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This magazine is a mission. It is about now.Wedo not live in duality anymore but we are all ONE. We have to beinour strength in our female energy. We made this world so we canmakea different and a better world. We only have to remember whywe areon earth for. The women will show the way for everybody. Thewritersall have a passion for all what is and the big change rightnow. Wewant to connect the writers with the readers. Together wecansupport the big change. So connect with us!

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L’Escale Nautique 2.0 APK
Magazine nautique publié trimestriellement auQuébec couvrant la voile, le motonautisme, les destinations decroisière, des sujets techniques, l’histoire maritime et lesnouvelles nautiques locales. L’abonnement comprend un numérohors-série, le Guide du Tourisme Nautique, publié et remis à jourchaque année au mois de mai. Ce guide de navigation couvre lefleuve Saint-Laurent et les principales voies navigables duQuébec.Boating magazinepublished quarterly in Quebec covering sailing, boating, cruisedestinations, technical issues, maritime history and the new localwater. The subscription includes a special issue, the NauticalTourism Guide, published and updated annually in May. Thisnavigation guide covers the St. Lawrence River and major waterwaysof Quebec.
Ultimate Fishing Books 2.3.2 APK
Books for successful saltwater fishing, in English and Germanlanguage written by the expert Jürgen Oeder. - Everything about thebiology, distribution, identification and catching of numerous fishspecies from swordfish to groupers. Proven fishing techniques fromthe past and new ones from big game to fishing with jigs orpoppers, a lot of information about the best fishing destinationsaround the world. Also special issues such as "Fishing in theMediterranean" or "Fishing under sail." Sections of the sevenvolume "Ultimate Bluewater Game Fishing" book have been publishedor are in planning. Vol. 1 Billfish Everything anglers want to knowabout the ten billfish from marlin to spearfish: hunting behaviorand bait selection are topics as well as tips on the best fishinggrounds and the right equipment. With videos! Vol. 2 Tuna Wetherbluefin, big eye or dogtooth tuna, the 11 most important species oftuna are presented here, along with their distribution, biology andthe special techniques to catch them. Vol. 3 Sharks From whitesharks to sixgill sharks: 12 species of sharks - and an appeal tospare them. Vol. 4 Tarpon & Co From African pompano and gianttrevally to tarpon and wahoo. 20 strong fighters on light tackleare presented. Vol. 5 Grouper, snapper and exotic species Whoeveris underway with jigs or poppers can't get around this chapter. Itpresents 71 species and the keys for identifying them. Vol. 6Tackle & technology The best of the best. Everything about theright device for success. Rigging for marlin and other lures,trolling patterns, rigging of natural bait fish, bait and switch,how to move in the fighting chair, stand-up fishing, speed jigging,fishing with poppers, knots, and much more! Vol. 7 Destinations Anangler's dream come true. The 60 best destinations worldwide.Excerpts from the books already published can be found here:http://www.ultimatefishingbooks.com/books/
Revista Médica de Chile 3.3.5 APK
Abra la revista en Android Usted podrá: - Abrir los últimos 12números - Compartir con sus redes sociales - Contactar a losautores Open the magazine in Android You can: - Open the last 12numbers - Share with your social networks - Contact the authors
FDM Kataloger 1.0.1 APK
Applikationen FDM – Kataloger udgives af FDM, Firskovvej 32, 2800Lyngby. Levering af FDMs digitale kataloger Hvis du er medlem afFDM, kan du, ved at logge ind med dit medlemsnummer og postnummer,se alle kataloger på din Android-enhed. Hvis du ikke er medlem afFDM, er du også meget velkommen til at kigge med i de digitalekataloger. Mange er åbne for alle. Der vil også dog være katalogersom er forbeholdt vores medlemmer under kategorien ”Kun formedlemmer”. Applikationen FDM – Kataloger udgives af FDM,Firskovvej 32, 2800 Lyngby. The application FDM - Catalogspublished by FDM, Firskovvej 32, 2800 Lyngby. Delivery of FDMdigital catalogs If you are a member of FDM, you can, by logging inwith your membership number and zip code, see all the directorieson your Android device. If you are not a member of FDM, you arealso very welcome to look into the digital catalogs. Many are opento all. There will however be catalogs reserved for our membersunder the category "Members only". The application FDM - Catalogspublished by FDM, Firskovvej 32, 2800 Lyngby.
SWR3 Das Magazin 1.9.1 APK
SWR3 Das Magazin ist Radio zum Anfassen! Jetzt gibt’s 60 SeitenSWR3 Das Magazin zehn Mal im Jahr auch auf dem Handy und Tablet.Einfach anmelden und SWR3 Das Magazin überall lesen – mitzusätzlichen Infos, Fotogalerien und Videos. Schnelle Information,der beste Musik-Mix, die coolste Comedy und der meiste Spaß: Dafürsteht SWR3. Mit SWR3 Das Magazin erlebt ihr euren LieblingssenderNr. 1 noch näher. Das Magazin liefert euch Hintergründe zumerfolgreichen SWR3-Mix: Interviews mit den Stars und denNeuentdeckungen der Musikbranche /// Die SWR3-Musikredakteurestellen euch die Neuerscheinungen vor /// Reportagen zu SWR3-Eventsund SWR3-Reisen /// SWR3 Das Magazin berichtet über Lifestyle-,Internet- und Multimedia-Trends /// Außerdem gibt’s für euchRatgeber-Themen zu Auto und Verkehr /// Ihr wollt wissen, was ineurer Nähe los ist? Wir haben die neuesten Kinostarts sowieVeranstaltungen in Baden-Württemberg und Rheinland-Pfalz für euch –Clubmitglieder sind wie immer günstiger am Start /// Clubber habenin jeder Ausgabe exklusiv die Gewinnchance auf Tickets,handsignierte CDs, Reisen, Führungen durchs SWR3-Studio u. v. m.Alle Nicht-Mitglieder können SWR3 Das Magazin per App kostenlos undunverbindlich Probe lesen. Ihr wollt Clubmitglied werden? Dannfüllt das Formular in der App aus oder geht auf SWR3club.de undsichert euch alle Vorteile – und seid günstiger bei Konzerten,Festivals und SWR3-Veranstaltungen am Start! The magazine is SWR3Radio to touch! Now there's 60 pages SWR3 The magazine ten times ayear on the mobile phone and tablet. Just sign up and SWR3 read themagazine anywhere - with additional information, photo galleriesand videos. Fast information, the best music mix, the coolestcomedy and the most fun: that's what SWR3. With SWR3 The magazineyou experience your favorite stations no. 1 in more detail. Themagazine gives you background information on the successful SWR3mix: Interviews with the stars and the new discoveries in the musicindustry /// The SWR3 music editors provide you the releases ///reports on SWR3 events and SWR3 Travel /// SWR3 The magazinereports on lifestyle, Internet and multimedia trends /// There'salso for you, Counselor topics to cars and traffic /// You want toknow what is going on in your area? We have the latest cinemareleases and events in Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinatefor you - Club members are as always cheaper at the start ///clubbers have exclusive in every issue the chance to win tickets,autographed CDs, Travel, Tours of the SWR 3 shops etc. Allnon-members can SWR3 read the magazine in my app for free and withno obligation trial. You want to become a Club Member? Then fillout the form in the app or go to SWR3club.de and saves you all thebenefits - and are cheaper at concerts, festivals, and SWR 3 eventsat the start!
Revista da CAASP 1.0 APK
A Revista da CAASP reúne reportagens, entrevistas e artigos quepriorizam os interesses do leitor-advogado. Concebida para os meiosdigitais, pode ser folheada na tela do computador e lida com amesma qualidade em tablets e smartphones, ou mesmo baixada em PDF.Bimestralmente, a Revista da CAASP é enviada para o e-mail dos maisde 300 mil profissionais inscritos na OAB-SP. Todas as ediçõespodem ser consultadas a qualquer tempo no site da Caixa deAssistência dos Advogados de São Paulo (www.caasp.org.br).TheJournal of CAASP gathers reports, interviews and articles thatprioritize the interests of the reader-lawyer. Designed for digitalmedia, can be plated on the computer screen and deal with the samequality in tablets and smartphones, or downloaded in PDF.Bimonthly, the Journal of CAASP is sent to the e-mail addresses ofmore than 300,000 registered professionals in the OAB-SP. Alleditions can be consulted at any time on the site the Assistance ofLawyers of São Paulo (www.caasp.org.br).
Congreso 1.0 APK
Este App permite publicar lostrabajoscientíficos presentados en el Congreso Chilenos de MedicinaInternadel presente año, el programa del congreso y otrasinformacionespertinentes. Esta aplicación está orientada hacia losparticipantesde este congreso y para cualquier persona con interéscientíficopor los trabajos que se presentan ene esta actividad, queestáauspiciada y organizada por la Sociedad Médica deSantiago.This App allowsscientiststo publish papers presented at the Chilean Congress ofInternalMedicine this year, the conference program and otherrelevantinformation. This application is oriented towards theparticipantsof this conference and for anyone with scientificinterest in thework that Jan presented this activity, which issponsored andorganized by the Medical Society of Santiago.
Science & Solutions 3.1 APK
This is the official app for the magazine “Science &Solutions”.Features include:- Latest issues of “Science &Solutions” (also available offline when downloaded)- Integratedaccess to the BIOMIN website optimized for smartphones and tablets-BIOMIN Newsfeed- Push notifications to help you stay updated(optional)“Science & Solutions” is a monthly publication ofBIOMIN, distributed free-of-charge to customers and partners. Eachissue of “Science & Solutions” presents topics on the mostcurrent scientific insights in animal nutrition and health with afocus on one species (poultry, swine, ruminants or aquaculture)every quarter.