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Witze XXL - A-Klasse Witze - Alkohol - Alle Kinder Witze-Anmachsprüche - Arztwitze - Bauernregeln - Beamtenwitze -Bierwitze- Blondinenwitze - Bürowitze - Bundeswehrwitze - ChuckNorrisSprüche - Computerwitze - Deine Mutter Witze - Egal Wie Witze- Ehe- Flachwitze - Frauenwitze - Fritzchenwitze - Fußballwitze-Gerichtswitze - Häschenwitze - Jägerwitze - Kannibalen Witze-Kellnerwitze - Kinderwitze - Kurze Witze - Lehrerwitze - LieberalsWitze - Lustige Abkürzungen - Männerwitze - Mami Mami -Mantawitze- Musikerwitze - Ostfriesenwitze - Politikerwitze -PolizistenWitze - Raucherwitze - Schulwitze - Sportwitze -Studentenwitze -Tierwitze - Viagrawitze - Zungenbrecher


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    Witze & Sprüche XXL
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    October 10, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Sebastian Schmitz Friedbergstr.6 45147 Essen
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Point of Sale Cash RegisterPRO 1.04 APK
Point of Sale Cash RegisterPRO-------------------- no permissions- no advertising- support the developer-------------------Have you just founded a company and want to equip your Point ofSale or a mobile booth with a cash register that is not toocumbersome in purchase and installation? This application worksperfectly both in restaurants and smaller shops and it getspredominantly good feedback by the users. What is the reason forthis? Just have a look at some simple functions of the applicationand its advantages:Use of a device and equipment that you are familiar withThe Point of Sale application is being installed on your tabletcomputer which is why you do not have to get used to a new,unfamiliar device. The further advantage: having a printerconnected via Bluetooth, you can easily print out statistics orbills. Thus, you are ready to start immediately without any newinstallations or cable tangle.Top quality statistics for planning your assortment ofgoodsMany traditional cash registers only offer the function of enteringa price and the category of the product. Our POS-Point of SaleApplication offers the possibility to define and name the singleproducts (respectively food and drinks): consequently, you receivea survey of the ongoing sales when just clicking on the button„statistics“- thereupon you can discover bestsellers and you canreorder and plan your assortment of goods better than ever!Additionally, you discover the most popular products at a glance!Both for a fixed and mobile sales booth the right intention forsale and necessary storage can save you a lot of money:insufficient storage as well as a too much storage can cost you alot.Clearly arranged allocation of 300 buttons possible 
Havinginstalled the Point of Sale App, you can arrange up to 300 buttonsand thus can make cashing even easier in case you do not want tomake use of bar codes. Especially in the gastronomy, orders caneasily and intuitively be entered, which leaves more time for theguest and the service.A well-tried allocation –as shown in our product’s illustration- isthe one using colours: choose different colours for soft drinks,food, alcoholic drinks and hot drinks. Thus, the entering of theorder must only be clicked, and you still have a clearly arrangedsystem even when providing a great assortment.Using the screen size and clear arrangement of your tablet
ThePoint of Sale App uses the full screen size of the tablet so thatthe usability is getting much more clearly arranged and offers manypossibilities of combination. Just think of the menu or a pricelist which is available at each work station. Besides, it ispossible to switch between this app and further applications onyour tablet. You can access product information or illustrationsanytime.Have a look at the Point of Sale App and test some of thefunctions. You will be enthusiastic on recognizing how a normaltablet can turn into a fully-fledged cash register. 
Please notice that this application is in process of developmentand is an offer free of charge. It practically offers all functionsof a cash register. However, we cannot guarantee a legallycompliant account at the moment since this would require a fullpermission of tax authorities. The cash register application is atool which offers a survey and helps accounting- it cannot replacethe full legal documentation though. Please mind your taxcomputation and adhere to deadlines on your own responsibility. Theprogrammer of „cash register for free“assumes no liability.
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