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com.DavidDickBall.RoboSumo 1.8.18
David Dick Ball
A simple game that can be great fun when you have a few minutestospare. Grab a friend & use the on-screen control (there'sonly1 button!), choose a bot, & push your opponent off theedge. Ifyou don't want to see ads, you can now pay to hide adverts,andunlock all bots and levels. Please rate & comment. I'mlookingfor honest feedback, so if you've noticed bugs or havesuggestionsfor more bots, please leave them as a review, or tweetme at@davidonionball. I have more plans and ideas for this game,butI'll only work on them if there's interest. So please rate!Thanks!- David 3.2
Highscore Games
Jumping Ninja 2 Player Games requires two players andonedevice(phone or Tablet). Match up with a friend who's thebestninja with 4 Ninja games. + 4 Ninja Games to PLAY - JumpingNinja :Jump to the top - Jumping Ninja Fight : Defeat theapproachingenemy - Jumping Ninja Shuriken : Reflect the flyingShuriken. -Angry Ninja : Throw the weapon at your opponent quickly.+ Features- Simple one touch, one tap controls - 2 players can playusing thesame device - 4 different games - Challenge your friendsand familyThank you for playing! **If you have a new ninja gameidea, pleaseleave it in your review.**
2 Player Games Free 1.8
App Holdings
This is a collection of singleplayer / multiplayer games whichcanbe played by 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or even as many as 6 players onthesame device (smartphone of tablet). Each of the games hasverysimple rules and is easy to pick up. You don't need wifi ortheinternet because this game is for offline, local multiplayer.Youcan play the games with random people on a dance party, or usethemas icebreaker in awkward situations like your first date. Theappis also ideal for married couples to play together, forbrothersand sisters, kids and parents, and for friends to pass thetime.For some reason, these two player games tend to getverycompetitive and funny. Each of the games is a two player gamewithextra modes for 3, 4, 5 and 6 players. The more peopleplayingtogether, the more fun! But if you have no one around toplay with,you can also play alone in the 1-player mode to trainyour skillsfor your later victories when you play with yourfriends. We've gotmini-games here with unique rules, but alsore-makes of famousmobile hits. They are all adapted to the crazyrequirement ofletting up to 6 players play on the same screen. Forexample: -multiplayer endless runner - multiplayer birds withflapping wings- platform jumping game - 3-in-a-row with Tic-Tac-Toelike rules -crossing a busy road together - bingo - a strategy gamewhere yousend armies to capture castles (has nasty AI insingle-player) -football / soccer (close to Pong and hockey) - amultiplayerversion of the 1024/2048 puzzle - tapping only your owntiles -balloon popping We regularly add new mini-games. Stay tunedforupdates and recommend this game to your friends! By installingthegame you agree to privacy policy of Google(AdMob): and Unity(UnityAnalytics):
2 players battle 2.0
TAMI apps
Gather a team of soldiers and prepare for battle. The best weaponisa reaction and speed. Tap and crushes the enemy. Arrangethechallenge between friends. This is a great app to have fun. Alotof characters with unique features. Who will be stronger?Tankmanhiding behind the strong armor of the tank or a quick sniperwithan excellent rifle and an excellent sniper sight. Or maybe itwillbe a pilot of an airplane, which cuts through a cloud fighterat anexcess of sound speed. Also, a warrior of special forces, agreenberet, can compete. Or it is better to choose a war with ahugemachine gun capable of turning into a sieve even a smallarmoredcar. Choose yourself and go into battle. Tap and crushes theenemy.
Dr. Chess 1.44
SUD Inc.
Dr. Chess You can enjoy real-time online Chess all over theworld.Chess is a two-player strategy board game played on achessboard, acheckered gameboard with 64 squares arranged in aneight-by-eightgrid. It is one of the world's most popular games,played bymillions of people worldwide in homes, parks, clubs,online, bycorrespondence, and in tournaments. Each player beginsthe gamewith 16 pieces: one king, one queen, two rooks, twoknights, twobishops, and eight pawns. Each of the six piece typesmovesdifferently. Pieces are used to attack and capture theopponent'spieces, with the objective to 'checkmate' the opponent'sking byplacing it under an inescapable threat of capture. Inaddition tocheckmate, the game can be won by the voluntaryresignation of theopponent, which typically occurs when too muchmaterial is lost, orif checkmate appears unavoidable. SUD Inc.
Chess Live 3.2
Italic Games
Chess Live is the best designed chess game for all Androidusers,and it's totally FREE! This game supports 1 player, 2 player,soyou can play against friends or test your skills againstachallenging computer opponent and clash it. For 1 playermode,various levels combine with an impressive chess engine tooffer youa great chess playing experience and an ever increasingchallenge.Game Features: - Perfect for 1- or 2-player games -Gorgeousgraphics and fantastic sound effects - Configurable playernames -Outstanding AI engine of 5 different difficulty levels -Undo/Redofunction
Justice vs Evil(2-Player Duel) 2.0.5
Play Woo
The best 2-player game collection ever!◆ Easy to control,onlytapand drag!◆ Compete with your friend on a same device!◆ Bunchofgames,totally intuitive and fun!◆ Beautiful graphics supportedbyRetina Display. ◆ Global leaderboard supported! ◆ Arealparty-killer! Is it a game which have to play with others? No!Itnot only allows 2 player's battle,but also allows playertochallenge himself/herself.
Duel Otters 1.705
The cutest head-to-head (literally) 2-player game onmobiledevice."When was the last time you played a 2-player game andhad ablast together?" Challenge your friends, grab each end ofyourdevice and get ready. Compete in a series of wild missionsallspecially designed for two players to play on the samescreen.Featuring lively and adorable otters.Having this game onyourdevice is just like always having a game console and 2controllerson you, ready to play together anytime!Features : -11highly-competitive games that will put your reactionspeed,dexterity and finger muscles to the test.- In Two PlayerMode, beatyour friend in 3 out of 5 games to win the match or playendlesslyin big party in champion-stays-loser-switch style.- Thisgameshines when played 2-player but an AI opponent is also includedinTraining Mode. Perfect your skills before you ultimately faceoffwith your friends or earn Achievement Points (AP) bydefeatingharder AI and completing special challenges, then top theAPscoreboard in Game Center.- Select each game as you like, orchoose"Random" for a true test of dueling mastery.- Colorfulotters!...and they can (kind of) speak.Watch the official trailer: the official Facebook page tokeepin touch! :
Congkak 1.1.9
Lipandes Studios
The classic and traditional Congkak game is now available foryourAndroid devices! Congkak is a variant of Mancala game thatoftenplayed in Malaysia, Indonesia (Congklak), Singapore andBrunei. Itis a two-player board game, and each player will haveseven housesplus one storehouse. Initially, there are seven seedswithin thehouses before both players distributing their own seedsinclockwise direction (i.e. known as sowing). During sowing,playerwill skip the opponent storehouse but not the player'sownstorehouse. Both players will start simultaneously during thefirstround. Player's turn is over when the final seed falls intoanempty house. However, if the last seed falls into a player'sownhouse that is unoccupied after one round of sowing, the playercanremove the last seed and all the seeds in the opposite houseintothe player's own storehouse. If the house is occupied, thentheplayer will continue sowing. Player will get a free turn ifthefinal seed of sowing ends in the player's storehouse. Playerwhohas collected more seeds is the winner. Main features include: ★AREAL Congkak gameplay. ★ Three types of gamemode. ★ Three levelsofAI. ★ Six different colors of marble (blue, green, red, cyan,pinkand purple). ★ Can play with your friend offline. ★Automaticmovement during sowing. ★ Traditional and relaxing music.Sit back,relax and enjoy the game !
Gin Rummy 2.3.4
North Sky Games
Gin Rummy, the classic two-player card game you know and love.GinRummy offers four levels of difficulty, four unique game modesaswell as extensive statistics tracking. It is an unparalleledgameplay experience! Now with a brand new Online Mutliplayermode!Compete for Weekly prizes and enjoy all your favorite gamemodeswith players from around the world! Also includes 5 uniquegamemodes, unlock Oklahoma, Straight, Hollywood and Manual 3-2-1foradditional ways of enjoying the game! Also, included is a brandnewRe-Deal powerup. Don't like the cards you got? Use aRe-Deal!You're guaranteed to get a much better hand! Also withFacebookintegration! Personalize your game, earn experience witheverygame, never lose your statistics! Your statistics are nowstored inthe cloud and shared between all your devices. Featuresinclude: •Realistic gameplay and graphics • Intuitive single playergameplay• 4 difficulty options and more coming soon! • 5 gamemodes:Regular, Oklahoma, Straight, Hollywood and Manual 3-2-1! • 6uniqueThemes! • Extensive Statistics, including games andhandsbreakdown. • Re-Deal powerup! • Facebook integration -personalizeyour game and save your progress.
Chess Free 1.41
Optime Software
Are you tired of playing chess games that look like theyweredesigned for a Commodore 64 instead of today's smartphones?We'vegot the antidote for you. Chess Free is the best looking chessgameavailable for Android, and best of all - it's free! ChessFreesupports both 1 player and 2 player gameplay, so you canplayagainst friends or test your skills against a challengingcomputeropponent. Chess Free offers a host of exciting features,including:* Great graphics and exciting sound effects *Configurable playernames and score tracking * Outstanding AI enginewith configurabledifficulty level * Board rotation for two playergames * Undofunction * Automatic save when you get a phone call orexit theapplication Chess Free is supported by unobtrusivebanneradvertising.
3D Chess - 2 Player 1.1.41
PingOo Games
Chess can be traced back nearly 1500 years, although theearliestorigins are uncertain. Now another amazing chess 3d game ismade byPingOo games. It includes the amazing 3d graphics. It is atwoplayer game in which one player moves after other. With advanceuseof 3d graphics you can enjoy the game like real time chess. Youcangive a big challenge to your opponent by giving it a toughtime.This app brings classic chess game into new dimensions.GameFeatures: * Advanced 3D graphics. * Six Skins. * Two playergame. *Hints for beginners - highlighting of possible moves. * MoreuserFriendly. * Superb Animations. 3D Chess - 2 Player in thecategoryof board games/ family - Brain Games by PingOo Games 2016.
BaghChal - Tigers and Goats 17.02.15
Baghchal, all time favorite board game of Nepal is nowonAndroid.This game has One player, two player and Bluetoothmodeswith options to select either goat or tiger.Features:> Playoneplayer > Play two player with your friends>Bluetoothmode> Local Network ModeBagh chal is one of thetraditionalboard games of Nepal. It is a stratagy based board game.Itconsists of 20 goats and 4 tigers.The game starts with 4tigersplaced in 4 corners of the board and goats are mounted on theboardone at a time.This game can be played alone against android aswellas against another player.
Chess Free 2018 For Beginners 1.0
Chess 2018 For Beginners is a free board game offline of twoplayershope you liked it. Touch the screen, move and drop thepieces,checkmate, Win! Best of all - it's free! Supports 1 player,2 playerplay chess offline and waiting chess online in nextversion nearfuture.Main Features of Chess For Beginners :- Dailychallenge.-Chess Two players hot seat and computer vs player mode-Play multiplayer chess with friends- Save / Load games are played,can beexported to PGN format.- Beautiful UI and simple interface-Goodsound effects- Undo & HintsChess Free 2018 For Beginnersgame isone of the world's most popular games, played by millionsof peopleworldwideDownload the best Chess Offline for Beginnersnow!
Real 3D Chess - 2 Player 1.1.4
Move in silence only speaks when its time to say "Checkmate".Afterthe success of our Chess 3D - 2 player in portrait, GameMagicStudio decided to make Real Chess 3D - 2 Player game inlandscapefor their users. If you do not know the rules, do notworry, with3D Chess you are suggested the possible moves of thepawn, queen,bishop, horse, tower and king, so you can not go wrong.This a twoplayer game in which players can enter their name fortheir ease.With advance use of 3d graphics you can enjoy the gamelike realtime chess. You can give tough time to your rival. Chooseto playwith real opponents. Its first class tutor makes it greatfor bothdeveloping Chess Strategy and improving your chessskills.Challenge your real friends and enjoy alto, Play real-timeblitz ordaily consistency chess. Game Features: - Innovative3Dgraphics. -Five Skins. - Two player game. - More user Friendly. -CoolAnimations. - Soothing Music - Player Name Editing OptionRealChess 3D - 2 Player in the category of Puzzle games/ family -BrainGames by Game Magic Studio 2016.
Chess Time® -Multiplayer Chess
Haptic Apps LLC
Chess Time - Free Multiplayer Chess! Play chess for freeagainstreal people! ------------------------------------- ChessTime is anonline global chess community for correspondence chessplayers.Chess Time is a long-distance online chess game. Findplayers inthe USA, UK, Germany and more! Communicate by an in-gamechat, tagfavorite opponents as friends and more! - Play chess withanyonefrom anywhere with an internet connection. - Play againstyourfriends with the top three mobile platforms. - Tag playersasfriends for easy re-invite. - Choose from different chess setsandthemes! - Chat in each chess game against your opponent. -Historyof recent games! - Auto-calculated ELO rating for eachaccount. -Train against stronger opponents with unrated games! -Export gamesas pgn and screenshots. - Leader Board by rating andcountry Allopponents are human with available players every minute!Pleasenote: This is a notification based system. Chess Time willsend anotification when it is your time to make a move for eachgame.
Cats Carnival - 2 Player Games 2.2.2
The most popular 2-player Head-to-Head games collection!Playagainst your friends on the same device!Or play againstthecomputer! 10+ highly-competitive games that will put yourreactionspeed,dexterity and finger muscles to the test. Features: -Twoplayer competitive mode allows for endless 1-on-1 gameplay.-Single player mode is challenging.Three difficulty of crazyAIopponents. - Unlock new characters in two player and oneplayermode! This game shines when played 2-player but an AIopponent isalso available.
Red Hands – 2-Player Games 3.2
Challenge your friends to play 2 player games and check who'sthefirst one to get hot hands! Ready? Gooo!!! Red Hands –2-PlayerGames is based on one of the coolest clapping games. Itbelongs tofunny reaction games, but anyone who's competitive canplay thisfunny game. If you like to play two player games, this isa perfectchoice for you! How to play Red Hands – 2-Player Games: -A playerstands on each side of the device - Once the game starts,oneplayer is the attacker and the other is the defender - Theattackerslaps by tapping once and the defender retreats by tappingat theright time - If the defender chickens out three times, therewillbe a free hit granted - The first player to reach 10 pointswinsthe game Because it is simple and easy to play, Red Hands–2-Player Games belongs to fun games for people of all ages.Thegame tests your reflexes and speed so if you don't payattention,you will get red hands! Do you think games for two havejust becomemore interesting? Then you'll be happy to know this isnot all!While playing the game, you can choose different hands,such asanimal hand or Hulk's hand or even a skeleton hand. Chooseatattooed hand and play funny reaction games until your handsgettired! You can now play this two player game without reallyfeelingthe pain. So, what are you waiting for? Download Red Hands–2-Player Games and play best games for two! This free game isanintellectual property of PeakselGames.
Congkak - Congklak Games 4.0
Capung Studio
Congkak or Congklak is a mancala game of Malay origin playedinMalaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei andSouthernThailand. Congkak tradisonal is a two player game whereopponentscompete to get the most shells into their storehouse.Congkak usedto be a game that was played only by women andchildren, but it isreally a great game for anyone of any age. Thegameplay is similarto mancala and it is popular in countries allover the world.dowload and playing congkak game free for you. Menucongkak game :1. congkak 2 player 2. Player one vs Computer 3.Level Easy &Hard 4. Provided Boards 5,6,7 5. congkak online andofline
Versus - 2 players Game 3.6.0
Versus is a free multiplayer game with lots of action, reflexandlogic mini games. Play with your friends and gamers from allaroundthe world by challenging them on fun and addictive minigamesduels!★ Game modes✔ONLINE: Challenge your friends and thewholeworld.✔2 PLAYERS: play with your friends face to face on thesamedevice.✔ARCADE: play and beat your friends' high scores anddefeatthe best players in the world!★ + 15 mini-games ✔RollingMan:simple but addictive, you just have to stay on the path as longaspossible!✔Space Battle: destroy the meteorites and the aliensthatare attacking you!✔TapAttack: Attack your opponent whiledefendingyour base!✔ Tricky Colors: A reflexion and reflexe minigame inwhich you have to click when the colors are matching! ✔CrazyDrivers: Test your pilote skills ! Avoid the obstacles anddrive asfast as possible! ✔ Color Towers : the modern versionofarm-wrestling! ✔ Snake: The mythical Snake is back with a new2Players mode!And many others to discover! ★ More than a simplegameA free multiplayer game which gathers lots of mini-games withinthesame app! ★ The perfect game to play with your friends andfamillyVersus is the perfect app to have fun with your familly,yourfriends, in class, in a party or whenever you feel like havingfun.Each player will find his favorite game thanks to the varietyofmini-games: reflex, action, reflexion... ★ More than apastime,Versus is a free multiplayer game which gathers more than15addicitve mini-games to have fun with! Wether you are alone,withfriends or with your familly, hilarious duels are waitingforyou!For any question, problem, suggestion, feedback, feel freetocontact us at or via our Facebook page'MadJoh'! Have fun playing Versus !★ Ready? Challenge your friendsin duelsonline, in the 2 players mode on the same device or in thearcademode. Enjoy!
Chinese Chess 1.0
Chinese Chess (Xiàng Qí, or Co Tuong), is a strategy board gamefortwo players, which enjoys a long history over 3000 years. Thebasicchess rules are simple and easy to understand, which issuitablefor everyone. Features of Chinese Chess❖ Single player: 10levels❖Multi Player: Play with your friend via Bluetooth❖ Show allthepossible moves and impossible moves❖ Strong AI❖ Easy to learn,hardto master, from beginner to chess master❖ Save/Load game❖Beautifulgraphics and animations, wonderful finger battle❖Completely freeto download, you can play the game withoutregisteringCome to ourChinese Chess world, enjoy the crazy ofChinese chess. You canexchange experience and play chess with manyChinese chess loversand mastermind. Once start, you will not stopplaying!
4 in a Row Connect Multiplayer 114
FnG Studios
Come and try the new 4 in a Row (connect in a row 4 discs)onAndroid. With 4 modes you can : - Play alone against averyintelligent AI - With another player on the same screen -Connectwith another player over the bluetooth - Connect onlineagainstplayers from around the world, fast multiplayer games! Fourin aRow (also known as Connect 4, Four Up, Plot Four, Find FourandFour in a Line) is a two-player connection game in whichtheplayers first choose a color and then take turns droppingcoloreddiscs from the top into a seven-column, six-rowverticallysuspended grid. The pieces fall straight down, occupyingthe nextavailable space within the column. The objective of thegame is tobe the first to form a horizontal, vertical, or diagonalline offour of one's own discs. Connect 4 is a solved game. Thefirstplayer can always win by playing the right moves.
Funny Soccer - 2 Player Games 3.8
Funny Soccer - 2 Player Games free - Battle with yourfriends,funny, amazing game play and physics ! If you a fan ofsoccer,football. Funny Soccer is a best fun game free for you. Afun andbouncy Soccer games free. Battle with your friend inamazingsoccer. With physics world, it make the character jump andkicklike an idiot. This game make you laugh till die =))) *Features: -Local multiplayer - Funny Soccer with amazing physics,fun to playwith your friends. - Two mode: One player, two players.Multiplayerwill coming soon. - Multiple character skin. - Beautifulpixelgraphics. - Bouncy fun soccer (football) game play. * How toplay:- Tap button to jump and kick the ball. - Get 5 goals towin.DOWNLOAD NOW !!!! Enjoy with Funny Soccer - 2 Player Games.Beatyour friends in amazing physics for soccer, football fan. LIKEUS FOLLOWUS
Shashki - Russian draughts 11.1.0
Miroslav Kisly
Russian checkers, also known as Shashki, Шашки, Russian draughtsisvery popular logic game in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus,Kazakhstan,Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. Russian Checkers is achallenging boardgame that can train your logic and strategicskills. Theapplication contains powerful algorithm of game andfriendlyclassic interface. Challenge your strategic skills withthisrelaxing game. Now you can enjoy the game of checker anywhereyoumay be, directly from your smart phone. Features: * AdvancedAIengine with 11 difficulty levels, AI also uses game openingsforrandomess * Online - ELO rating, online gameshistory,leaderboards, achievements, chat, players blocking (VIP). *One orTwo player mode - test your skills against the computer AIorchallenge a friend on tablet * Ability to compose owncheckersboard position (for training and professional usage) *Compositions- prepared >200 compositions with 5 differentdifficulty levelsfrom the beginner to master * Ability to analyzesaved game, replaygame from chosen position * Game openings - youcan analysedescribed game openings * Ability to save games andcontinue later* Played games statistics * Many boards: wooden,plastic, flatmarble, children style * Parental control - lock gamesettings withpassword and check your child productivity later instatistics *Ability to undo move also after game over * Auto-saveGame rules: *The game is played on a 8×8 board with alternatingdark and lightsquares. * Each player starts with 12 pieces on thethree rowsclosest to their own side. The row closest to each playeris calledthe "crownhead" or "kings row". The player with whitepieces movesfirst. * Men move forward diagonally to an adjacentunoccupiedsquare. * If a player's piece moves into the kings row ontheopposing player's side of the board, that piece to be"crowned",becoming a "king" and gaining the ability to move back orforwardand choose on which free square at this diagonal to stop. *If aman becames king it can continue a capture, it jumps backwardsas aking. The player can choose where to land after the capture.*Capturing is mandatory and cannot be passed up to makeanon-jumping move. When there is more than one way for a playertocapture, one may choose which sequence to make. Player mustmakeall the captures in that chosen sequence. A captured piece islefton the board until all captures in a sequence have been madebutcannot be jumped again (Turkish capturing rules). * A playerwithno valid move remaining loses. This is the case if theplayereither has no pieces left or if a player's pieces areobstructedfrom making a legal move by the pieces of the opponent. Agame is adraw if neither opponent has the possibility to win thegame. Thegame is considered a draw when the same position repeatsitself forthe third time, with the same player having the move eachtime. Ifone player proposes a draw and his opponent accepts theoffer. If aplayer has three kings in the game against a singleenemy king andhis 15th move cannot capture enemy king.
Epic 2 Player Car Race Games 1.8.16
Do you like crazy racing games with other people? Raceagainstfriends in two player driving games! Take your chance tobecome thelegendary street racer in new racing games for free 2016!Burn theasphalt at extreme speeds with turbo sports car, monstertruck,police car and many more. Collect power-ups to sabotage yourrival.Prove that you are the best racer in the world!Spectacularlocations. Every level is an unforgettable adventure.Challengeyour opponents to race on city streets, in deserts,industrialareas and futuristic surroundings. Win demolition derbygamesmultiplayer and open new tracks! Bonuses and power-ups.Collectunique bonuses during the racing games for two players thatwillhelp you to win the competition. Blowup the rival’s car, frozeitfor some time, but be careful! – don’t let the opponent tocatchyou in a trap. Be the first who grabs the shield or first aidkitto protect your car from any damages that your vicious rivalplansto cause. These multiplayer car crash racing games isabsolutelycrazy! Two game modes to satisfy your need for speed.Test yourskills in arcade mode or challenge your friend in the2-playermode. Set of cars. Go to the garage with super coolvehicles:racing car, monster truck and police car. Tuning andimprovements.Use earned stars to improve your vehicle to stay aheadof yourrivals. Features of car games cars fun kid racing race go: -Playalone or race with friends. single player mode or racecarmultiplayer games; - Absolutely different racing games withlevelsset in desert, city, space and industrial sceneries; - Acollectionof vehicles to choose from: formula speed race cars,offroader andpolice car. More vehicles are coming! - Choose yourpersonal style.Customize your vehicle with various skins and wheels- Build yourcar in the garage to customize your dream car to yourpersonaltaste! - Watch out for obstacles and use awesome power-upstosabotage your rival; - Play fast race car games free withoutwifi;- Get cool car racing games for girls and boys for FREE! - Theappis also good car racing games for small kids under 5 years.
Russian Checkers 1.9
Pavel Porvatov
Traditional Russian Checkers with official rules * Improved AI *6levels of difficulty * 18 megabytes of endgame tablebases withupto 5 pieces * Player and computer can offer a draw * Forced drawinthree position repetition and in other situations according totherules * All games with computer are stored automatically,it'spossible to load and view them later * Leaderboards for allplayers* Two-player mode * The game supports more than 10 languages*Several board skins: wood, marble and leather * Moves selectionispossible by touching and dragging * Sounds are available and canbeturned off * Additional useful settings: possiblemovehighlighting, quick move selection, disable screen dimming ordenyscreen auto-rotation
Italian Dama - Online 10.8.0
Miroslav Kisly
Italian Dama (also known as Draughts or Checkers) is a variantofthe Draughts game family played mainly in Italy andNorthernAfrica. The board game does not need specialrepresentation, aswell as, for example, the backgammon, chess orcards game. Checkersis a challenging board game that can train yourlogic and strategicskills. Challenge your strategic skills withthis relaxing game.Features: * On-line multiplayer with chat, ELO,invitations * Oneor Two player mode * Undo move * Ability tocompose own draughtsposition * Ability to save games and continuelater * About 80compositions/puzzles to solve * Parental control *Attractiveclassic wooden interface * Auto-save * Statistics *Sounds The gamerules: * White always moves first. * Men move onesquare diagonallyforward. Should they reach the file farthest fromthe player towhich they belong, they become kings. * Kings can moveforward orback one square, again only diagonally. * Capturing ismandatory. *The huffing rule was removed from the official rules. *Men mayonly capture diagonally forward, and can capture a maximumof threepieces in a row. * Kings move, as well as capture,backwards; also,they are immune to men. They can only be capturedby other kings. *A player wins when he has succeeded in capturingall of hisopponent's pieces, or if his opponent resigns. * A drawoccurs whenneither player can theoretically take an opposing piece.
DroidFish Chess 1.77
Peter Österlund
DroidFish is an Android port of the very strong Stockfishchessengine, combined with a feature-rich graphical userinterface.Features: - Opening books: Internal, polyglot, CTG -Clocks -Analyze mode - Two player mode - Edit board -PGNimport/export/edit - FEN/EPD import - Adjustable playingstrength -One Touch Moves - Blindfold mode - Color themes -Animated moves -Scid DB support using "Scid on the go" - Highlyconfigurable -Third party UCI engines - Configurable UCI engineoptions - Supportfor "open exchange" engine apps, such as texel andkomodo 8. -Gaviota endgame tablebases - Syzygy endgame tablebases -Free,GPLv3 Source code is available from my web page. Thefollowingpermissions are used: Modify/delete SD card contents Tosave gamesto SD card Full internet access To optionally communicatewithnetwork chess engines Control vibrator To optionally vibrateaftercomputer makes a move
Chess Game 1.0.42
CardGames Studio
Simple chess for everyone, special for beginner.Chess is aboardgame for two players. It is played on a square board, made of64smaller squares, with eight squares on each side. Eachplayerstarts with sixteen pieces: eight pawns, two knights, twobishops,two rooks, one queen and one king. The goal of the game isfor eachplayer to try and checkmate the king of the opponent.Checkmate isa threat ('check') to the opposing king which no movecan stop. Itends the game.During the game the two opponents taketurns to moveone of their pieces to a different square of theboard. One player('White') has pieces of a light color; the otherplayer ('Black')has pieces of a dark color. There are rules abouthow pieces move,and about taking the opponent's pieces off theboard. The playerwith white pieces always makes the first move.Because of this,White has a small advantage, and wins more oftenthan Black intournament games.Chess is popular and is often playedincompetitions called chess tournaments. It is enjoyed inmanycountries, and is a national hobby in Russia.Features:- Twostyles:Human Vs Human, Human Vs AI- Save the game and you canwatchanytime- undo operate- Records- Load and Save Chess suits-superiorefficiencyWe hope you enjoy Solitaire and please contactour fivestar support if you have any questions :-)
Checkers 2 1.0.5
Magma Mobile
A premium checkers game coming to you with beautiful HDdesigns.Also known as Draughts, Checkers 2 will give you theopportunity toplay against your close friends or against yourphone. When playingagainst your phone, you will be able to measureyourself againstvarious levels of articifical intelligence Checkersis a simple butchallenging board game involving strategy and playedby two playerson a 6x6, 8x8 or 10x10 board game. You can now haveyour Checkersgame on the go. One player has dark pieces, and oneplayer haslight pieces. They take turns moving their pieces.Players movetheir pieces diagonally from one square to anothersquare. When aplayer jumps over their opponent's (the otherplayer's) piece, hetakes that piece from the board. By default apotential piece willhave to be taken but you can set custom rulesand disable thisrule. The player's goal is to take all the piecesof its opponent.Checkers 2 is a Free game which includes a lot ofexcitingfeatures, including: * Great HD graphics * Ability tochoose from awide variety of Checkers boards * Supports CheckersInternationalRules and US Rules * Advanced Magma Mobile AI engine *Undofunction * Save Feature * Option to set up Checkers customrules *Tablet Ready
Tavla 12.2.0
Miroslav Kisly
Tavla is Turkish variant of Backgammon (name also may be knownasNarde, Tavli, Tawula, Takhteh in Iran). The game rules aresimilarto backgammon. Backgammon is a member of the tables family,one ofthe oldest classes of board games in the world. Tavla, chessandDamasi is the most popular board games in Turkey! Features: *6FREE board skins! * On-line mode with Google+ account!!! *On-linemulti-player with chat, leader boards, achievements, ELO,Invites *One or Two player mode * AI engine with 8 difficultylevels *Statistics * Undo move * Auto-save * Attractive andsimpleinterface * Smooth animations * Sounds
Chess Offline Free 2018 1.2.2
Chess Offline 2018 Multiplayer is the best free Chessmastergame.You'll be given the opportunity to play an unlimitednumber ofchess 2018 games.Touch the screen, move and drop thepieces,checkmate, Win!Chess Master Game 2018 supports 1 player, 2playerand offline gameplay, so you can play against friends or testyourskills against a challenging computer opponent and clashit.GameFeatures of Chess Offline Free 2018:- Perfect for 1- or2-playergames (Human Vs Human or Human Vs AI)- Gorgeous graphicsandfantastic sound effects- Suitable for any device- Many levelsfromweak to strong AI algorithm when play versus PC-Undo/Redofunction- Load/Save game files & PGN Export- Easy tolearn andplay chess free- Chess Stats, Timers, Hints and Handicaps-Minimumsystem resources requiredEnjoy this chess game and havefun!Don'tforget to rate the game if you like it!
Hand Shot Two Player Games 1.3
UZN Games
Are you ready to play the most fun 2 player games of alltimes?Noplace for pity and compassion in this game.Be ready tooverturn byblushing the hand of your opponent! Choose your gender,and startblushing the hand of your opponent.This game hasn'tanyrestrictions. You only need to be fast and avoid the movementofyour opponent...How to play:- Choose your gender.- Oneplayerattacks, other player escape from attack.- To blush theopponent'shand, make your attack on correct time.- If attackercan't hit toopponent, positions will change.- When defender escapefor threetimes, attacker will free kick.- Get 10 points to win thegame
Escoba / Broom cards game 1.3.4
Quarzo Apps
★ La Escoba del 15 ★ The traditional spanish cards gamenowavailable for your phone / tablet. GENERAL FEATURES ✔ HDgraphics.Ready for new tablets and phones. ✔ Three image decks:poker deck,spanish deck (spanish cards) and italian napoletanecards. ✔Playable tutorial to learn how to play. ✔ Many settingstocustomize (Themes, reverse of cards, cards size, ...) ✔Awesomeanimations and effects. ✔ Possible to move to SD card. ✔Twoplayers bluetooth game ✔ Fully located: spanish and english.✔Simple and clean interface. ✔ Reallistic Sounds ✔ Statistics&Achievements ✔ You can play against two, three or four robots(IA),adjusting the IA strength. ENJOY IT! LANGUAGES: English,Spanish,Italian and Turkish ----------------------- Legal noticeThisapplication complies with the policies of Google Play content.Thisapp is created just for the purpose of entertainment, its freeandsupported only by advertising. Any suggestion or bug reportiswelcome. Please, before writing a bad review contact us byemailat: Thank you. Permissions required : -INTERNET: To show the advertising banners (Google AdMob andChartboost) -BLUETOOTH : For two player games.
Farkle 2.6
Farkle (or Farkel) is played by two players, throw dice turnbyturn. The first who earns 10000 points wins the match.
Two players game - Crazy racing via wifi (free) 1.2.8
Two players
Play the free version of crazy racing game in the mountainsviawi-fi with your friends (2 players). You can choose differentcoolcars and play two on the wi-fi with a friend as two players.Chooseroutes for two local with friends. Collect coins pumped coolcarsand buy more cool cars. When you play with a friend on thewi-fiyou can make a lot of coins and buy them on the cool cars.Playrooms for wi-fi and you will not regret. If you are looking forarace, wi-fi or race. Features race wi-fi: ★ Play in racingviaWi-Fi with a friend (available only two players); ★ Freeversion; ★Play now and get 50,000 coins; ★ Collect coins andprizes; ★ Buycool cars; ★ Upgrade cool cars, this will allow thepassage of thelevels; ★ Buy steep levels to earn more coins. Nowgame has 6beautiful locations: - The desert; - Countryside; -IndustrialZone; - Mountain trail; - Winter location; -Extraterrestrialroute. For the passage of trails, you can chooseany car, each ofwhich has its own properties. So, for example, theSnow-removingcar can demolish snowy hills, which will simplify thepassage ofthe Winter level, the moon car has a large fuel reserve,which willallow you to travel a long time on a strange planet,heavy carsallow you to pass the wind that is in the mountainlocation, etc.Remember that you can use all these possibilitieswhen you playwith your friend on a local wi-fi network (availableonly twoplayers). In order to start playing with a friend in thewi-firace, create a wi-fi point to which your friend shouldconnect.Next in the game, he must create a server, and you connectto it.And two players can play the game. At the moment, the gamecan notbe played on the Internet and now can play only two players,but inthe future such an opportunity will appear. If you lookinggame for2 players via wi-fi, you can play Crazy racing and enjoythe game!
Stickman Fight 2 Player Games 2.0
A new and fun addictive realistic physics with hardcore gameplay!Abeat'em'game with amazing rag doll stunts! Funny Stickmangamescontain warrior heroes character. An amazing stunt game todefeatyour opponents - The best survival sword fighting games.Fight anddefeat to become the strongest warrior around the world!Will yoube able to survive this realistic stickman warrior fight?Kill anddestroy different enemies in 2 player Games Mode! Bewarefromspikes and gear! You have to fight & Play with Friends tillthelast drop of your Character blood and beat the score ofyouropponent in this Fun Physics wacky action game! Two ormorestickmen is on the screen! Go and hit just like warrior heroboxinggames. A Funny action game. It's very easy to play, you justneedto tap the screen. You will get heroic fights in the game.Showyour fighting skills to become a winner in this epic warbattlegameplay! Join this rag doll battle and fight against thiswarrior!A multiplayer ragdoll physics game - series of the fabulousepicbattle saga! Engage yourself in a deadly battle betweenswingingstick man Funny games! Perform your back flip and frontfliptricks, show the warrior skills and proved that you are anepichero around the globe. This funny game will be the mostaddictinggameplay that you never played before! Just join thiswarriors justtap the screen take a gun find and kill them.OnlineBattle Mode& two Player games: Perform multiplayer stunt gamesin anonline battle! Stick man can carry an attack by differentbodyparts, use various types of weapons! Enter the world of thearenaand play as a heroic Stickman war Game with your friends ontwoplayer Mode. Realistic Stunts: Perform stunts and tricks todestroythe enemy and survive! A shadow fight will be the heroicfight epicbattles! Jump and stunt around the arena, kill your enemyto breaktheir bones in this boxing game. Swing like a rag doll andsurvive!It like Ninja Fighting games!How to Play: -Using your epicwarskills stand in front of your opponents and start the fightingjustlike combat war. -Driver control will show your simpledirection.-There are many Different Gameplay modes in this NinjaFight Games,like Boxing games mode, Sword Fight, Western Cowboyfight Mode,Cops and Robbers Games, 2 player Games Mode, and manymore. Specialfeatures: - New Stickman heroes who are faster andstronger thanwarrior. - Heroic action with full of destructionfighting game. -Dynamic gameplay! Stern battles with Wrestle Jump -Realisticragdoll physics games - Hardcore gameplay for maturegamers -Challenge your friends and beat them in two player gamesMode -More weapon, add new stickman game - Multiplayer supports inonescreen - Smooth Button controls - Amazing powerful stickmanstuntgames~~~Funny Stick man Fight! Hardcore gameplay~~~ The Bestgamefor Android for Stickman games lover! Experience the realisticandfighting atmosphere, this Stickman Fight 2 Player wrestle jumpbackflip and front flip Games will challenge your skills! Do takethischallenge?Leave a review and rating to let us know what youthinkabout this game. We would really appreciate your rating… Formorenews and details: Like our page onFacebook: Follow uson:Twitter:
Stickman Fighting Games Lightsaber Battle War 1.9
Welcome to the amazing STICKMAN Battle warrior SwordFightLightsaber games: Become a Neon Stickman Fighting championdefeatthe Super Warriors in this stickman Fighting game! You’re thebestNeon Sword Fighter, Fight against the fighting Warrior and BeatyouFriend in two player game Mode. ★New Pleasant Lightsaber Neongames★An addictive 3D Physics and Realistic Ragdoll games ★BestNeonbattle Stickman must fight the enemy stick games Stickmanragdollfun physics games are the best and epic free Stickman games.A newStickman war has started – the best game of survival, whereyouDefeat your enemy Stickman in battle arena and win ragdollphysicsepic battle games! Get ready to take the revenge and destroyyouropponent and become the strongest warrior on the battlefield!Willyou be able to survive in this realistic fighting game? FightandKill different neon enemies in this funny stick Games Mode!Bewareof the hurdles and gear! Fight till the last drop of yourblood anddefeat your opponent score in this wacky Physics game!Show yourfrontflip and backflip skills to become a master inmenacingbattles. Its a boxing punch challenge in battle arena! Onceyouskip the ninja warrior you are dead .Go in the clash of anarenaand win this challenging Stickman fighting games. You willfacenumerous opponents in neon games. Full of action-packedmultiplayergames. Experience the fighting atmosphere in the bestStickmanragdoll fun physics games! There’s no other battle gamelike thisnew Neon Stickman fighting! You will fight againstpowerfulcombatant. How to Play: - A Sword war games! Use yourfightingskills in front of your opponent just like a stickman fightRagdollgames. This Stickman fighting games has many gameplay modeslikeWestern Cowboy fight Mode, Cops and Robbers Games, ninjawarriorsgames, Boxing games, 2 Player Games mode and many more… Newoptionsand tricks: - Fighter Stickmen and neon environment -Amazing swordlightsaber games and killing opponents - Super tricksanddestruction - Realistic Stickman ragdoll fun physics gamesExcitingGame Features: - Realistic ragdoll physics world - Neonstyle swordfighter who is faster and stronger than other stickmanfightinggames - Become the first stickman fighting warrior master -Neonstyle Lightsaber games! Stern battles with wrestle jump -Morepowerful weapons, add new neon stickman games - Multiplayer2player game support for single touch screen - Captivatingaction!Well-designed environments and destruction of Neoncharacters -Challenge your friends and beat them in two playergames Mode Stickman Neon style Warriors games – the sequel to asuper saga – youhave to fight the enemies in different onlinemodes!!! You are onlyone to survive in this sword fighting epicbattle games, killing todestroy different shadow warrior enemies. Agame of speed andskills in which you will need to kicks, punches,and catches. Youmust dodge your rivals or die. This is a trulyunique epic wargames. Stop reading this and start a Neon Stick manFighter! Leavea review and rating to let us know what you thinkabout this game.We would really appreciate your rating… For morenews and details:Facebook: Follow uson Twitter:
(HD) Ocean Bubble Shooter 1.5.0
Peach Studio
Ocean Bubble Supports battles over WiFi or Bluetooth, allowstwoplayer game on one device and Offers VS against AI’s ofvariousLevels. Solo Arcade consisting of 800+ Levels!Solo Survivalmode,Free Level Online Store (10000+ additional levels) andPowerfulLevel Editor…------Great game! Lots of levels. Graphicsgreat andsounds are arcade like. - JohnnyDidn't expect this to beso muchfun. The other similar games will be removed from my phoneandreclaim the space. Hi 5 to the developer. -VALARY------Similar"Bubble Shooter" games will pale in comparisonand Ocean Bubble(HD) will fast become your favorite and finalchoice!A definite"must have" for Tablet users!!What makes itdifferent from other“Bubble Shooter” games?※ 1. Local Battle ✔ VERYexciting gameaction! Play with family and/or friends on one device(Tablet orPad type device is best) or with two devices syncedtogether withWiFi or Bluetooth connection.※ 2. The Bigger TheBetter! ✔ HD – Nomatter how large your device screen, because ofthe use of Vectorsto render the game UI, the screen(s) are alwayscrystal clear andsharp. ※ 3. Simple and Precise Operation ✔ Tap(touch) the screendirectly to determine the direction the Bubblewill travel. ※ 4.Powerful Robots (AI) ✔ When you think you are goodenough ;o) andthere are no other players around, you can playagainst the SystemAI. Some of them are very tough – give it a try!※ 5. Pet Robots ✔Train your very own Pet Robot to represent you tochallenge (andbeat ;) Local Game opponents.※ 6. Enhanced (two mode)Solo Game –Arcade and Survival ✔ After unlocking, choose yourchoice of Levelfrom the Level Previews. With score Rating andRanking – can youbecome the Head Boss??※ 7. Online Store and LevelEditor ✔ Withthese two innovative and unique features, you willALWAYS bechallenged with new Levels to play!!※ 8. Combo Counter ✔Whenplaying Solo Arcade or Solo Survival, you will receive extrapointstoward your score when you Combo Eliminate bubbles. DONOTunderestimate this feature!!So – What are you waitingfor??Download and experience the excitement of Ocean Bubble(HD)!!!Inthe Free Version – the Ads will disappear when game playbegins. Toavoid ALL ADS - There is a Pro Version available! Some ofthe mainfeatures of the Pro Version include:NO ADS, More SystemRobots, PetRobot with NO LEVEL LIMITATIONS, Continuous CumulativeVersusScore, download store level without limitation ,etc.Please goto:market://search?q=com.peachstudio.bubble.ocean.paid.keyOr receive feedback from players around the world in regardsto whatcan help us to improve Ocean Bubble(HD). BattleModeintroduction:All bubbles that drop from one side - will bereceivedon the other side.When more than three bubbles are burst ononeside, additional bubbles will be received on the other side.Whenone side bursts a Combo of three or more bubbles, the othersidewill receive additional bubbles also.Thanks Rob Langer fortheEnglish translation.Thanks HaeLan Park for theFrenchtranslation.Thanks thierry audy for the Korea translation.~TheBest of the Best ~ This is the one "Bubble Breaker" game thatnodevice should be without! From the innovative Selection Screen,tothe challenging game play inside - this is the one game thatwillkeep you interested time and time again! HIGHLY recommended!!-RobMaybe you have tried Bubble Witch, Shoot Bubble Deluxe,BubbleWorlds, Bubble Mania, Bubble Cat, Bubble Blast, Bubble World,popstar, frozen bubble, space bubbleThis is the one youfinallychoose.Follow us on Twitter:!/peach_studio
Xiangqi - Chinese Chess - Co Tuong 2.6
A best Chinese Chess game (also called Xiangqi) with thesefeatures:- Game Mode: Online, Bluetooth, Darkchess (Co UpOnline-Offline),One Player, Two Player, Posture, How to solvePosture, Create chessposition Mode - Smart AI with 10 levels fromeasy to hardest leveland can play either color. - English - En,Vietnamese - Vi - Autosave and load - Export to GIF - Save andLoad Match from file - Redoafter Undo - Support Western Piece -Rank by Elo This app requirethese permissions: -ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION, ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION:-> user forBluetooth scan because release of Android called 6.0- Marshmallow,Bluetooth scan requires permission from Locationgroup. -BLUETOOTH, BLUETOOTH_ADMIN -> For play overBluetoothWRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permissions -> For save Matchdata tofile
Checkers 2.0.0
AOA Inc.
Checkers by AOA Inc famous as Draughts is a board game withallcheckers variations:American checkers, Spanish checkers,turkishcheckers, ghanaian checkers...In AOA Studio we develop allour appsand games with passion. to provide you with the bestexperiencepossible.Damas and Draughts supports both 1 player and 2playergame play, so you can play checkers against friends or testyourskills against a challenging computer opponent.Damas andDraughtsfeatures:->1 player or 2 player game play- >5 levelsof thedifficulty- >Different rules to choose from:International,Spanish, English checkers and more ...- >3 gameboard types10x10 8x8 6x6.- >ability to undo wrong move->option toenable or disable forced captures- >quick responsetime->animated moves- >easy to use interface design->auto-savewhen exit or phone ringInstruction to Star play:Intuitive touchcontrols make it easy to play checkers on yourphone, just tap apiece and then tap where you want it to go. If youaccidentally hitthe wrong spot, The undo button lets you take backyour move andtry again.
Chinese Chess: Co Tuong/ XiangQi, Online & Offline 2.20201
HDuo Fun Games
Chinese Chess (Xiàng Qí, 中国象棋, シャンチー, Co Tuong), is a strategyboardgame for two players, which enjoys a long history over 3000years.The basic chess rules are simple and easy to understand,which issuitable for everyone. Whether Chinese or foreign, men orwomen,young or old, all of you can challenge our Chinese chess inmobilephone and start an intellectual competition. Extensive andprofoundculture of Chinese chess, unpredictable and enigmaticchess world,classic Chinese chess game will bring you into amystery field.Reappear the Chinese historical allusions of Chu-Hanwar, show theendless variations of chessboard, the 32 pieces ofbrain burninglogic tactical competition will make you satisfy acraving! TopFEATURES of Chinese chess game free: ★Free Downloadfrom Google PlayStore ★Authentic Chinese chess mode, antique gameinterface ★Amazinglogic grid puzzles shows charm of Chinese chess★Beautiful graphicsand animations, wonderful finger battle ★Sixmodes are designed fromeasy to difficult step by step ★Videoteaching of chess-playing helpyou learn rules quickly ★Easy tolearn, hard to master, frombeginner to chess master ★Stand-alonegaming, various difficultylevels of AI to choose ★Record real-timestatistics, accurateanalysis of winning ratio ★Online networkingreality versus,real-time fight with masters ★Massive functions:re-play, undo,resort, Friends Room, etc ★Review mode can openanytime, help yourefresh your record ★Finish daily tasks canobtain abundantunexpected rewards 6 Play Modes of Chinese XiangQi:Online Battle:Novice field, intermediate field and high-levelfield free to enter.Networking Friends Room mode will bring youwonderful experience.Chess-2 player fight in real time, whichcreate a reality war scene,you can learn chess from there. AIMode: Simulate the real battle inmagic four square grid block, oneto one AI contest. Play offlinewith 7 difficulty levels ofComputer, you can gain rapid improvementfrom beginner to expert.Your free brain trainer. Two-player: LocalMode, face to facecontest chess with friends. You can play JiangQiwith your friendsin one mobile phone screen, which bring you trueintelligencecompetition and challenge your brainstorm. EndgameMode: A varietyof Chinese chess endgames and brainteasers, whichare derived fromancient times. You can break through the mysteryendgame levels. Itmay challenge your reasoning mind, logicalthinking and brainpower.Dark Chess: Brand-new mode of Chinese chesschallenging games. Youcan play dark chess with AI or player. It’s amode that greatlytests your logical ability and reaction speed. Youneed turn overthe pieces with according to your judgement. Thedouble competitionof fortune and intelligence will be a greatchallenge! Chess manualdeduction: This mode includes massivededuction of classic chessmanual. You can watch the concreteprocedures and explanation oneby one. Apart from this, you canstart brain exercises by yourselfafter studying. The representativeof Chinese traditional cultureUnlike backgammon and lichess,Chinese chess possesses variedgameplay, it is the inheritance ofChinese outstanding traditionalculture. All the chess pieces(General, Advisors, Elephant, Horses,Chariots, Cannons andSoldiers) link with each other and restrainmutually. The endlessvariations of Chinese chess represents theinnovation of Chineseculture. Come to our Chinese chess world,enjoy the crazy of Chinesechess. You can exchange experience andplay chess with many Chinesechess lovers and mastermind. Oncestart, you will not stop playing!
Spit ! Speed ! Card Game Free 1.8.4
2-Person Studio
Spit! is an implementation of the popular card game Spit or SpeedorSlam: a fast paced games for two players in which the aim is togetrid of your cards as fast possible. The players do not taketurns -physical speed and alertness are required to play fasterthan youropponent. On each deal, by being first to play all yourstock pilecards you can reduce the number of cards you have in thenext deal.By being successful for several deals you can eventuallyget rid ofall your cards, thereby winning the game. If you likethe card gameSpeed or Slam, you should try Spit! The full set ofrules can befound in the Help section of Spit!. Spit! isad-supported. Features:* 2 Mode - Normal and Arcade * Single andTwo-Player Mode * Supportstablets. * 5 Speed levels * Auto-saveand resume game * App2Sdsupport. * Heyzap If you haveanyrequest/comment/suggestion/complaint, please send It would be very much appreciated.Thisapplication uses Google Analytics, a web analytics serviceprovidedby Google, Inc. (“Google”). The information generated(includingyour IP address) will be transmitted to and stored byGoogle onservers in the United States. Google may also transferthisinformation to third parties where required to do so by law,orwhere such third parties process the information onGoogle’sbehalf. Google will not associate your IP address with anyotherdata held by Google. By using this application you consent totheprocessing of data about you by Google in the manner and forthepurposes set out above.
Mini Ugolki - Draughts 7.5.0
Miroslav Kisly
Mini Ugolki, also known as Corners or Уголки in Russia(Ugolki,Dama), is a two-player checkers board checkers game thatistypically played on an 8×8 checkers/chess board. Mini Ugolkiisvariant of minimized original game played on 6x6 mini board.Theapplication contains powerful algorithm of game andfriendlyclassic wooden graphic interface. Features: * On-line * Oneor Twoplayer * Statistics * Classic wooden and simple interface*Auto-save * Undo move Game rules: Pieces can move in alldirectionshorizontally and vertically. During one turn you can movethe pieceor jump over other pieces multiple times. It is notrequired toperform all jumps. The goal of the game is to move allyour piecesto the opponent's side. The player, who is the first toplace allhis pieces on the opponent's side, wins the game. Yourcommentswill help to improve this application in the future.
German Whist 2.8.2
German Whist (or Hamburg Whist) is a variation of the classiccardgame whist for two players. There are two scoring variants ofthisgame: either all 26 tricks count towards your score or onlythelast 13. This two player card game is played in two sections:theforeplay and the endgame. During the foreplay, players selectcardsfrom their hand in order to win or lose cards turned over fromthedeck. In the endgame, they play their resulting hands againsteachother. This version of whist is the most skilled game of allfortwo players with a common deck of cards. It is possible forplayerswith a good memory to determine exactly which 13 cardstheiropponent has after the foreplay, and use this knowledge toplantheir endgame. It takes real skill to beat the computer onhardmode with its perfect memory. If you fancy a quicker game, thentrythe new 'small whist' game option which plays the same way butwitha cut down piquet 28 card deck! A great game to learn cardskills,and fun to play!
Fall In Line - tic tac toe V2 1.1
shibin Leonidas
FALL IN LINE is a simple two player strategic game with 3gamemodes* Play Against Android Device* 2 Player Game* 2 PlayerGameVia BluetoothObjective of the game is to get your coins INLINE.Getyour coins HORIZONTALLY or VERTICALLY or DIAGONALLY beforeyouropponent do.The only rule is , you should move all your coinsatleast once to win the game.This game is more or less like TicTacToe , in this game you can move 'X' and 'O' s.Coin can be movedbydragging it , And can be moved to any of the free holes near tothecoin picked .Valid moves of a coin is to the adjacent freeholewhich is connected by the line .First move will be switchedbetweenplayer 1 and player 2 in each game .In Play Against AndroidDevicerandomized AI engine will always try to avoid the same gameplay.2Players can play on the same device or Via BLUETOOTH .You canturnoff the vibration in just one click during game play .Hadfuncoding..Have fun playing....
Chain Reaction 1.8
App Holdings
A strategy game for 2 to 8 players.The objective of ChainReactionis to take control of the board by eliminating youropponents'orbs.Players take it in turns to place their orbs in acell. Once acell has reached critical mass the orbs explode intothesurrounding cells adding an extra orb and claiming the cell fortheplayer. A player may only place their orbs in a blank cell oracell that contains orbs of their own colour. As soon as aplayerlooses all their orbs they are out of the game.Game featuresbothHD modes for larger (Pad) screens and the regular mode foralldevices.Each player can customise the colour & sounds oftheirorbs. A player can also turn tactile feedback (vibration) onandoff.I hope you have as much fun playing this as I havecodingit.-Matt :)
Tarneeb: Popular Offline Free Card Games 4.3.4
Join the world's most popular Tarneeb Game and Play tilldawn.Tarneeb, the classic two-player card game you know and lovewillchallenge your skills and strategic thinking. Tarneeb is playedinvarious middle eastern countries, mostly in countries likeJordan,Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. ThewordTarneeb in Arabic means "trump". A Free to play for everyone;enjoythe power of offline Single Player game play and challengeyourskills and play against a computer opponent and challengetheTarneeb Players from all around the World on the Score and leadtheleaderboard ranking. The game is crafted usingsophisticatedArtificial intelligence so it plays like a humanopponent! Join thethousands of players that downloaded Tarneebacross Google Play.Play 4 player 2 team card game and with yourpartner choose betweenTarneeb 31, 41 or 61. See if you can win thenear life players andshare your score with your friends. Get extrafree rounds when youchallenge your friends. In Tarneeb , you playyour best suit andbid from 7-12 or a Full House or Kaboot. Countyour cards, someluck and your partner makes you win or lose.Tarneeb is a real funfour player trick card game withtrumps and bidding.AWESOME COMMUNITY... JOIN US! The most popularcard game Tarneeb isavailable now for android mobile phones andtablets with its highquality. Download Tarneeb now and play free.It's all about theplayers! Connect with other fans and enjoyTarneeb together: Checkout our latest updates & News on ourOfficial Facebook Page: Join uson Twitter and Tweetabout our Games : Also checkoutour website forLatest Mobile Games:
mkisly.backgammon 11.3.1
Miroslav Kisly
Backgammon is one of the oldest board games for two players(alsoknown as Narde, Nardy, Tavla, Tawla, Tawula). The playingpiecesare moved according to the roll of dice, and a player winsbyremoving all of his pieces from the board before hisopponent.Features: * On-line multi-player with chat, leaderboards,achievements, ELO, Invites * Bluetooth * One or Two playermode *Fair dice * 9 Free Skins * Statistics * Undo move * Auto-save*Attractive and simple interface * Smooth animations * AIenginewith 8 difficulty levels are based on game STRATEGY notdices. Thegame engine does not manipulate dices for machine!