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NOTE: This application access is restricted to NyzakKindergartenstudents and parents. Key Features:--------------------- * Keepingyou up to date on Nyzak Kindergartenannouncements. **About NyzakKindergarten** Our Mission------------------- Our teachers planand implement content‐rich,developmentally appropriate programsthat support active learningand promote children's progress in alldevelopmental areas. We arefirm believers that children are taughtif material is interesting,and so our main drive is that a“child’s play is a child’s work”.NYZAK Kindergarten offers COREprograms as well as ELECTIVESeducation. In our core program wedeploy one of the latest and mostwell established curriculums inthe USA; The Creative Curriculum.The Creative curriculumtranslates child development theory andresearch into bestpractice, clearly defining the teacher’s vitalrole in connectingcontent, teaching, and learning for preschoolchildren. Also aspart of our CORE program we teach and stress onArabic languagefundamentals, we believe that our Arabic languagehas to berepositioned in our community as the main foundation forreform andaccordingly has to be properly educated forpre-schoolers. NYZAKoffers as part of its CORE education healthynutrition meals tosupport kid physical and cognitive growth. NYZAKKindergarten afterday Electives programs shall be always set tomeet parents need forfurther kid education, the elective programsshall not be limitedto Quraan, French, Dance …etc. We welcome youto NYZAKKindergarten. Our team shall be delighted that your childis partof our family. We are really looking forward to getting toknoweach child as we all grow together and learn from one another.Letus work together for our students to grow and flourish alongtheyear.

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Alzohor Nursery 6.0.21 APK
الرسالة: --------- تسعى الحضانة الى بناء جيل وطني محب للعلم والوطنوالمساهمة بتحقيق رؤية قطر ٢٠٣٠ من الناحية الاجتماعية وتلتزم الحضانةبمساعدة الاسرة بغرس القيم والاخلاق الدينية وتنشئة طفل له قيمةأخلاقية وسلوكية مميزة وإكسابه مهارات اجتماعية جديدة ففي هذه المرحلةيتم بناء الأسس وتكوين الشخصية. الرؤية: ------- تعتمد الحضانة علىأسلوب التعليم باللعب فيتم توجيه نشاط الأطفال لتنمية سلوكهم وقدراتهمالعقلية والجسدية ويحقق في نفس الوقت المتعة والتسلية لهم فيتماستغلال اللعب في اكسابهم المعرفة وتقريب مبادئ العلم للأطفال وتوسيعمداركهم وتنشئة طفل مبدع ومتوازن قادر على التفاعل مع البيئة المحيطةبه وتعزيز ثقته بنفسه وتنمية مهاراته وقدراته الإبداعية. الأهداف:--------- ۱- تنمية القيم والآداب والسلوك وتعزيز الثقة بالنفسوالانتماء لدى الأطفال. ۲- تدريب الأطفال على تحمل المسؤوليةوالاعتماد على النفس. ۳- تنمية المهارات المختلفة والقدرات الإبداعيةلدى الأطفال. ٤- تعويد الأطفال على حب الجماعة والعمل التعاونيومساعدتهم على الاندماج مع الأقران. ٥- المساهمة في حل الكثير منالمشكلات لدى الأطفال كالخجل والإنطواء والعدوان....الخ.٦- توطيدالعلاقة بين الطفل ومعلمته من خلال التفاعل معه.٧- تنمية شخصية الطفلمن النواحي الجسمية والعقلية والحركية واللغوية الانفعاليةوالاجتماعية.٨- مساعدة الطفل على التعبير عن نفسه بالرموز الكلاميةوعلى التعبير عن خيالاته وتطويرها.
Super Kidz Nursery 4.0.0 APK
NOTE: This application access is restricted to Super Kidz Nurserystudents and parents.Key Features:------------------* Keeping youup to date on the Super Kidz Nursery announcements.**About SuperKidz Nursery**Education:--------------Art and craft’s influence onkids:We believe how art enhances creativity, imagination, andself-esteem, and encourages critical thinking and learning. We alsobelieve that what makes art such a great teaching tool is that artengages children’s senses in open-ended play and develops Social,Emotional and Sensory-Motor skills. Art is a cooperative learningexperience that provides pleasure, challenge, and a sense ofmastery. That’s why a big part of our education is based onart.Jolly phonics:Jolly Phonics is a systematic synthetic phonicsprogram designed to teach children to read and write. Childrenlearn the 42 letter sounds of the English language, rather than thealphabet. They are then taken through the stages of blending andsegmenting words to develop reading and writing skills.Montessoriapproach:-----------------------------We use the Montessoriapproach in early childhood education as it is a wonderful way tointroduce problem solving for a young child’s brain and help workon their motor skills as well. Children often learn through playand through manipulation of toys. Imaginative play and real liferole play helps the child grasp concepts that might be foreign tothem. Early stimulation rather than introducing the behaviors latercan help the mind grow and process information way before what wasoriginally thought possible.7 Habits of a happykid:--------------------------------Habit 7 : Sharpen the sawHabit6 : SynergizeHabit 5 : Seek first to understand, then to beunderstoodHabit 4 : Think win-winHabit 3 : Put first thingsfirstHabit 2 : Begin with the end in mindHabit 1 : BeproactiveHealth and care:----------------------Our dedicatednursery team is committed to the task of looking after your child.All senior members of staff hold child care qualifications. We areproud of our nursery team who endeavor to make each child’s timeand learning experience important and fun with their enthusiasm andpositive attitude. We also offer periodic medical and dentalcheckups.
Kids Camp Montessori Nursery 6.0.25 APK
NOTE: This application access is restricted to Kids Camp MontessoriNursery students and parents. Key Features: ------------------ *Keeping you up to date on the Kids Camp Montessori Nurseryannouncements. **About Kids Camp Montessori Nursery** Kids CampMontessori Profile: -------------------------------------------Kids Camp Montessori Nursery is a purpose built nursery in FifthSettlement providing extensive outdoor play areas, qualityeducation and professional care Mission: ----------- Our mission isto empower children by placing them in a fun, child centeredmulti-age environment that promotes their innatedesire to growsocially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually, with ahighly qualified, warm and nurturing teaching staff that gentlyguides them to become confident individuals who respect themselves,each other and the world around them
Play School Egypt 6.0.21 APK
NOTE: This application access is restricted to Play School Egyptstudents and parents. Key Features: ------------------ * Keepingyou up to date on Play School Egypt announcements. **About PlaySchool Egypt** Mission: ----------- Our mission is to develop earlylearners with active and creative minds offering a broad andchallenging educational program to students from diverse culturalbackgrounds. Vision: --------- We are a caring learning communitycommitted to safely and joyfully nurture our children’s excellencevia an international play based and inquiry based curriculum.
Manhattan Schools 6.0.21 APK
NOTE: This application access is restricted to Manhattan Schoolsstudents and parents. Key Features: ------------------ * Keepingyou up to date on Manhattan Schools announcements. **AboutManhattan Schools** Mission: ------------ To provide a balancededucation approach backed up with a religious foundation andcharacter building focus. Manhattan Schools equips children withthe foundation and tools they require to face the challenges of thesurrounding community. Vision: ---------- To build a healthygeneration which is truly confident with academic skills,continuously seeking knowledge, and opt to be responsible citizens,who believe in God and respect community values.
Under5 International Preschool 3.2.1 APK
NOTE: This application access is restricted toUnder5 International Preschool students and parents.Key Features:------------------* Keeping you up to date on Under5 International Preschoolannouncements.**About Under5 International Preschool**Creating nurturing, caring and creative environments for yourchildren.About Us:--------------Under 5 is not just your regular next-door preschool, it is a placewhere you can feel your kids are safe, learning and within a lovingenvironment.We started in 2003 with the vision of a better life. Our staff didnot just want to raise kids, they wanted to develop society andimprove new generations. Later on, in 2008, we expanded intoseveral branches in different locations in Cairo, Egypt.Our philosophy focuses on providing a safe environment thatembraces children and enables them to expand their skills. We teachthem how to grow and become responsible.Currently, the company owns five successful contributions to thedevelopment of Egyptian youth in the child care service.Under 5 is associated with many multinational and local companiesthrough our unique corporate programs. These programs provideimportant benefits to working parents, especially workingmothers.Our Mission:------------------Under 5’s goal is to promote awareness on how early braindevelopment works and provide advanced learning opportunities toyoung children and their parents through internationally acclaimedprograms.Our aim is to create a warm, welcoming and homely environment inwhich children feel comfortable and safe, allowing them to thriveand grow in confidence.
New Generation Int. School 6.0.21 APK
NOTE: This application access is restricted to New GenerationInternational School students and parents. Key Features:------------------ * Keeping you up to date on New GenerationInternational School announcements. **About New GenerationInternational School** Our Mission ----------------- New GenerationInternational Schools, along with parents, foster an enablingcommunity that brings forth well-balanced leaders, guided bymentors who unleash students' creativity, in an equipped safeenvironment. Our Vision --------------- New GenerationInternational Schools’ graduates will make valuable contributionsto the society by being visionary leaders.
Kinder house Playschool 2.9.0 APK
NOTE: This application access is restricted toKinder house Playschool students and parents.Key Features:-------------------* Keeping you up to date on Kinder house Playschoolannouncements.**About Kinder house Playschool**Because we believe that the children of today are the scientistsof tomorrow, our nursery places special attention to educationthrough using the latest educational methods as well as our ownmethods of clarification.We are also interested in teaching languages such as English,French, German & of course Arabic. Our nursery believes inreligious education where we help children memorize Quran from theage of one & a half years.The nursery also cares about Child behavior & Communication,which is why we teach children how to eat, how to deal with peers,how to buy & sell through weekly markets within the nursery. Weteach Music, Playing musical instruments & Singing in English,French & German.Because sports is important to the health of our children, we offersports activities including Swimming, Football, Basketball,Handball & Gymnastics.Children love entertainment, we offer Children’s Cinema, Outdoorgames & Parties as well as helping them develop a sense ofartistic innovation through our Arts & Crafts activities.Mission:-----------Our mission does not end at kindergarten, we are pleased to hostprimary school children where we review their curriculum & helpwith their homework, such as Arabic, English, French, Math &Religion.