1.2 / April 17, 2019
(4.3/5) (164)


Switch and match candies to devour all the sweets! Featuringtheinternet's #1 candy enthusiast rainbow-riding nyan space catinthis casual match 3 puzzle game! Nyan Cat: Candy Match takesyourfavourite switch and match game mechanics and nyans them up toanintergalactic level. Are you a candy enthusiast? We gotyoucovered! Do you love cats? Good news: cats love you too! Fanofrainbows? We got 'em! Always wanted to be more Nyan? Looknofurther! Enjoy the crazy colorful candy adventures of Nyancat,featuring: - Candy - Matching - Switching - Cats - NyannessWith100 puzzle levels with increasing difficulty, and tonsofunlockable Nyan Cats this game is guaranteed to keepyouentertained while hurling through space on a rainbow.

App Information Nyan Cat: Candy Match

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    Nyan Cat: Candy Match
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  • Updated
    April 17, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    isTom Games
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    Hungary, HU-2096 Urom, Kobanya utca 1701.
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Explore ancient towers, temples and manors in the Jungle of theMask. Loot super relics, rare treasures, then get away with yourgains, jumping and running. Will you survive this loot filledjungle adventure? Will you get out of the temple towers alive?Mysterious underground dungeons filled with incredible treasuresare waiting for you arrival! Are you ready for a lifetimeadventure? Avoid hazardous threats and discover lots of fabulousmythical relics while moving into unexplored territories! Always befocused and aware of your surroundings as swinging axes, spiketraps, acid drops, huge spiders and giant bats can be unforgivinglyhostile. But fear not as skillful determination will help youthrough the harshest circumstances! Do you think you are ready forthe challenge? KEY FEATURES * Magnificent audiovisuals * Lots ofincredible treasures * Easy pick-up-and-play controls * Simple andimmersive gameplay * Full retina display support * Google Playsupport CONTROLS * Button in the lower left corner ADVANCES! *Button in the lower right corner JUMPS! TIPS * Carefully observethe patterns of the devices and adversaries * Keep a steady tempoand don't rush head on into the unknown * Use the bottom rightbutton to leap over gaps or speed up your movement * Always try tolook at the level as a whole, not just the obstacle in front of youPlease rate Relic Looter and submit your feedback for furtherimprovements! Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/IstomGames Twitter:http://twitter.com/istomgames