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You want to post photos without cropping them on social networkswith awesome background patterns? We say no more crop! Meet No CropProfile Pic Customizer, a cool photo editor app for phones andtablets for creating full size profile pics for any profiletemplate. Get one of the most popular apps for editing picturesthat is still very easy to use. You can finally post full pictureswithout cropping with colorful or blurred background patterns.Decorate your pics with multiple picture editing options, make yourphotos more popular and add a blurry background to your pics tomake them interesting. Make square photos with the best picturesquarer on the market! Download No Crop Profile Pic Customizer freeof charge!Features:☼ Play with the new photo editing app and showyour creativity!Ⓝ Download your new no crop camera!Ⓞ Square yourselfie and post it in full size!☼ Blur the background just the wayyou like it!Ⓒ Or choose a background pattern!Ⓡ You can also choosea color for your square photo frames!Ⓞ Share your squared image onInstagram, Facebook, Twitter!Ⓟ Save to the gallery or send tofriends!Choose from your photos and make them be the perfectselfies in square shape that will decorate your profile! Our freeapp “no crop photo” is a great picture squarer and pic editing appthat lets you post full size images on any social network w/ocropping. You can create amazing photo art using various blurredbackgrounds and make your “photo square fit” into any profilepicture template. Edit pictures from your gallery or take a selfieat the spot, use the no crop feature to retain all the details thatare important and then make a “photo square blur background” tofinish your work of art. No more cropping for you now that yourhave No Crop Profile Pic Customizer! Get the free app now and postfull size pics today!Download the “square blur photo editor”because it is the best “no crop app” on the market. Get this squarephoto editor and post entire pics on all of your favorite socialmedia platforms. Further decorate your pictures with amazingbackground effects and beautiful square photo frames like mosaic,blur, patterns and different colors – there are tons of picturebackgrounds that will make your selfies square fit perfectlywherever you want them. We guarantee that our “square photo camera”is the best way to post whole photos without cropping them. No CropProfile Pic Customizer is free and easy to use so download it nowon your mobile device, take your perfect selfie and start thepicture editing now!You get frustrated every time you need to croppicture in order to post it as your profile picture? Your imageslose their essential part once they are cropped? Worry no morebecause with the “full size photo editor” you can make square quickno crop photo in a second without having to crop it. Add colorfulborders around your perfect profile picture or add a blurredbackground effect or mosaic and make them more interesting. Thereare many “square fit blur” cameras and picture editors that will dothe same job, but only this “perfect selfie camera” is the rightfree app that will make your selfies extraordinary! No morefrustration, download “No Crop Profile Pic Customizer” free ofcharge and post full size profile pics today!

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    No Crop Profile Pic Customizer
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    December 29, 2017
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Thalia Premium Photo Montage
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Live Clock Wallpaper 2.3 APK
If you are a true fashion freak and you love to follow the latesttrends then get your own Live Clock Wallpaper! This is the newesttechnological innovation for your smartphone or tablet that willmake any mobile device a state of the art gadget. You'll find thatthis cool app for phones is very useful because the clock will bealways on display, but it is also a fantastic way to turn your oldhome screen background into a stylish live wallpaper. Browsethrough a huge set of trendy live backgrounds and urban skins foryour watch, designed carefully and with taste just for you! Makeyour favorite device one of a kind, download Live Clock Wallpaperfree of charge and have a new and different analog watch with amoving background every single day! Features: ✔ Check out all thewallpapers and backgrounds for your screen! ✔ Choose amongbeautiful live clock skins! ✔ Sync it with your digital watch! ✔ Ordesign your own “live clock”! ✔ Choose all the watch elementsseparately! ✔ Choose a background, hand, ticking and widget styles!✔ See the preview of each element combination! ✔ When you're done,sync the app with your device! ✔ Both round and square watchessupported! ✔ This is a real clock on display, not just a wallpaper!✔ Simple to use, easy to configure and great looks under yourfingertips! With your new phone personalization program go severalwatch skins and elegant live wallpapers that will make yoursmartphone or tablet a real treat for the eyes. Make your devicetrendy and stylish with this useful gadget and you'll soon findyourself wondering how you could live without it. In addition tomany “clock live wallpaper” styles created by our designers, thereare also many ways in which you can customize your own analog clockand design it according to your needs and desires. If you want a“clock on screen” and you like the idea of having a different watchface look every single day then get “Live Clock Wallpaper” for freeand have a trendy new watch on your display now! Download the“clock app” for home screen and design your own watch on display!With this free app you can build as many unique skins as you want!Moreover, the “always on display clock” will look much moreappealing if it is on a beautiful live wallpaper with a moderndesign. When you install the best app for phone customization youwon't be disappointed because it comes with a variety of beautifulbackgrounds and cool “clock themes” for the analog watch on yourdisplay. Modern clock design is fused with “old clock” style andthe result is an analog time teller that will make you say wow! GetLive Clock Wallpaper totally for free and feel the time passingsecond by second! Get rid of the old digital clock on your screenand get a live analog clock and wallpaper and enjoy its simplelook. This phone app lets you customize your tablet or smartphonewith different watch styles and great “wallpapers and backgrounds”.Decorate your mobile with sophisticated live wallpapers and add a“large clock display” that is both practical and stylish. Convinceyour friends to get the simple clock live wallpaper apk and syncwatches with them so you can be on time wherever you go. Whensomeone asks you what's the time, you can now proudly take out yourfavorite gadget and swipe everyone off their feet when they see theamazing watch face skins on stunning moving backgrounds. DownloadLive Clock Wallpaper free of charge and begin your day with asmile!
Gif Maker from Picture 1.2 APK
Simple photo editing is outdated now, raise it to a whole newlevel, the level of moving images with the help of Gif Maker fromPicture! Probably you have wondered how to create a gif from yourpictures, well, no need to ask yourself anymore, because byinstalling this camera application you get all you need for aperfect picture animation! Moreover, a pack of stickers for photosis included so that you can decorate your moving picture in mostcreative way! Take a sequence of new pictures automatically, orchoose from your old pics, adjust the speed, and add funnystickers! Then you can choose to save to the gallery or share onsocial networks. Make your own gif with stickers all by yourselfwith Gif Maker from Picture!✦ Completely superb camera software forfree animated gifs!✦ Free and easy to use!✦ A great number ofstickers for pics included!✦ Use old pics or take new ones!✦ Uploadup to 10 photos from your gallery!✦ Take a photo sequence with yourcamera automatically!✦ Choose which of the shots you want toinclude!✦ Add photo stickers to make the experience even greater!✦Make a prank to deceive your friends!✦ Create the illusion of ananimation in an instant!Capture the most beautiful moments in yourlife with Gif Maker from Picture! Time goes by rapidly, and yourmemories easily fade away like clouds from the sky. Beat thetransitoriness of life, and preserve your memories in free gifs.Take a selfie, actually, many selfie pics while you kiss your bae,and then use this “animation creator” to make a moving picturewhich will last forever! Or make funny moving pictures with “photostickers” to save the best moments with your bff. Finally you don'tneed an online gif maker, now you can “make a gif” wherever andwhenever you want! So hurry up and download this camera withstickers, which is a free app for making moving images! Perform thebest photo editing of your life, now!✦✧◀▲▶✧✦If you need a camerawith stickers which will help you create funny moving pictures,your job is only to download this “animated gif maker” and take asequence of funny pics. There you go, moving funny pictures turnedinto a great animation which you can share on major social networkslike Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! If you are accustomed tocollage makers or caption makers for adding text on pictures, youcertainly haven't tried a “gif maker” camera with stickers before.This is your chance to make a free gif, you don't need a videomaker or resizer, only Gif Maker from Picture, cute stickers fromits collection and amazing selfie pics. Stop asking yourself “howto make gifs” and make free gif images all byyourself!✦✧◀▲▶✧✦Unleash you creativity, make a prank with gifphotos and fool your friends around. A photo maker such as this gifcamera brings a new era in “photo editing”. Everyone who didn'tknow how to make moving pictures has finally been given the answer– we packed a “gif generator” and stickers for pics in one pictureediting software, and offered a “free gif maker” to the world.Exploit it to the maximum and feel free to create as manyanimations as you like! To create gif from picture now is free andeasy, become one of the satisfied users of this camera maker, takephotos, add stickers, and use “Gif Maker from Picture” withpleasure! Download your new best app for true enjoyment and fun!
My Photo Keyboard with Emoji 3.3.1 APK
If you are searching for the right tool which will help you setyour own picture as keyboard background then My Photo Keyboard withEmoji is here to help you. Keyboard personalization has reached anew level! Type on a fancy keypad theme with specially designedkeys that will make your everyday texting pleasurable and thecollection of awesome emoticons will help you express your emotionsand attitudes with ease. You can change photo backgrounds bychoosing one of the images from your phone gallery, or by taking aphoto anew. A few taps on the screen, one perfect selfie, and yourphoto theme is ready to decorate your smartphone or tablet in amost unique way. The days of your old system keypad have passed, itis time for something new and exciting: it is time for My PhotoKeyboard with Emoji so download it for free!How to set your newkeyboard skin:1. Click on 'Enable the Keyboard', then check thebox-field next to “My Photo Keyboard with Emoji” and then click onthe OK button 2. Return to the application, then select 'Set theKeyboard to Default' button and select 'My Photo Keyboard withEmoji' 3. Now, you can customize your keypad4. Select language andshortcuts5. Choose the font color, button shape and the backgroundimage6. Check whether you like the final look using the 'Preview'option7. Choose background images from the gallery or take a newone with your camera and click the Done button when you aresatisfied with the pic◠❂◡ ◠❂◡ ◠❂◡ ◠❂◡ ◠❂◡ ◠❂◡ ◠❂◡Enjoy your brandnew “photo keyboard for Android”™ and chat and type like neverbefore! Check out the cool features this app for girls and boyshas!❂ Select your own “keyboard pictures”!❂ Change the shape of thebuttons!❂ Change the letter color on the buttons!❂ Completelycustomizable picture keypad app with emoji art!❂ A great number ofemoticons for your funny SMS text messages!❂ Free and efficientmobile software for “emoji keyboard”!❂ This app does not require GoKeyboard™ installed, text now!❂ Choose the default language:English, Spanish, Malay, Vietnamese, Turkish, Italian, French,German, Portuguese, Polish, or Romanian!Prepare to experiencesomething new and different with this unique mobile keypad changer!We know that you deserve a stylish key board design and that youdesperately need “photo keyboard with emojis” so we made thatpossible for you! Set your own selfie as one of keypad backgroundpictures for your girly “keyboard with emoticons”. Now you don'thave to wonder how to get a picture on your keyboard, thiscompletely free app performs it for you. Get ready to go and textsweet I love you text messages with love emoticons while thepicture of you and your beloved lies behind the “cute photo emojikeyboard”. Convince you bfs that the photo keypad is worth everysecond you spent on installing it. Personalize your phone in aninstant, download this emoji keyboard with picture background forfree and have the most unique mobile device!◠❂◡ ◠❂◡ ◠❂◡ ◠❂◡ ◠❂◡ ◠❂◡◠❂◡With this picture keyboard for texting emoji you can have a new“keyboard theme” every single day! Don't be satisfied withdifferent keypad designs that will bore you cause you can make aone of a kind keyboard with pictures from your gallery and choose aphoto of your family, baby, or take a picture with your selfiecamera. “Create your own emoji keyboard” with cool emoticons,select your language and choose your hotkeys for faster typing. Youcan finally say: I have “my picture keyboard”! Our keypadcustomizer is a perfect swiftkey app which allows you to makepersonalized photography themes and put a picture of your face onmy keyboard layout. Great photo background changer for qwertyphones and tablets is here and for free so download My PhotoKeyboard with Emoji today and have fun forever!
Glitter Heart Keyboard 1.7 APK
∴∻∵ If you're in love, and you like to leave a little sparklewherever you go, glitter hearts background is a necessity yourcustom keypad! Let your phone go all shiny and sparkling with thehelp of our newest theme changer - Glitter Heart Keyboard! Once youdownload this glimmering girly keypad you will absolutely fall inlove with a great number of emoticons for texting which you can useto spice your text messages, and various glitter backgrounds whichwill make your beautiful smartphone or tablet all shiny andeye-catching. Emoji keyboard plus glitter powder theme – that isthe perfect combination which will make everyone go envious. Insertcute emoticons in your love SMS, or add a couple of funny emoticonsto your funny messages and text all day long! ∴∻∵How to set your“keyboard skin”: 1. Click on 'Enable the Keyboard', then check thebox-field next to “Glitter Heart Keyboard” and then click on the OKbutton2. Return to the application, then select 'Set the Keyboardto Default' button and select 'Glitter Heart Keyboard'3. Now, youcan “customize your keyboard” (select language, themes, andshortcuts)Do your glitter nails, install the best emoji keyboard,and enjoy new glitter skin on your phone!∻ Most glimmering appamong apps for teenage girls!∻ Glamorous glitter heart images toset as your keypad background!∻ Tons for smiley emoticons for yourtext messages!∻ Choose the default language: English, Spanish,Malay, Vietnamese, Turkish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese,Polish, or Romanian!∻ Emoji keyboard download for free!∻ Easy toinstall!∻ Cute and sparkling background textures!∻ Carefullydesigned keypad for easy use!∻ Go text your bff or boyfriend onyour new qwerty keypad!Dress your phone in ultra fine glitter themeand get numerous cute emoticons for texting which you will adore!Whether you like gold glitter, red, blue, green, pink or any othercolor – you will find all sorts of glitter letters colors in thiskeypad changer. Change your custom keypad for a new, “glitterheart” theme and you will get “free emoji”! Cute emojis forchatting are numerous, but of you want most loving ones, godownload Glitter Heart Keyboard and customize your own phone withone of the cutest girly apps on the market. You need and emojiswitcher for “glitter keyboard”? Here's “emoji download” withglitter theme to change your custom keyboard design for free, godownload this instant!∵∻∴∻∵∻∴∻∵∻∴∻∵∻∴∻∵Meet the sweetest girly appfor teenage girls, your new “emoticon keyboard”! Both elegant andsophisticated, this “heart theme” changer is all you need to typemessages with style. Write funny messages on you “heart keyboard”and go twinkle like a star, or choose a love quote to send to yoursweetie and melt his heart. It is so easier when you have heartstheme on your phone! Use this theme changer to customize yourphone, send heart symbol which you chose from keyboard emoticonsusing heart buttons! Love is everywhere, just go for it, installthe keypad and feel love under your fingers.∵∻∴∻∵∻∴∻∵∻∴∻∵∻∴∻∵If youneed an emoji app which will melt your heart instantly, this emojikeyboard theme is a must! Download this “emoji keyboard” now andfill your heart with joy! Also, you can fill your SMS with cuteemoticons, heart emoticons, and get a glitter wallpaper for yourkey board in only one keyboard application! So get emoji for free,and go send “funny emoticons” all day long! Lots of smileyemoticons and mobile free themes with emoji art for your phone arewaiting in Glitter Heart Keyboard, insert a smile emoticon in everysingle SMS, and be sparkling and glamorous!
Should we Date Calculator 1.2 APK
Ever wanted to know who is the perfect date for you on Valentine'sDay? Stop right here! Should we Date Calculator is the perfect toolto find out whether there are any sparks between you and yourpotential lover. This great love meter app will measure the passionthat exists between you two in percentages and give you a cute lovemessage that describe your relationship. Enter your names and datesof birth, cross your fingers and wait for the result! Play with thelove tester till you get the number you want and then share it withyour friends on social networks. It is designed to be a cute girlyapp, but boys are allowed to use it too. It time to say goodbye toall the unsuccessful and disappointing dates and say hello toShould we Date Calculator, the best app for phones and tablets thatwill find your true love for you. Download it now for free!♥ ◠ ♥◡ ♥◠ ♥ ◡ ♔ ♕ ◡ ♡ ◠ ♡ ◡ ♡ ◠ ♡Features:❥ The most accurate lovecalculator app!❥ Measure your love in percentages!❥ Easy to use appfor girls and boys!❥ Enter your names and dates of birth!❥ Keepyour fingers crossed and wait!❥ The percentage with a cute messagewill pop out on the screen!❥ Enjoy this prank app and use for funpurposes only!♥ ◠ ♥◡ ♥ ◠ ♥ ◡ ♔ ♕ ◡ ♡ ◠ ♡ ◡ ♡ ◠ ♡This fun and unique“love calculator” will help you find your soul mate and the personyou're destined to be with. All you have to do is to write yourname and the name of your lover, enter your birth dates and presscalculate. The “love detector” will let you know the exactpercentage of love between you and your potential boyfriend orgirlfriend. If you are happy with the result you can share it withfriends. This is the perfect app for mobile devices to find yourValentine, your prince Charming or your beautiful princess. The“true love test” works great for girls as well as boys, so all ofyou can have loads of fun together, just download Should we DateCalculator for free! Find out if your blind date will be awesome ornot!Test you love first before you make any rush decisions towardsstarting a new romance. Does he or she like you or is it just afarce? Do the “love test” and find out the truth! Our love realcalculator works like any other game for couples except that youwon't get bored after some time. Test your feelings and you'll getyour “love compatibility” results in a second. This is one of thebest match makers on the market, but its designed only to make youlaugh, not cry, so don't take the results too seriously. Check lovepercentage between you and your lover or find who's your perfectmatch and the romance percentage you guys have! Find out who isyour sweetheart and download “Should we Date Calculator” free ofcharge and find your perfect partner!If you were looking for thebest among “apps for couples” then you've come to the right place!Grab your phone or tablet and play with your sweetheart and showeveryone that your couples compatibility is high! Check what is thechance of a good relationship with the one you like, download thebest “love scanner” and put your darling to a test. Date him or heronly if you get the perfect score! Bear in mind though that this“love tester” is made for entertainment purposes only and that youshouldn't take the results too seriously. But if you have a hugecrush and you can't stop thinking about this person, if you'redistracted, daydreamy, completely unproductive and totallyunfocused, you should do this loves me or not test, one of thecoolest couples games for adults and for kids. It will determinewhether you've made the right choice. Know the truth, downloadShould we Date Calculator free now!
Real Love Test Calculator 1.2 APK
Find out how he or she feels about you! Real Love Test Calculatoris one of a kind compatibility test that will measure the passionbetween you two and give the result in percentages. Find your truelove using the best free app for couples and discover if you andyour lover are a prefect match. There is an easy way to decide ifyou should stay in a relationship or start looking for a new lover.All you need to do is to enter your and his or her name and yourdates of birth. The love tester will show you with precision ifyour romance is going to last forever. Play the love game till youget the perfect result and then send it to your crush to set hisheart on fire. Make sure that your romantic story ends with happilyever after, download Real Love Test Calculator free of charge andfind your perfect partner!* ◠ ♥ ◡ * ♡ * ◡ ♥ ◠ * ♡ * ◠ ♥ ◡ * ♡ * ◡ ♥◠ *Features:♡ Easy to use prank app for phones or tablets!♡ Stateof the art scanner app for those who want to find out more abouttheir partners!♡ Enter your names and dates of birth! ♡ Hit thebutton to do the calculation!♡ Your result will be calculated andwill pop up on the screen in percentages!♡ The results come withcute and funny love messages that describe your relationship!♡Share the most romantic moments of your life on any socialnetwork!* ◠ ♥ ◡ * ♡ * ◡ ♥ ◠ * ♡ * ◠ ♥ ◡ * ♡ * ◡ ♥ ◠ *Put your loverto the test! Find out whether he or she really likes you! If youare fond of love games, this scanner software will be a real treatfor you cause it is a great game for couples who want to spend sometime together laughing. Play with the “love meter” day and nightand don't stop till you get the perfect result. Share the numberdirectly from the “love calculator” and make your friends jealous.Then play with your bffs too and have the time of you life! Do “thelove test” but don't take the results too seriously cause itspurpose is to entertain only. Do you really know each other?Surprise your lover for Valentine's day and prove that he is theone! Get this “free app” now, download Real Love Test Calculatorand let's play!This free calculator game is an excellent way tospend some quality time with your sweetheart and show him or herthat you are meant to be together. If you like dating games forgirls then you'll adore this real love test calculator for reallife. Just follow your heart and enjoy hours of entertainment andromantic feelings with this best free “love test app”. With our“app for girls” and boys it is easy to find love percentage andwhether you have the right boyfriend or girlfriend. But remember:don't take the results of the test too seriously. This is a funnyapp and it's just for fun. So go on, start having the best timeever with your Valentine, get Real Love Test Calculator for freeand have the best “love percentage calculator” on your phone ortablet!Does he like me? Is he cheating on me? Are we meant to betogether? How to “calculate my love percentage”? If you need answerto all of these questions use this real love test to accuratelycalculate what is going on between you two. Also, if you are goingon a blind date, try out the compatibility test and see if there isany chemistry going on. You just need his name and birthday to fillthe blank spaces and the matchmaker test will measure lovepercentage by horoscope. You can have tons of fun on a double datewith this free matchmaker! Get the highest score every time andlaugh at funny and cute love messages that pop out and describeyour relationship. All you have to do is to install “Real Love TestCalculator” for free! Find out the truth with this “love testerfree” of charge!
Color Effects Photo Maker 1.2 APK
Be a true artist and a professional photographer with the amazingColor Effects Photo Maker, a great app for editing pictures on yourphone or tablet. This fantastic picture editor with colorfulfilters is surely one of the best apps of its kind on the marketbecause it offers camera effects that will make colorful pics withblack and white background. Just pick the shade you want tohighlight and you'll be the the witness of real rainbow effectmagic happening before your eyes. This one of a kind color photoeditor will help you create an album full of cool edited picturesthat will take everyone's breath away. Choose to have the bestimage editing software with magic photo effects! Choose ColorEffects Photo Maker and download it for free!❀ Free app withamazing picture effects and filters for smartphones or tablets!❀Make vibrant images in an instant!❀ Cool color changer forpictures!❀ Take a pic with your selfie camera or choose from thegallery!❀ Apply your favorite filters to retouch pics!❀ A greatnumber of filters for pictures for any occasion!❀ Photo editorbackground changer and picture color!❀ Colorize part of a black andwhite pics!❀ Save to the gallery!❀ Share on major social networks,like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!“Color change photo” of youand your friends, share your artwork to any social network and havehundreds of likes. This “photo color editor” has the best photoretouching tool, which will let you create beautiful black andwhite pics with highlighted colors of your choice. Just select yourfavorite nuance of pink or green or other shades and the “colorsplash” editor will recognize it immediately. You have to make sureto edit pictures that are of good quality and with bright colors.Create desired “color effects for pictures” and and have an amazingarray of beautiful images. Perform image editing like a pro pictureeditor, play with effect of color filters on black & whitephotography and download Color Effects Photo Maker now for free onyour phone or tablet!Explore the world of “color touch” magic, freeof charge and create beautiful pieces of art in the photographyworld! Hurry up and download this unique image editing program formobile devices and a perfect accomplice in creating spectacularblack and white photographs with “color splash effects”! There isno need to paint with your finger, like with other recolor picturesapps which are imprecise and make the image a bit unprofessional.Leave all the painting to the best color splash design studio, youjust make sure that the part of the image you wish to be painted isof clear shade so that the image editing app can perform thedesired action. Retouch and highlight the parts of your black andwhite image like a true pro with state of the art camera coloreffects that you can find in “Color Effects Photo Maker”!This isnot just another black and white photo editor with color effects –it is a pro picture montage maker with which you can add effects toimages with ease and preciseness. Make photo art color magiceffects with cool filters! There are several different nuances andshades of red, blue or yellow and others at your disposal so easilychoose what you like and what you want to paint and “add color toblack and white photo” from the gallery or take a selfie with yourcamera. Paint like a pro but for free! We are sure that you won'tfind a better “photo color changer” so you should definitivelyinstall this awesome picture effect maker to create beautifulpieces of art that will make all the professional photographers sojealous! Don't waste time anymore, download Color Effects PhotoMaker free of charge and color touch every pic on your phone tomake it perfect.
Zombie Booth Photo Editor 2.3 APK
Make a scary picture prank and fool your friends with Zombie BoothPhoto Editor! This cool and spooky photo editor will help you makeincredible picture montages and eerie images to spook your bffs andfamily members. This is a very simple picture editor app thatanybody can use – just take a picture or select one from your phonegallery, then choose the grossest stickers you can find in ourcollection and adjust them to make a real zombie face. Easilycreate professional photo montages and share your creations to allsocial networks directly from this funny photo editor and havehundreds of likes! Download this Zombie Booth Photo Editor free ofcharge right this instant and join the land of theundead!⚰️⚰️Features:✔ Excellent zombie app for free!✔ Scary facemorpher on your smartphone or tablet!✔ Create spookiest pranks toscare your friends!✔ Select a pic from the gallery or take a newone!✔ Choose from the variety of stickers for photos to add to yourpics!✔ Cool stickers to turn yourself into a zombie! ✔ Adjust thesticker to fit your image, change the size with your fingers!✔Convert yourself into a living dead and make the coolest zombiepics with your friends!✔ Share your piece of art on Facebook,Twitter, Instagram!Enjoy retouching your images in this “horrorphoto editor” and “get your picture zombified” in an instant! Bethe part of the walking dead apocalypse and create gloomy picturemontages that will scare even the bravest out of their wits. Allthat you need is your smartphone or tablet and of course thisamazing and free photo booth and you can add stickers to picturesof friends or to your selfies. The result will be “scary picturesprank” with bloody details like scars or eyeballs falling out thatwill spook anyone senseless. When they see the zombie photo you andthem will scream in fear! Prepare for the ultimate photo editorwhen it comes to face montage and zombie editors! Download “ZombieBooth Photo Editor” for free today!Install this spooky “zombiebooth free” for extreme entertainment! If you want to make “zombiepictures” that will send chills down your spine then you should getthe best photo editor in the world when it comes to zombie facemakers. This is not just an ordinary “zombie photo editor”, it isalso a picture booth that you can write words on picture, so becreative and add text to photos of you and your friends and createyour own posters for horror movies. Our scary picture editor formaking zombie photos is just perfect for Halloween or other partieswhen you need some extra fun. You can use it as a great prank appto convince your friends that you have an army of the undead. Asyou can see, this “zombie face app” has many possibilities. Don'twaste more time, download free Zombie Booth Photo Editor now!Get a“zombie camera booth free” on your smartphone or tablet and createcool montages on your very mobile device. We guarantee that thereis no better scary photo editor on the market when it comes to“zombie maker” apps so you might as well install this zombie imagegenerator and worry no more. You can make stunning images withspecial photo stickers that look so real as if they were made byphotography professionals. There are several combinations that youcan use to make an ideal zombie transformation. Create images ofthe living dead and have a real photo fun using this amazing facemorphing app with picture stickers and zombie camera effects onyour pics. Make yourself into a zombie! Download Zombie Booth PhotoEditor for free and create zombie face now!