Top 12 Games Similar to SUMIONI Demon Arts THD

Mahluk: Dark demon - Retro horror platformer 1.31
Serkan Bakar
Mahluk has a dark sword and sickle.He is a dungeon hunter. Heslashmonsters,goblins and all evils alone.Run, jump and slash yourwaythrough a vast world of platforming challenges and embark onanepic adventure! The mobile hack and slash adventure game and a2dpixel platformer, now also available for Android phonesandtablets.Help him on his adventure to stand against darknessandbring back the peace and serenity that once was. A puzzleplatformadventure, with inspiration going all the way back to SNESand8-bit classics. A dark civilisation that lived long beforemankind.And a king powerful enough to rule the devil. Kindar. Heruled hisworld with cruelty for 3000 years. He sent the men who didnotsurrender to the underground kingdom filled with pain andtorture.No one could come back. But only a mysterious personmanaged toescape. According to legend, he was an assassin. Or, anexiled kingto some. He was overcoming every obstacle in his pathand movingtowards to Kindar’s castle with anger and vengeance inhis redeyes. Evil forces could no longer stop him. If you enjoyedthoseclassic hack and slash metroidvania platformer 8 bitadventuregames, then you’re going to love this. Forget to connector searchfor your old consoles, you will be able to revive thenostalgicchildhood memories on your Android device! ** ! Play WithThe MostFearless Adventurer, Be The Hero, and Join The Quest ToSave Thedark Planet Now! Our old retro style addicting game will benow oneof your top favorite free adventure games. As we want tokeep thevintage style platformer, you don´t need an internetconnection toplay. Lovingly designed, we conjure up the spirit ofold schoolmetroidvania adventure games giving an epic twist to thestory soyou can feel you´re still enjoying the most famous brotherssaga onnew adventures, with new enemies and new characters inthisplatform A GREAT ADVENTURE • Explore a magical realm ofdungeons,mountains, treasures and devious monsters. • Gainexperience andlevel up your character. + Lots of dark environmentsand monsters.MAGIC AND SWORDS • Find powerful dark weapons,swordand items andspells to defeat your enemies. • Venture into gloomycaves anddungeons to discover powerful hidden swords.SIDE-SCROLLERPLATFORMER GAME metroidvania • Fluid and challengingplatforminggameplay designed specifically for mobile devices. •Precise touchcontrols optimized for smartphones and tablets. •Customize thecontrols to your preference. Features: - 15handcrafted adventurelevels - 3 "End Of Act" bosses - Over 30different enemies like:zombies, monsters and flyingcreatures,orcs,goblins.. - 4 differentweapons.(dark sword,darksickle,heavy sword,Dash attack)
Demon Hunt:the legend wars 1.0.9
It is a story about a fighter who wants to save the world.Asdemonsare everywhere, he is chosen to kill all the demons.Now ourhero istotally equipped, join them and keep their family!Beat themonster,save the people!
Demons Hunters: Fantasy Action 1.7.4
New concept play! Run and attack the boss!Demons Hunters is thenewconcept Action Shooting game.(You can play the game withoutnetworkconnection.)★ Game features ★■ Destroy the stronghold of thedemonsby training your own knights.You can make your knightstronger byupgrading characters.Each knight has its own uniquefeatures.Choose and train your favorite knight.■ Make units and gointo thebattlefieldUnit participates in the battle, increases theknight'sability.Increased the unit's level. Stronger until willhelp you atthe battle against the demon.■ Go into the battlefieldafterlearning the characters and skills of each demon.Each demonhas itsown characteristics and skills.Learn their characteristicsandskills and make a tactic to suppress.Be careful, the monstersalsoattack the knights with different patterns.■ You are ready toplayafter completing a short tutorial.You can choose theattacklocation by simply touching.Auto run makes it intuitiveandsimple.Check out the tutorial! You can earn the reward.■ Becomethetop of the top by playing against knights in the world.Youcanfight against the knights in the world through the Game CenterinDemons Hunter.Train your knights hard and improve yourcontrolskill and tactics.Gain the Top of the Top title.
Demon's Crystals
Demon's Crystals is a frenetic twin stick shooter where youguidethe Urican demons through countless hazards in order torestorepeace to the world. A variety of weapons and power-ups willhelpyou defeat the massive enemy hordes. The Urican have alwaysbeen atthe top of the food pyramid, but one day three mysteriousbeingsarrived causing the once peaceful inhabitants of the worldtobecome aggressive and destructive.
Demon Jager ( Demon Hunter ) 1.2
*** NOTE: NEXT UPDATE AT 100 DOWNLOADS ***Ziege (a GOAT!!!) cametothis world to save us, is a Demon Hunter...Demon Jager is asimpletap & survival game, where you have to tap the screen tomatchthe zig zag bar with the other bar in order to shoot aprojectileto hit the demons that comes in waves.FEATURES:● Collectdemonsouls to unlock characters● 4 Power-Ups bonus: Frenzy, x2,ExtraLife and Kill Em´All, use them with strategy to reach ahigherscore.● Evade the demons to reach you● Tap to play and matchthefigures● Connect to Google Play to rank in the Leaderboards●Freeto playAny suggestions? Leave us ane-mail:[email protected]
Demon Defender 1.0
Gorgeous special effectsandbeautifulgraphics!
The gameplay is similar to other tower defense games.
The graphics are Halloween ghost style.Demons are quite lovely not horrible.

Army Commando Combat Mission game 1.2
Army Commando Combat Mission: Deadly shooting game is new fastpace3d commando fps adventure. It is commando fighting in streetwargame; army commando will fight the enemy in the city now.Thecombat war is not on the frontline but the unique nature ofthisgame is the realistic 3d city graphics.Storyline: There wasanenemy strike on your city on various spots at the same time.Thehomeland security has called all the military units, SWAT teamsandelite sniper shooters from all over the state. The city isdeclaredto be in state of emergency.The mission is to hunt down thebrutalenemies in the city to reinforce peace.Army CommandoCombatMission: Deadly shooting game is army ops based game. You areashooter in a prestigious army unit. You know that the livesofpublic are on stake and you cannot take any chances.Quickcommandoaction is needed ensure the safety of city public. Thecommando fpsgame brings you guerrilla warfare. It consists of oneto one fightswith enemy.This army commando operation requirescommando shootingin broad battlefield to eliminate the enemy byhunting terrorists.For total accuracy in shooting you are providedwith Hawkeyefeature so that you do not miss any enemy sniper.With afirm gripon your sniper rifle, use those piercing bullets to takeaim forheadshots. It is a siege and enemy terrorists are dispersedin thewhole city; they can attack and strike you fromanywhere.Beprepared and stay focused for your survival in thiscommandomission. Shoot and kill the enemy without wasting any timebeforethey get a chance to attack you.Brave soldiers are shootingandkilling all around you, their courage is inspiring for you andyouare ready to lead the commando shooting operation to kill alltheterrorists.You are part of army unit with sniper brothersandexpert shooters; they have the capacity to eradicate theterroristsfrom your city. You have unlimited ammo to kill all ofthem in thisaction packed thrilling game.You are with army snipershootingteam, elite army sniper shooters are placed on top of allbuildingsto take proper aim at the enemy target. The commandomission isjust to aim and shoot the enemy where ever you see it.Ifyou areable to save the city form terrorists attack you can becomea warhero in this commando mission. Think of yourself as a lonecommandoagainst the terrorists. You have all the modern arms andwarweapons needed in commando shooting. Shoot down great numberofterrorists using assassin machine guns from your supply. Youneedto survive until you reach the army base camp, then you canexitthe battlefield as a survivor. This first person shootingadventureis thrilling that it will surely give you an adrenalinerush and areal feel of being a commando. You have to save yourselffrom enemystrike and shoot them at the same time.This makes it kindof animpossible mission but you are a brave commando of US Army andnotafraid of the terrorists, you are an elite sniper shooter andarein this challenging war against terrorism. You cannot risklosingthe war in order to maintain the world peace.How to PlayArmyCommando Combat Mission: Deadly shooting game:-- Install theTOP 3darmy commando shooting game for free from Google Play store.-Enterthe first challenging level.- Survive the level with courageandunlock next levels.- Choose your weapon from theunlockedfirearms.- Use Hawkeye to get totally accurate view ofenemy camps-You can use tile phone to move and rotate- Reach yourbase camp towin and become a heroFeatures of Army Commando CombatMission:Deadly shooting game:-- The best of shooting games 2017-Totallyfree fps game- No Wi-Fi required once you install it on yourmobileor tablet- Stunning 3d graphics- Fast movement controls withsmoothweapon control- User friendly GUI- Realistic shootingsimulation-Commando shooting simulator
The battle for Northern Udar rages on! It's been 100 years sincetheFirst Demon War tore the land apart. Thanks to the EternityWarriorsthe demon threat was held at bay. However the demons havebeenconsolidating their power in a series of Demon Towers builtinlocations throughout Northern Udar. You've been taskedwithcleansing these Demon Towers and defeating an even deadlierdemonarmy than before … THE ULTIMATE DUNGEON CRAWLING ACTION GAMEHITSYOUR ANDROID PHONE AND TABLET!• STUNNING HIGH DEFINITIONvisualsand EPIC MELEE gameplay! • Fluid REAL-TIME COMBAT againstdozens ofNEW demon enemies! • ONLINE CO-OP MULTIPLAYER! Battle witha fellowwarrior in the ONLINE MULTIPLAYER MODE! • Use your SPECIALSKILLSto slice your way through MULTIPLE UNIQUE DUNGEONS!• COLLECTARMOR,WEAPONS and other LOOT! Upgrade your gear to become theultimateEternity Warrior in Udar!PLEASE NOTE:- This game is free toplay,but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items,whichwill charge your Google account. You can disable in-apppurchasingby adjusting your device settings.-This game is notintended forchildren.- Please buy carefully.- Advertising appearsin thisgame.- This game may permit users to interact with oneanother(e.g., chat rooms, player to player chat, messaging)depending onthe availability of these features. Linking to socialnetworkingsites are not intended for persons in violation of theapplicablerules of such social networking sites.- A networkconnection isrequired to play.- For information about how Glucollects and usesyour data, please read our privacy policy you have a problem with this game, pleaseuse the game’s “Help”feature. FOLLOW US [email protected]/glumobile
Demon Hunter TD 2.4
Be the Demon Hunter and defend our land from the evilMonsterattack! This new and exciting Tower Defense game ischallenging anda lot of fun to play! The Monsters have a mightyarmy, you have tobe fearless and smart to stop them! Take commandof our main HeroMagician and protect our land now! In order tosurvive, you need tobe tactical; upgrade your Heroes to make themstronger defense,build great and versatile armies to eliminate allMonsters!➢ 99Stages - Can you stay cool enough to survive 99stages? Every nextstage will be more challenging! ➢ 14 Heroes –Utilize all the 14Heroes different skills and strengths to beat theenemies. ➢ 40Types of Enemies – The massive enemy army consists of40 differenttypes of warrior Monsters. If you are skilled enough,you can beatall the Monsters without making any additionalpurchases. Do youaccept the challenge and save our world?Upgradeyour demon hunterand eliminate all Monsters- Titan- Zombies (Warz)-Demon- DemonWarrior- Demon hunter- Skeleton- Necromancer
Monster Demon Dash 2.0.0
Monster Demon Dash is an awesome and coolest jumping andshootinggame strategy game. Jump and jump with the angel do not hitthemonster as it will haunt the angel dash later.Monster Demon Dashisthe latest outstanding and exciting games in the androidgoogleplaystore. It is so exciting as it involves jumping andshooting.Its just so fun and enjoyable. Try the monster game outtoday andjump and dash again and again with the angel while you areon thego.Monster Demon Dash Exciting features:# Additive &challengeswith endless FUN!# High definition 3D graphics powered byApp GameMaster.# Simple but fun one touch jumping and shootinggame# Unlockdifferent powerful monster items and boosters to helpyou dash aHIGH SCORE!# Very fast paced jump with jump zombie gamewith theangel with great dash graphics.# Jump up the level with themonsterdemon dash and make sure the area is safe.# Watch your movebeforeyou hit the monster demon and the angel will die in apainfuldeath.# Easy to play, but challenge to master!# Challengingmissionand achievements.# More levels and zombie game with leveldashcoming soon...# Continuos gameplay and non stop exciting!#Amazinggraphics & charactersHow to play monster demon dash:1.Tap andmove the angel and and make sure you jump and jump over themonsterdemon and make your way collect the bonus points.2. Jump andjumpwith the angel and win the game with the heaven as yourtrophydestination.3. Don't let the angel hit the monster demon orit willlose their life.4. You can tap the angel sideways or frontor upand down and make sure you jump at the correct angle to earnthepoints.Monster Demon Dash is a free game and we shall updateditfrom time to time to continue gives you exiting and longlastinggames, please have a look out when we update for yourpleasure inplaying all our exciting games.Tips: Monster Demon Dashfrom thepirates will continuously earn points as TD bonus.MonsterDemonDash is an exiting game and can be played by all age. Adult,kids,brothers, sisters, father, mother, sibling, friends, girlsandboys. Enjoy this game and share with your friends.Have fun! FREETOJUMP!#### DOWNLOAD NOW THE MONSTER DEMON DASH WHILE IT ISSTILLFREE ####
Deadly Street 4- slaughter demon
HsGame Arcade HK
Deadly Street 4 is a classic fighting games, arcade gamesstillremember childhood memories! Free classic arcade fightinggame, nowenjoy your Android equipment!The most sophisticated battleeffectsand move presentation, perfectly restored the fighting styleofDeadly Street4, give you the finest fighting experience!Boxinghasbecome dominant, dazzling skills of unlimited bursts.numerousViolent Karate,kungfu,boxing blow cool feeling, exquisitepictureof the game, It combine the features of Action Fighting,StageComplete and Role Playing Game, together have this excitingactionfighting game Like action game not to be missed!Perfectintegration of control, speed and hit withinnovativeelements!Experience fighting in a gorgeous street game!Inthe chaosof street fighting, we are waiting! are you ready?Soldiersin thestreets of a war action game themed battle real boxing.wake-upchildhood memories arcade action game. The game has arefreshingeven move defense more like iron walls, attack more likea knifemagnificent skills, challenging boss mobs and simple game.In theexquisite picture of the game, the story of ups and downs,the realbattle sound, so you smooth cool high-quality action game,away.Like action game not to be missed This trump actiongame!Plot:Theworld was invaded by the bully from the shadow demon.As theprincess of the kingdom, organized a group of rebels toassault theshadow demon, but with little success. As numerous oneof thedefend princess boxing coach, the protagonist T also jointhedefend assault organization, to their beloved people, dedicatedalltheir strength, slowly when they gradually smooth up, theprincesswasshadow demon will be captured, in order to Their belovedpeople,in order to drive the world's shadow demon crisis, withiconicprotagonist T need to set foot on a endless slaughter road,must befaster Strike! To defend his beloved princess, this crisisshadowdemon road, and will not be so smooth, the same needs yourefforts!In the end is to defeat the shadow demon, Lifted the crisisor sinkthe shadow demon, gorgeous? dull!?Will you side with theRebellionor the princess? The shadow demon way ahead,joins thebattle by youto set!Deadly Street 4 game Raiders:The new version ofthe mostpopular Fighter gameAccess and easy toinstallVirtualRealityVarious combinations using a virtual joystickand actionbuttons, you can complete the cool action endlessgameVariousnumerous jumps for different ways to bring the pain toyour enemy!A must if you think offense is the best defense! Perfectpresentsnostalgic FC arcade fighting Shuangkuaigan rich levelagencies,amazing shape, endless challenge!Get ready for super funarcadeaction! Test your reflexes challenging fighters from aroundtheworld. And remember, if you stop you lose!Deadly Street 4gamefeatures:-Great old-school art and animations!- Achallengingarcade game- Operation Enduring Freedom-numerous Endlessfunadventure- Unlimited fighting, strive to be the fight hero!-Theclassic street fighting environment.- Simple, easy tocontrol.Ifyou like Fighting, Deadly Street 4 Action Game, this is aPerfectChoice.
Curse of the demon's sword 1.3
Kevin Morelli
Live the story of the possessed knight in search of revengeagainstthe demon king.Experience a high difficulty platformer witheverchanging dungeons where your enemies get stronger withyourdefeat.Could you beat them?