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What would you like to eat today spicy noodle, Brasil noodle,creamy noodle or cheese noodle? There is a complete recipe of everynoodle. Never worry if you are not chef and you are not havingcooking skills and experience, because you are going to surprise toyour close people to cook one of your favorite noodle dish. Be achef at your own home, just go to your kitchen and get all thenoodle item cut them and bake delicious and delightful noodles withfull of vitamins and cleanliness. When we eat our favorite flavorof noodle, outside of the home we have to eat what we have served,hence no more this would be. Because you are going to get a lot funwith noodle maker – Kids Cooking and bake noodle of your owndesire, either spicy, normal or what you are in your mind. Makecutting of item and bake it. When you prepared your meal ofnoodles, place add-ons of different tastes and styles, changewallpaper option, use different style forks and use best sideorders to make a good and romantic picture. Now enjoy your dishwith full of fun and appetite.Noodle Maker – Kids Cooking can be aninteresting and best cooking game for your child and amuse themwith fun and entertainment. Get best result and HD Noodle Makerthat leads you to wonderful dish**FEATURES**With best content ofnoodlesA learning application which give a complete detail andsteps to bake noodlesEntertain world’s most eating food throughnoodle maker – Kids CookingPrepare noodle of your own choice andtaste, having different categoriesBe a chef and get adventure withNoodle Maker – Kids CookingNever worry when your wife is away fromyou, cook noodle maker to follow Noodle Maker – KidsCookingInteresting and best game for the child and littlegirlsCooking Game for your children Amuse your child with noodlemaker – Kids CookingFREE for AllI used Noodle Maker – Kids Cookingand it is made too interesting and simple, because there iscomplete instruction with every step and hence I made Cheese noodleone of my favorite.

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    Noodle Maker - Kids Cooking
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    November 26, 2014
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Oxic Games
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French Fries are not all about to fry only potatoes, to cookperfect French-fries is a step by step process. Make French-Friesmore and more delicious with French-Fries Maker. How to bakeFrench-Fries in best manner, it will tell you French-Fries maker.This is an interesting app with an out class animations andeffects. French-Fries Maker can be a best game for you, because itcontains surprising and interesting content to amuse your littlebaby. Give them the knowledge of android with French-Fries Maker.French-Fries Maker not only teach you the complete recipe ofFrench-Fries yet it also gives you different ad-ones which makeyour French-Fries more delicious and tasteful. Enjoy every momentwith different style and attitude. Cook French-Fries you and makeinteresting environment with interesting and beautiful backgroundchange option. Potatoes are healthiest vegetable in the world anduse French-Fries Maker to entertain them and make a lot of fun withyour friends and family circle.**FEATURES**Learn how to makeFrench-Fries more delicious and tastefulFrench-Fries Maker can be abest game for your childWith best control, it seems you areoriginally preparing French-FriesFREE and EntertainingapplicationShare option with Facebook, Gmail, Skype and all othersocial mediaEasy to understand and learnWith perfect and famousad-onesNote: This application is very easy to understand and learnand if you feel trouble to operate then there is a completeknowledge with every step and make it user friendly with differentindicator.
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It is Pattern Screen Lock Ultimate best, FREEand unbeatable. Pattern Screen Lock Ultimate is made stylish andmore comfort as compared to other screen lock. Pattern Screen LockUltimate is more reliable to use because you never worry toremember some pass code and password type boring job every timewhen you unlock your screen. You know what it is very interestingand ease to use Pattern Screen Lock Ultimate and it gives you asense of security and safety because if your friend will desire toaccess your SMS and phone book then he can’t because you only knowyour specific pattern to unlock your screen. I was using a screenlock with some password credential and it was very boring andhectic job to use it and even if you forget your password you haveto make your android refresh and all your data and storage would befinished and no more. It is the beauty of Pattern Screen LockUltimate that if you forget your pattern, never worry and this isnot the end because there is “Home Button” option to unlock yourandroid phone and you can save your record hence. Pattern ScreenLock Ultimate is designed with some beautiful and special designingeffects and it gives your android a smart and handsome look. I willrecommend using Pattern Screen Lock Ultimate because it is the bestin sense of security, reliability and gives your android a pleasurelook.--------------------**FEATURES**--------------------A latest and fashioned appWith no cost, use it for FREEGive your android a graceful lookSimple to use and understandReliable in term of securityEasy to remember Pattern as compared to Pass codeAvoid you to remember some password and pass code credentialsStylish display of Time and DateA big advantage of saving your phone book and SMS and manymoreSave your battery and never use too much battery of yourandroid--------------------How to Use?--------------------Install Pattern Screen Lock Ultimate FREE of costGo to Setting modeMake Pattern of your own choiceIt is selected nowEnable the lock to use as Screen lockHence it is working
Pedometer Ultimate 1.0 APK
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This is here Pedometer Ultimate presentation,look there screens of Pedometer Ultimate one of new and latestapplication we are introducing for you. We run and we run fast andfast but never know about the details of running time. How muchnumber of steps we run and very important how much calories weconsume? So guys let’s get up and install advance feature ofPedometer Ultimate in your android. You don’t need to have a coachwho looks after your running phase; Pedometer Ultimate is the bestchoice and best alternative of a coach. Make yourself coach of yourown, and improve your running speed and count your calories ondaily basis report generate by Pedometer Ultimate. PedometerUltimate is easy to use and operate and it is quite easy tounderstand its functionality. Target the steps which you haveplanned to run and hence Pedometer Ultimate will inform you:How many steps you run out of your target steps?How much calories you reduce today?How much distance you travel?And detail of your speed?All this detail is informed you on daily basis and it will storein your android in the form of a summary, Pedometer Ultimate isgoing to your favorite app because it treats you like a coach toimprove your health and fitness and help you to increase yourrunning time and work in your calories reduction process.**HOW TO USE? **Install it for FREETap on play buttonNow place your android into your pocket and zip itHence the magic of pedometer ultimate is started**FEATURES**Improve your health and fitnessNo need to have a coachFREE!SD card saving optionSimple and easy to learnWith unique idea and best applicationHelp you to reduce your weightGive you a complete summary of your running
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I am having a great love toward pets andespecially for my “Jacky”, great it is to touch him softly and hisbeautiful hairs insists me to make more and more love toward him.Here I found that today almost all people have a great love and funwith pets, I made Pattern Screen Lock Pets a gift for such peopleto keep their pet in their android and give them a lovely lookevery time when they unlock their android. When you unlock yourandroid with Pattern Screen Lock Pets, jacky will give youexpression when you touch him, it looks so charming and interestingthat you will definitely love Pattern Screen Lock Pets.A dog is too faithful animal that a man can never, he dies butprotects you. He is sitting in your lock screen to make yourandroid safe and secure from the unauthorized users and protectyour Gallery, Setting and SMS from every one. Only you allow usingyour android giving your pattern and you are welcome to the androidapps. Pattern Screen Lock Pets is best and having a lot fun andcheers with exciting look.**FEATURES**A unique and different ideaBest and interestingEasy to memorize pattern as compared to pass codeGive your android an attentive lookA quality work is implementedBig and HD display of Pattern and DogsSplendid display of Time and DateA great fun for those who love towards petsA pattern and Pets combination, Give double advantageFREE and Top Entertainment application………………………………….HOW TO USE?………………………………….Install Pattern Screen Lock PetsEnable the Pattern Screen Lock PetsTap on Set pattern optionSet your favorite patternAnd it is working
An Aquarium Live Wallpaper 1.0 APK
Oxic Games
This is my Android screen looking too muchglorious and glassy with An Aquarium Live Wallpapers. Cubic aquariatank is filled with transparent and crystal water, how thebeautiful scene is there. I am feeling myself inside of the waterwhere fishes are walking here and there in grassy and greeneryenvironment. The presence of beautiful flowers with colorful fishesgives a charming look to my android. With moving particles of waterand fragrance of flowers give me a feeling of pleasure when I lookon my android screen.An Aquarium Live Wallpaper is a wonderful application withfreshwater aquarium, which enhances the grace of your android withpleasant look. Especially when colorful fishes walk from one sideof the aquaria to another side, it gives 3D look and feel you thatany time fish will come outside to your android. Best and new ideafor you, I will strongly recommend you to use my An Aquarium LiveWallpaper a wonderful app with the best collection of An AquariumLive Wallpaper.FEATURES and CHARACTERISTICS:With amazing collection of live wallpapersWonderful idea and perfect implantationFREE to use for allGive pretty look to your androidPerfect color combination, with moving effectsAn Aquarium Live Wallpaper will help to think somethingcreativeWith High Definition and 1080p result of every wallpaperWith some more extraordinary flavors of live wallpapers likebubble, Black hole and Blue skiesEasy to use, just one tap to set wallpaper
Milk Shake - Maker 1.1 APK
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Hello kids..! Let’s come around me I have one thing veryinteresting and funny for you. Now never feel yourself feeble andweak because I bring for you a healthful and full of fun kid’sgame, its milk shake - maker. Just choose your favorite fruitflavor from the variety of fruit category, there is apple,strawberry, orange, banana and peach. Choose what you suite bestand shake it with milk and get healthier and stronger life. Thesimple and stylish layout with wonderful kitchen scene will makeyou pleasure and funny. The best use of animation in Milk Shake -Maker, gives the good control to use and understand. When you getyour Milk Shake - Maker, move towards the next level choose whatpottery and cup you would like to use for drinking the shake. MilkShake - Maker is really cool and nice app having nice decorativeitems and ad-ones with Milk Shake - Maker. Milk Shake - Maker isnot just only a kids cooking game, yet it is a motivation for yourlittle baby to use milk and fruits to make them healthier andstronger so install this big effort and rate with five stars topromote this application .FEATURESBest cooking and kid’s gameMilkShake - Maker, a motivation for your child to use milk andfruitsWith nice and easy controlEasy to use and understandWithoriginal objects and animationNicely feature of ad-ones andbackground scene change optionFREE for all kids and adultsPost yourshake on the FACEBOOK wallpaperSD card saving option facility
Cup Cake - Maker 1.1 APK
Oxic Games
We are living in fast age; it’s become fashion to be quick andfast. Everyone tries to spend best time and with maximum saving oftime. It effects on the food also, hence those foods are morepopular which are reliable to eat and ease to use. Hence come tothe point Cup cake, a light weight but delicious food which you caneat when you don’t want to eat heavy type material in food. So weare presenting this idea with more style and comfort with the helpof cooking game using best animations and effects. Cup cake looksmore pretty, younger and smart with different decorating materialto make the scene glorious and shining, the special thing about CupCake - Maker is the use of Sharing option with Facebook whichfacilitates to post your cup cake into facebook to update yourfriend what’s new you are tasting today. **FEATURES**Withbackground change optionWith best collection of ad-onesWithcomplete recipe of cake bakingKnowledge getting and learningapplicationFree to useCup Cake - Maker the best source ofentertainment for your little babies and childWith stylishlayoutInteresting, funny and tasty appEasy to use andunderstandUpload your cake cup on to facebook or twitter andetcSaving to SD card option
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It is the globalization which makes thisworldlittle and small and we named as “global village”, here is thenewapplication Weather Forecast Extended capturing all theworld’sweather updates reports. It really makes you feel that worldisreally a so small that it can be captured in an android. Thinkthisphrase wherever you are and whenever you can let know abouttheweather of any city of the world. This is not the endWeatherForecast Extended will give you a detail and prediction oftheweather of next four upcoming days. How it will be? Whether hotorcloudy? This is the art to know something before the time.WeatherForecast Extended will also help you to plan your businessgoalsand achievement. Whenever you are going to make some deal withyourclient, before this look it to your Weather Forecast Extendedandget aware about the weather updates of not current time butnextfour days also, you are locating London and you want to goParisthere is Weather Forecast Extended which gives you details oftheweather of Paris. You can get the knowledge of:HumidityPrecipitationPressureVisibilityHence don’t wait for the report of weather on TV screen andneverwait for the session of weather report on TV. There isWeatherForecast Extended in your android take the knowledge ofweather anytime anywhere and makes the world so small that can fitinto yourandroid.**FEATURES**Update option is there to make synchronize with the serverUnit change option for TemperatureUnit change option for WindMultiple city search optionSD card Save optionFacebook sharing optionGet know about the day and night update of any city oftheworldMagical app which gives you weather report of the wholeworldanytime