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Taking a bath, shopping, driving a car, going to the cinema…Everything changed since the time when grandpa and grandma wherechildren!Lucas and Lea visit their grand parents, it's the perfecttime to look at the pictures of their youth and to discover howthings were when they were children.Grandpa and grandma have grownquite a lot since, daddy and mommy too. Shops, cars, cities,clothes, everything is so different! But that wasn't so longalo…Look for sounds and interactive animations on the screen andrecord your voice over the narrator's.Have fun while matching theobjects from the past to today's ones."When grownups were children- Interactive Storybook" is an entertaining story which helps kidsdiscover how was life when grownups were children.Discover the lifeof Lucas and Martha, the life of their grandparents, long timeago…• An interactive story that the entire family will enjoyreading over and over again.• With pages full of animations andsounds to discover.• Match the objects from today and from the pastand be careful : some of them have change a lot!• Record your voiceover the narrator's.• Discover new languages and have fun at thesame time with voices and texts in French, English, German andItalian!

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Who’s afraid of the big bad Toupouloupou, King Minus’ Minotaur-likepet!? Not Sirius! The fearless youngman marches straight into theKing’s maze and tackles the ginormous creature head on… And soondiscovers the monster is a harmless creature with a sweet toothwho’d sooner eat candy than the King’s prisoners! The Toupouloupougladly takes Sirius up on his offer to move to his island home andstuff himself with sweets…for ever and ever after.Start Reading: •ENCOURAGE literacy skills with 3 fun ways to read • LEARN newvocabulary • RECORD your own narration to play it to your child(your child can also record his/her own narration and share it withyou) • FOLLOW along with a coloring game and a fun game related tothe story• SELECT a scene with easy-to-use navigation.Who is Mila?Missy Mila is the main character of the Missy Mila Twisted TalesTV series. She is an 8-year old girl, bursting with energy, wholoves telling stories. Classic tales are told in the witty words ofan 8 year old. She sticks to the basic plot of the tale, but addszany details and twists that make her version unique andunforgettable. These stories are a selection of the finest talesfrom all over the world, spanning different traditions and times.•An unforgettable adventure told by Missy Mila• A cute and funstory• Coloring pages with the characters in the book• Play a mazegame with Sirius and the Toupouloupou!• Use three different ways toread• Read and listen to the story in english and infrench.BEEBOOKS is a brand of award winning producer Planet NemoInteractive. It is dedicated to the creation of unique book appsseries for kids. Kids' Mania is a brand of Anuman Interactive,dedicated to intelligent apps for kids.By downloading thisapplication you agree to the Terms of Use of BeeBooks. Please readthe Terms of Use on: http//www.mybeebooks.com/terms-of-use/
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The theme: Not being bossy. Visiting, Bali's grandfather Papi has alittle gift for Bali, his treasured sea captain’s cap. Papi thentakes Bali, Tamara and Tito to the park, where Bali begins to letthe cap literally go to his head. As they play, Bali becomes ratherbossy. He begins to rub Tamara and Tito the wrong way. In hisdream, Bali finds himself on a pirate ship. There, the piratecaptain teaches Bali that to be a good captain, one needs to befair and not a bossy boots. Back in 'reality', Bali is far lessbossy with his friends and all have a great time.Who is Bali?Baliis the main character of the Bali TV series, an adaptation of thecollection of books published by French publisher - Flammarion.Created for children between the ages of 2 and 6, the themes ofthis series are directly inspired by the experiences of thisaudience. Vivid colors and rhythmic music both play important rolesin drawing them into the lives of our characters.The EverydayAdventurer, Bali is very enthusiastic about life and he likeshaving fun with his family and his friends. He is curious, livelyand passionate, which is reflected in his temper. He sometimes getsangry but not for very long since he has a good attitude towardslife. Bali is about the small everyday traumas kids go through. Theseries empowers kids to use their imagination to solve theirproblems.Key Features:  ENCOURAGE literacy skills with 3 funways to read  LEARN new vocabulary  RECORD your ownnarration to play to your child (your child can also record his/herown narration and share it with you)  SING the song of thestory with the video clip of Bali the pirate!FOLLOW along with 1coloring game and 1 fun game related to the storySELECT a scenewith easy-to-use navigationDesigned for children aged 3-7AvailableLanguages- English- French.Based on the work of Laurent Richard& Magdalena published by Editions Flammarion and the TV seriesdirected by Virgile Trouillot & Jean-Sébastien Vernerie. Allrights of the multimedia producer and the right holders in and tothe recorded work are reserved. Unauthorised copying, hiring,lending, exchanging, using this program for public performance anddigital transmission are prohibited. By downloading thisapplication you agree to the Terms of Use of BeeBooks. Please readthe Terms of Use here : http//www.mybeebooks.com/terms-of-use/
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What does mommy do when she's at work? Does she listen to stories?Does she eat snacks? Does she take a nap? Is mommy's day sodifferent from a child's one?Follow in parallel the adventures ofMia and her mommy during a very busy day!One is at school, theother at the office, they listen, work hard, take lunch, have a napand even… some mischief!Two days not so different…Look for soundsand interactive animations on the screen and record your voice overthe narrator's.Have fun trying to find the correct pairs of objectsin a great matching game!"While mommy is at work - InteractiveStorybook", a funny story to discover what the everyday life of amommy is.• Discover Mia's and her mom's day life.• An interactivestory that the entire family will enjoy reading over and overagain.• With pages full of animations and sounds to discover.• Amatching game to amuse you.• Record your voice over thenarrator's.• Discover new languages and have fun at the same timewith voices and texts in French, English, German and Italian!