Top 2 Games Similar to Mafia Pro

Balliland 2: Twilight Spell
Successor to the 2012 Webby Awards winner Balliland XL. Afearlessvampire, a snobby witch and a cowardly but cute werewolfare on ajourney against magic spells, sticky slimes, cage traps anda lotmore spooky stuff. Your goal is simple; put the three friendsinline.Features:-Relaxing, playfully-spooky vibe-3 completelynew,mind-challenging puzzles added every two weeks-Charmingcharactersand cute animations-Panoramic view of all the levels forbetterperspective and puzzle solving-No time or life limits-Levelsinclude an eerie Cemetery, cursed Catacombs and ahauntedCastle-Multiple solutions for most puzzles-More than 90puzzles ofvarious difficulty levels-Kid friendly, light heartedtheme,perfect for the Halloween season -Helpful hint system forthoseharder puzzles -Various ways to acquire hints if yougetstuck-Original, Halloween themed music-Constant support,updatesand polishingMost haunted game of the year.Balliland 2:TwilightSpell is perfect for some Halloween mind-challenging fun inshortorlongsessions.http://www.balliland.com to provide the best possible experience and we areconstantlyworking on improving the game. Contact us if you haveanysuggestions, questions, compatibility issues, or noticed
Golden Ghosts 1.0
Smart Things
Can you find them all in a short time ?I don't think so3:)Ghostsare evil creators, you are their ultimate rival !Enjoy thehorrorbackground tunes.Speed up the reflexes, make yousmarter.Enjoy theinterests from the process of gameplaying.Alleviate the pleasurefrom life and work.Challenge yourfriends !Defeate the devilitselfGhosts in this game are allGold:You can find more on MonsterApocalypse like:Alien, Bat, Clown,Devil, Doll, Face Paint, Ghost,Ghoul, Grim Reaper, Jack O Lantern,Man, Mask, Frankestein, Mummy,Pumpkin, Red Skull, Sea Monster,Skull, Slasher, Vampire, VoodooDoll, Werewolf, Witch and ZombieMorewill come ...