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Mr. Santa - jump'n'run game 1.1.7
🎄🎄🎄 Merry Christmas, ho ho ho!🎄🎄🎄Help Mr. Santa to collect his gifts just in timeforchristmas, so that he can fulfill all wishes of the kidsandparents on christmas eve.Get into the christmas spirit while playing thischristmasgame during Advent season.Story & Features:⛄️ Mr. Santa, also known as santa claus, needs gifts in ordertodistribute them on XMAS.⛄️ Help him to collect them all in this free jump'n'runxmasgame.⛄️ On his journey he is blocked by different obstacles andenemies.You can avoid them by touching the screen.⛄️ From time to time Mr. Santa has to climb on differentplatformsand cross rivers.⛄️ In certain situations santa claus is even able to fly.⛄️ In the endless and randomly generated winter landscapes,fulfillvarious missions to rise to new levels and earn coins.⛄️ With enough coins you will be able to buy Mr. Santa someitems,which improve his skills.⛄️ In each level retry to beat your own highscore and earnsomeextra coins in this way.🎅🏼🎅🏼🎅🏼 Mr. Santa is also known as Santa Claus or ChristmasMan.🎅🏼🎅🏼🎅🏼❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️This christmas game for kids is especially suitable forchildrenfrom 6 years. It can help them to shorten the waiting timeforchristmas and santa claus better than anychristmascountdown.❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️More Games:If you like this game, go and take a look at other games offeredbyBBIT-Solutions!Legal Stuff:By downloading this app you agree to the terms of our End-User LicenceAgreement( and ourPrivacyPolicy(, whichwill bindyou.
Christmas Run Santa Run 1.2
Christmas Run Santa Run is an amazingfreechristmas games in the style of running games where themaincharacter is a well-known and beloved Santa Claus and hisfriendspenguins and snowman, must run the mountain to pick up a bagofgifts for children. In this difficult task it Santa Claus ithelpsthe dwarves who send his magic megajump sleigh and jump candytoSanta quickly reach the North Pole, and managed to give alltheChristmas gifts because Christmas countdown has begun.SantaClausfor kids is ready to go through any difficulties.When our Santa Claus tired to help him comes his bestfriendspenguins and snowman are also very happy to give childrengifts andfill the world with kindness and joy on Christmas Evebecause beganchristmas countdownNight ghosts and blizzard of white snow want to stop ourlovlybeloved Santa make his mission but the desire and the spiritofChristmas Santa can not stop he born to run, he must rise upandjumps above to the top and take the presents to children.Immerse yourself in the wonderful atmosphere of theChristmasholidays, type more Mandarin and play christmas run santarunlisten to beautiful Christmas music and enjoy awonderfulholiday.Running with friend and share records with twitter becausewhatcould be better than holidays surrounded by family andclosefriends and running events on funny Christmas games.There's no better way to get into the christmas spirit thisholidayseason than playing Game Christmas Run Santa Run will giveyou abest emotions pleasure.- Beatiful and amaizing graphics- Special Christmas Music- Simple and Awesome gameplay- Endless running gamesDownload for Free Christmas Run Santa Run now! It is a santaclausrun game for everyone. Try it out and enjoy family funrun!IstGames and Santa Claus wish you a Merry Christmas and a HappyNewYear!
Christmas Games 1.0
Christmas Games are thefunway to enjoy xmas holidays.Are you ready to get in an early moon of Christmas viayoursmartphone with Christmas Games?Do you want to make your kids getting excited and earnest fortheirChristmas gifts while being entertained by a suitable game?ThenChristmas Games is your chance to do so!Thisamusing game is about our beloved Santa Clause Jumpingandcollecting gifts for the kids. Once played, you can’thelpyour kids playing this wonderfulChristmasGame!As the Christmas Games Santa Jump starts, youhaveto guide the Santa Clause to jump and soar the beautiful blueskyas he collect those tiny gorgeous wrapped Christmas gifts.Christmas Games Cool FeaturesChristmas Fun Games for KidsEndless Santa Clause JumpingCollect Christmas Gifts as much as possibleAvoid Owl enemiesFind Space Shuttle to Boost SpeedBest Christmas Game for Adults and FamiliesChallenge friend and family to beat scoreBest XMas Fun GameThe higher you help Santa Clause jump for thegiftsthe higher you score, since in ChristmasGames,your score is measured by the altitude the Santajumps to, as wellas the number of the presents that he gather. So,you mustcollect as many gifts as you can whileconqueringthe altitudes in order to achieve a high score and torecord them inChristmas Games. After each roundyou can reviewyour scores and the amount of the gifts you collecton thescore board. Are you ready to compete togarnermore gifts?Be careful! While playing Christmas Games,theremight be some obstacles in Santa’s way through finding thegifts,like some broken stages that guiding Santa to jump on themwillcost his life! Moreover, while playing ChristmasGamesSanta Jump, the Santa might come across otherhindrancessuch as owl or rocket that you are required to save himfrom them. However, on the bright side, as you assist our dearreddressed old man to fill his bag with gifts, there are going tobesome bonuses to help him bounce unbelievingly or some orspaceshuttles enabling him to move faster! You never know whatmightcome next in your journey in Christmas GamesSantaJump.The very first feature that makes anyone ,specially the kids,tofall in love with Christmas Games is thehighlycolorful, vivid and eye-catching background of this game andtheadorable white bearded Santa Clause that no one says no to helphimwith jumping and collecting some gifts forthekids! Besides, the instruction to playChristmasGames is very simple to obey andunderstandable for everyage group.Why wait? Don’t waste any time and download ChristmasGamesSanta Jump. Boost your mood and your kids’ aswellimmediately! Don’t forget to introduceChristmasGames to your friends and family! Spreadthe fun andhappiness you experienced with this game!
Don't tap the Christmas Tree! 1.0.1
Round Elephant
Don't tap tiles this Christmas -tapthecolorful Christmas balls!This year Santa brings you a charming Christmas themegame.Justtap the Christmas balls to climb the tree higher andhigher.Becareful - don't tap the tree itself!Share your high score on Facebook and invite your friendsonamusical challenge.Start your white holiday with beautiful visualsandmagicalChristmas carols.
Christmas Game 2015 1.2
Walbert-Schmitz und M-PLY haben sichdiesesJahreine besondere Weihnachtsaktion überlegt. Ein SpielalsSmartphoneApp. Wir hoffen, dass Ihnen dieses Spiel Spaß machtundSie die einoder andere Stelle von Aachen wiedererkennen.Walbert-SchmitzandM-PLYhave this year a special Christmas campaign considered. Agameas asmartphone app. We hope you like this game and yourecognizeone orthe other point of Aachen.
Tap Sheep Christmas Edition 1.1
TAP SHEEP CHRISTMAS EDITIONSimple and fun 'Tap a sheep' Christmas game for kids, whereyouaim to tap as many sheep as you can and not to let lambstodisappear when they look from left & right. This is asimplearcade game, a bit of dummy as well :-)The game is similar to famous Ant Smasher but with sheepandlambs. It is based on original Android Sheep Game whichfeaturesnow over 35 MILLION SHEEPS CAUGHT by the playersworldwidealready!! So I hope you like this simplified version andthespecial Christmas edition while we are now waiting for theSantaClause to arrive and bring us many new toys and gifts.. :)Tap Sheep / Tap Lamb game features:- try to catch Santa Clause's lambs when they are looking fromleftand right- use your device touch screen to tap a sheep- catch joker lamb to gain extra points- tap lambs as many times as you can for additional points- beware of angry dog - it farts if you tap it- special Xmas edition features: Christmas sheep andwinterbackground images, a special Christmas songThis game is using advertisements and they are currentlyvisibleall the time due to technical constraints from adsprovider(Leadbolt).Please send all feedback and comments to Sheeping!-Game by ILOappsDeveloper blog at www.iloapps.comDisclaimer:The application is provided to you AS IS. You may usetheapplication as you wish. We assume no warranty obligations oranyother liabilities due to this application. You may shareandpromote this application freely to your friends andfamily.Application is developed and owned by ILOapps. Anynon-ILOappsdeveloped assets (if any) are the property of theirrespectiveowners.Please notice that by using and installing this application,Youagree to our Terms and Conditions (aka EULA) available game uses a fantastic cross-platform game engine librarycalledlibGdx: statistical analysis and game improvement purposes, thegameincludes Google Analytics library. Please see our privacypolicyfor more information at application uses following permissions for game play andsessionmanagement: WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, READ_PHONE_STATE.The application utilizes Ad network which requiresfollowingpermissions: INTERNET,ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE,ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION,ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION,ACCESS_LOCATION_EXTRA_COMMANDS.
Penguin Ski Safari - Snow Race 0.0.12
Skipper the penguin is one of the worldsbestwinter sport games addict, quite unusual for an animal like himyoumight say. But as you will find out in this wonderfulChristmasgames for families and kids of all ages, he is not theonly one wholikes to play downhill and other ski jump games. Evenif he alsolike going with his snowboard on different wintercompetitions andalso trying all kinds of extreme sports with hissnowmobile, you'llfind him time to time, doing more pleasant stufflike helping elvescarry presents to Santa Claus sled, playing withother elves andanimals and even making a snowman.But kids you should know that this isn't a simple Santa Clausgamewith gifts, reindeer's, penguins, Christmas party or anothernewyear's puzzle, here you're time for reaction and even yourdrivingskills will be tested.★ ★ ★ With more characters to unlock and play with this could betheNew Years game you have been waiting for! ★ ★ ★Here are couple of features you'll enjoy here:✔ Wonderful Christmas graphics and penguin pictures✔ Challenging and addicting super ski safari game play✔ Unlockable characters and levels✔ All kinds of awesome characters like Santa Claus, Penguins,Elves,Snow man, Yeti and many more to come!✔ Coins, Highscore, Facebook and gifts✔ FREESo join in this winter sports with penguins and otherfantasticcharacters and see if you can manage to escape the angryandterrifying yeti, winter monster!★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Tips and tricks ★ ★ ★ ★ ★★Collect more coins to unlock characters.★★Share your progress on Facebook to get more coins. ★★Find gifts in the game which can give you a boost in speed.★★Avoid getting caught by Yeti and also try to trick him intohittinga Christmas tree as many times as you can in this wayyou'll defeathim.★♥ "One of the loveliest Christmas games I had ever played."-Alicia Hall ♥LIKE US :
Santa Dash Run 1.1
Download and play Santa Dash Run todashthroughforest and village, dodge different objects andvehicles,make highscore as you can, collect stars and buy newitems.Santa Dash Run key features:Endless and seamless gameplay.Dodge barriers and buses.collect stars.Pick coin magnet.Levitation.Beautiful Christmas times environment.Snow.
Santa Dash Christmas 1.0
This Christmas Holiday! A new challengeisupfor you! Help Santa Claus to overcome the obstacles &bringhisgifts to the kids!Santa Dash Christmas is an endless running or jumpinggamewhereyou need to help him carry his gifts to the children. Intheroad,Santa finds some snowman blocking his way. So he needtoovercomethose cute snowman to accomplish his job! Exceptthesnowman, thelarge snowflakes will try to cut off Santa’s way.Whenthe snowmanmake trouble on the ground snowflakes do it in theair.If you wantto put a smart score in the game you have to beverycareful andtap timely. Remember you will get only one tap perjumpin SantaDash Xmas.Santa Dash Christmas is a beautiful endless running gamewithcutegraphics. Adorable Santa is running over slices of icewithhisincredibly fast and strong sleigh. This magical sleighisspecial andit doesn’t need eight reindeer to drive forward.Withthe beautifulmusic this running game will make yourearcomfortable. But be aware!With this awesome graphics &soundsthis game can be veryaddictive!Features:1) Santa Dash Christmas is an Endless Running Game2) Share your scores on Facebook, Twitter &othersocialnetworks3) Google Leaderboard to compare scores with friends!4) Beautiful & Simple Graphics to please your eyes.5) Simple and very Addictive Gameplay6) Special Magical sleigh that run & jump magicallyWhat are you waiting for? Install now and get readytoovercomeyour friends score on this most adorable SantaChristmasGames ofthe year! Merry Xmas & have a greatholiday!If you enjoy playing Santa Dash Christmas, please writeapositivereview and let us know what makes this game differentfromothers!And if you find any bugs or further customization tobemade, pleasemention them by sending us Email.Email: urbanbitstudios@gmail.comVisit Our Website: http://www.urbanbitstudio.comOur Facebook:
Run Santa Run 1.14
Santa Run is a fun , addictingandadventure game for kids and adults, you need to help Santa onthisChristmas to run and jump so that he can collect as muchasgifts for you as he can , your Santa needs to face a lotofobstacles and cross them to collect gifts for you on thisChristmas, this Santa racing game will give you around the worldtourof Santa to collect gifts for you , so make your Santa runnow tocollects gifts and enjoy.
Santa Match 1.1
Eldaniz Nasibli
The Santa Match is a timed threeroundmatchinggame, featuringreindeers,christmasgifts,christmastree,bells,santa's hat etc. Thefirst round in theSanta Match is100 seconds and each after that is10 seconds less,so will havethe time to improve each round.Another thrilling feature to the Santa Match that makes itevenmoreawesome then just a matching game- you must find theiconsthat linktogether in some way! When you make a linked matchtheSanta Matchit will show the link. You also get some help alongtheway. You canuse the REFRESH button 3 times, this mixes up thegamecards so itis easier to find linking matches. You can also usetheFIND button3 times, and this will find the matching linksforyou.Santa Match is an addictive race to find the matchinglinks,thatgets harder each round. Have Fun!!!
Christmas Bubble 1.0
Your favorite "Bubble Shooter" game inaspecialChristmas edition for the holiday!Now with amazing game play and fluency!Get in the holiday spirit by shooting bubbles and try tocleartheboard with matching 3 or more sequences of the samecolor!This game is extremely addictive, probably the most playedofthebubble shooting games.Bubble Shooter: Christmas Day will give you themostpowerful,festive and fun Christmas you've ever experienced.Features:Drag Your Finger to Move the Target,aim and ShootVery Addictive Game PlayDifficulty Increase as Level upEvery Color you Clear will not Appear again. Popallthebubbles!Outstanding GraphicsBackground MusicGame MusicTap where you want the bubble to goUnlock New Level By Completing LevelsNote: The game uses a graphic engine that isn't supportedbysomeof the android devices. To keep this App Free, Itcontainsverylimited Ads.Thank you!
Santa Free Game 2.2
Santa Free GameA free Santa Games for kids. This Santa Claus game aresimpleandfun.HOW TO PLAYThe game named Santa's Gift Special is a freeChristmasgameswhere you must click on the falling Christmas giftsas fastaspossible before they hit the spikes. The game is over whenagifthits the spikes or when you clicks on a bomb. So, watch outforthebomb!Another thrilling feature to this Christmas free gamesthatmakesit even more awesome than just usualfree game are:1. Faster gifts downfall time2. Unlock more Christmas gifts type from Santa Claus themorelongeryou play this Santa games.3. Avoid the bomb! It will destroy your gifts!4. Play this Santa games for FREE!Santa's Gifts Special is an addictive game, whichisgettingharder when you play it more and more! Have Fun!!!FEATURES- Leaderboard for high score and compete with yourfriends.- 5 types of gifts- Responsive, you can play it on tablet, phone or on anyscreensizedevice.- Save and show up your score in your SD Card (SD Cardmustbeinserted)Let's play this Santa Games for free!
Christmas Rescue
In this free Christmas Game, you musthelpSanta Claus retrieve as many gifts as possible. There is notimelimit, but you will have to avoid the obstacles so the sleighisn’tdamaged. Good luck! Santa Claus is counting on you!Christmas Rescue will challenge your flying skills ! Thegameplayis similar to flappy where you have to tap on the screento make flythe Santa sleigh.Features :This Christmas game feature some important climatic changeGenerating random christmas presentsAwesome physics based controlsDifferents sounds when you recover Christmas giftsChristmas Rescue has been developped for android devices.
Christmas Bubble Shooter Crush 1.0
Christmas Bubble Shooter Crush afreefunnyArcade Game The interface of this free game is nice andcleanyoucan play with many cute color ball .Just Tap where youwantthebubble to go and Make combinations of 3 or more bubblesthathavethe same color to make them burst and crush , and if youwantto goto a new levelyou must brust all the bubbles on thescreen.This bubble game contents are appropriate with kids,toddlers,itsupports tablets and phone just Download it and play ityoucanstop playing it! there are a lot of levelsHave Fun.
Run Santa, Run! 1.0
"Run Santa, Run!" is a game where youhavetohelp Santa Claus reach his sledge and collect a maximumofgifts,try to avoid kids, and don't fall in manhole!
Running Santa - Xmas Run 2.0
Poderm Ltd
Meet Santa in endless side running gamewithjumping on buildings with obstacles. Leave gifts and collectcoins.Slide, jump over holes, bounce on trampolines and on verytallbuildings.Save Christmas and become Santa’s little helper with thebestrunning game of the holiday season!Hurry up and help Santa on his run to saving Christmas!The jolly old man’s magic sled has been struck by a lightning andisnow out of order!The only way to save the holiday spirit is to help Santa Clausrunaround the North Pole village and collect all presents thatfelloff the sled in the accident.Hurry-up and collect as many gifts as possible from the snowypathsof Santa’s North Pole village as quickly as possible! Makesurethat all good kids receive their presents just in time fortheHoliday.IMPORTANT:This is original version of Run Santa Run. Without shop,flyingetc.Santa Claus run Features:- High quality design.- Easy to control. No complexities to control the jumpsorwalking.- Anyone on the family can use it. It is suitable forallages.- You can turn music on or off before playing through the musickeyin the game.If you like games Line Runner, Canabalt, Line Runner, DoodleRunner,Angry Gran Run , Planet Runner you will like this too. Andit isfree.