepuddings. Pudding Splash is a puzzle game connectingasmanypuddings as possbile in a line. Similar to Match 3 games,youjusthave to match 3 or more puddings. More you connect, thebiggertheblast will be. As you progress, you will run intomoreobstacles.Although the obstacles are unbearably cute. Don'tworry!There arevarious items and boosters to help you throughthejourney. Hammer,Magic Wand, Magic Finger and more. PuddingSplashis completelyfree puzzle game. Also, there is no need forinternet.If you arelooking to a new free puzzle game, you came tothe rightplace.Shall we begin? ⭐️FEATURES ⭐️ 🍮 Endless Challenge!No heartsorlives needed! 🍮 Offline game playable withoutinternetconnection.(no wifi) 🍮 Play Over 2,500 states 🍮 Cute andaddictingFruitPuddings and Monsters 🍮 Various facial expressions ofpuddings🍮Variety of fun items Pudding Splash is completely free toplaybutincludes in-app purchase items and advertisements.Puddingswillput a big smile on your face as you play!
Witchdom 2 - Halloween Games & Witch Games 1.1.7
Witchdom 2 is a super addictive wizard of magic witch match3gamesthat were made especially for the All Hallows’ Eve.Thiswizardgame is just perfect for witch puzzle lovers to let themmakesomeamazing candy blasts and serve their customers withoutmistakestocomplete each level and go to the following one.ThisAllhallowe’enpuzzle game offers tons of missions. Each levelhas adifferentmission to complete and the difficulty will increaseateach level.The main mission here is match 3 candies of thesametaste anddeliver them to your customers. Your customersaredifferent andthey will be wearing some amazing HalloweenCostumes.Say happyHalloween to them and deliver their order withoutmistakesto wineach level and go forward in this addictive Halloweenwitchgames.Keep in mind that the gameplay will start out simple,butthingswill get more and more complicated and challenging. Whywillyouhave to download and install Witchdom 2 on yourAndroidsmartphoneor tablet instead of other magic Match 3 games?✔FantasticAllhallowe’en graphics and theme. ✔ Over 500ofwell-designed freelevels! ✔ 100% Free! No need to spend muchmoneyto enjoy the bestWitch games ever! ✔ Many different power-upstohelp you in yourmission. Don’t forget to use them at therighttime. ✔ Witchdom 2is compatible with all Android devices andyoucan run it on yourAndroid smartphone or even tablet. ✔HappyHalloween games andenjoy playing our game even if you don’thave aWi-Fi, 3G or 4Ginternet connection. What are you waitingfor?Download Witchdom 2– Halloween Games and enjoy playing themostaddictive All Hallows’Eve and magic witch match 3 games ever!Youwill love it.
Bubble Blast 3D 1.0.16
Magma Mobile
Bubble Blast makes a comeback and this time around the funhappensin 3D! Following in the footstep of the famous Bubble Blast2 whichwas downloaded over 25 Million times across the globe,Bubble Blast3D will let you rediscover the addictive pleasure ofpoppingbubbles and triggering amazing chain reactions. Not only areyouinvited to a beautiful 3D environment, this free puzzle gamewilllet you customize your own characters thanks to the BubbleBlast 3Dbuilder. Thousands of fun combinations available. BubbleBlast 3Dfeatures: ★ Nice 3D graphics ★ Super easy to play, but achallengeto fully master ★ Over 10,000 fun levels ★ CustomizableBubbleBlast characters. How cool will your Bubble Blast be?★Leaderboards and achievements for you and your friends ★ Themoreyou complete levels the more Bubble Blast items you will unlock★Arcade Mode to Bubble Blast all day long without any restriction★The game is Tablet ready Come play Bubble Blast 3D today….thereisno better way to relax….
Rose Paradise - most popular flower matching games 1.1.8
Innovative K
Free games offline are your preferable? Match 3 games forfreeareyour favorite? Puzzle games are the first choiceforyourentertainment in your free time? Challenging games aretooltochallenge yourself and train your brain? Adventure in thecuteroseparadise with LINK 3 games, new and challenging gamessimilartoMATCH 3 games, is ready and FREE for you. Puzzle gameRoseParadise- How to play: + Link 3 or more roses to get score,collectroses,clean blocks, earn stars... + Finish target of eachlevel andearnat least 1 star to pass it. + Boosters with varioustypes ofgreatpowers are ready to help you reach targets easier.RoseParadisegame features : + Lot of CHALLENGING game TARGETS:earnstars,collect required roses, drop down rose baskets, cleanblocks,breakfence, destroy bombs + Lot of HARD LEVELS : a fewlevels atthebeginning will be easy as a tutorial, right afterthatonlychallenging levels are there. + Lot of BOOSTERS for help:superroses, mix roses, shovel, bomb, ... FREE GAME to play :ofcourse,it is free to download and start the adventure rightnow.OFFLINEgames : of course, it runs offline, so you can playanywhereat anytime, NO need WiFi or 3G. Have idea to improve thegame?Kindlyreach us atFanpage: for what? Download it for FREE andstartyour adventure with newchallenges NOW!
Stacker Up - Physics Puzzles 1.4.2
Neon Game
Super Stacker game reloaded! How to play: Tap and dragshapes,stackthem and keep in balance until time over. You will bethewinner!Have fun! Game Features: 1. A fun game for killingtime,only takeseconds to play one game level. 2. Easy tolearn,difficult tomaster. Play with fun! 3. 600+ fun levels andspecialchapters .(update weekly) 4. Several game mode. More funcontentis on theway. Building / Customized Game Level / More gameelement...etcPlease rate us for 5 star if you like it!
Beetle: Bubble Shooter 8.0
Beetle: Bubble Shooter - casual puzzle quest in ballshootergamegenre. If you like puzzles and 3 match games - welcomeforfun!Explore magic world and discover many colorful levelsofpuzzlequest. Smash all balls and make a combo to unlockuniquebonusesand power-ups. You can switch colors! Try to get 3stars oneverylevel and will be the best in the Magic World! GooglePlayGames -earn XP and level up as you master games acrossGooglePlay.Complete challenges, earn awards, and track them allrightfrom theapp. Then, see how you stack up against otherplayers.Bubbleshooter quest goes on mobile phones and tablets. Youcan playtheball shooter free with no Wi-Fi or 3G internet. GAMEFEATURES:🐞Classic-style ball shooter games genre; 🐞 Nointernetconnectionrequired to play - you can play offline; 🐞 Lotsofchallenginglevels; 🐞 The best of time killers games; 🐞Achievements&World Leaderboards in Google Play Games; 🐞 Coolgraphics,exciteanimation and beautiful music; 🐞 Friendly userinterfaceandone-touch game control; 🐞 Timekiller games for all -forchildrenand adults; HOW TO PLAY: ✔ Get Beetle: Bubble ShooternowfromGoogle Play ✔ Shooting to match three or more coloredballs.Switchcolors! ✔ Enjoy the best ball shooter games and sharetofriends!FOLLOW US: VK:
Spookiz Blast : Pop & Blast Puzzle 1.0073
📢 “Spookiz Blast”, a brand-new puzzle game for 2021 📢 Welcometothespooky but cute Spookiz Blast world! 📢 Completevariousmissions andcollect Spookiz friends! 📢 Now, are you ready toplay“SpookizBlast” together? [How to play] 🕹️ Tap and pop 3 ormoreidenticalbeads 🕹️ Pop more beads to create items. 🕹️ Useitemsthat can helpyou to complete missions 🕹️ Continue withendlessmissions and solvevarious puzzles [Features] 🎁 Login everyday andreceive DailyRewards! 🧠 Various challenging missionsandobstacles! 😊 Enjoy aFascinating puzzle game by popping 3 ormoreidentical beads! 🎮Gameplay without limits! 📱 Play offline toyourheart’s contentwithout using up your data plan. 📌 AchievementsandLeaderboards areavailable through Google Play. 👪 Easy andsimplegameplay for allages. 🌎 The game supports 16 languages. 😎 Ifyoulove to play Blastpuzzle games, give it a try! 💖 Yourpreciousreviews can be valuableassets for the developers :) 🔥Attention*Please note: If you deletethe game, your play data willalso belost. Spookiz Blast includesin-game purchases and Ads.[Contact] 📧E-mail
Pudding Pop - Connect & Splash Free Match 3 Game 1.8.8
The world’s cutest new popular line connect the dots Match3game,Pudding Pop! Match and connect the colorful pudding blob!Seewhathappens when you connect the dots and pop the magicpuddingblob!You will get extra power! No time to waste! Startyourthrillingpudding adventure now! The fate of the pudding is inyourhand! HOWTO PLAY PUDDING POP! Pudding Pop is the perfectmixbetween connectthe dots and bejeweled, match 3 genre. Awidevariety of differentpudding blobs await! User your fingerstoconnect and pop them!Match and combine more than threepuddingblobs with the same colorand SPLASH! The pudding blobsjustconnected and popped! If youconnect more than 4 pudding blobsofthe same color, you will get aspecial magic pudding blob!Thesespecial pudding blobs can createmore powerful effects and popevenmore pudding blobs. Connect thevarious types of pudding. Themorepudding blobs you connect, themore points you will receive!Connectmore than 12 pudding blobsand you get two striped boosters!Findout what they can do and howthey can help you through yourpuddingpopping sage. Keepconnecting the dots and work your waythroughuntil you haveblasted all the blobs! SPLASH! POP! BOOM!SPECIALFEATURES ▣ Cool,cute Connect the dots Puzzle Game Full ofExcitingMissions andLevels! Are you a connect the dots, match 3puzzle gameexpert?Then we present a challenge for you – Puddingpop! Puddingpop hasover 1,800 awesome, enjoyable, and challenginglevels!Concernedthat you might beat the game too fast? Have youbeenwanting an“actual” challenge for you? No worries! We updateourlevels on aregular basis and will come back with new challengesforyou! Extralevels? Extra fun! ▣ Hammer, Magic Wand, MagicFinger,and manymore! A variety of special booster times will assistyouthroughoutyour pudding splashing adventure! Get throughthedifficult levelswith the help of the hammer, magic wand,magicfinger and many moreitems! Get rid of the annoying obstaclessuchas Ninja pudding! ▣Play even when you are OFFLINE Annoyed whenyoudownload a game andsuddenly it won’t let you play when youdon’thave internet? Scaredthat you might be overcharged for usingtoomuch internet whileplaying a game? No need to worry. PuddingPopallows you to playWHENEVER you want WHEREVER you are! ForgetaboutWi-Fi! Forgetabout cellular data! Focus on your game! FocusonPudding Pop!Focus on your cute pudding popping adventure!TASTYADDITIONALINFORMATION ▣ FREE to play It’s FREE! You need notpayanything toplay Pudding Pop! You do have the option topurchaseitems thatwill assist you in your adventure, but this iscompletelyoptional.If you do not wish to purchase in-app items,simply turnoff in-apppurchases in the settings! All set! EnjoyingPudding Pop?• Like uson Facebook to see new updates and free cute,colorfulrewardsEXCLUSIVE for ourfollowers: *This applicationrequires thefollowing permissions: * - Read &modify or deletecontents onSD card - View network connections -Install shortcut -Vibrationcontrol - Google Play Payment Services- Search foraccounts ondevice - Read phone status and ID - Run atstartup - Datamessageapp delivery - Receive data from theInternet - Modifysystemsettings - Prevent your phone from goingto sleep - Readingandwriting badge alarm [Essential AccessPermissions] - none[OptionalAccess Permissions] - Storage space /Phone / Address book:Storageaccess permission required to storegame data * How to setandrevoke access authority * - Android 6.0or higher:DeviceSettings> Manage apps> Select app>Revoke access -UnderAndroid 6.0: You can revoke access byremoving apps
Bubble Tale - Bunny Quest 4.6.0
A New indie games with retro platform games and pixel artstyle.This wonderful arcade platformer takes you on adventure totheretro pixel magical world. Unlock A little fairy and herfairymagic to accompany you in dangerous journey ahead andcompletebubble quest. Download Super Bubble Bobble Tale rightnow.It'sBubble Rush time. ❤️ Main Features ❤️ • Intuitive andsimple tap tojump controls. • 3 unique cute worlds to run andcomplete • Easy tolearn and addictive gameplay • Play 30 levels andmore!! • BossBattles • Explore new lands • Discover hidden secrets• Cute retropixel art and music rs • Achievements • CONTROLLERSUPPORT - HIDcompatible controller, Gamepad tip :Customize VirtualButton. ClickIcon controll EDIT at the top left corner of thescreen. Touch andmove the buttons to where ever you like.
The Istrys
Match 2 LLC
Cubistry™ and its sibling 3D match 2 puzzle games dubbed theIstrysby fans are now in one place as "The Istrys™"! Play 30+previouslyreleased istrys in portrait and landscape views with17singleplayer and 2 multiplayer modes absolutely free with noads.Want more? Then subscribe to play all new Istrys which areadded toeach and every month. All in all there are 45+ istrys withmuchmore on the way for you to enjoy. Thank you for playing!
Word Wow Seasons - More Worm 2.2.21
DonkeySoft Inc.
A free word game for book lovers and word fanatics alike!Relaxandhave fun in the sequel to the ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ rated game WordWow.WordWow Seasons will transport you into FUN, STRESSFREEwordplay...starting with a massive Easter egg hunt for theworm!Relaxand have fun burrowing your worm to the bottom oftheletters.Hurry before time runs out or use NO-TIMER if your goalisto relaxand reduce stress. Play each word strategically and useallthetricks in the book to earn bonus points and stars. Findbombstoclear a path for the worm. Collect hidden gems to unlockasecretbonus word game for extra word play! The perfect freegamefor funloving book worms, puzzle fans and word aficionados -Playand helpa worm out! Word Wow SEASONS Features : 🔹 Easyandentertainingword play…challenging to master! 🔹 NO-TIMER optionletsyou relax.🔹 3 levels of difficulty – Relax or challengeyourself! 🔹Adorablecharacter and bright, colorful graphics. 🔹 FindGEMS tounlocksecret bonus word game! 🔹 Rewrite your record bookwithLiveRankings. 🔹 TONS of letter bombs, BOOSTERS and more!🔹DAILYbonuses to help you when you’re stumped. 🔹 480+ Levels ofwordfun!
Gummy Wonderland 1.1.29
We've improved Gummy Dash and re-designed it as GummyWonderland!Itis a classical match 3 puzzle game with hundreds offree andamusinglevels. You can find many jewel matching or candyblastinggames butGummy Wonderland presents gummy candies to matchanddash. All therules of match 3 games go for Gummy Wonderland,too.Swap the twonear tasty gummy or lolly to dash three or moreyummygummies. Blastand get a combo of special jelly gummy andlollycandy or go and usepower-ups to bomb delicious andscrumptiousgummy without match3 .Take a journey to fantastic andshiningsweet gummy lands. Startyour match 3 puzzle adventure onsublimecandy kingdom separatedinto different seasons and burstgummycandies of icy, greeny landsfilled with delicious cupcakes,tastydonuts, chewy taffy, and dashybonbon. Create sugar combo ,juicytwist , and striped milk gummy todash more jelly , yummyandscrumptious gummy to be the best candysmasher. Various match3missions are on your way: 1- Dash gummy inthe blocks to breakjellyor chocolate blocks . 2- Drop gummy itemsby matching gummycandiesunder gummy totems 3- Create great blazeand make a hugecombo to geta high score before the moves finish ortime is over4- Save the cuteGummygums by matching and blastingcandies Matchmouthwatering jellygummy strategically. Check whetherit ispossible to dash four orfive of gummy. If you can getstripedgummy , yummy twist or gumdrop, it will be easier to dropmoregummy. Show your brainpower in thisbrain training puzzle game.Tocrush gummy candy has never been sofunny. Follow your matchthreeadventure on level map offeringdifferent gummy gemmy lands .Lifeis sweet with these gumy juicy jjellies. Become the bestcandysmasher of everlasting chewy candies.Each crushed gummyincreasesyour score. To play jelly match 3 gamesand to crash juicecubes isgood choice to pass time. Instead ofgummy bear or pandabear,there are lots of juice cubes, lolly andscrumptious;mouthwateringcandies everywhere of this sugar land.
Rebound: a Puzzle Adventure 1.21.10
100% indie game! Don't be fooled by appearances, "Rebound :aPuzzleadventure" is a crafty Puzzle Game with real challenges!Getreadyto analyze and consider each move before playing a level!Theworldof 'Rebound' needs your help to recover the realm’skeys.Collectthem and solve tons of immersive puzzles withinnovativemechanics!- Includes a fast-paced competitive mode: ‘KeyRush!’allowing youto enjoy a different experience on each sessionandcompare yourbest score with other players! Features: One hand/one fingercontrol scheme - Progressive difficulty availableforall! From 7 to77 years old - Collect the star in each level!-Multiple colorfulenvironments! - More than 230 levels and moretocome! Tons ofchallenges for everyone!Followus:
Bubble Wars
Bubble Wars – Played by over 5 millionusersacross the world, is an epic bubble shooter game featuringamazingbubble busting levels and addictive gameplay with seriousbubbleshooting and popping fun. Get on a war with the colorfulworld ofbubbles, literally. What’s more? This bubble shooting gameiscompletely FREE!Make a combination of 3 or more bubbles with same color to makethemexplode! To make it more exciting, the entire army of bubblessitson a spinning ring full of bubbles. Each time you shoot thebubbles,the bubble ring spins, thus changing the dynamics of yourstrategyin real time. Challenge your hunger and test your skillsto shoot,pop and defeat the army of bubbles in Bubble Wars..## Challenging Game Modes ##Attack mode: Shoot colored bubbles at the bubble spinner circleandtry to shrink it. If you get 3 or more colors in a row thebubblesburst and are destroyed. Otherwise the circle can growagain. Onceit is large enough to hit you, the game ends.Defend modes: Shoot colored bubbles at a bubble spinning ringthatsurrounds you. If you get 3 or more colors in a row thebubblesburst are destroyed. Otherwise the ring can start shrinkingaroundyou. Once it reaches you, the game ends.## Awesome Features ##-- Exciting Gameplay-- Exploding Bubbles – Just Point and Shoot-- Multiple Bubble Combinations-- High Scores to keep a tab and challenge yourself.-- Fast Paced Arcade Game-- Accurate and Simple controls-- Continuous updates-- And much much more...Original and widely played bubble shooter arcade game is backwithserious fun and shooting challenges of course. 
Thanks for playing Bubble Wars and we would love to hear backfromyou!
Hoggy 2 1.7.5
Hoggy 2 is the long awaited sequel to the 2010 hit, Hoggy!Takecontrol of Hoggy and Hogatha, two painfully adorableslime-molds,on a quest to rescue their children from the Moon Men!Slime moldsare sticky... so whenever you jump, you stick to theceiling! Usethis gravity-swapping ability to conquer over twohundred uniquelevels as you seek enough keys to reach the moon! GetHoggy 2because you deserve a classic platformer with a twist! Eachlevelis completely unique and hand-crafted. Many containalternatesolutions to unlock secrets and stars! Make your wayacross theworld and to the moon where you will face boss-battlesthat areunlike anything you've ever played before! And after you'vewon,join the Hoggy 2 online community where you can play aninfinitenumber of levels uploaded by other players! Create your ownlevels,upload them, and earn Karma from admirers to unlock newfeatures.With an incredible array of editing tools, and quickaccess to newor daily levels, you will be enjoying Hoggy 2 foryears to come!(Special Note: Hoggy 2 is a free app that displaysnon-invasive adsduring some game transitions. All ads can beremoved with a singlein-app purchase)
Halloween Games 2 - fun puzzle games match 3 games
🍉 The Candy Heroes need your help on their quest throughthisspookyhalloween kingdom match 3 game . Help them collect allthecandy topower them up and complete each level! Lookingforhalloween gameswith tons of cute characters. You'll love allthetasty treats allyear round, not just for halloween. Tons oflevelsall withwonderful backgrounds and the most amazing music.Enjoythe sweetsensations while you collect all the candy! ⭐⭐⭐ Howtoplayhalloween games ⭐⭐⭐ 🍭 Match 3 or more bubbles, gems,jewel,stars,or candy 🍭 Fun goals to complete for each level 🍭 Crushyourwaypast candy objects like ice blocks , diamond rocks andjewelorbs 🍭Make magical boosters and charms to help you out ofbubbletrouble 🍭Collect tasty treats and gummy jelly candy to helppowerthe CandyHeroes 🍭 Challenge friends and beat their scoresacrossthe spookyhalloween kingdom 🍒 To play match 3 , 4, or 5,candy foreachpuzzle. Tons of super color combos to match . Keepyour mindsweetand train your brain with strategy . Need your beststrategytoclear all the matching candy and tasty puzzles for eachlevel.Canbeat and play every level for free ! Only buy combos tohelpyoumatch but not needed to win ! Great for fans of allhalloweengames! Hours of match 3 fun ! 🍑 No wifi needed - play forfreeonline oroffline. Quick loading times so you can play thismatch 3gameanywhere. Great to keep your brain sharp andentertained! Ifyoucan't get enough of free match 3 games and arelooking for amatch 3game then download for halloween but enjoy thisfun gameall year.
Buggle Blast : Adorable Sweet Puzzle Games 1.2.6
🐻 Join over 10 million Buggle fans in the newest game inthehitseries! 🍯 Andrew the adorable bear is back! And thistimehe'sbringing his bee friends for a honey lovingmatch-3puzzleadventure! Swap and match your way through hundreds offunandexciting puzzle games! Collect honey and blast sweetcandywithAndrew, the lovable baby bear. Enjoy endless fun timeswithcuteand colorful free to play puzzle games! Playing is assimpleastapping your screen! Scan the board for matching blocks,tapandswipe to match them and they'll blast away! Blast morethan3blocks to get brilliant boosters that will make yourpuzzlegamessimple to beat! Combine boosters to see theiramazinglypowerfuleffects and blast the board clear to get to thatdelicioushoney!Game Features 🍯 Cute & happy graphics! Littlebaby bearAndrewlives in a lovely green forest, where he searchesfor tastyhoneyevery day together with his adorable bee friends! Thecuteart,levels, and characters will help you relax the moment youstartthegame. 🍯 Over 1,000 levels! There's a lot of puzzle fun tobe hadinthe Buggle forest! Enjoy hundreds of challenging,exciting,butmost of all fun levels hand made by the Buggle team!Thefurtheryou get, the more challenging puzzle games you'll find!🍯Freedaily rewards! But don't worry! Whenever you get stuck,we'llhelpyou out! Get free rewards every day that you play andenjoyfreepuzzle games without any worry! 🍯 Brilliant match 3gameplay!Blast blocks, pop chain combos, create powerfulboosters,andovercome lots of challenging obstacles! Free bees,collect lotsofhoney and make sweet desserts for your happy animalfriends! 🍯Nowifi needed! Want to play a game, but have no wifi, nodata, ornointernet? No worries! You can play Buggle Blastanytime,anywhere,even with no wifi. 🍯 Lots of events and rewards!Competein realtime against your friends from all over the world inglobalpuzzletournaments! Play various missions and win bigrewards!Participatein the exclusive treasure seeking events tobecome aBugglebillionaire! Andrew the baby bear lives in a lovelygreenforestwhere he can relax and not worry about a thing any day.Whenhe'shungry, he just goes out to solve some match 3 puzzle gamesandgetsome tasty honey! His happy friends, the bees, arebrilliantandknow exactly where to go to collect the best honey.Join Andrewinhis happy daily life, help him swap blocks to solvefun match3puzzle games, and collect delicious honey for all thecuteanimalsin the forest! 🐝
Toy Crush 1.2.5
Toy Crush is a fun puzzle game full of love. Switch andmatchyourway in this joyful and addictive puzzle adventure. Comeon,let'stake on this joyful saga alone or play with friends to seewhocanget the highest score! ☆☆☆☆☆ Highlighted Features ☆☆☆☆☆★80+Well-designed levels - each one is unique and full offunandamazing challenges! ★ Easy and fun to play, but achallengetofully master! ★ Cute Toys - You’ll be addicted to themfromthefirst hit! ★ Leaderboards for you and your friends!★Powerfulboosts to help with challenging levels! ★Seamlesssynchronizationwith the Facebook account login! ★ Freshandbeautiful style,bright and vibrant graphics & effects!FREEupdate with moreexciting levels and boosts are comingsoon...Become a fan of Ezjoyon Facebook:
Pet Pop 1.1.1
Play the newest connect lines puzzle game from the makersofthesuper hit apps, Garden Mania and Bubble Bird Rescue! Pet Popisafun puzzle game full of love. You need to connect colorfullinesofPet to compete challenging levels in this puzzleadventure.Comeon, let's get the most fun out of Pet Land!☆☆☆☆☆HighlightedFeatures ☆☆☆☆☆ ★ Well-designed levels - each oneisunique and fullof fun and amazing challenges! ★ EASY TO LEARN-hard to master!Can you score high enough to earn 3 stars oneverylevel? ★ LovelyPets - You’ll be addicted to them from thefirsthit! ★ No timelimits - play at your own pace! ★ UNLOCKpowerfulboosts to helpwith challenging levels! ★ Fresh andbeautiful style,bright andvivid graphics & effects! FREE updatewith moreexciting levelsand boosts are coming soon...
Pet Link 1.0.7
Play the newest line-link puzzle game from the makers ofthesuperhit apps, Garden Mania and Bubble Bird Rescue! Pet Link isafunpuzzle game full of love. You need to connect colorful linesofPetto compete challenging levels in this puzzle adventure.Comeon,let's get the most fun out of Pet Land! ☆☆☆☆☆HighlightedFeatures☆☆☆☆☆ ★ Well-designed levels - each one isunique and fullof funand amazing challenges! ★ EASY TO LEARN - hardto master! Canyouscore high enough to earn 3 stars on every level?★ Lovely Pets-You’ll be addicted to them from the first hit! ★ Notime limits-play at your own pace! ★ UNLOCK powerful boosts tohelpwithchallenging levels! ★ Facebook Connect - sync yourprogressesandbeat your friends’ scores! ★ Fresh and beautifulstyle, brightandvivid graphics & effects! Become a fan of EzjoyonFacebook:
Bubble Blast™ Legacy 1.0.9
Magma Mobile
Hello friends of Bubble Blast™ and welcome to the newesteditionofthis amazing puzzle game that you've been waiting for.Thelittlecoloured bubbles are back in a new game that mixesreflectionandrelaxation. Explode them for creating chain reactionsand getcoinsthat will allow you to unlock multiplesurprises,playingMini-games and even go in a lunar expedition! Newobstacleswillappear on your way the further you go progress in thegame.Butnever lose faith in your capacities to solve these levels,andtryto be the first in the world ranking! In the BubbleBlast™Legacyschedule: • More than 2000 original levels • 3 Gamemodes tounlock• Amazing Mini-Games • Many different bubbles • AWorldRanking forthe Arcade Mode • A mysterious space mission • Andofcourse...lotsof fun ! Change your ideas by joining thewonderfuluniverse ofBubble Blast™ Legacy. Download and play ! It'sfree !
Blastamania - Sweet Adventure 2.56
Join an exciting puzzle game! Blast into a newJellyBlastamaniapuzzle adventure game! Use bonuses and pass moreandmoreinteresting logical puzzles. Blast cubes and createpowerfulcombosto pass levels. Solve puzzles to help the Jelly gangas theytravelaround magical worlds! Conquer the amazing world ofpuzzles!- Manylevels + regular updates - power-ups and bonuses ateachlevel -Classic blast game - You can play without connectingtheInternetJelly Blastamania is a free game, but you have topayforadditional features.Privacypolicy( Termsofuse(
Bubble Buggle Pop: Free Match & Shooter Puzzle 1.0.33
Finding a fun bubble shooter with unlimited playtimeandworry-freeof internet? Finding a fun bubble shooter withunlimitedlives?Bubble Buggle Pop will continue to challenge yourbrain! Over1000stages to play without worrying about lives! Testyour abilitytofind the best way til the end. Remove all obstaclesin your wayofgetting back the sweet honey. Be smart about where youarebouncingthe bubble to execute a big blast. This game workswithouttheInternet. Downloading the app itself will be enough.(Datafree)Play anywhere and anytime! Are you ready for shooting?Let'sGo~! ◆Precautions Removing the application may result losingallgamedata. This game contains in-app purchase items.
Bee Brilliant Blast 1.36.0
Tactile Games
Get back to the world of Beeland and join the singingBabees,thecrazy Busy Bees and the cheeky spiders in anotherbuzzingFREEpuzzle game. Get ready to blast colourful tiles,makebrilliantcombos and have some buzz-tastic fun! Find yourinnerpuzzle beeand join a new beedazzling adventure! FEATURES: •Easy,addictivepuzzle gameplay! Tap to clear the colourful beesandunleashpowerful combos! • Travel through Beeland andplaymultipledifferent game modes in hundreds of addictive levels!•Lots ofcrazy bees! Meet Queen Beelizabeth, the Bomblebee,Beecasso,MrsWebster and others! And, of course, the singing Babeeswillonceagain not miss a chance to break into a tune of buzzingbarbershopdisco! • Loads of different game modes: Pop thecheekyspiders'web, collect flower tiles, save the babees and much,muchmore! •Last, but not least: A lifetime's supply of bee puns! Wearealwaysworking hard to update the game and satisfy yourpuzzleneeds!Already played and enjoyed the game? Stay tuned forupdatesand dodrop us a review! Also, check out these sources forall thelatestnews: you in Beeland! THANKYOU!
Glow Monsters - Maze survival 1.32
Eat all of the cubics, evade the monsters and survive... inGlowMaze! A great new Pac Man styled arcade game for 2015! Rotatethebridge to switch the path’s direction. Survive until you eatallthe cubics in each maze. Various glow monsters with specialskillswill try to catch you, escape from them using the rotatingbridgesand give the monsters the slip! ◆ FEATURES ◆ - Unique mixofgenres, with action, puzzle, and classic arcade game playelements.- Creative gameplay – Create your own way to beat eachstage. - Twobuttons, tons of strategies. - Various monsters withdifferentspecial skills. - More than 100 levels on 6 planets. -Mind blowingchallenge modes. - Beautiful glow graphics designed tosupport bothiPhone and iPad. ◆ SUPPORT ◆ Help usimprove our game. We love yourfeedback. Contact us Follow us for thelatest info and game news!•••
Spooky Cookie Party : Sweet Blast Puzzle Games 1.0.1
Spooky Cookie Party is one of the best match-3 games! Thereareallkinds of surprises in the exploring the candy world.Wehaveexciting challenges you won't find in ANY otherpuzzlegame!There's endless fun to be had on this delightfullydelectablesweetpuzzle adventure! Spooky Cookie Party is verypopular!FEATURES: 🍭Challenging match 3 puzzles! Solve various funandchallengingpuzzles to help Miso and Sujin find their guardian.🍭Hours offurry puzzle fun! Hundreds of levels with uniquepuzzleswill keepyou coming back for more! 🍭 NO impossible levelsdesignedto makeplayers fail! Play for fun, with real, honestchallengepuzzles! 🍭Sweet boosters and bonuses! Boosters and dailybonuseshelp you onyour way if you get stuck. If you are a fan ofcandypuzzle gamesthen Spooky Cookie Party is suitable for you. Ibelieveyou willlove it! Download Spooky Cookie Party for free andstart toplaycandy swap this addictive game! You probably won’t beable tostopin this sweet candy world!
Easter Bunny Swipe: Egg Game 1.0.5
Pandastic Games
There are NO LIMITS to thislovelyEaster game! Match colorful eggs and find the Easter bunny,rescueadorable pets, feed them pet crackers and receivefreepower-ups!UNIQUE MATCHING FUNNEW! Move pieces in a line to match 3 and createawesomechain reactions! This unique game mode will blow yourmind!RESCUE CUTE PETSClear levels to rescue adorable pets! Feed the hungry petsandthey'll reward you with FREE power-ups and coinseveryday!DIVERSE GAME MODESMilk the cows, help bees collect honey, spread themarmalade,uncover gummy bears... There are tons of free, fun modestoplay!DOWNLOAD NOW and start rescuing pets today!Do you have any suggestions or issues? We would love to hearfromyou!Contact us at:
Dadish 1.25.0
Thomas K Young
He’s a radish… and also a dad. His kids have gone missing fromthevegetable patch, and he needs your help to find them! Exploreanexciting world, face off with fast-food themed foes, andreuniteDadish with his missing children in this challengingplatformingadventure. + A challenging retro platformer from thecreator ofSuper Fowlst! + Dialog that is funny, but not TOO funny +40 coollevels to beat + 40 rude and sassy baby radishes to find+Fast-food dudes that will try to kill you + Four big tasty bosses+A screechy possum + The joys of fatherhood + A prettygoodsoundtrack I guess + I like the graphics I hope you do too+Collectable stars + Unlockable secrets
Bubble Birds V - Color Birds Shooter 1.9.8
Bubble Birds V match 3 bubble shooter saga represented byZimadcompany! Play the classic and great bubble pop game for FREEandhelp Tom and his lovely pet puppy to rescue cute little birdsandother animals from the bubble cages and teach a lesson to theevilbirds and their delusional angry leader! Enjoy the newest partof aclassic bubble shooter saga! Match 3 bubbles and pop them inanepic blast! Reveal the story of Tom and his cute pet, andunlockthe photographs by shot & beating the levels andsettingbeautiful animals free. Train your brain and test yourmatchingskills and explore the beauty of the bubble birds’ world,popbubbles and match 3 the birds by color in our epic saga! Becomethemaster shooter and throw bubbles into the popping flash! It issomuch fun! Bubble Birds FUN FEATURES: ★ Over 350 bubbleshooterfreelevels packed with fun and popping beauty! ★ Constant updatestosupport your bubble mania for free! ★ Multiple amazing andcolorfullocations — pop & shot bubbles, become a pro shooter&explore the world of Birdland! ★ Free access to play: justinstallto start your own bubble adventure! ★ New obstacles tobattlethrough with many combinations to keep things challenging!Let theangry birds reign fall apart in a bubble blast popper freebublegame! ★ Various Power-Ups and different types of bubble birds—make some flashes and blast bubbles with Bomb Bird, FireBird,Rainbow Bird and much more! ★ Save your progress in the gameandcompete with friends — see who is the best shooter ontheleaderboard! ★ Exciting storyline — So many cute animals andlovelybirdies are trapped! Why don’t you go and rescue them? JoinTom andhis lovely pet puppy, pop bubbles, blast evil angry birds,rescuecute birds and animals and uncover the epic game story! ★Lovelyin-game heroes to accompany your bubble, blaster, spinnermania! ★Various In-app purchases — pop bubble birds faster and makethebubble flame brighter! ★ Epic gameplay — enjoy the newestversionof a classic match 3 saga! Let the bubble burst begin!Follow usfor new updates and fun Zimad gems! A Facebook communityof BubbleBirds V fans to share your progress with— Terms of Use andZimadPrivacy Policy:
Bird Paradise 1.9.0
From the creators of Ezjoy's hit game Garden Mania 2 comesanall-newmatch-3 puzzle, Bird Paradise! Bird Paradise, a newfreephone game,brings a new way of match-3 fun! Swap and match 3ormore of the samecolor angry birds to defeat monsters, toprotecteggs! Take on yourbest friends and climb your way throughover 100delightful lalevels! ☆☆☆☆☆ Highlighted New Features ☆☆☆☆☆★ Brandnew andaddictive game, unlike any other match 3 games youplayedbefore. ★Eye-catching flying birds and animations which willbringyou intothe story-driven bird paradise! ★ Facebook connected,easyto syncprogress on different devices. ★ 700+ well-designedfreelevels toclimb! Free levels and game modes added regularly! ★Easyand fun toplay, yet challenging to fully master: allwithstrategic swiping!☆☆☆☆☆ How to Play ☆☆☆☆☆ ★ Swap and match 3ormore of the same colorbirds! ★ Unlock boosters to summonblastbirds, magic birds, andangry bird to help you along the way!★Less moves you pass a level,higher score you'll get la. Canyouscore high enough to earn 3 starson every level? Help the birdflyupper and upper in the paradise. ★Bird Paradise is completelyfreeto play but you can also buy somein-game items.
Magnetic balls 2: Neon 1.339
Shooting balls is fun, challenge yourself in the magneticballsbubble shooter. Features: * fast bubble shooting by tap orslidingactions * laser beam helps to shoot precisely tap on thefield *supports gyroscope and accelerometer * realistic physicsofmagnetic balls * precise geometry of shooting by sliding ortapping* combination of the best old school addictive arcades andpuzzlesTop-10 reasons install bubble shooter: * if you love shootbubbles- install glowing neon bubbles timekiller with magneticphysics andgeometry in futuristic style of hi-tech minimalism *challengeyourself and have fun - casual and very interestingchallenges ateach level * have fun - play while on the road or takeyour mindoff your problems * addictive arcade bubble shooter fortrainingability to judge by eye, speed and reaction - challengeyourself byquickly shooting bubbles by simply use tap or slide,balancinggyroscope and aiming with laser beam * immerse yourself intheexciting world of casual puzzles of bubble shooter withgeometry,physics and graphics glow neon bubbles at the top level ofyear2018 * search new games of 2018 - this is your choice,casualpuzzle in futuristic style of glowing neon hi-tech minimalism* ifyou love old school games, this is your choice - dynamicarcadepuzzle gameplay creates atmosphere of old school classicgames ofthe 80-90es in a cyberpunk style * dynamic gameplay isaddictivebubble shooter puzzle at gyroscope, use pressing on fieldfor laseraiming by slide shooting balls, bombs or lightnings *search bestmobile games - top-ranked first part of this game"Magnetic balls"of more than 5,000,000 players * if you nostalgicsci-fi, hi-techor classic old games in cyberpunk style - this isyour choice
Snoopy POP! - Bubble Shooter: Bubble Pop Game 1.68.003
Jam City, Inc.
Good Grief! Woodstock and the rest of his flock of birdsaretrappedin bubbles—help Snoopy skillfully burst bubbles to savehisbestfriend! 🐤 Play Snoopy POP!, the best classic bubbleshootergameever! Join Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Woodstock, and therest ofyourfavorite Peanuts characters in this fun and challengingpuzzlegamewith tons of levels and game modes! 🎈 Blast bubbles,rescuebirds,and explore the challenges that the Peanuts friendshave instorefor you! Watch time fly by as you blitz through thelevels inthisclassic bubble shooter puzzle game! Do you have whatit takestocrush your high score? Match your way throughchallengingpuzzlesand harness the power of the Peanuts friends inthis freeCharlieBrown puzzle journey! Test your skills and blastbubbles tounlockrewards and prizes! In this classic bubble shootinggame,Snoopy,Charlie Brown, and the Peanuts friends will pushyourskills to thelimit! 📈 Snoopy POP!: 🐶 Match through 1,500+levels!Start yourpuzzle journey and pop bubbles now! 🐾 Use combosto popbubbles!Stay sharp, develop your skills, and improve yourbubbleshootingabilities! 🐶 Unleash special powers from CharlieBrown,Snoopy, andthe rest of the Peanuts cast to rescue Woodstockandall the birds!🐾 Check back often for fun events and freerewards!🐶 Featuringoriginal music from the Peanuts series! 🐾 Defeatthemischievous RedBaron and become a world-famous “Flying Ace” now!🐶Rescue Woodstockand other cute birds! Solve puzzles with Snoopytosave our friends!🐾 Feeling tired, angry, or bored? PlaySnoopyPOP! and you’ll feelbetter in no time! Begin your puzzlejourney,pop bubbles, and havea blast in this free bubble shootersagatoday! Hone your skills,crush your score, and become thebestbubble shooter player around!What are you waiting for? PLAYSNOOPYPOP! TODAY! Please Note! WhileSnoopy Pop is free to playandenjoy, some in-game items andfunctions can be purchased forrealmoney. If you want to limit thisfeature, please disablein-apppurchases in your device’s settings.Be sure to check outotherexciting Puzzle and Match-3 Games by JamCity Inc.!Support:​
10tons Ltd
Blast fiends by spelling words and makeyourwayto the top of the Spellspire!Spellspire is a thrilling mashup of word game andactionroleplaying game. Pick letters from a grid to spell wordsandshootthem from your wand as spells. The longer the word, thebiggertheblast! Collect gold dropped by slain monsters and buymorepotentwands, hats and robes with magical special effectsandabilities.Will you reach the top of the Spellspire, and whatwillyoufind?Features:- Exciting mashup of word game and action role playing game- Pick letters to spell words- Collect gold and buy better items between levels- Use consumable magical items to push throughtoughencounters- Team up against the monsters with your Facebook friends!
Worm Rush 1.0.2
Grab our new exciting arcade game for FREE! Worm Rush isanintriguing hypercasual game taking place Worm world! You willfacedangerous obstacles, sometimes mixed with bad weather. Becarefuland avoid mysterious traps, don’t get drowned and take careof yourtail! Grow big eating leaves some of them will eitherprotect youor give bonuses. Fight till the end! Bring sacred rubyto thefinish and get improvements. Open boxes with treasures.Andexchange them for new skins. Show your individuality! On yourtoughway you will find eggs with new worms so be brave andmasterful toreach the finish. Challenge yourself and be rewardedwith miss’Worm Beauty kiss. Show your individuality! Enjoy uniqueAdventure!Believe in yourself and press start! !Requires no wi-ficonnection.
Candy Rush : Sweet Blast Puzzle Games 1.0.5
A adorable pink cotton candy cloud enchanted bydeliciouscookies,jelly, chocolate and marshmallows is home to someof themostfamous gingerbread rappers, chefs, astronauts,philosophersandfarmers in the universe. Wait...what? Gingerbread?Rappers?Chefs??Astronauts??? Now that’s a fun twist! If you enjoyMatch 3puzzlegames but want to try something new and exciting,Candy Rushis foryou! Get fresh advice and feedback on your puzzlesolvingskillsfrom the coolest gingerbread rappers in yourneighborhood andmeetvarious other gingerbread friends on the road.Have the besttimewith unique, wonderful and cheeky gingerbreadcharacters inthiscrazy sweet fantasy world! ⭐️FEATURES⭐️🎤Challenging match3puzzles, YO! Over 1000 fun, challenging andunique puzzleswillprovide you with hours of candy rush fun! 🎤Casualfun gamesforkids and adults, YO! Play alone, with friends andfamily, athome,on the bus to work, wherever, whenever. 🎤Colorfuland sizzlinghotgraphics, YO! Enter a tasty looking fantasy candywonderlandfilledwith rainbows, chocolate and gingerbread friends.🎤Movedeliciouscandy to the hottest beats in town, YO! Activateyoursenses withexciting music to make your game play even morefun.🎤The freshestrappers in the hood waiting for you, YO! A funtwiston regularpuzzle games - cute and hilarious rappers toentertainyou. 🎤Magicboosters and bonuses, just for you, YO!Boosters andbonuses rushin to help you on your way if you ever getstuck. Stillnotconvinced? Once you get a bite of this delicious funandaddictingsweet match 3 puzzle game it will be hard to stop. Mixit,matchit, crunch it, munch it. Play Candy Rush now! Enoughsaid.Micdrop!
Bubble Elf 2 - Pop Shooter !
yunbu arcade
Bubble Elf is back and she needs your help to rescue herfriendinthis addictive puzzle blasting game! Aimed at thetarget&shoot and burst & blasting all the bubbles to cleartheboardand win coins! Blast your way to victory in thisbubbleshootinggame!  Simple to play and fun for all ages!👶👦👧👨👩👴👵Downloadnow for FREE!! HOW TO PLAY • Aim and fire where youwant! •Pop atleast 3 bubbles to make them blast! • Your mission isuselessshots to score higher and try to earn 3 stars. • Usepowerfulpropsto help you pass easily Bubble Elf 2 FEATURES •Blastbubblesthrough 1000+ levels with exciting challenges! • Thebubbleelfneed help! Blast bubble shooter puzzles to saveourfriends! • Keep bubble pop everyday to getspecialrewards!  • The morewinning streaks, the more props Doyouwant to be a bubblemaster?Are you ready for thechallenge?Downloadthe game and getstarted now!!!