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The application consist the features for the school parents tochecktheir wards personal details, events going to be held inschool andcan pay the on-line fee of their wards. Users can loginthrough thepassword protected area to view the aforesaid details.


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    Android 4.1 and up
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BJP Punjab Official APP now on Android Play Store with followingfeatures1. Submit Suggestions to BJP, Ministers, Government2.Submit Complaints to BJP, Ministers, Government 3. ContactInformation4. General Information about BJP Punjab
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Imagine yourself as BayBee, a sweet little bee hovering over theflowers, green grass, mountains; enjoying the adventurous journeyand surviving the odd hindrances. Make sure to play this excitinggame carefully as troubles would occur in the path. With power andwisdom BayBee defeats the enemies including frogs, wild grasses andsurvives through all the strange hurdles. BayBee is an arcade gamefull of adventures, quests and expeditions. It is an amazingamusement for the game lovers. A cute little creature BayBee is onan exciting journey to home; filled with fun and enjoyment, butsuddenly enemies strike its path. BayBee is courageous and does notget scared of them. Moreover, with power and wisdom, BayBeeovercomes the hurdles and reaches home safely. Earn extra lives byingesting flower juice and collectables in your journey. Playcarefully; protect yourself from enemies- frogs, wild grass, birdsand snakes which come in the way. BayBee is a completeentertainment which can be played by everyone, irrespective of age,both children and adults.
Friends Love Tennis Tournament 1.6 APK
Brace yourself for the most exciting bouts of Tennis with us!Steeplechase Events and Tennis invites all of you for the amazingFriends Love Tennis 'Charity Tennis Tournament 2015' to be heldduring May 14 to May 17 this year. Learn about the details of eachand every session with the help of our power packed application-available in both Android and Apple App Store!With the assistanceof our Charity Tennis Tournament App 2015, learn about-• Yourprofile and keep it updated with required information.• Check theDashboard.• Keep a track on your notifications.• Learn about thetournaments that you are following. • Know more about the eventdetails.• Get a word about the sponsors.• Catch the pace of thetournament with the exact timing, date and location basedinformation of the event.• Keep yourself updated with the 'results'of the tournaments. • Know more about the fellow players and theirdetails. Our 2015 Spring Charity Tennis Tournament invites both Menand Women for doubles. Each and every team will be awarded with atleast two tennis matches. The winner of each bout will move to thenext level of championship bracket (while the losing lot willcompete for the consolation bracket). The finals for both thechampionships and the consolation lots will take place on Sunday.Learn more about the registration process and norms with the helpof this outstanding application. While the cost per teamregistration is $80, for individuals, the charges are $45. In caseyou have registered as an individual, we will pair you with apartner for this phenomenal Tennis Tournament. Looking for somemore precise detail? Download our application now for learning moreabout the check-in timings, location of Tennis sessions, addressdetails and other related information. Upload your profile details-as in the photograph, address, email Address, Date of birth, logindetail, etc. with the help of this awesome application. Learn aboutthe schedule of Tennis matches, know your registration status andkeep yourself updated through this application.
YPS Mohali 1.1.6 APK
The application consist the features for the school parents tocheck their wards personal details, events going to be held inschool and the on-line fee payment of their wards. Users can loginthrough the password protected area to view the aforesaid details.
RTI Area-5 Online 1.1.9 APK
Round table Area 5 Online portal is an online app which will beused by the table members, area heads to update their events. Emailwill be sent to the members. Along with this they can also be ableto upload photos for the completed events. Report all your tableevents with ease and collaborate with your fellow members ingenerating timely reports. Requires Registration by members toaccess the application.
Gulatiwellness 1.0 APK
With the aim to become the largest providers of nutritionalingredients in India,Gulati Wellness extends the widest range ofhealth products to fitness lovers allacross the nation. Our‘State-of- the-Art’ products and fitness line will initiateyourultimate ride in the journey for building a lean and tonedbody. Push yourperformance now with our power packed products andsay yes to fitness, staminabuilding and advance health routine.Make a fitness goal now, grow it with yourpassion, and garnish theaim with our professional supervision- this is how aperfect healthplan will work for you.With our range of products, wepromise:.Impeccable Product Quality: We follow a certifiedmechanism to analyzeand test each of the products before we put ininto the sale cycle. Qualityassurance is one of the mostoutstanding features offered by Gulati fitness..InnovativeApproach: If there is a technology that can redefine yourfitnessstandards, then we will probably introduce it without anyfurther ado. Thisis the core principle that we follow at GulatiFitness..Customer Satisfaction: Our stringent policy of ingredientselection andquality control are specifically meant for the purposeof curtailing beststandards of customer satisfaction. Whileoffering the highest quality sportsnutrition products, our missionis to keep our customers happy.Order the best range of fitnessproducts now from our ecommercewebsitehttp://gulatiwellness.foodstak.in/ or download the officialGulati Wellness Appfrom the Play Store.
The application consist the features for the school parents tochecktheir wards personal details, events going to be held inschool andcan pay the on-line fee of their wards. Users can loginthrough thepassword protected area to view the aforesaid details.