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How fast are you doing mathematics question? How about typing? Youhave to type text to move to other boxes. Compete with otherplayers in this fun number typing race. How to Play: -You willstand on the same starting line with other players and prepare toenter the race after the countdown 3 seconds. -Every player has hisown track, you need to open the keyboard to input the answer to themath problem on the track. -The faster you type the answer, thefaster you run. -When you reach the goal, the game will stop andthe score will be settled. -You will encounter more difficult mathproblems in special levels. Features: -Exercise mathematicalcalculation skills and typing speed. -Support all keyboards, youcan use your own. -Simple interface and clear functions. -Supportmultiple devices, such as mobile phones, tablets and other devices.-Can be played without internet. -Save time, reduce work and lifepressure. -Download for FREE now!

App Information NumRush: Quick Math Number Puzzle Game, Type & Run

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    NumRush: Quick Math Number Puzzle Game, Type & Run
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    December 31, 2020
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    HDuo Fun Games
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This is a black and white Gobang world, yin and yang changes, lifeand death between one inch, who can see through the survival secretof Go-moku? The magic of Gomoku game is to turn the criss-crossinto a straight line, to find the decisive five-in-a-row in thecomplex chessboard. As the world's oldest chess, Gobang deluxecombines the wisdom of predecessors and the innovation of futuregenerations, the most unpredictable Tic-Tac-Toe world, the mostamazing brain teaser of Gobang classic game! Are you ready to getthrough the Connect Five challenge? How to play Gomoku: Black playsfirst, and players alternate in placing a stone of their color onan empty intersection. The winner is the first player to get anunbroken row of five stones horizontally, vertically, ordiagonally. Like any abstract strategy board game with simplerules, good offeense-defense balance is the key to win. GoMokufeatures: ★Simple & elegant interface, classic Gobangchessboard ★Well designed gomoku, practice from easy to difficult★Online reality chess versus, real-time fight with master ★StrongAI system, help you step from newbie to expert ★Massive functionsto win: re-play, undo, resort, etc ★Amazing gameplay shows thecharm of Five In a Row ★Funny chess-playing help you to learn rulesquickly ★Daily tasks can obtain abundant unexpected rewards★Playing gomoku anytime, anywhere, with friends 4 play modes ofFive-Stones: Online battle: Rookie field, high-level field andfriends battle 3 kinds of online Gomoku game modes to choose,random match the player, form a Connect 5 team with your friends orfamily, use your wisdom and master skills to claim the go mokuking. AI mode: Renju support human-Battle, simulating real5-in-a-Row gaming experience. Fingertips moving instantly take youinto a Nought&Crosses world, Super intelligent AI will help youstep from newbie to XOXO master. Local mode: Face to facecompetition, mind and mind collision, heart and heartcommunication. A woderful way to bond with your friends or family.Endgame mode: A variety of classic Gobang endgames, which arederived from traditional oriental game. You can break through themystery endgame levels. The classic brain and chess game maychallenge the extremity of your IQ. This is a fingertip Tic Tac Toebattle, a brain fight of all top-level Five-In-Line lovers, onlythe most brilliant players can cut through all the thorns of theexciting Make-Five journey. Every move in this Piskvorky paper andpencil game can be a classic can also become a stain, each stepwill decide win or lose. Spanning thousands of years, Gobangclassic logic game leaves us the most classic gameplay, the mostsimple but beautiful wisdom, easy to learn but hard to master. Wiseand brave as you, do you dare to meet the challenge?
Bubble Shooter Pet Pop Mania 1.61 APK
Free download 2017 new Bubble Shooter Pet PopMania app, start a Fantastic and Awesome pop bubble legendexperience on android mobile.Aim, shot and pop the same color bubble match 3, poping all thecolorful bubbles in limited fire, non-stop pet pop adventure, solvethe bubble trouble, rush and run to find the fairy tale city worldat the top sky of the giant bean stalk.Features of Bubble Shooter Pet Pop Mania:** Excellent game play and amazing graphics** Bubble crush saga with your own pet buddy** Freely change and switch the bubbles color** Great bubble shooter, good time killer** Beautiful rainbow story & inspiring music** Frozen bubble, wubble bubble, cute color balls** Fun & Easy to play, hard to master** Shoot Bubble with PetCombat pet in pet home, help to make pet bubbles pop and get higherscores and reward gold coins, solve the bubble trouble and rescuemonkey and butterfly animals, frenzy farm bear, start a mania petrescue saga.• Lovely Squirrel: The next fire becomes a bomb bubble, grown up inbattle war to be a squirrel bubble shooter.• Cute Bunny: Adds life bubble to increase shots, pop bubble withthe help of cute bunny pals.• Kawai Dragon: Afford Extreme thunderbolt and original epic, coolbubble dragon.** Boost Props Pool• Aiming Line: Make bubble shoot games more accurate pop• 3rd Bubble: Preview 3 popper bubbles and swap the firingsequence• Rainbow Bubble: Blast match 3 with any color balloons• Magic Brush: Reduce a kind color of bubbles instantly• Bomb Bubble: Strike all the surrounding bubbles, improve pet popskills• Thunderbolt: Brusts all the bubbles along the shooting gamesdirection• Stamina/Lives: Get more bubble shooter pet mania challengechances** Way to play well:• Rebound: Archery the upper bubbles, the lower also will fall,make more scores;• Stick: Stick next the color bubble, easy to breaker more bubbleslegend;• Through: Rolling through the empty gap, bobble crush togetherwith two sides;• Lucky Clover: Shot and drop the bubblegum to hit the firefly uponthe clover, the coloful firefly scores higher!• Combo: Pop bubble combos, get more continuous score andvenus;• Swtich: Unlimited times, freely change and switch 2 bubbles colorbefore shot.** Gametime and pop star awardsGet free 8 daily rewards, perfect challenge pop star awards, joinmore fun and charm in Bubble Shooter Pet link game.Finger nail smoothly click tap on the bubble fire launcher, touchand switch your favorite color bubble, shooting with cute pets,collect snowflakes and rescue owl panda animals of trapped lost inthe bubble world, use bubble dragon to pop all the color ballsmatch 2 dots to win every level, quest the witch island over thebubble cloud, rescue the birds cat animals, blaze the bubble petking dom with beautiful rainbow lines background.Link to Our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HDuoFunGames, onlinechat support, Like and Comment, share to your friends andfollowers.Whenever, wherever, no wife, offline bubble shoot games, unlimitedand endless adventure, with mania color therapy to stress relief,shoot color bubble and play, flow away the exhaustion, fly yourmind, hidden your angry objects, boring time flies, just get intothe millions who loved bubble shooter pet pop mania games. Awesomeand extreme deluxe Bubble Shooter Pet Pop classic shooting games,comfortable bubble mania journey for magic girls、adults、kids andfamily.
Solitaire Classic Card Games 1.01 APK
Free Solitaire Classic Card Games,Klondikefree-cell all in one app, for all types of players daily.Freshgreen UI, care for eye health; Portrait and Landscapeswitch,amazing meets with the habits of user experience, questadventurefor king and queens in solitaire.Function:** Classical Spider SolitairePrimary (1 color), Middle (2-colors), Advanced (4-colors), 3levels.The Aim prupose of the Spider Solitaire tri-peaks game isto removeall the poker cards in the 10 stacks with least moves,sorted indescending order. Switch the same color cards from onecolumn toanother, until the cards of the same color suit arealigned from Kto A, and in-suit sequences cards will be movedtogether.** Tradition Solitaire Klondike2 levels: a card and three cards, with the least steps, the goalofKlondike is to switch the different color cards from play areatothe upper right corner, make a stack of poker cards from lowtohigh in each of the four foundation piles, ascending stack withthesame color.Feature:** Variety of levels for all stages players, easy to getstartsolitaire** Hints tips to find the next step on how to proceed** Undo/Redo props to help strategizing** Fast to win the solitaire pyramid, challenge higherscore,challenge personal world record** Solo challenges, intelligent success rate statistic** Excellent game quality and visual efect** Classic and extreme deluxe, auto saved** Portrait / Landscape** Pad/tablet supported** Unlimited times, endless practice for arena** Help & feedbackWhenever, wherever, all ages, no wife and network needed, onlineandoffline, awesome relaxing solitaire journey for magicgirls、adultsand family.
Solitaire: Card Games 2.9101 APK
♣️ Solitaire - Free Classic Solitare Card Games ♣️ is a freepopular poker card game. This Solitaire Card Game is as interestingas klondike solitaire, pyramid solitaire! While retaining thetraditional gameplay, adding more brand new designs, lookingforward to bringing you a refreshing game experience, anyone canenjoy it. Features of SOLITAIRE: ♥️ Daily challenge: A daily cardgame challenge. Complete the challenge to get a mysterious reward.♥️ Magic wand: Open the smallest card in the unopened card and moveit to the optional area ♥️ High score record: High scoreleaderboard records your highest score and keeps refreshing yourbest score ♥️ Automatic Recycling: After all the cards in the gameare turned over, you can use the automatic recycling button to movethe cards in the playing area to the recycling area. ♥️ Flop threecards or one: The game can choose to turn one or three cards, thenumber of flops is different and the difficulty is different ♥️Winning mode: there must be a solution to the card puzzle How toplay SOLITAIRE: ♦️ The card game interface is mainly divided intothree areas: the deck, the recycling area, and the playing area.Our goal is to move cards from the playing area to the recyclingarea. ♦️ A is the smallest card and K is the biggest. The cards inthe recycling area must start with A and end with K, and the foursuits should be placed separately. ♦️ The cards in the playing areacan be moved from one column to another, but the cards in eachcolumn must be arranged in ascending order of red and black suits.For example, a red 9 must be followed by a black 8. ♦️ You can alsomove multiple consecutive cards between columns, just click on thetop card of the continuous card group and drag all of them toanother column. ♦️ The column with no cards in the playing area iscalled an empty column. The empty column can only move K or thecard group starting with K to this column. ♦️ When there are nomovable cards or decks in the playing area, you can click on thedeck. This card game can meet the needs of all kinds of players, itis a great choice for you to spend leisure time, calm down, relieveanxiety and exercise your brain! Come and download it.
Words to Win: Text or Die 1.211 APK
Text or die or be the king? 💪 Words to Win is a taping games ✍whichgives players various interesting text games. 🤗Fly or die?Guesstheir answer! 🏝The text game will create different fun for text ordie players, allowing players earn to die! 😁 🎈Gameplay🎈 1. Enjoythis or that📒 2. Each text games has different design📒 3. You needto respond quickly to the questions and earn to die📒 4. Text, flyor die📒 5. The problem of text or die encountered also varies,guesstheir answer!📒 🎤Game Features🎤 1. Various taping games characterslike this or that🚩 2. Lots of earn to die game levels withdifficulty 🚩 3. Unlock wonderful characters as rewards in thistaping games 🚩 Words to Win is a text games similar to Text or Diebut with more innovations. 😍Don't miss this or that if you'reintereseted! 🎆
Sudoku Free: Sudoku Solver Crossword Puzzle Games 3.00201 APK
If you like classic math logic puzzles or brain training games,youwill love this crossword solver mobile app. In here, anabundanceof sudoku conundrum, various level design and cool brainteasersquiz can train your brainpower, bring you unexpectedbrainstorm!Whether you are bookworm or number guru genious, ourrich freecrossword puzzles will make you happy and crazy! The freesudokupuzzles can test whether you are an idiot or prodigy in amoment.So, want have a real try? A new sudoku world isready.Brainstorming is coming! Join us, search your numberdictionary, bea game killer quickly! We create this free chuzzlegame withvarious key FEATURES: ** 3 types of difficulty levels fromsudokubeginners to sudoku killer (easy sudoku, sudoku medium andhardsudoku). ** More than 1000 unlimited number crossword puzzlesarewaiting for you. ** 5 kinds of sudoku free puzzles, challengeyouriq, exercise your deductive mind. ** No wifi cool math games,youcan challenge numbers puzzle anytime, anywhere. ** Autohighlightselected numbers, give you sudoku hints, make you be mathsolver.** Clear sudoku tutorial, logic puzzles for adults, uniquesudokumaster training ways. ** Cool visual effect, fun telltalegamessettings, unlock your brain! ** Our crossword puzzle gamessupportfor offline mode, allows you to play sudoku online. **KillerSuduko: For expert puzzle crossword solvers! ** More kakuropuzzlesand lumosity levels will sharpen your mind! How to playsudoku? Thesudoku rules and modes as followed: **Sudoku 4x4 Eachrow, columnand palace should be filled in number 1,2,3,4 withoutrepeat,Primary simple sudoku for beginners. sudoku borad pic ofcrosswordwith numbers makes you feel crazy! **Sudoku 6x6 Digital 1to 6 canbe chosen. This mode greatly tests your mind tricks plussudokutips, make you experience endless logical reasoningpuzzles.**Sudoku 9x9(standard sudoku) Each row, column and palacecontainsnumber 1~9 once. This mode will bring you into puzzlemania. Funmastermind puzzle game will lead you into sudoku puzzleworld.**Sudoku x Each row, column and palace and two diagonals ofthesudoku grid should be filled in math numbers from 1~9.Playcrossword puzzles free mode let you realize the magic offingerarts, be walking sudoku solver! **Percent sudoku Each column,row,and each of the nine 3x3 sub-grids that compose the gridblockcontains digits from 1 to 9. A fun iq test game! Sudoku is aFREElogic-based number-placement crossword games, it is not onlyabookworm game free, but also a telltale game which can reflexmathformula and give your brain attack. Sudoku just like yourbraintrainer, if you have a dream to be a math magician or mathmaster,this logical reasoning thinking game will very match yourtaste.Sudoku is not only a word search game, but a prodigy game,whenplaying the awesome crossword puzzles free game, you can haveafree intelligence test and get free brain training. Instandardsudoku mode, tap the four square sudoku grid block, placenumber ineach grid cell of the magic square. Change number to avoidrepeat,complete the latin square, learn more math tricks.Unlimitedendless sudoku brainteasers is waiting for you to solve.Supersudoku solver master will be you. A great daily brain traininggamefor kids! Want experience math practices and logic puzzleswithgrids? Want be a walking crossword number puzzle sudokusolver?Sudoku will be your greater mathway free helper, and canlead youinto math world, let you become math puzzle samurai andbring youunexpected brainstorm, your girls and boys will love it!Chooseyour level of difficulty, use your strong brain power,thisthinking game will make you be sudoku solver. More spielesudokutechniques is waiting for discovery! A quick and fastlifestylebegins from the word square! With free math magiciangames, whetheronline or offline, you will addict in sudoku saga andget rid ofgame bookworm, become sudoku king!
Slide Bubbles: Bubble Puzzle Adventure Elimination 1.201 APK
An unknown bubble appeared in the cartoon forest, and theyoccupiedthe home of the small animals in the forest. Eliminatebubbles anddefend the homes of small animals Features: -Simpleoperation, dragthe bubble to the appropriate space position withyour finger tofill the completed row -A lot of props, bubbles withprops appearrandomly in the game, you can get props by eliminatingthem -Coolspecial effects, eliminating bubbles and using props cantriggercool special effects, giving you a cool experience!-Difficultyupgrades, with different target scores in each stage,thedifficulty is continuously upgraded, and you can also getenergysupply and mysterious gift box if you succeed in the advancedstage-Without internet, you can take the adventurous adventure withcutecute pets anytime, anywhere -Endless mode, as long as youcaneliminate, the game can continue to play, challenging theextremehigh score -Functional bubbles, you can get special effectsbyeliminating the functional bubbles, and eliminate thebubblesfaster How to play: -During the game, rows of colorfulbubbles willappear, and there will be gaps between the bubbles-When the gap inthe lower row of bubbles can accommodate the upperrow of bubbles,the upper row of bubbles will automatically drop-Drag the bubblewith your finger to move the bubble position, sothat the bubblecan fill all the spaces in a row -A colored reminderwill appear atthe bottom of the game, it can remind you of thelocation of thebubble that will appear at the bottom -Move bubblesin keypositions to form multiple eliminations to get more combosand gethigher scores -When the bubble fills the entire screen, thegameends. When the screen is about to be filled with bubbles, youcantry to use the props to eliminate the specified bubbles andgetmore opportunities -You can collect bubbles of specified colorsinthe game. When collecting a certain number of specifiedcolorbubbles, you can use props to change the color bubblesintofunctional bubbles -When the function bubble is eliminated,therewill be some special functions, such as eliminating allbubbles inthe column, or eliminating some bubbles in the area, etc.SlideBubble is a bubble adventure elimination game for all ages.Ourgoal is to eliminate bubbles!
Chinese Chess: CoTuong/XiangQi 4.41201 APK
Chinese Chess (Xiàng Qí, 中国象棋, シャンチー, Co Tuong), is a strategyboard game for two players, which enjoys a long history over 3000years. The basic chess rules are simple and easy to understand,which is suitable for everyone. Whether Chinese or foreign, men orwomen, young or old, all of you can challenge our Chinese chess inmobile phone and start an intellectual competition. Extensive andprofound culture of Chinese chess, unpredictable and enigmaticchess world, classic Chinese chess game will bring you into amystery field. Reappear the Chinese historical allusions of Chu-Hanwar, show the endless variations of chessboard, the 32 pieces ofbrain burning logic tactical competition will make you satisfy acraving! Top FEATURES of Chinese chess game free: ★Free Downloadfrom Google Play Store ★Authentic Chinese chess mode, antique gameinterface ★Amazing logic grid puzzles shows charm of Chinese chess★Beautiful graphics and animations, wonderful finger battle ★Sixmodes are designed from easy to difficult step by step ★Videoteaching of chess-playing help you learn rules quickly ★Easy tolearn, hard to master, from beginner to chess master ★Stand-alonegaming, various difficulty levels of AI to choose ★Record real-timestatistics, accurate analysis of winning ratio ★Online networkingreality versus, real-time fight with masters ★Massive functions:re-play, undo, resort, Friends Room, etc ★Review mode can openanytime, help you refresh your record ★Finish daily tasks canobtain abundant unexpected rewards 6 Play Modes of Chinese XiangQi:Online Battle: Novice field, intermediate field and high-levelfield free to enter. Networking Friends Room mode will bring youwonderful experience. Chess-2 player fight in real time, whichcreate a reality war scene, you can learn chess from there. AIMode: Simulate the real battle in magic four square grid block, oneto one AI contest. Play offline with 7 difficulty levels ofComputer, you can gain rapid improvement from beginner to expert.Your free brain trainer. Two-player: Local Mode, face to facecontest chess with friends. You can play JiangQi with your friendsin one mobile phone screen, which bring you true intelligencecompetition and challenge your brainstorm. Endgame Mode: A varietyof Chinese chess endgames and brainteasers, which are derived fromancient times. You can break through the mystery endgame levels. Itmay challenge your reasoning mind, logical thinking and brainpower.Dark Chess: Brand-new mode of Chinese chess challenging games. Youcan play dark chess with AI or player. It’s a mode that greatlytests your logical ability and reaction speed. You need turn overthe pieces with according to your judgement. The double competitionof fortune and intelligence will be a great challenge! Chess manualdeduction: This mode includes massive deduction of classic chessmanual. You can watch the concrete procedures and explanation oneby one. Apart from this, you can start brain exercises by yourselfafter studying. The representative of Chinese traditional cultureUnlike backgammon and lichess, Chinese chess possesses variedgameplay, it is the inheritance of Chinese outstanding traditionalculture. All the chess pieces (General, Advisors, Elephant, Horses,Chariots, Cannons and Soldiers) link with each other and restrainmutually. The endless variations of Chinese chess represents theinnovation of Chinese culture. Come to our Chinese chess world,enjoy the crazy of Chinese chess. You can exchange experience andplay chess with many Chinese chess lovers and mastermind. Oncestart, you will not stop playing!