2.1 / December 25, 2015
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This is an interesting game that playing with numbers. The rule ofthe game is very simple but the play is quite challenging withincreasing level stage.

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    Number Maze
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    December 25, 2015
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    Android 1.6 and up
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    Rm 5E, Blk 3, 9 Nam Wan Road, Tai Po, Hong Kong
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Chess Set 2.6 APK
The app turns your phone into a chessboard. The app providesvirtual chess pieces and chessboard. It had totally four chessgames that you can play with your family and friends :1. Chess(International chess)2. Go / Gobang3. Chinese chess (you needchinese fonts installed on your device for this chess game.)4.Black white chessGeneral features :1. For Chess and Chinese chess,the chess pieces are draggable.2. Different sizes of chessboard areavaliable for Go. (e.g. The demonstration image we provided is a 9x 9 chessboard for junior players)3. Load/save whole or part of thegame to private or external files. This can be helpful forlearning, teaching and sharing.4. For black white chess, the stonecan be flipped manually.5. No Ad or internet connection needed.
Stave 1.27 APK
Stave is the name of the five horizontal lines in a sheetmusic.This app turns your phone into a musical instrument and ithas the following features :1. The interface of our app look likethe stave but it is interactive. The lines and spaces areclickable. So, it is very easy to learn to play the instrument.2. Abuilt-in ticking clock with four speeds selection. It can be usedas a simplified metronome.3. Preset chords which played undersemi-automatic mode.
Mathematical Calculator (free) 1.92 APK
The key features of this version are : - Basic arithmeticoperations for real and complex numbers on +, -, *, / , ( and ). -Built-in function for scientific calculation such as sin, cos, tan,log, exp, sqrt, ln, pow etc. - Use of percentage % - Use ofbuilt-in functions, self-defined variables and functions oncalculation (* Not activated in this version) - Use of list (*Partial activated in this version) - Solve linear equations withreal / complex coefficients (* Not activated in this version) -Basic unit conversion (* Not activated in this version) - Numberbases conversion (* Not activated in this version) - 2D and 3DGraphic plotting (* Not activated in this version) - Batchprocessing of calculation using script file with save and loadcapability (* Not activated in this version) - Statistics andFinance functions (Only descriptive statistics activated.) -Support 2D Geometry construction (* Not activated in this version)- Support propositional logic verification (* Not activated in thisversion) - Support signal calculation such as Fast FourierTransform (fft) (* Not activated in this version) - Support simplexmethod for solving linear programming problem (* Not activated inthis version) - Support solving ordinary differential equations (*Not activated in this version) - Support data mining analysis usingmethod such as neural network etc (* Not activated in this version)- Small size, ad-free and no internet connection required. Notices: 1. On first run, goto menu --> preferences to best fit theappearance of the calculator. The size of the calculator may bealso scalable by moving two fingers apart when they both touchedthe screen. 2. To get an idea of the program, click 'F1' -->'help' --> ')' --> 'Exec' and the help sheet would beappeared on the right-handed side of the calculator. 3. To run acalculation, type the formula and click 'Exec' button. 4. Anofficial cookbook for Mathcalc can be found on the developer site.
Multi-Timer 1.46 APK
This is a timer application. It combined timers, stopwatches andcounters in one app. This app is very suitable for using in kitchenand cooking that you can save your whole cooking recipe's timesettings in a file. The timer can also be used to control expose ofthe phone's camera. Features of the app includes the following :1.The number of timers/stopwatches/counters are unlimited.2. Everyunit of timer can be operated as a timer, a stopwatch or acounter.3. The timers can be controlled by physical keys of thephones. This makes the functioning of the timer likes a real timer,stopwatch or counter.4. The timer can be used as trigger for thephone's camera to take photo. When combined with 'repeat' timingmode, it can be used to take phone repeatably with fixed timeperiod. ( ie. time-lapse photos)5. A simple slide viewer isprovided to show the 'time-lapse' photos.6. All timers setting cansaved and loaded from file.7. The display precision is 1 secondwhen the timer is under either timer or stopwatch mode.8. Anysystem time-lag during timing can be reduced by calibrationsetting. The timing error of timer is about 3 ms per second beforecalibration. You can do a calibration check using our calibrationscript on our developer's site.Note : User manual of the timer canbe found by clicking 'Menu' key or press 'H' on the main screen.
DIY Learner Plus 1.37 APK
If you are learning a new language, this app is designed for you.The purpose of this app is to let a user to build his/her ownlanguage dictionary. The app has the following features :1. Ageneral designed database is created that can do common databaseoperation such as add, update, delete etc. and the content of thedatabase is fully searchable. This means that you can easily recallwhat you had learned in later time. 2. Two interfaces, called'drawing recognizer' and 'sound recognizer' are provided forsearching the database. This means that you can draw or use yourvoice to do searching. These two interfaces are the result of AItechnology developed by our company. 3. For 'drawing recognizer',user make a drawing on a square-sized canvas and the 'drawingrecognizer' treats the drawing as an image input and then try toguess what the user had been drawn through learning in real time.3.For 'sound recognizer', user speak through the microphone as aninput and then the recognizer would try to guess what the user hadbeen spoken through learning in real time. 4. A small exampledictionary for travel is included on the app to demonstrate how theapp is function.5. The drawing, sound and word databases can besaved and loaded from SD card. 6. The word database includes voicerecording.
Color Maze 1.11 APK
The game is similar to traditional mazegamebut replace with colorful numbers. You begins at the center ofthemaze and your task is to find an exit which is at the edge ofthemaze. The rules of the game are simple and it is easytoplay.
Mapper 1.38 APK
This app is a map application that help the user to find where theyare and how to get to some pre-setted locations. The app has thefollowing features : 1. The map of this app is operated on threemodes : standard, center and rotate. When both center and rotatemodes are activited, the map would turn into a 2D navigationsystem. 2. Target locations or waypoints can be set and managedeasily. 3. Support plotting / tracking / recording of the user'smoving positions. 4. A distance meter is included that can keepcheck of point-to-point distance and time in real time. The meteracts like a stopwatch for both time and distance using GPS locationdata 5. Data output as kml content of track points. 6. Include aruler in units of mm or inch. 7. Turn your device's display into alight source that can change color and intensity.
Number Match 1.6 APK
This is a Math game that challenge your logic thinking. It can alsobe used as a training tool for children who are learning BeginningAlgebra.There are two tables of numbers, X and Y on the playground.Each table has 20 to 30 numbers which are integers ranged from 1 to100. You task is to clear all the numbers on the left table X asfast as possible.To clear a number, you need to pick up numbersfrom both table X and Y that match a mathematical condition. Thegame came with 19 levels and the number of plays for each level isunlimited.The game can also be played in single or in multi-playersmode. It is also Ad-free and fully playable with no need forinternet connection.