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Welcome to O2 Fitness! You have invested in your fitness andthisapp will help you stay connected and track your progress.Easilyaccess class schedules, check into the club using your storedIDkey tag, keep tabs on the O2 Reward points you are earning, andsetweekly and monthly goals.CHECK IN - GET MOVINGStore your keytagbar code in your app so you can quickly head into the clubwithoutsearching for your keys. SET A WEEKLY GOALCrush your goalsbytackling the hardest part - commit to them. Choose your owngoaland work hard each week to crush it. The most important personinthis equation is you - we have all of the tools under one roofsoyou can crush it.CHECK CLASS SCHEDULESYes all of the GroupFitnessClasses are included in your membership! So go ahead and gettowork. Jump in a class and burn some serious calories in one ofthefitness studios. Cycling, Yoga, High Intensity IntervalTraining,and Zumba. There a so many classes offered throughout theday thatwe wanted to provide one place for you to find the club andclassthat is perfect for you RIGHT NOW. Go ahead, pump that body,shakeyour money maker, and take the leap to be pushed by ourawesomeinstructors.PERSONAL TRAINING TIPSYou have the membership,you havethe new shoes, non-cotton shirt, sweat bands, andplaylist...nowwhat? Make a date with a personal trainer to bringyou through yourcomplimentary Program Design sessions. That isright, you get twoFREE sessions with a personal trainer. Use thisopportunity to askquestions, learn how to get started. Don't fearall of theequipment or the functional turf...dominate it.

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Track. Workout. Burn. Repeat! Powered by FitMetrix, the HIT ZONEmobile app allows members to push themselves to achieve theirfitness goals by tracking heart rate, calories, and zones for bothin and out of studio training that lead to body-changingresults!Compatible with most ANT+ heart rate monitors.Members canreview and track health and performance data directly from theirsmartphones.Registering as a member is as easy as 1-2-3!Purchase,schedule, and review classes with just a few taps.Experience thesame heart rate training benefits on the go as with groupclasses.Stay engaged by tracking all workouts both in and out ofthe studio.Monitor trends in your workouts and zone training to setgoals and create a new you.Receive push notifications regardingchallenges and other important studio events.
My Health Studio 1.0.2 APK
A WEIGHT HAS BEEN LIFTEDMy Health Studio is the wellness networkfor fitness enthusiasts of all ages. You’ll find your “FitnessBlueprint for Life” at My Health Studio. With our new app designedfor MHS members, you can now apply science to your workouts insidethe Studio and beyond. Record your performance over time, competewith our community and share the photos, stories and highlights ofyour workouts with your friends.TRACK YOUR WORKOUTS• ActivityTracking. Track workouts inside and outside the Studio.• StayEngaged. Receive MHS informational tips and tricks and getmotivational messages and notifications.• Train for PeakPerformance. Get coaching such as training plans and help withgoals.• Unrivaled Performance Feedback. Get detailed analysis afterevery activity, including heart rate and more.• Get Rewarded ForYour Hard Work. View and collect reward points and win an array ofprizes.• Personal Challenge. Participate in studio-wide challengesor compete against yourself and others. See how well you areperforming.CONNECT WITH FRIENDS AND FELLOW FITNESS ENTHUSIASTS•Social Training. Follow friends and training buddies to view eachother’s activities and encourage them.• Activity Photos. Showcasethe best moments of your activity.• Friendly Competition. Dig deepand shoot for a top time on leaderboards.• My Health Studio onSocial Media. Share activity details on Facebook, Instagram andTwitter.USE YOUR FAVORITE TECHNOLOGY• Device Friendly. My HealthStudio works with almost any ANT+ device.
The Cycle Loft GREENSBORO 1.0.2 APK
Stay connected with the studio and track your workouts wherever youare. Members get more with The Cycle Loft app. View the schedule,book rides and purchase packages from the palm of your hand. Stayin the loop, collect reward points and participate in challengesright from your smartphone. Experience the convenience, whileoptimizing your time. Download the app today!
Zone 6 Training 1.0 APK
We are passionately committed to helpingyouachieve a healthier lifestyle so you not only look good butfeelgreat. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail so thatyounot only have a great workout, but a great experienceaswell.Clients have the option to train one on one or with friendsina small group setting. We provide you with; Weight loss,injuryrecovery, advanced skill building, motivation, Team buildingandmore.
Live Life Moving Studios 1.0 APK
Are you ready for a fitness and health coach that helps you createa plan that YOU enjoy?Are you ready to move your body without fearof pain?Are you ready to create healthy habits without sacrificingyour lifestyle?The Live Life Moving App helps you stay on top ofyour health and fitness plan set up by your Live Life Moving Coach.You can track your progress, message your coach, and schedule liveclasses and appointments to keep you motivated. You can evenschedule your next phone session! The Live Life Moving App bridgesthe gap between the convenient self-regulated mobile health andfitness app and the customization and the special attention you getfrom a personal coach or trainer.Features:- Purchase, reserve andin-studio or remote training and coaching sessions- Reserve spacein workshops and classes.- Use the LLM Goal Tracker to trackprogress of your goals set up by you and your LLM Coach- View andtrack your workouts- Receive push notifications for motivation andspecial offers
Corefire 1.0 APK
COREFIRE is the most efficient, effectiveandwelcoming strength-training experience around! In 45 uniqueminutesessions, Corefire Coaches inject form-focused strength,energy,and balance into every human body and brain. Watchyourselftransform from the inside out.Engage the COREFIRE app to keep up to date on your healthgoals,class schedule, and personalized workouts.
DAT Cycle Tracking App 1.0 APK
DAT Cycle Tracking App. Pair your heart rate monitor and keep trackof every workout, in and out of the gym. Track training time, heartrate zones, calories, and points. Set goals and take your trainingto the next level with the DAT Cycle Training App.
Eat The Frog 3.16.1 APK
The Eat The Frog app provides class schedules, social mediaplatforms, fitness goals, and in-club challenges. Our app will alsoallow you to link many of the popular fitness tracking devices andfitness apps on the market. Download our Brand New App and checkout all our features right at your fingertips: • Access to updatedclass schedules • Book/Modify classes on the go • Track yourworkout stats, calories burned, and progress in AND outside of thestudio • View/Update account information • Stay up to date onupcoming events • Purchase memberships/class packages • Send guestpasses to friends and family • Get notified of special promotionsright away • Selfie filter allows you to quickly integrate photoswith social media