1.0.1 / June 30, 2016
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Jump! Jump across 4 dangerous mystic worlds full of enemies. Findthe magic boots to jump high in the air! Just TAP the screen andmake up to two jumps before touching the ground again. Pick up pinkcrystals to unlock your favourite haracter: smile, frog, bird, cat,skull, rabbit, hat, hotdog, donat, burger, cube, flower and manyothers. -- Wait for the right moment -- Then tap on the screen tojump -- Don't fall off the cubes

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Hexavoid 2.07 APK
Fly fast and avoid the obstacles in this fun and extreme endlessgame!Got the moves like Yeager? Prove it in Hexavoid!!You have beenchosen. You must fly behind enemy lines. Dodge left and right toavoid the hexagonal reinforcements, moving walls and the enemyartillery defense! Hexavoid Features:• Dozens of spaceships tounlock.• Cool graphics and sound effects.• Procedurally generatedworld with more than 200 unique levels.• Turbo, bombs, shooting andinvincibility power-ups for max scoring potential.• Battle yourfriends' score with Google Play Leaderboards.How to Play:Touchanywhere on the screen and drag left or right to move your ship,avoid the obstacles, collect power-ups and brake the red gates forpoints.
Slip Away 3.3.3 APK
Can you slip away out of the darkness of the ocean?Play thisfascinating game with high quality stunning art where you have totap away avoiding things in your way!How to play:Tap to the rightto swirl rightTap to the left to swirl leftFeatures * Stunning art*Pleasant Music * Shadows* Many characters to chose from.
Tilestop 1.0.6 APK
Can you stop the platforms on time? Enjoy 4 different fun andexciting game modes.Normal ModeDo not let the ball fall down. Youwill need to build the path in real time. Stop the new platform bytapping on the screen. If the platform is not exactly aligned withthe others, the path will become smaller.Car ModeDo not crash yourcar. Stop the platforms on time to prevent other cars fromhitting.Flip ModeStop the platforms on time. But be careful. Someplatforms have an arrow. When you stop them, they will flip in thedirection of the arrow. You will need to build a path for theball.Easy ModeDo you still need some practice? This mode is forbeginners only.Collect gems and use them to unlock new balls andcars. Share your score with your friends. How far can you get?Enjoy the ride.
Thorn dash 1.0 APK
Fly, jump and avoid yourself from thorns.How far and fast can youmake it?While playing you must TAP on screen to avoid thorns andpick up crystals to unlock colourfull characters: rabit, mainer,jelly,ninja, skull, granny, cyclop, pig, smile and others.ThornDash include:--- one tap gameplay.--- A vast selection ofcharacters to unlock.---Procedurally generated world with over 60unique levels.---Battle your friends score with Game Center.
Fringe Rise 1.2 APK
Fringe is lost and needs your help to rise to the top.Help Fringeget to the top by touching and moving your way throughobstacles.'One more try!?' - How far can you get? Enjoy thechallenge.Features:→ Over 15 Unique Characters to Unlock→ VibrantMinimal World→ Simple Touch and Drag Controls→ Endless Gameplay→Game Center Leaderboards→ Challenge your Friends for the HighScore→ Extremely Fun & Addicting!
Reverse Bounce 1 APK
Reverse Bounce is a one touch style bouncing game all aboutaccuracy & fast reactions.Rich the Sky in this amazing andstunning graphic bouncing game. Bounce left and right and avoid allblack obstacles whilst keeping an eye on moving squares. Jump andreach the infinity through amazing and beautiful colors ReverseBounce is perfectly suited to the casual gamer with simple touchcontrols.How to Play:

 Touch anywhere on the screen to jump andchange direction of the ball.

Twitter & Instagram:@nanovationlabs @targasgamesFeatures:* 7 Characters to unlock*Stunning graphics and sound effects.* Amazing gradient colors *Energize trance soundtrack* Mega Jump, power off, shield andinvincibility power-ups for superb gameplay experience.* Climb theTop Score Charts in Game Centre
Gear Rise 1.1.1 APK
In a world where little light remains, a band of bright gearsrises.How far can you rise in the sea ruled by the dark gears?Swipeleft and right to move the gears of light.More than a 100randomized handcrafted levels, dozens of shifting obstacles &characters to unlock.Gear Rise is the newest avoidance platformer,easy to learn, difficult to master.Unique look and original music.Endless gameplay. Unlimited fun.Music: “Lizzard Crawl” by FSOL (TheFuture Sound of London)
Sky Pillar 1.2 APK
Stack up the rotating blocks and create the highest pillar!*Addictive gameplay* Eye catching graphics* Share your score withyour friends