/ July 15, 2013
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** Help Noah and his son put the animals intotheir ark! **
Noah´s Ark is the perfect story for the smallest kids at home. Noahand his son must find the animals, capture them and put them intothe ark. It´s important for them to take along two of each species,so that the animals don´t feel lonely.
Noah´s son has to spot the goats in the mountains, the crocodilesin the river and the serpents underground!
Noah´s Ark is riddled with surprises to be uncovered. Fifteen pagesin full color with fun sound effects and a multitude of interactiveelements that are very enjoyable for small children. Of course, theAutoplay option is available. From 3 years and up.

Additional features:
Interactive surprises guaranteed!!
15 pages of color graphics
Narration of the text
Enchanting sound effects!
Original music compositions.
´Read myself´ and ´Read to me´ options.
For readers over 3 years old.

App Information Noah's Ark MULTI

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★★ A well-loved fairytale comes to life with PlayTales ★★PlayTales Children Book - Free version (with ads)This books and many more, in other languages, at PlayTales Store.Two brave children, an evil step- mother, a house made of sweetsand chocolate, and a horrible witch. This well -known story bringstogether ingredients both sickly and sweet, with a Touch ofimagination it has been transformed into a magical PlayTales!Young Hansel and Gretel are brother and sister, after beingabandoned in the forest; they discover an amazing house made ofchocolate and candies. But… careful! Sometimes appearances can bedeceiving. If you don’t know this story yet, this version of theclassic will not disappoint!Enjoy this authentic fairytale with 17 pages full of interactiveelements and brightly colored illustrations which will bring usersan enchanting reading experience. With sound effects and originallycomposed music each page has been carefully designed for littlereaders!A delicious fairytale that you’ll want to read again andagain!Special Features• Interactive fun guaranteed!• 17 pages to enjoy• Colorful and child friendly graphics• Text Narration• Spell bound sound effects!• Original classical music and sound effects• ‘Read by myself’, ‘Read to Me’ and ‘Autoplay’ options• Adapted for children ages 6+
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Beauty and the Beast (MULTI) APK
** Can a beautiful girl truly fall in love with a horrible beast?**Playtales is excited to add to its catalogue one of the mostpopular classics of children’s literature, “Beauty and theBeast”.The story beautifully reiterates once again that true beautylies within, beyond one’s mere physical appearance. It´s full ofcolorful illustrations that will inspire even the youngest ofchildren, thanks to the many interactive elements and soundsincorporated into every page. For children 8+. Add it to yourcollection today!This beautiful love story between a sweet, gentle young girl andterrible Beast posses a great question: Is the Beast truly soterrible? Behind his intimidating appearance hides a huge heart andgreat tenderness for his new love.But this classic tale of love doesn’t start perfectly. TheBeast, isolated from the others, imprisons a merchant who issearching for a rose for one of his daughters. The merchant becomesill and must return home, but not without his daughter sacrificingherself in his place. Thus starts the curiously endearing story oflove between Beauty and the Beast.Additional features:· Multilanguage (English and Spanish)· Interactive surprises guaranteed!!· 12 pages of colorful, child friendly graphics.· Story narration· Exciting sound effects and original music!· Option to “Read by myself” or “Read to me” and “Autoplay”· For ages 8+.
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★★ ¡Espejito, espejito! ¿Quién es la máshermosa del reino? ★★Uno de los cuentos favoritos de todos los tiempos ya estádisponible en la librería de PlayTales.Este libro y muchos más, en otros idiomas, en PlayTalesStore.PlayTales Libros para niños - versión gratuita (con publicidad).Disfruta de esta bella versión de Blancanieves, imprescindibleen la biblioteca de todos los niños.La reina, madrastra de Blancanieves, pregunta constantemente asu espejito mágico quién es la mujer más bella del reino. El espejosiempre responde lo que la reina quiere oír hasta que, un día, elespejito le dice que Blancanieves es en realidad la mujer másbella, con su piel blanca como la nieve y el pelo negro comoazabache.La reina, furiosa, ordena a un cazador que se ocupe deBlancanieves. ¡Y así comienza este mágico cuento de hadas!Blancanieves se verá perdida en mitad de un bosque y allí comienzasu aventura.Blancanieves es el cuento perfecto para lectores de 6 años enadelante, lleno de sorpresas interactivas que aportan el toque demagia final a este cuento clásico.¡Ten cuidado! ¡Este touchybook incluye un espejito mágico, unamanzana envenenada y un beso de amor verdadero!• Sorpresas interactivas garantizadas.•15 páginas llenas de ilustraciones a todo color.• Texto narrado con voz.•Efectos de sonido envolventes.* Banda sonora original.• Opciones de “leerlo yo mismo” y “léemelo”• Para lectores de Touchybooks de 6 años en adelante.★★ Mirror, mirror! Who isthe most beautiful of the kingdom? ★★One of the favorite stories of all time is now available in thelibrary of PlayTales.This book and many more, in other languages, in PlayTalesStore.PlayTales Books for children - free version (with ads).Enjoy this beautiful version of Snow White, essential in thelibrary of every child.The Queen, Snow White's stepmother repeatedly asks her mirrorwho is the fairest of women. The mirror always answered what thequeen wants to hear until one day the mirror tells her that SnowWhite is indeed the most beautiful woman, with her skin as white assnow and hair black as ebony.The queen, furious, orders a hunter to deal with Snow White. Andso begins this magical fairy tale! Snow White finds herself in themiddle of a forest and her adventure begins.Snow White is perfect for readers ages 6 and up, full ofinteractive surprises that bring touch of magic to this classictale.Be careful! This Touchybook includes a magic mirror, a poisonedapple and true love's kiss!• Guaranteed interactive surprises.• 15 pages of color illustrations.• Text Narration.• Effects of surround sound.* Original soundtrack.• 'Read by myself "and" read to me "• For readers Touchybooks 6 and older.
The Tale of Tickles APK
** Do you giggle when you’re tickled? **Well then, this PlayTales full of giggles and tickles is perfectfor you!Children Book - free version (with ads).This books and many more, in other languages, at PlayTalesStore.Just as this tale explains at the start, EVERYONE likes to betickled! And with “The Tale of Tickles,” you’ll see just howchildren young and old react to this hilarious sensation.But wait, there’s more! Have fun making a wide range ofdifferent animals giggle, from a precious puppy dog or an innocentmole to naughty monkeys and even more exotic animals, like ahippopotamus and a whale. You’ll see that even trees can’t resistthe urge to giggle when they’re tickled!This story is filled with vibrant and lively illustrations thatare full of color and fun. It also features lots of sound effectsand interactive pages, ideal for even the youngest of children!Additional features:- Interactive surprises guaranteed!!- 12 pages of colorful graphics- Narration to the story- Exciting sound effects and original music ♫!- Option to “Read by myself” or “Read to me.”- For ages 3+.