1.5.8 / October 13, 2016
(3.8/5) (1164)


Discover the next generation RPG withEndlessFight! Enjoy MMO experience with new idle gameplay andfineartwork. Join the EPIC battles against endless bloodthirstyenemiesin the fantasy world. Unleash Skills by just arrangingandselecting them. Boost your gears and wings to slay and huntdemonsin dungeons!


* 3 basic classes for you to choose from
* Endless Battles on several unique and ancient fields.
* Unmatchable effects with fine artwork.
* 100+ quests for you to challenge!
* Earn Gold, Gems and Gears to forge your own Relics andWings
*Customized fantastic look and improve your character as well astheheroes!
* 100+ quests for you to challenge!
* Power up and fight against the Dark Lords with your skillsandrunes

Find ways to boost your power and strive in thisultimateWars!

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App Information Nonstop Battle

  • App Name
    Nonstop Battle
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  • Updated
    October 13, 2016
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Foyo Games
  • Installs
    50,000 - 100,000
  • Price
  • Category
    Role Playing
  • Developer
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    Level 54 Hopewell Centre 183 Queen's Road East Hong Kong
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口袋冒險王 1.4.01 APK
Foyo Games
【創新放置類RPG顛覆傳統】《口袋冒險王》首創掛機4.0模式,將點擊的概念引入了遊戲之中,不斷通過點擊的參與感徹底擺脫傳統掛機的單調體驗,保留其精髓玩法。遊戲對玩家在線與離線的收益做了精確配比,在關閉遊戲之後會根據當前關卡、攻擊力等一系列數值的判斷給予相應金幣收益。【瘋狂點擊簡單粗暴殺boss】《口袋冒險王》不走尋常路,無觸點操作上限,遇見BOSS級別的魔王需要在規定時間內將其擊殺。這考驗的不僅僅是玩家的耐力,更是考驗手速的時刻,瘋狂點擊,痛在指尖,樂在心扉。【多線養成暢享超高自由度】遊戲在養成線上與傳統掛機遊戲大相徑庭,最原始的裝備系統被神器、符文、寵物、星光所代替,多元化的成長線,超高自由度的遊戲體驗讓玩家切實感受掛機遊戲的真正魅力。【卡牌收集打造最強英雄】大魔王挑戰驚險刺激,同樣也充滿驚喜,玩家在成功挑戰各種大魔王之後將會得到他們碎片,在多次挑戰之後碎片可以合成卡片收入玩家的麾下,收集這些卡片能夠為玩家帶來額外的屬性收益,盡情打造屬於你的最強英雄吧![Innovation] to overturnthe traditional RPG class placement"Pocket Adventure King" first 4.0-hook mode, click on theintroduction of the concept of the game itself, continue byclicking on the sense of participation to completely get rid of themonotony of the traditional hook experience, retaining its essenceplay. Game players online and offline revenue to do the exactratio, after closing the game will be given the appropriate goldearnings at the discretion of the current level, and a series ofattack values.Click [crazy] simple and crude to kill boss"Pocket Adventure King" does not take the unusual way, the upperlimit of non-contact operation, met the devil BOSS-level needswithin the specified time to kill. This test not only the player'sendurance, but a test of hand speed moments, crazy click, pain inthe fingertips, music in their hearts.Chiefly line to develop and enjoy high degree of freedom]Develop online games in very different with the traditional hookgames, most original equipment system is replaced by artifacts,runes, pets, Stars and diversified line growth, high degree offreedom of the game allows players to experience the game trulyfeel the real hook charm.[Collect cards to build the strongest heroes]Big challenge devil thrills, also full of surprises, the players inthe success of the various challenges they will be after the bigdevil debris, after many challenges fragments can be synthesizedunder the command of the player card income, these cards can becollected for the players to bring additional properties income,enjoy create your strongest hero now!
Nonstop Battle 1.5.8 APK
Foyo Games
Discover the next generation RPG withEndlessFight! Enjoy MMO experience with new idle gameplay andfineartwork. Join the EPIC battles against endless bloodthirstyenemiesin the fantasy world. Unleash Skills by just arrangingandselecting them. Boost your gears and wings to slay and huntdemonsin dungeons!*GAME FEATURES** 3 basic classes for you to choose from* Endless Battles on several unique and ancient fields.* Unmatchable effects with fine artwork.* 100+ quests for you to challenge!* Earn Gold, Gems and Gears to forge your own Relics andWings*Customized fantastic look and improve your character as well astheheroes!* 100+ quests for you to challenge!* Power up and fight against the Dark Lords with your skillsandrunesFind ways to boost your power and strive in thisultimateWars!LIKE US viaFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/NonstopBattle/Contact Us: cs@foyoent.com
에버배틀 1.6.5 APK
Foyo Games
■ 게임특징 ■전통 RPG 입니다24시간 자동전투가 가능합니다.게임외 다른볼일 보실때 자동전투시스템으로주무실때 켜두시면 저절로 자동전투 가능하게 해서 편리합니다.휴식은 노! 당신이 잠든 사이에도 자동성장은 계속 된다!편하지만 있을건 다있다100+많은 퀴스트 강화 합성 10여종 강화시스템코스튬 날개 신기 보석 제련다양한 성장을 통해 강력해지는 전투력을 경험하라!무한 아레나로 자신보다 높은순위의 유저를 도전격파하여 실력을 과시하자당양한 이벤트 보상 총전/레벨보상
卡戰無雙 - 非一般の競技遊戲 1.6.16 APK
Foyo Games
全民微競技兵法策略卡牌,跨服競技,巔峰對決!名臣良將皆看慣,兵法謀略坐笑談。《卡戰無雙》邀您來戰!三國名將、戰馬、兵書盡入囊中,專屬套牌任您打造;謀略制勝,兵法破敵,逆轉戰局,掃蕩三國大地;真人在線對決,拼卡組,鬥牌技,掠城池;結盟友,雇卡牌,集資源,齊抗敵。登主公寶座,一統三國,帶給您前所未有的玩法體驗!【遊戲特色】——精美畫風、江山國色——古典宮殿城池建築,史實三國大地圖!萬軍辟易的猛將,沉魚落雁的美人,躍然卡上,栩栩如生!——多元卡組、獨特技能——數百名魏蜀吳群雄武將任您選擇,士兵卡、戰馬卡、兵書卡助您絕地逆襲!史實兵法技能重現,呂布的無敵,陸遜的火攻,諸葛亮的空城退敵,各顯神通!——攻城略地、征戰三國——追隨歷史步伐,見證經典戰役,占城池,集武將,強化手中卡牌!平定黃巾之亂,討伐逆賊董卓,血戰呂溫侯,官渡之戰大顯身手!——真人競技、在線對決——實時挑戰真實玩家,搶佔城池,奪取玉璽!拼卡組,鬥牌技,看天下誰是英雄!——共建聯盟、攜手破敵——加入聯盟,僱傭驕兵悍將,取長補短,還有可觀收入呢!建設聯盟,開發聯盟功能,收集稀有武將不再難!National CompetitiveArtof War strategy of micro card, inter-servicesports,match-ups!Ming Chen good will are used to seeing, the art of war strategytakea joke. "Warriors fight card" invites you to war!Three star, horses, military strategy to make into thebag,exclusive deck-you-build; outmaneuver, the art of war to defeattheenemy, to reverse the war, raiding three earth; live onlineduel,fight card set, fighting licensing technology, swept thecity;alliance Friends, employment cards, set of resources,Qienemy.Gordon lord throne, dominate the three countries, to bringyouunprecedented gameplay experience![Game Features]- Exquisite style, color Jiangshan Guo -Classical palace city architecture, historical facts Threelargemap!Reggie hosts on the provision of easy, beauties beauty,vividlycard, lifelike!- Multi deck, unique skills -Hundreds of Wei, Shu and Wu generals pack of your choice,soldiercard, Maca war, military strategy cards to help youJedicounter-attack!Art of war skills to reproduce facts, Riboud invincible, LuXun'sFire Attack, Zhuge Liang empty city Tuidi recount!- Lose ground to war three countries -Follow the pace of history, witnessed a classic battle,representingthe city, set generals, strengthen the hands of thecard!Chaos put down the Yellow Turban crusade against the usurperDongZhuo, Lu Swinhoe bloody battle, the Battle of Guandu to showtheirtalents!- Live sports, online showdown -Challenge real players in real time, to seize the city,capturedYuxi!Fight card set, fighting licensing technology, who see the worldisa hero!- To build a coalition, to join hands to defeat the enemy-To join the alliance, proud soldiers Titans hire each other,thereis a substantial income too!Building alliances, development alliance functions, collectraregenerals no longer difficult!
修羅亂舞EX 1.1.23 APK
Foyo Games
復娛遊戲首款ARPG格鬥手遊「修羅亂舞EX」,邀您征戰四方、稱霸三國!●原味三國,經典戰役熱血重現!●視覺盛宴,藍光級別高清畫質!●激情 P K,刀光劍影暢爽連擊!●策略搭配,上陣拼比最強主公!●全民福利,每日豪禮精彩不斷!——遊戲特色——【夢回三國,豐厚大禮拿個不停】每日登錄送豪禮,將魂珍稀道具拿不停!再不必擔心不儲值也玩不下去,登錄簽到大量元寶送給妳!更有搖錢樹可以每天搖一搖,上萬金幣免費送!【武鬥競技,最強王者終落誰手】無限制PK挑戰賽,妳若敢戰,戰鬥力神馬都是浮雲!無論勝負均能獲得榮譽,用以兌換橙色稀有武將與珍稀道具,精彩玩轉不停!【名將收集,酷炫絕技亮瞎雙眼】收集武魂激活武將,上陣自由組合武將,每名武將皆有自己獨特絕技,激活武緣可獲得強大武力加成!最強三國英雄,為妳而戰!【自由操控,摒棄傳統搖桿操作】遊戲操作自由,遊戲中使用劃屏沖鋒及雙擊閃避,釋放絕技及躲避boss攻擊,遊戲中人物有三種兵器,滑動切換,將深層次操作策略與多樣化戰鬥形態結合起來!Entertainment complexfighting game first hand tour ARPG "Shura Flurry EX" campaignQuartet invites you to dominate the three!● Three flavor, reproduce the classic battle of blood!● visual feast, Blu-level HD quality!● Passion P K, swords smooth cool combo!● policy mix, the battle to fight than the strongest lord!● universal welfare, daily Hao Li, constantly exciting!- Game Features -[Dreams of the Three Kingdoms, take a non-stop huge gift]Daily Log send Hao Li, the soul of rare props to get non-stop! Thendo not have to worry about gift is also not going to play, a lot ofgold to the login sign u! More money tree can shake every day,thousands of gold coins for free delivery![Militant athletics, the strongest king who hands down final]Unlimited PK Challenge, if u dare war, fighting God horses areclouds! Regardless of the outcome can gain honor for redemptionorange rare generals and rare props, wonderful Fun stop![Famous collection, cool stunt bright eyes blind]Collect generals Wuhun activation, free combination battlegenerals, generals Jie each their own unique skills, activatepowerful military force available margin bonus! The strongest threeheroes, fight to u![Freedom control, instead of the traditional joystick]Free game play, the game program screen using assault anddouble-click to dodge, and avoid releasing boss stunt attack,characters in the game, there are three weapons, slide switch, thedeep operating strategy and diverse fighting shape combined!
마이 히어로즈 APK
Foyo Games
■ 게임소개무장조합 작전군단전 국가전 진영전 천계 토벌지금 바로 삼국지 속 최강의 장수들을 모아 당신만의 독한 전쟁이야기를 펼쳐주세요!▶ 기존게임과 비교를 거부한다! 차별화 된 게임 시스템!▶ 수십 여 종의 개성과 특색 있는 삼국지 영웅들!▶ 귀여워?! 하지만 엄~청 강한 성장 시스템!▶ 나만의최고의 팀 구현 가능!■ About the gameCombined armed operations around the former national army campsaround the celestial Subjugation Today gathered in the Three Kingdoms ultimate longevity,please spread the bitter war stories of your own!▶ refuses compared with the same game! Differentiated gamingsystem!▶ The Three Kingdoms heroes dozens of personality traits andspecies!▶? Cute! However, strong growth Moth ~ Office system! ▶ only possible implementation of the best team!
에버배틀 for Kings 1.6.9 APK
Foyo Games
에에버배틀 for king는G+ 구글 접속 추가G메일으로 접속 원하시면 에버배틀 for king 다운 하세요.---------------------------------------------------------------------전사, 마법사, 요정 전통 RPG 입니다~제련, 강화, 승급, 합성, 계승, 룬, 마스터리등 10가지 강화시스템24시간 자동전투가 가능합니다. 게임외 다른볼일 보실때 자동전투시스템으로주무실때 켜두시면 저절로 자동전투 가능하게 해서 편리합니다.어느새 강해진 내캐릭을 보고 뿌듯해집니다PVP, 점령전에 길드 대전까지, 전통 RPG 세계관을 바탕으로 펼쳐지는 모험.간단하지만 있을 건 다 있는 본격 방치형 RPG에 빠져보세요!■ 게임특징 ■▶ 모바일에서 경험할 수 없었던 다양한 클래스- 뺏고 뺏기는약탈,지욱성채쟁탈- 광채굴 서버점령전- 코스튬 날개 신기 보석 성장 시스템- 다양한 스킬교체- 던전 파티던전,장얘도전 보스도전▶ 대규모 전투 PVP 시스템▶ 실시간 파티 플레이 시스템▶ 성장형 용병 시스템Add Everton battleforking are connected to Google G +For connection to G-mail, please download Everton battleforking.---------------------------------------------------------------------Warrior, Wizard, Elf traditional RPG ~Smelting, enhance, upgrade, compositing, succession, runes,Mastery,including 10 kinds of reinforcement systems You can auto-battle 24 hours. Other games combat systemtoautomatically find other errandsWhen jumusil kyeodu simyeon easy to make itselfautomaticbattle.Suddenly I see the stronger is proud CarrickPVP, Guild War prior to the occupation, the adventure unfoldsbasedon the traditional RPG world.But when the real thing simply indulge in the left-type RPG!Game Features ■ ■▶ various classes could experience on a mobile- Ppaetgo ppaetgineun looting, captured the fort jiuk- Light mining server occupied ago- Costume jewelry to wear with wings growing system- Various skills Replacement- Dungeon Party Dungeon, Boss challenge Challenge jangyae▶ massive PVP combat system▶ Real-time party play system▶ Growth mercenary system
논스톱 레전드 7.0.3 APK
Foyo Games
바빠서 게임 할 시간도 없는 당신이제 논스톱레전드다!접속하지 않아도 폭풍성장!누구나 쉽게 즐길 수 있는 자동전투오프라인에서도 계속 전투한다!빠른 성장과 강한 전투력으로 전쟁에 참여하라!힘을 합쳐 왕관을 쟁탈하는 파티대전!함께라서 더 의미있는 대결!전투와 채팅은 멈추지 않는다!실력으로 승부하여 왕이 되어라서버를 뛰어넘는 대전, 전 서버 유저와의 격돌전 서버를 통틀어 최강자가 될 자 누구인가다양한 보상으로 영웅들을 응원한다다양한 아이템으로 영웅을 무장하자!You do not even havetimeto busy gameNow the legendary non-stop!Do not connect the growing storm!Auto-battle Anyone can easily enjoyThe battle continues even when you're offline!Fast growth and a strong attack power get involved in the war!Parties join forces captured the crown of War!Because that means more confrontation with!Combat does not stop and chat!Be the king to fight with skillBeyond the server war, before smashing the user and theserverThroughout the entire server to be authorized persons who havethestrongestAnd cheer the hero in a variety of rewardsLet the hero armed with a variety of items!