Top 49 Games Similar to How to play Go "Beginner's Go"

CrazyStone DeepLearning 1.0.9
The strongest, the best Go app in the world based on CrazyStoneemploying Deep Learning technology ! Crazy Stone has made ahugestep forward by combining Deep Neural Networks with MonteCarloTree Search. The highest level of CrazyStone DeepLearning Prohasachieved 5d in kgs rating and in this lite version, wehaveprovided you the highest level of 2d for FREE! * 17 levels ofplayfrom 15k to 2d There are 17 levels of play (15k-2d) for alltheboard sizes. Crazy Stone has improved not only in strength,butalso in his style of play and the lower levels are perfectforplayers who want to learn the game of Go. * Export and importsgfgame files You will be able to import and export game recordsinsgf format from other apps. Also you can copy game record datatothe clipboard. * Other features ・Friendly 3 input methods Youcanchoose from 3 options of input methods (Zoom, Cursor &Touch).・17 levels of play for each board size (9x9, 13x13, 19x19)・Humanvs Computer, Human vs Human (sharing a single device)・Computer vsComputer Games ・Handicap games, variable options ofKomi ・Hint(suggest) ・Instant Undo (available even when the computeristhinking) ・Automatic territory calculation ・Japanese/ChineseRules・Suspend/Re-start games ・Save/Load game record in sgffiles・Automatic and manual replay of a game record ・Highlight thelastmove ・COM resign feature ・Byoyomi games (You will not be abletoselect computer level in timed games) ・Atari warning ・Highlightthelast move ・Play speed can be adjusted In the paid versionofCrazyStone DeepLearning Pro, the highest level is 5d. Therearemore features such as Analysis mode and Rating mode.
GOdroid 1.3.9
Andreas Grothe
Strategic board game.Play the ancient game Go (Weiqi, Igo,Baduk)against your computer.User interface for GNU Go (v3.8included).GNUGo is an AI engine that plays Go at about 8 to 12kyustrength.Features:- play against human or computer opponent-choosefrom one of ten AI strengths - different board sizes-adjustablehandicap and Komi- Japanese and Chinese scoring rules-one-touchboard zoom- support of move variations- unlimitedundo/redo ofmoves- highlighting of last three moves- visualizationof opponentsfinal territory - auto save/load current game-save/load games (sgfformat)- share current game (eg. via emailattachment, googleDrive, Bluetooth)- open external .sgf files with3rd party apps(eg. from email attachment, file manager/SD card,Internetbrowser)- (English) description of game rules can be foundin 'Menu-> Info -> Game rules'
Go Free 2.22
★ Top Developer (awarded 2013 / 2015) ★Google Play'sstrongestGo/Baduk program! To coincide with the AlphaGo - Sedolmatch, AIFactory has released a substantially updated product. Thisnewversion has been 3 years in preparation and improves the topplaystrength by 10 grades from 8 kyu to 3 dan. This is based on thenewAya program, which was the winner of the KGS World ComputerGoChampionship November 2014 and EGC Computer Go Tournament 2015.Itis consequently a substantially bigger program, but offersmuchmore.With its rich strategy and simple rules, the ancient gameofGo (Wei-chi/Baduk) is widely regarded as the ultimatethinkinggame. This product will allow you to learn and master thisgame!-Full 9x9, 13x13 games (19x19 limited to 180 moves. Paidversionallows whole game)- 10 Difficulty levels from 18 Kyu to 3Dan- AyaGo Engine (International Gold Medallist)- 2 Player Hotseat-GoRules, Handicaps. Chinese and Japanese rules supported.- Hints at1Dan level to help you develop.- Help includes a walk-throughandlinks to teaching resources.- Designed for both TabletandPhoneThis free version is supported by 3rd party ads. Ads mayuseinternet connectivity, and therefore subsequent data chargesmayapply. The photos/media/files permission is required to allowthegame to save game data to external storage, and is sometimesusedto cache ads.
Go Game Records 1.8
over 70000 pro games. AlphaGo Contains: The matches AlphaGo VSSedol2016. (5) AlphaGo quick online games against manyprofessionals2016/2017. (60) The matches AlphaGo VS Ke Jie 2017.(3) The GamesAlphaGo vs AlphaGo. (50)
Go Quest Online (Baduk/Weiqi) 2.1.0
★ With Go Quest you can play the board game of Go(Igo/Baduk/Weiqi)online with people around the world ★ - Played bylots of beginnersand very very weak bots! - Played by the world'stop pros! - Youcan watch all live games being played and study. -You can choosefrom 9x9, 13x13 and 19x19(new! only at peak hours) -You can playwith your friends! - Go Quest is 100 % free.
GOSU Joseki 3.22
Studio Ingele
GOSU Joseki is a simple Go (Baduk, Weiqi) joseki viewer withgameplay funtionality.Features - Cleaned up Kogo's Josekidictionaryversion - Compare up to four joseki at the same time -Export boardas SGF or an image - Simple game play option
BW-Joseki 1.2.1
Marc Oldenhof
BW-Joseki is a simple viewer for Kogo's Joseki Dictionary,thewell-known opening book for the game of Go (also known as BadukorWeiqi).Features:- Contains the latest KJD version-Horizontal,vertical and diagonal transposition with a single touch-Switchplayer colors- Comments updated with transposition andcolorswitch- On phone: click the comment field to enlarge it-Placestones accurately even on small screens using the Tetherfeature
BW-Go Free 4.8.1
Marc Oldenhof
BW-Go (Black & White Go) is a flexible, easy-to-use SGFeditorto record, analyze, study and replay Go / Igo / Weiqi /Badukgames. A Gnu Go computer player is available as a separatedownloadto play against Android.This free version is fullyfunctional,except for the color styling of the screens.If youencounter anyproblems, please mail me. Any feedback is welcome,includingsuggestions for later versions!Features:- All tools in onescreen,including comments- Unique 'tether' stone and markupplacement:play a stone and move your finger away to check andcorrect theposition.Fast for tablets, accurate enough for a 25x25game on a320x480 screen!- Correction for involuntary movementswhile liftingyour finger- Use the BW-DGS plugin (separate download)to make yourmoves on the turn-based Dragon Go Server! Check it outon the PlayStore for details.- Use a bot player (separate download)as anopponent or analysis helper. The bot is activated as justanothertool, to be used in any SGF!Check out BW-Gnu Go on the PlayStorefor details.- Study joseki while analysing your gamesusingembedded Kogo's Joseki Dictionary, version March 6,2013.KJDincluded by courtesy of Alexander Dinerchtein, curator, andGaryOdom, originator. Landscapesupporton both phones and tablets- Record your own games-Gamereview/study: replay a game on the board while the app onlyacceptsthe game moves. Ask for hint: show 5x5 square containingnext move(size adjustable in settings)- Score/score estimate(manual markingof dead stones)- Easy creation and browsing ofvariations withoutunnecessary pop-ups- Mark moku with letters,digits and shapes-Game editing: add and remove stones, correctearlier moves (checksif this results in impossible moves later)-Supports gamecollections in single SGF, like the onesat old SGF formats (pre-FF[4]). Please reportanyincompatible SGF's!
Gobandroid Go Material 2.5.9
Gobandroid is a Free Software goban ( aka GO-Board ) for Androidtolearn and play the beautiful ancient game of Go (weiqi / wei-chiinChinese, igo in Japanese, baduk in Korean)Go originated inChinamore than 2,000 years ago. The game is noted for being richinstrategy despite its relatively simple rules. It has beenclaimedthat Go is the most complex game in the world due to itsvastnumber of variations in individual games. [1] [2]Features:SolveTsumego ( Go Problems are called Tsumego or life&deadproblems- similar to chess problems) 10 Tsumegos in easy,intermediate andhard from gogameguru included Ability toautomatically download>300 Tsumegos Review games of go ( SGFFormat reader ) Includedcommented and uncommented pro-gamesfeaturing googles deepmindalphago, lee sedol and many more RecordGames ( or use thephone/tablet as a board - incl SGF writer )TV-Mode ( automaticreplay of games - mainly for GoogleTV ) Play ago game againstGnuGo ( extra install needed ) Share and receiveshared games Getinformation about certain go terms like Miai,Shape, Joseki Linksto some nice go related videos like the trailerto surrounding gameor some tutorials to go Ability to bookmarkgames Support defaultsizes 19x19, 13x13, 9x9 alternative sizesbetween 2x2 and 23x23 (But then no handicap support) Edit positions( mark-positions /freely set stones ) Available in >10 Languages( Please join thetranslators at toadd/complete yours )Ifyou find a bug please email me or file a bugin the issue tracker ongithub. I can't contact you via theAndroid-Market comments systemto fix the problemThis app isOpen-Source - the Source-Code is ongithub [3]-Patches/Contributions welcome! You can also find thisproject ongoogleplus:[1][2][3]
ElyGo Pro (Go, Tsumego) 5.09
LR Studios
ElyGo is a complete Go game app (Igo, Baduk, Weiqi) forenthusiasts.A free version is available here : Features : -A database of 20,000 Pro games -More than 500 Tsumego problems withanswers as well as badvariations - Play and observe games online onIGS - Import your owntsumego problems - Import your own gamedatabase - SGF Editor toreview and edit games - Play against thecomputer (GnuGo 3.8) -Loads Kogo's Joseki Dictionary - Patternsearch - Choose your colorin problems (black, white, or random) andchange several othersettings (almost anything is configurable)Features to come soon :- More pro games
Champion Go ~Crazy Stone~
Champion Go is a Go (also called as Igo, Baduk or Weiqi)game,powered by Crazy Stone. (June 21) Upgraded our 'Engine ServerGame'to the Deep Learning version ! (Subscription isrequired)---------------------------------------------------Champion Go isa Go application from beginner to expert! Crazy Stoneis apopularly known Go engine, based on the Monte-Carloevaluationtechnique, combined with tree search, and has achieved 5dat KGSrating. We have optimized this particular version forAndroid.(*)KGS・・・Internet Go game site played by Go fans all overthe worldWe have also provided 'Engine Server Game' mode(Subscription isrequired for these games). n this mode, you canplay games againstthe latest Deep Learning version of Crazy Stonewhich is installedin our computer server. Therefore you can enjoyonline gamesagainst a very strong computer program. ■ Medalchallenge modeChampion Go has 2 game modes, Normal game & Medalchallenge. InMedal challenge, there are 150 different levels ofplay set bycombination of COM level, handicap & board size. Youcan winmedals by defeating computer under the specified conditions.Whydon't you challenge to collect all the medals! ■ Friendly 3inputmethods There are 3 options of input methods (Zoom, Cursor&Touch). ■ Helpful Game record features You can view fullgamehistory in the game record and restart game from the selectedmove,which should help reviewing your game. Various Game recordfeaturesshould be practical for improving your Go. - ■ OtherFeatures・Human vs Computer, Human vs Human(sharing a single device)・3types of board size (9x9,13x13,19x19) ・Handicap games,variableoptions of komi ・Hint (suggest) ・Instant Undo (availableeven whenthe computer is thinking) ・Automatic territorycalculation・Suspend/Re-start (in game) ・Save/Load game record ・Sendgamerecord (sgf-file) by e-mail ・Automatic and manual replay of agamerecord ・Byoyomi(time limit) settings (only for human)・Atariwarning ・Highlight the last move ・COM resign feature ※Inmedalchallenge mode, some features related with game record andhintsare not available. Also Undo is limited to the recent moveyoumade(2 consecutive Undos can not be made). ■ Engine Server GameNewversion of Crazy Stone employing Deep Learning technologyforEngine Server Games! Subscription is required for thesegames($2.63 per month). There are 10 levels of play foreach9x9,13x13,19x19 board size. Please enjoy online Go gamesagainst avery strong computer program. Crazy Stone has made a hugestepforward by combining Deep Neural Networks with Monte CarloTreeSearch. The new program has scored a winning rate of over90%against the previous version! We have upgraded our Go EngineServerto this latest version, and now you can play games againstCrazyStone that has achieved 7d on kgs rating. (We have provided a8core engine server for these games) *Notes for subscriptionTheprice of subscription is $2.63 per month. The Subscription willberenewed automatically unless cancelled more than 24 hoursbeforethe end of it's current period. To turn-off the auto renewalofsubscription, please touch the 'Cancel Auto-renewal' buttonbelowand change your Google Play Account settings. You will not beableto cancel the current subscription during its active period.
ElyGo Lite (Go, Tsumego)
LR Studios
ElyGo is a complete Go game app (Igo, Baduk, Weiqi) forenthusiasts.This is the lite version and has several limitationsover the fullversion but it lets you try most of the features forfree ! Fullversion : Features (full version): - 500+built-in Tsumego problems with answers as well as badvariations -Play against a bot (GnuGo 3.8) - Play and observegames online onIGS (full version only) - No ads, even in the freeversion - SGFEditor to review and edit games - Loads Kogo's JosekiDictionary - Achallenge mode where you have to solve a set ofproblems in alimited time - A database of 20 000 pro games -Import your own gamedatabase - Comes with 3 visual board themes -3 different ways toplay stones on the board - Automatically loads.sgf files openedfrom another apps (full version only) - Preventdevice standby whileplaying or observing games (this can bedisabled) - Automaticallyzoom and rotate problems to use themaximum space on the screen(customizable) - You can review yourown game collection (likecommented pro games) very easily - Youcan choose your color inproblems (black, white, or random) andchange several other settings
Hactar Go Lite 2.5.2
Lauri Paatero
Go is ancient strategy game with simple rules. Best way to learngois thru game of capture-go. Hactar Lite can play capture-gowithyou. Hactar Lite also lets you try go at beginner level in9x9board. You can subscribe to engines playing at 5 kyu or 3danlevel. Hactar contains over 410 go problems (tsumego). You canalsoadd your own collections easily, or download additional 400problemwith few clicks. Hactar GO can be used to view and record gogamesin SGF format. Hactar supports variations and setup stones. Itispossible to search games in device for position orplayers.Differences between Hactar Go full version and Hactar GoLite: 1.Full version has go opponent for 13x13 and 19x19boards(subscription in Lite). 2. Full version has internet gamesearch(subscription in Lite). Please report bugs using email orfeedback!It is difficult to support in Google Play forum. Communityprovidedlocalizations welcome! Localizations are createdat Go is known also as igo,inChina as 围棋 (Weiqi) and in Korea 바둑 (Baduk). Fullfeaturesavailable in Android 4.0 and later. Older versions use morelimitedversion of application. Hactar Lite does not contain ads anditdoes not collect personal information. For full license, pleasesee
Pandanet(Go) -Internet Go Game 6.6
At long last, a free Android-compatible Go app is nowavailablethrough Pandanet! Approximately 80 thousand members frommore than150 countries use the Pandanet Go Match website and itsworld-classonline Go Salon. Go is gaining popularity around theworld as a"mind game," and now Pandanet brings it to yourfingertips to beenjoyed at home or "on the go." [Game Play /Viewing] This featureallows you to display a list of userscurrently in rooms, inviteothers to a match, and to view matches inreal time. At least 1,000members are logged in at all times,allowing you to play or view Gomatches 24 hours a day, every day ofthe year. A perfect way towile the time during commutes to work orschool. Plus a reliable,patented rating system allows you to matchup with anyone,regardless of skill differences, under theappropriate handicaps toeven out the playing field. -------- [ProGames] This featureenables you to view live or archived titlematches between topprofessional Go players, including the Qisheng,Meijin, Honinbo,Oza, Gosei, and Judan matches. Various otherprofessional matches,Pair Go championship games, and even amateurtournaments areavailable for live or archival viewing as well.-------- [News /Streaming] Go has been gaining worldwide popularityas aninternational "mind game". Pandanet features a stream ofrelevant,up-to-date Go-related information, including professionaltitlematch and amateur match information in real time.--------[Invitation] Pressing "Invitation" at the bottom of thescreen willdisplay a list of potential opponents who you can inviteto play ina match. You can also select "Any player", which has thecomputerautomatically match you with an opponent who meets yourconditions.Checking the "Received" box shows invitations receivedfrom otherplayers, and checking the "Sent" box shows you detailsforinvitations that you've sent out. -------- [Question-a-day]Aquestion is asked each day, covering various genres. Questionsareupdated on a daily basis, allowing you to answer at yourownleisure. Answering a little each day will surely improveyourplaying skills. -------- [Net Social Plaza] - Pandanet offersa"Social Plaza" (SNS) feature that includes the followingservices:- The option to view your own match history and records. -Theoption to join a community that interests you, and tosocializewith other community members by posting on a forum andsendingmessages. -------- [Archive] Every match you've played canbe savedto the software. You can also enter your own game recordsto storethem, enter a variation diagram, etc. so that you can lookthroughpast matches anywhere at any time. -------- [Settings] Youcanchange the following settings, or check app controls here.-Account - Change status - Set info - Move room - Show coordinates-Change autoplay speed - Confirm moves - Zoom out after move-Adjust volume * Layout features such as stones and boards canbecustomized in the tablet version. -------- Pandanet holds avarietyof Go tournaments and events. (1) SportAccord-Pandanet CupOnlineGo Tournament The "SportAccord Go Online Tournament" and"PandanetCup Internet World Amateur Go Tournament" were combined toformthis large-scale internet world Go tournament. It's heldforclasses ranging from indiscriminate to C Class, and awesomeprizesare awarded to the champions in each class. Participation isfree,so please take advantage of this unique opportunity to competewithGo fans from around the world. (2) Pandanet Go EuropeanTeamChampionship Five players, each representing a Europeancountry,play in team competition. (3) Pandanet-AGA City LeagueFiveplayers, each representing an American city, play inteamcompetition. (Many more events are available as well. Checkthewebsite for details.) --------
Guess the Move (Go Problems) 1.6
Markus Liedl
Studying actual Pro's games can be a very rewarding occupationforGo players of all Ranks. This App presents positions frommanydifferent Pro games and asks you to find the next move.Theancientboard game Go (Weiqi in China, Baduk in Korea) featuresimpressingdepth, strategic and tactical maneuvers. Aspects that canbetrained by studying Pro games include: Openings (JosekiandFuseki), Middle Game fights, Endgame Problems(Yose),Life&Death Problems (Tsumego)
GoMoves 1.4.24
A good tool for learning baduk board game (Go, Weiqi,Го,碁,围棋,바둑).Explore fuseki and joseki with games ofprofessionalplayers!Contain AlphaGo games!Thanks:AlexanderDinerstein - for theadvice and help with distributing theapplicationDavid De dios -for support and the advice on improvingnavigationÖzkan Kamber -for the advice to addautoplayhttp://badukmovies(com) - for gamesarchive You can send meoffers to a mail [email protected] on KGS is"FocusPoint":)
anDGS 1.67
Michael Dobbins
anDGS is a client to play Go (Igo, Weiqi, Baduk) withpeopleworldwide on the Website (DGS) whichrequires afree account on DGS.anDGS is an sgf Go gamerecorder/editor with anauto play and guess the next move studytools supporting on boardmarkup and comments. Please *email* forsupport, questions, newfeature requests or suggestions forimprovement. I usually cannotfix a problem without additionalinformation. There are manyoptions in the preferences and everyview has help in themenu.Thank you to all the thousands ofwonderful Go player whounderstand and use this app on a daily basisfor your suggestionsand support. The user interface is basic innature with an emphasison function and user settablepreferences.anDGS development wasstarted on Jan 1, 2010. Thank youfor using and supporting anDGS.
AlphaGo Records 1.0
This is a tiny application to Replay Go(game) matches .It willhelpyou to learn more about AlphaGo;Contains: The matches AlphaGoVSFanHui. (The first time a computer Go program had beatenaprofessional human player without handicaps.) The matchesAlphaGoVS Sedol. (The first time a computer Go program has beaten a9-danprofessional without handicaps.)Instruction: You can swith toanyhands in a match by clicking and typing the number on thecenterbottom. Click back to view last step. Click next to view nextstep.
Kanazawa Shogi Lite (Japanese Chess) 2.0.7
Kanazawa Shogi Level 100 is the most popular Shogi (JapaneseChess)game in Japan. And this is the Lite version - how aboutplayingShogi for FREE ! 【Version up!】 Unlocked many features andthinkinglevels ! ■Off-line Game Shogi, also known as Japanesechess, is themost popular thinking game in Japan. Unlike chess, thecapturedpieces could be returned to the board to be used as a piecefor thecaptured player. Why don't you challenge this excitingJapanesegame! ■Off-line Game Kanazawa Shogi Lite has 50 differentlevels ofplay from beginner to expert! The Help feature within thegame willhelp you understand the rules of Shogi. ・Challenge to winmedals bydefeating computer! You will win medals by defeatingcomputer. Ifyou collect a certain number of medals, new types ofboard andpieces will be awarded. ■Engine Server Game (Playingtickets areneeded to be purchased) You can play against a strongerengine in"Lv.200 mode" and "Expert mode" . "Lv.200 mode" We haveadded new200 strength levels, which are all above the off-line 100levels.You can enjoy another higher level of game and challengetocomplete all the medals. "Expert mode" We have provided aspecialmode for further advanced players, in which you can selecttheplaying style among 5 different strategies. (Fujii system,Rapidattack vs 4th-file rook, Gokigen central rook, Bear in thehole,None) There are 5 levels of play for each playing strategy.・Pricesof the subscription for playing the Engine Server Game isUS$2.54per month. ■Other Features: - English/Japanese - Help aboutShogirules - Human vs Computer, Human vs Human(sharing a singledevice)- Let you know your turn by vibration - Automatic zoomingfor easyviewing and operations - Manual zooming by touching thescreen bytwo fingers - Save/Load game record - Hint - Transmit gamerecordby e-mail - Beautiful graphics and realistic sound effects-Automatic reading out for each move in Japanese The Liteversiondiffers from the Full version as follows: ・Thinking levelsofcomputer is limited to 50 levels. ・Advertisements are displayed
Gobang 1.8.3
Characteristic:Gobang ,Multiple theme skinsswitchrandomlyIntroduced:1.Gobang simple and elegantinterface,fullscreen chessboard2.Support for man to man anddouble3.Multipletheme skins switch randomly
Hactar Go
Lauri Paatero
Go is ancient strategy game with simple rules. Hactar go isperfectfor learning go, and to study go anywhere you are. Best waytolearn go is thru game of capture-go. Hactar can playcapture-gowith you. Once you are skilled at capture-go you can trygo againstHactar server. Hactar strength is about 1 dan in 9x9board and 5kyu in 19x19 board. If this is not enought, you cansubscribe tostronger engine playing at 3 dan level in 19x19 board.It ispossible to search games for position or players. Searchcoversgames from well-known public WEB archives, more that 80000progames are available. You can include also your games in thedevice.Hactar contains over 410 go problems (tsumego). You can alsoaddyour own collections easily, or download additional 400problemwith few clicks. Hactar GO can be used to view and record gogamesin SGF format. Hactar supports variations and setup stones.Hactarcan automatically replay games. Please report bugs usingemail orfeedback! It is difficult to support in Google Playforum.Community provided localizations welcome! Localizations arecreatedat Go is known alsoas igo,in China as 围棋 (Weiqi) and in Korea 바둑 (Baduk). Applicationpriceincludes at least 2 years of use of network services. Hactardoesnot contain ads and it does not collect personal information.Forfull license, please see
Go 2.24
★ Top Developer (awarded 2013 / 2015) ★ Google Play'sstrongestGo/Baduk program! To coincide with the AlphaGo - Sedolmatch, AIFactory has released a substantially updated product. Thisnewversion has been 3 years in preparation and improves the topplaystrength by 10 grades from 8 kyu to 3 dan. This is based on thenewAya program, which was the winner of the KGS World ComputerGoChampionship November 2014 and EGC Computer Go Tournament 2015.Itis consequently a substantially bigger program, but offersmuchmore. With its rich strategy and simple rules, the ancient gameofGo (Wei-chi/Baduk) is widely regarded as the ultimatethinkinggame. This product will allow you to learn and master thisgame! -Full 9x9, 13x13 and 19x19 games (Paid version allows whole19x19game) - 10 Difficulty levels from 18 Kyu to 3 Dan - Aya GoEngine(International Gold Medallist) - 2 Player Hotseat - GoRules,Handicaps. Chinese and Japanese rules supported. - Hints at 1Danlevel to help you develop. - Help includes a walk-through andlinksto teaching resources. - Designed for both Tablet and PhoneThephotos/media/files permission is required to allow the game tosavegame data to external storage.
Go4Go Free 1.1.6
Ning Li
Go, also known as weiqi and baduk, is an attractive strategyboardgame invented some 4000 years ago in China. It is part ofpopularculture today in China, Japan and Korea and becomesincreasinglypopular in the west. has been promoting thisgame onlinesince 1999. Among other studying materials, Go4Go hoststhe mostaccurate and frequently updated professional Go gamerecorddatabase on the Internet. Studying professional game recordsis oneof the most effective ways to improve Go playing skills. WiththisApp, users can search the Go4Go database through theirAndroidbased smartphones and tablets, follow majorprofessionaltournaments and favorite players. The App also providessomeadditional functions that are not available on the website,e.g. ascoring function. This is a free version supportedbyadvertisements in the game list. This App is otherwisefullyfunctional now.
BW-Go 4.8.1
Marc Oldenhof
BW-Go (Black & White Go) is a flexible, easy-to-use SGFeditorto record, analyze, study and replay Go / Igo / Weiqi /Badukgames. A Gnu Go computer player is available as a separatedownloadto play against Android.Also, download the free BW-DGSplugin toplay on the turn-based Dragon Go Server.If you encounteranyproblems, please mail me. Any feedback is welcome,includingsuggestions for later versions!Features:- All tools in onescreen,including comments- Unique 'tether' stone and markupplacement:play a stone and move your finger away to check andcorrect theposition.Fast for tablets, accurate enough for a 25x25game on a320x480 screen!- Correction for involuntary movementswhile liftingyour finger- Adjustable screen colors- Use the BW-DGSplugin(separate download) to make your moves on the turn-basedDragon GoServer! Check it out on the Play Store for details.- Use abotplayer (separate download) as an opponent or analysis helper.Thebot is activated as just another tool, to be used in anySGF!Checkout BW-Gnu Go on the Play Store for details.- Study josekiwhileanalysing your games using embedded Kogo's Joseki Dictionary,March6 2013 version.KJD included by courtesy of AlexanderDinerchtein,curator, and Gary Odom, originator. support on both phones andtablets- Record your owngames- Game review/study: replay a game onthe board while the apponly accepts the game moves. Ask for hint:show 5x5 squarecontaining next move (size adjustable in settings)-Score and scoreestimate (manual marking of dead stones)- Easycreation andbrowsing of variations without unnecessary pop-ups-Mark moku withletters, digits and shapes- Game editing: add andremove stones,correct earlier moves (checks if this results inimpossible moveslater)- Supports game collections in single SGF,like the onesat old SGF formats (pre-FF[4]). Please reportanyincompatible SGF's!Tags: Go, Baduk, Weiqi, SGF
Chinese Chess, Xiangqi - many endgame and replay 3.6.6
Chinese Chess ( xiangqi,xiàngqí, 象棋, シャンチー, Co Tuong ) is astrategyboard game for two players.It is one of the most popularboard gamesin China, and is in the same family as Western (orinternational)chess, chaturanga, shogi, Indian chess and janggi.Besides China andareas with significant ethnic Chinesecommunities, xiangqi (cờtướng) is also a popular pastime inVietnam. HangXun Chinese chess (xiangqi ) absolutely is one ofbest one worldwide, and it hasbeautiful graphics and rich ofuseful features. Especially itcontains many many endgames and gamereplays. In every day we willrecommend one most interestingendgame and one best game replay foryou. Features: 1. Recommendbest daily endgame and game replay foryou. 2. Xiangqi endgamechallenge from easy to master. 3. Containsoceans of xiangqiendgames and game replay. 4. Stand-alone gaming,various difficultylevels of AI to choose. 5. multi-playing-modesare designed,AIMode, Endgame Mode, Study Mode. 6. Beautifulgraphics andanimations, wonderful finger battle 7. Wonderfulbackground music.8. Massive functions: hint, undo, save, record,etc. Welcome to ourChinese chess world, enjoy the crazy of Chinesechess. You can getmuch of leisure time and valuable chess learning,we believehangxun Chinese Chess will be your favorite game!
GO of the world 8.1
Enjoy Go Game with all users of the world. Meet the mostconvenientand comfortable Go Game systems developed to date. Thisdoes nothave complex membership registration or any login process.Now,40000 users play games everyday. if you have a problem. mail tous: [email protected] This game requires permission forfiles,calls, and sms. It is to save your records, to keep youconnectedwhen receiving calls or messages and to use the reconnectfeature.
Dr. Gomoku 1.56
SUD Inc.
You can enjoy real-time online Gomoku over the world. Gomoku isanabstract strategy board game. Also called Gobang or Five in aRow,it is traditionally played with Go pieces (black and whitestones)on a go board. however, because once placed, pieces are notmovedor removed from the board, gomoku may also be played as apaper andpencil game. This game is known in several countriesunderdifferent names. Black plays first, and players alternateinplacing a stone of their color on an empty intersection. Thewinneris the first player to get an unbroken row of fivestoneshorizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Dr. Gomoku followstheofficial Renju rule. SUD Inc.
PowerBaduk (Go Game Viewer) 10.4
Oriental Go Game & Problem Viewer * Support Android 2.3 orlater* Support 480x800 resolution or larger ** Support LG OptimusVu **Have Fun !!!
Tsumego Pro (Go Problems) 4.31
LR Studios
Improve your Go game (weiqi, baduk) with Tsumego Pro and itslargecollection of tsumego problems ! Each go problem contains allvalidanswers and a lot of bad variations, to help you know why youarewrong. Features : - 6 daily problems (of 3 different levels)-Progress mode : the difficulty increases or decreases dependingonyour level - Offline mode : try to solve all problems in eachpack- The app automatically answers your moves - Choose yourcolor(black, white, random) - Browse the solution, or just get ahint -A book theme (black and white)
CrazyStone DeepLearning Pro 1.1.8
The strongest, the best Go app in the world based on CrazyStoneemploying Deep Learning technology!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------CrazyStone has made a huge step forward by combining Deep NeuralNetworkswith Monte Carlo Tree Search. The highest level ofCrazyStoneDeepLearning Pro has achieved 5d in kgs rating ! We haveprovided anAnalysis mode to review your games, and Rating mode toconfirm yourprogress. In CrazyStone DeepLearning Pro, there areall the featuresyou need to enjoy and improve your game of Go ! *20 levels of playfrom 15k to 5d There are 20 levels of play(15k-5d) for all theboard sizes. Crazy Stone has improved not onlyin strength, but alsoin his style of play and the lower levels areperfect for averageplayers. * Analysis Mode You can analyze yourcurrent game and alsogame records saved in sgf files. Use theanalysis mode to reviewgames and help improve your strength. Movelist, Histogram, Recordanalysis, Situation graph can be confirmedwith the analysis byCrazy Stone. * Rating Mode We have provided aRating Mode. You canconfirm the results of games played and thehistory of your rating.* Export and import sgf game files You willbe able to import andload game records in sgf format. Please useCrazyStone DeepLearningPro to review and analyze Go games. If yousave games in DL format,the results of the record analysis willalso be saved in the file. *Other features ・Friendly 3 inputmethods You can choose from 3options of input methods (Zoom,Cursor & Touch). ・20 levels ofplay for each board size (9x9,13x13, 19x19) ・Human vs Computer,Human vs Human (sharing a singledevice) ・Computer vs Computer Games・Handicap games, variableoptions of Komi ・Hint (suggest) ・InstantUndo (available even whenthe computer is thinking) ・Automaticterritory calculation・Japanese/Chinese Rules ・Suspend/Re-startgames ・Save/Load gamerecord in sgf files ・Automatic and manualreplay of a game record・Highlight the last move ・COM resign feature・Byoyomi games (Youwill not be able to select computer level intimed games) ・Atariwarning ・Highlight the last move ・Landscape mode* Support for Neontechnology is required * Crazy Stone DeepLearning cannot be playedon devices that does not support Neontechnology. Please confirmthe CPU of your Android device before youpurchase the app.
Reversi Free 1.44
★ Top Developer (awarded 2013 / 2015) ★ Reversi Free is thebestfree Reversi game on Android! Flip your way to success inthisclassic game, where a position with the most counters can turnintoan overwhelming loss! .. or a few remaining counters can stillwinthe day! Try your hand at this unique popular game. Asever,designed with the polish of a standard AI Factoryproduct.Featuring: - User friendly interface - 10 difficultylevels, plushints - 2 player hot-seat - 4 Reversi Piece Sets andBoards - Userstats (wins/losses/draws/scores) - Designed for bothTablet andPhone This free version is supported by 3rd party ads.Ads may useinternet connectivity, and therefore subsequent datacharges mayapply. The photos/media/files permission is required toallow thegame to save game data to external storage, and issometimes usedto cache ads.
Go GridMaster (free) 0.39
GridMaster provides a graphical user interface andartificialopponents for the game of Go (Igo, Baduk, Weiqi). Itcontains afull featured SGF reader/editor, a lite version of the9x9 OlympicChampion Go program Steenvreter (it also plays largerboards), anda Go Text Protocol (GTP) interface to connect othergtp-compatibleengine (more opponents can be downloaded/added). Itcan be used asa tool to play, study Joseki, solve Go problems, makediagrams,annotate games, etc. If you are new to the game of Go,anintroduction as well as some links to more information isincludedin the help. Here's a non-exhaustive list of features: -Fullfeatured SGF reader/editor (perhaps the only Android app tosupportall properties in SGF4) - Includes a fairly strongartificialopponent (Steenvreter lite, level configurable) - Supportfor ARMand Intel cpu's - Ability to add other bots such as LeelaZero,GnuGo, Pachi, or your own GTP engine (for help installingLeelaZero see -Tool forreviewing games (easy to rate moves/states, add comments,links,game info, etc.) - Setup *any* position (including illegalones,e.g., for demonstration purposes) - Quickly opens large SGFfilessuch as Kogo's Joseki Dictionary - Supports all rectangularboardsizes up to 52x52 - Tips at start-up (can be turned off) -Accuratestone placement even on small screens - Correct wronginput byshifting stones - Zoom in to show only some part of theboard (bypinching) - Zoom out to show the game tree - Fastnavigation throughthe game tree (button push+slide action) -Auto-replay games atconfigurable rate (long-click forward tostart). - Collectionsupport (i.e., multiple game trees in onefile) - Share option -Export to image file - Copy-pastevariations/games (also betweenapplications as sgf text) -Configurable rules (Chinese / Japanese)- Configurable timing(Absolute / Canadian / Japanese / Stopwatch) -Configurable soundfor stone placement & clock - Variousgraphics options(configurable in settings) - Full screen portrait& landscapemodes - Indicate last and/or next move - Extensivehelp, includesan introduction to Go - Optional debug tab shows GTPstreams (thecommunication between GUI and engine), rules issues,and providesoption to send gtp commands manually (double-tap to popup dialog).An ad-free version of GridMaster is availableat: doesn't work, send me an email. Suggestionsforimprovement are always welcome. Also, any help withtranslationswould be greatly appreciated! P.S. Some crooks areactivelymanipulating the ratings, and Google provides no meansfordevelopers like me to fight it. Sure I could join the war, buyfakelikes, drop fake 1-star reviews on competitors, waste money onadcampaigns, etc., but this is just a hobby for me and itshouldremain fun! So far all growth has been organic, and I'dreally liketo see it continue that way. So, if you have tried theapp and likeit, please give back a little and rate it 5 stars! Iunderstandsome of you may want to be more nuanced, and I do alsoappreciate4-star ratings, but please notice that they don't helpmuch; thebad guys give very low ratings, and currently even 4 starspull therank down, so the only real help comes from 5-star ratingsandsensible review comments.
Gomoku Free - Gobang 1.2.9
Cross Field Inc.
Simple but profound classic board game! You can also play withRenjurules! -How to play- Rules are simple! Vertical stones oftheir owncolor, horizontal, is a five-aligned After wins in one ofthediagonal. -Method of operation- Tap to select the trout, youcan putyourself in the stone and press the start button. ■ CPUlevel is 9stage, PvP also possible Let's free to choose the CPU ofstrength tosuit your ability. Since the level of a plurality ofstages areprepared you can enjoy from beginner to advanced! Ofcourse, you canalso compete with your friends in the interpersonalfunction. ■Renju rules In addition to simple Gomoku, you can alsoselect Renjurules. In Renju rules black, thirty-three does not putin whiteboth. It will also become lined six or more, the Kinte. ■OtherFeatures "I waited" feature, KOs record, first move ironrandomsettings, etc.
Happy Easter GO Keyboard Theme 4.15
An awesome way to turn a plain keyboard into a beautiful anduniqueone. It is totally free and only for GO Keyboard(with10000+colorful themes and 800+ emoji, emoticons and smiley faces)!Noneed to set up the keyboard background wallpaper.Download andEnjoyit!Get this FREE theme to make your KEYBOARD more LOVELYandCOLORFUL.★Notice:- This theme is adapted to GO Keyboard(with10000+colorful themes and 800+ emoji, emoticons and smiley faces).Pleaseclick the link below to have it installed. With the theme,you arealso able to set the keyboard background wallpaper.PC User:GOKeyboard. Andriod User:★How to ApplytheTheme:Step 1: Download this theme and GOKeyboard.( 2: Click into GO KeyboardSettingPage-> Theme -> Local -> ApplyMore themes and morefun,click to FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK: TeamFacebook: For anyquestion orsuggestion, please FOLLOW US on Facebook or send usanemail:[email protected]!POLICYEND USER LICENSEAGREEMENT.Yourdownloading, installation, use of, and other accessto GO Keyboardis conditioned on your acceptance and compliance withthe terms ofthis license agreement.PRIVACY POLICY.We will nevercollect yourpersonal info including credit card information. Infact, we caresfor privacy of what you type and who you type!
Tic Tac Toe Free 1.3
★ Google Play Top Developer (2013 / 2015) ★Tic Tac ToeUniversebrings you the complete XOX/Tic tac Toe family of gamesfrom 3x3,4x4, 5x5, 6x6 to Gomoku/Renju/five in a row, all in oneapp! Thegomoku is the strongest of the top gomoku programs.Try yourluckagainst 12 animated opponents to see if you can take the #1slotsin the Tic Tac Toe game ladders!Completely free! This is notademo, and has no locked options.Featuring:★ 5 Tic Tac Toe gamesinone app★ 12 animated opponents to choose from★ 2 Player Tic TacToemode★ Climb up the Tic Tac Toe ladder to be the #1 player!★Choosefrom up to 8 boards per Tic Tac Toe game!★ Watch out! Youropponentwill daydream if you take too long!★ Tic Tac Toe supportsmobileand tabletTic Tac Toe Free is supported by 3rd party ads. Adsmayuse internet connectivity, and therefore subsequent datachargesmay apply. The photos/media/files permission is required toallowthe game to save game data to external storage, and issometimesused to cache ads.
Go Dojo 2.0.2
Diana Błaszczyk
"To follow the path, look to the master, follow the master,walkwith the master, see through the master, become the master."GoDojois a tool for training, fun and competition. Your goal istopredict the next move.By studying pro games, as practicedbyInseis, your understanding of the game will improve. A newgamearrives daily.
Dr. Reversi 1.66
SUD Inc.
A minute to learn, a lifetime to master! Reversi (also knownasOthello) is a simple but very challenging board gameinvolvingstrategy for all ages. The player's goal is to have amajority oftheir colored pieces showing at the end of the game,turning overas many of their opponent's pieces as possible. Let'splay Dr.Reversi! SUD Inc.
Shogi Kifu Pro 1.70
This application is to record Shogi (Japanese chess)games.Userscannot play against the computer.EnvironmentScreen: -480×800pixels, or 480×854 pixels- 540×960 pixels- 720×1280pixels-800×1280 pixels- 1200×1920 pixels- Nexus7 2012, Nexus7 2013,GalaxyNoteFeatures:- Even or handicap games.- Edit position (Proonly).-Record the game information and the comments.- Save / Loadgamefile.- Load games on the Web.- Link Dropbox- Help* Show menubyswipe up.
WBaduk 3.0.6
It is an application for internet Baduk service, ‘WBaduk' It isfreeto enjoy all of Baduk services if you install WBadukapplicationfrom Google Play. You can have these amazing Badukservices forfree! 1. Play and observe games with other users inreal time usingAndroid OS based Mobile phone. 2. Watch big matchesof professionaltournaments in live. 3. Study Baduk with‘Professional game records’and ‘Problems’ 4. Chat with yourfriends while enjoying games. #WBaduk has 8 servers, and you canchange the servers in Settings. #WBaduk is the official server ofthe Korean, Chinese and JapaneseBaduk associations. 2,300,000members are already a part of WBaduk,and over 20,000 users arelogged in and waiting for a game at thismoment. Join and enjoywith huge number of Baduk players!CyberKiwonCorp. Web SiteWBadukSupport
Parcheesi Ludo Multiplayer - Classic Board Game 2.22.1
Play parcheesi and ludo multiplayer classic board game online!Playand compete with our community, invite your friends and familytojoin you and beat the highest scores of this awesome free Ludodicegame! The game that defined your childhood now for free!Parcheesior Ludo classic is an adaptation of Pachisi, a classicboard gameoriginated in India around the 6th century. The conceptof thisfunny Parcheesi board game is clear: There are four playerswithfour tokens of the same colour with a goal... Play and beattheopponents by moving all of your Ludo classic tokens to yourgoalbox before everyone else and take the honor to be the king inthisfree multiplayer game! The parcheesi board has 68 boxes: Startinyour corresponding nest and move forward by rolling your diceswiththe help of a dice cup until you arrive with your token to thegoalbox. Think of a strategy to beat the opponents. Do not getupset!These free parcheesi star board games are easy to play buthard tomaster! Learn your own player tactics and achieve thenecessaryskills to be at the top of our parcheesi USA game ranking!Enjoyyour childhood favourite board game now online andmultiplayer!Chat with other players while you challenge them or oneof theother thousands of players who make up our Ludo community!Becomethe king in this best free Parcheesi USA online game!FEATURES OFPARCHEESI LUDO MULTIPLAYER - CLASSIC BOARD GAME - Havefun playingthis free parcheesi multiplayer game! Upgrade yourtokens withamazing emoticons and emojis! - Multiplayer board games:Chat,compete and invite and play with your family and friends! -Easyrules and intuitive gameplay: Challenge your family membersinthese Parcheesi five-star family games! - Play specialgames:Choose between making a Ludo party team with a partner orplayingturbo mode or private - Compete to become the best player inourParcheesi board game ranking: Every match counts! - Getdoublecoins when you win your games with the "Double or Nothing" inthismultiplayer game! The modern variation of Pachisi! - UnlockLudoclassic board game achievements, progress getting gifts andcoinsand climb the leaderboard until you become the king! - Thisfreemultiplayer parcheesi by Playspace is appropriate to play inteamswith your family or friends! Recall your childhood starmemories inthis free Ludo game, a variation of the ancient Pachisigame, alsoalso known as sorry game or trouble game! Enjoy the bestboard gamefor kids with this Parcheesi online in Playspace! Be theking ofthe dice and start playing a free Ludo match now! Have funwithyour family in this star popular Ludo online!
Go Timer Pro 1.3
A specially-designed Go game timer.Multi-lang voicescountdownincluded.Go Timer Pro, Play LikeaPro.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Whentouse:・Assistance for beginners.・Practicingbeforetournaments.・Playing with friends.・Tournament usealso.Mainfunctions:・Voice countdown.・Multi-languages Voiceincluded.・Pressbutton sound.・Extremely big button.・Easily settingwithsimpleUI.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------【SameFunctionwith a Real Timer】A real professional "Go Timer" is around$ 70~100USD, which is unaffordable for general players.【EspeciallyforGo】The game timers are mostly designed for chess, but thecountingrules are totally different between Chess andGo.【Multi-languagesVoice Reminder】With the voice countdownreminder, you can be easilyknow what time you have just like usinga professional real timer.【Button Feedback Sound】We provide soundsfeedback when you press thebutton. To let you focus on the Goboard.【Easy to Set】You can set agame within 10 seconds even if youare a beginner.【More than a GoTimer】【Assistance for beginners】Itis very hard for general playersto slow down and think more.Nowwith Go Timer Pro, you canautomatically gain your thinkinginformation while you're playing gogame.【Simple User'sInterface】The simple design let you get the maininformation at aglance.【Multi-rules】Japanese Byo-yomi(讀秒制) andChinese Absolutemode(包干制) included.【For Tournament Use】Go Timer Prois alsosuitable for tournament use. If you use a cellphone,pleaseremember to turn the flight mode on.---------------------FAQ:Q: Icannot find the English Version, where to change it?A: You cangoto the main site and press the button at the middle lookslike“[中]” ,and it will be change to English version.
together boardgame 2.16.26
1024x600 been created by. In the settings menu horizontalandvertical scale is fit.
BW-DGS plugin 1.8.0
Marc Oldenhof
THIS IS NOT A STAND-ALONE APPLICATION! You need BW-Go or BW-GoFree4.6.4 or higher to use this client, BW-DGS is a plug-in serviceforthe BW-Go and BW-Go Free applications. Use this service to playonthe turn-based Dragon Go Server! BW-DGS is a very simpleDGSclient. It can list the games where it's your turn, and you canusea full BW-Go SGF editor to experiment with moves andcountermovesbefore submitting your definitive answer. Supportsscoring at gameend. Easy access to Kogo's Joseki dictionary andscore estimatorfrom the game board. Many thanks to JUG from Dragon,to be found at
Dreamy GO Weather Widget Theme 1.0.2
Brand new FREE theme for GO Weather widgets. Supports 4*1, 4*2,2*1sizes.GO Weather EX - To Be Your Best Weather ProphetForever!◆Howto apply a weather widget theme?1. Make sure you haveinstalled thelatest version of GO Weather EX2. Add a GO Weatherwidget on yourhomescreen and select the theme you like
Pastel Love GO SMS 1
•This is not a stand alone app. You need to download thelatestversion of GO SMS Pro in order to apply this theme.Morethemes tocome.❤Feel free to rate and leavecomments.Email:[email protected]
Go To Town 2 2.3
The "Go To Town 2" game allows you to roam around theMegapolis.Admire the beauty of the big town, beautiful garden andthe fitnessclub. With this game you can drive specific street carsaround thecity and go to small town where you can find beautifulhouses. Buyretro cars, motorcycle and admire the great beauty oftheMegapolis. Key features: - Easy control - Fantastic graphics-Specific cars - Retro cars - Buying a car - Auto salon -Motorbike- Motorcycle riding - Horse riding - Control of the thirdperson -Grand Street - Grand City - Beautiful town - Beautifulbeach -Playground - Fitness club - Beautiful garden - Fantasticcarphysics - Fantastic people physics
Checkers 2.0.0
AOA Inc.
Checkers by AOA Inc famous as Draughts is a board game withallcheckers variations:American checkers, Spanish checkers,turkishcheckers, ghanaian checkers...In AOA Studio we develop allour appsand games with passion. to provide you with the bestexperiencepossible.Damas and Draughts supports both 1 player and 2playergame play, so you can play checkers against friends or testyourskills against a challenging computer opponent.Damas andDraughtsfeatures:->1 player or 2 player game play- >5 levelsof thedifficulty- >Different rules to choose from:International,Spanish, English checkers and more ...- >3 gameboard types10x10 8x8 6x6.- >ability to undo wrong move->option toenable or disable forced captures- >quick responsetime->animated moves- >easy to use interface design->auto-savewhen exit or phone ringInstruction to Star play:Intuitive touchcontrols make it easy to play checkers on yourphone, just tap apiece and then tap where you want it to go. If youaccidentally hitthe wrong spot, The undo button lets you take backyour move andtry again.
Quiet Night GO Launcher Theme 3.1.0
Brand new FREE theme for GO Launcher Z!❤BriefIntroduction:Speciallydesigned for GO Launcher Z, providesdelicate app icons, wallpapers,folder and app drawer interface.Get it right now and have acompletely new makeover of your Androidsmartphone.❤Notice:GOlauncher theme is only available for phoneswith GO Launcher Zinstalled. Click here to install GO LauncherZ!❤How to Apply theTheme:- Directly open the theme aftersuccessful installation. - Orback to Menu>Theme, choose a themeyou like and apply it to yourphone.❤❤❤Follow us:DesignerTeamFacebook:© All illustrationsandimages are the copyright of Sungy Mobile Limited.
Chess Clock 1.56
LR Studios
Enjoy playing your favorite game with this free chess clockapp!Itcan be used for almost all two player games, like Chess, Gogame(Weiqi, Baduk), Checkers, Shogi, Othello, Backgammon,...Norealistic chess clock design : it's kept simple to let youseeclearly the player times.Features :- Handle 7 differenttimesystems (listed below)- Undo any number of moves- Soundwarnings-Restore the clock (if you accidentally close it or want toresumeit later)- Edit player times or change settings whileplaying-Display the clock vertically or horizontally- Several textfontsavailable- Optimized for both phones and tabletsTimesystemsavailable :- Fischer- Sudden death- Sudden death +additional time(for example, 30 min + 15 min after 40 moves)-Japanese Byo-yomi-Canadian overtime- Hourglass- BronsteinGamespecific features :-For Go players : on Canadian overtime,automatically pauses theclock to let you take your stonesTry it nowand enjoy this chessclock for free !