1.6.1 / February 2, 2021
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Noiser is white noise generator without logins, subscription orpayment walls. Noiser is new app and has currently few sounds butwill get more over time and more based on user suggestions. Noiseralso has web version https://noiser.io/ which works on your allother devices like desktops, tablets or other phones than Androiddevices. Noiser.io website gets all new features first beforeAndroid app due ease of development and pre testing reasons.Features • White noise generator. • Can play multiple sounds atonce. • Web version for other devices: https://noiser.io/ Apppermissions • Internet connection. - No identity related or nonsense permissions. Current sounds are recorded by Nitramite invarious locations. Links Contact:http://www.nitramite.com/contact.html Eula:http://www.nitramite.com/eula.html Privacy:http://www.nitramite.com/privacy-policy.html

App Information Noiser - Free high quality white noise generator

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    Noiser - Free high quality white noise generator
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    February 2, 2021
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    Android 6.0 and up
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    Music & Audio
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    Villiläntie 279 32740 Sastamala
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