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The unemployment rate of Pakistan increases every year andeveryonewants to find a good job so that he can survive in thisworld. Aswe all know that most of the government Departmentsemployed peoplethrough different testing agencies such as NTS(National TestingServices), OTS (Open testing Services), PTS(Pakistan TestingServices), BTS Baluchistan Testing Services. TheseTesting agencieshave some sort of procedures which have to becompleted to beemployed in government sector. FPSC (Federal PublicServiceCommission is also a government agency which is responsiblefor therecruitments of civil servants and bureaucrats and thisagency alsohas a proper procedure for the recruitments. All othertestingagencies has to be fulfilled a proper written test foranyrecruitment and it is not a piece of cake to pass such tests.So,for the people we have developed this complete guide NTS andFPSCpreparation app to help you to success such tests. Now theprivatecompanies working in Pakistan come to these testing agenciesforthe recruitments of their post so that they have to find arightperson at a right place.This NTS and FPSC test preparationappprovides you a complete guide that how to solve such tests andalsoprepares you to give such tests. NTS and FPSC test preparationappis very easy to use and it gives you a complete overview ofsuchtests. You can give test of different sections as in thetestswhich are to be taken by the testing agencies and after thatitgives your result immediate and also tells the right answers ofthequestions. It also tells your right answers as well as yourwronganswers so that you can improve your test preparations.NTS andFPSCTest Preparation app consists of different sections suchasanalytical reasoning MCQ’s, verbal reasoning MCQ’s, IQ testMCQ’s,Subjective Test such as English, Physics, Chemistry, Biologyetc.It almost covers all the sections as compare to testingagencies.We keep trying to give you the latest information aboutsuchtests.Our App covers NTS Exam Types • NTS NAT (NationalAptitudeTest)-I• NTS NAT-II• NTS GAT (Graduate Assessment Test)•NTS GATSubjects• NTS GAT LAWKey Features• Online and Offline Test•Resultsand Answers keys• Analytical Reasoning MCQ’s Tests•VerbalReasoning MCQ’s Test• English MCQ’s Tests• Physics MCQ’sTests•Chemistry MCQ’s Tests• Computer Science MCQ’s Tests• BiologyMCQ’sTests• Pakistan Studies MCQ’s Test• Islamic Studies MCQ’s Test

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Last 25 Surah of quran is mostly used in prayers five time aday.Our application “Last Twenty Five Surah “ is designed in a verysimple way that everyone can use and recite easily. Our app Lasttwenty Surah is in both urdu and English language. You can read oneby one Surah by selection from given content. Share option is alsoavailable so you can share easily. If you want to make improvementof your recitation then our app is best for you. Our app TwentyFive surah is also in audio that’s working off-line. Twenty fivesurah is preeminent for kids Learning.Contains:• Al-Balad (TheCity)• Ash-Shams (The Sun)• Al-Lail (The Night)• Ad-Duha (TheBrightness of the Day)• Al-Inshirah (The Expansion)• At-Tin (TheFig)• Al-'Alaq (The Clot)• Al-Qadr (The Majesty)• Al-Bayyinah (TheClear Evidence)• Al-Zilzal (The Shaking)• Al-'Adiyat (TheAssaulters)• Al-Qari'ah (The Calamity)• At-Takathur (The Abundanceof Wealth)• Al-'Asr (The Time)• Al-Humazah (The Slanderer)• Al-Fil(The Elephant)• Al-Quraish (The Quraish)• Al-Ma'un (Acts ofKindness)• Al-Kauthar (The Abundance of Good)• Al-Kafirun (TheDisbelievers)• An-Nasr (The Help)• Al-Lahab (The Flame)• Al-Ikhlas(The Unity)• Al-Falaq (The Dawn)• An-Nas (The Men)Main Message ofSurahs:Surah Al Asr: Mankind is in loss, except those who’s havebelieved and righteous deed, advise truth and patience each otherSurah Al-Humazah: Wealth is not immortal if anyone think his wealthimmortal and collect its continuously that it surely thrown intothe Crusher (Fire of Allah) . Surah Al-Fil: Surah Feel of how Allahshowed favor upon Qurash by destroying their enemy Abraha and hisarmy of elephants .Surah Quraysh: Allah reminds the people ofQurash about His many blessings upon them.Surah Al-Ma’un: Lists thequantities of the people of Qurash in their opposition to theprophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Surah Al-Kawthar: All remindedthe prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam of Al-Kawthar, a river inparadise from which believer will be given a drink. SurahAl-Kafirun: Surah Al-Kafirun is a defiant messages from Allah thatthere can never be any mixing in the religion of Allah SurahAn-Nasr: Surah An-Nasr is a guarantee from Allah victory will comefor the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the prophet is toldof the multitudes of people who will accept islam.Surah Al-Masad:Allah gives an example of one of the worst enemies of the prophetsallallahu alayhi wa sallam , Abu Lahnab and tell us of his and hiswife abode in hell.Surah Al-‘Ikhlas: Is most comprehensivedefinition of who Allah is & knowing it well is enough for usto be safe from disbelieve and shirkSurah Al-Falaq: Teaches a duato speak refuge in Allah from all the attack from the evil of allthe creation .Surah An-Nas: Teaches a dua to speak refuge in Allahfrom all the attack from insides our own selves Feature: • Easysharing Social media • Free download • Print option • English UrduTrajama • HD Graphics• Add to Favorites Our Application Last TwentySurah is best for learning, you can easily remember these surah byreciting daily. If you want to learn Surah with tarjama then ourapps is best option for you specially for kids learning. OurProphet said "The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn theQur'an and teach it". You can Share any Surah to your friends andfamily on social media and also print .If you like Our Applicationkindly leave your review and good rating on it.
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Masnoon Duain app is an Islamic app which contains hundreds ofduainrelated to every event in Islam. This masnoon duain app isvery goodas we all know that Ramadan is a Holy Month and all theMuslimswants to earn more and more blessings of Allah in thismonth. Thisapp contains almost every related aspects of Duainaccording toIslam especially in Ramadan such as Roza Rakhany kiDua, Aftari kidua, 1st 2nd and 3rd Ashra ki Dua. Moreover this appcontains allother Duas such as Khana Khanay ki Dua, Sonay ki Dua,Hajat ki Duaand many more duain which are very usefull in ourdaily life. Thisapp is one of the best app which contains maximumnumber of Duasrelating to every event in Islam. You can alsosearch dua in theSeach bar which is also very useful.BesidesMasnoon Duain this appalso contains Tariqa for Namaz, Six Kalmaswith their translation.This app also contains Fazail Namaz, Rozayke Fazail, Ramadan keFazail, 99 names of Allah etc. This app alsohas listening sectionthrough which you can listen Most of theSurah’s of Quran, Duas andtheir translation. The Image section isalso very good and itcontains high quality images through whichreading is very easy andyou can also adjust the size and fontsaccording to your need. Thisapp works very fast and you can searchany Dua within seconds. Thisapp is very useful especially inRamadan. The audio is also veryclear in the listening section. Theinterface of this app is veryeasy to use. The size of this app isvery small so it can fit almosteach and every smart phone. KeyFeatures of Masnoon Duain App• RozaRakhnay ki Dua• Roza IftarKarnay ki Dua• Ghar se Niklnay ki Dua•Ghar main Dakhil hony kiDua• Khana Khanay ki Dua• Masjid mainDakhil Honay ki Dua• TeenoAshron ki Dua• Suabh Sham Parhany ki Dua•Masnoon Duain • MasnoonDaain with Translation• 99 Names of Allah• 6Kalmat e Tayyaba• Easyto read and Recite• All Duain with Meaningsand TranslationIf youwant to earn blessings of Allah then this isthe best app for you.Download this app and if you think that thisapp is very useful inyour daily life kindly give your review andrate this app.
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Advance English Dictionary app is one of the best applications forlearning Advance English. This is also one of the best learningtools for learning Advance English. It has auto complete searchbar. This Application has different types of advance phrases andthousands of conversations through. If you want to learn AdvanceEnglish then this is one of the apps for you. This Learning AdvanceEnglish Dictionary is free and offline.The advance EnglishDictionary is also one of the complete and comprehensivedictionaries for learning advance English. By Using this AdvanceEnglish Dictionary you can learn thousands of Advance EnglishPhrases, Thousands of Idioms, Advance English verbs, thousands ofAdvance English words definitions. This Advance English Dictionaryalso has translator which can show the synonyms of difficultEnglish Words.The Efficiency and effectiveness of this app is verygood. It can search words and translate them in a very fast manner.It can provides you clear and concise meaning of differentdifficult English words. This Advance English Dictionary also has awide variety of words and definitions, phrases, idioms andconversations which are generally used in daily life. This app alsohas two sections one is reading and the other is listening. Inlistening sections you can listen different phrases and idioms andit can also tell you how to pronounce different advance Englishwords. The interface of this app is very easy to use. It has alsoembedded font size feature you can increase or decrease the size ofthe font. It has also different types of Fonts. If you are avisitor, business man, student or kid this app is very helpful ifyou want to learn EnglishKey Features of Advance EnglishDictionaryThousands of Advance English Words and their MeaningsWidevariety of Definitions of Difficult English Words English toEnglish TranslatorThousands of Phrases, Idioms andSynonymsBookmarks and NotificationClear and Concise meanings ofDifficult English WordsA Comprehensive English Dictionary forAdvance English LearnersAudio PronunciationsUnique ThesaurusIf youwant to learn Advance English then this app is best for you.Download this app and if you think that this app helps you toimprove your English kindly give your review and rate this app.
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Learn Persian language with daily lessons . Our APP will teach youPersian/Farsi language quickly and effectively. By Practicing fewminutes you will start memorizing Persian basic words and theirmeaning.You can easily make sentences and use them in your dailyconversation. Our Farsi lesson will improve your vocabulary. OurBasic Course include language exercises for reading, listening,writing and speaking lessons. Download our FREE Persian LearningAPP today and enjoy the advantage of learning any language. OurApplication contains hundreds of basic words and their meaning withdefinitions, So you can Learn the right Persian pronunciation withpractice. This will definitely improve your pronunciation aswell.You don't need to study Grammar to learn foreign language.Daily Persian Conversation Practice will help you to speak Persianclearly. You can build vocabulary on daily basis and become fluentin Farsi Language. Learn Persian Language APP solves all yourproblems and needs related to Persian Speaking. Download the appnow and enjoy Persian Speaking pill FREE on your phone. Downloadnow for free. Learn how to Speak Persian or Farsi Language like aNative Persian Speaker