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The Obstacle Runner likes to run in a crazy insane speed racing,dashing, sliding and jumping over and around tons of wackyobstacles some times in a drifted way to get powerups and bonuspoints - collecting gift items like googles, caps, shirts, gold,silver coins etc. Watch out for fast driving cars on the road notto get hit or fall or run over by trains while crossing the track.Animated ghost character needs you to control and cool down angrymad running behavior before getting blocked or hit by objects ofmetal pile scraps or smashed by fast trucks. Forgot the temple,jungles and subway places - This slider boy needs your tricks orstunts to overcome the real looking blocks or skate of metal pilescraps board maze puzzle to collect gift items without beingtrapped by policemen or cops flying helicopter. Bullet speed timeis the only available costume shield you have to collect gifts andbonus level points for a timer top slot heat race.Start practicesession, switch gear to intermediate and become pro runner.ObstacleRun is the best free 3d running game! If you love fun action arcadegames then you will love this cool FREE running simulation animategameGame Features:* Random obstacles objects placements every timeto surprise you.* Practice session, Intermediate and Pro ObstacleRacing Runner.* Various obstacles and bend tracks challenge yourresponding speeds* Race the way you want: you can touch usingjoysticks or buttons or motion sensor accelerometer tilt to steerthe surfer * Easy control and operation help you dive into the funworld of scary metal piles and fences.
* Special and funny gamesound and music.* Designed to look good on low resolution and highresolution devices (incl. tablets)
* A various power-ups and gamecharacter is waiting for you - Race boarding.* Practice session,Intermediate and Pro Obstacle Racing Runner * Gain bonuses fromdaring tricks and collect points to reach even higher distances.*Cool graphics and smooth physics simulation
* Experience somehigh-octane addictive action!* Cool graphics and smooth physicsanimations and simulation make its great relaxing game at all timesfor all ages.* For iOS or iPhone or IPad apps user, option to pickup your own device music library playlist is also available***Important Note ***Obstacle Run Racing Free version has limitedfeatures. To unlock all feature, buy the full version at 
ObstacleRun Racing app works perfectly in in android high end dual coreprocessors or above devices as it need more CPU run power todeliver the rendering performance.

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    Obstacle Racing Run Free Games
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    October 6, 2013
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    Android 2.2 and up
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    Sulaba Inc
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    41 Longhorn Ct, San Ramon, CA 94583
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- Tilt yourphone or tablet left and right to control driving directions oroptionally use touch buttons.
- Watch out the both sides of road orlane splitter for traffic - cars, police / cop and other autovehicles.
- Do adventures to collect big dollar bounties or giftswithin the time.- Running timer and bike distance covered willdecide the acceleration speed.- Brag slot your achievements afterthe each power points laps . - Fast paced physics speed vectorbased 3D Xtreme biking pro game- Want to have more track and biker?Buy full version. - For iOS - iPhone & iPad Tablet users, youcan optionally pick your own device music songs playlist duringgame play.What are you waiting for ? Get it while it is free for alimited time! Cool city biking thrill never stops! Ready, Set,Go.!*Important Note*
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Ready to play bowling ball in a 3D game? Stunning graphics andsound to play it with your friends. Simply try to knock out as manycenter pins possible and become a pro. You can choose the shinning3D ball of your choice and play it in stunning red bricks smashingfire room. Try to get as many strikes - means knocking out all pinswith first attempt or spare (2 times in a row). Never leave thefocus of your tilting, flicking, speed, accuracy and ball slidingor skating force to hit out all pins of a bowling lane 3D games.Drive for winning the bowling race and pocket out victory smile.Track your score progress with consecutive strikes. Bowling lanealley is your friend for practice for real world strategy ofgalaxy. Flicking, tossing, throwing with touch & ball slide isall part of finger level bowling lane 3d game with bowling pin ball3d incredible game physics in a angry fire bursting room. If youlike arcade air hockey, ball throwing or fling touch free gameslike basketball or action packing car racing or flying games, youwill like this realistic 3D bowling game on the Android phones ortablets.Try free bowling lane 3d for a pin balls splitter for acrushing win sports game. Spare your time along with your mama fora top strategy simulation free party games.What are you waitingfor? Ready..Set..Go..!If you like free games like extreme streetmoto bike racing pro angry speed rush and fall while doing tricksor stunts or skate or drift or drag on the arcade road driving,then you get addicted for this bowler boy or girl kids or teensaction board 3d free bowling game.Be sure to check out ourfollowing free 3d racing and sports games.Basketball 3D freegamesAir hockey 3D freeExtreme Biker 3D Motor cycles Biking FreeMoto Games - Race Rally 3D Cars Racing - free racerStreet CarsRacer Speed Circuit Fast Racing - Free Race FireKids Kart Racing 3DArcade Fun FreeBlock Smasher - Bricks Breaker Free 3D gamesRaceGear - 3D Driving Road TrackSkateboarding 3D Free gamesRollerSkating Free 3D games - Need Skater!Memory Puzzles - Brainteasergames Numbers, Colors and Pattern picture album matchingWordteaser- Brainteaser gamesDivide and Conquer & Math fun games
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Kart Racing 3D is a beautiful desert pyramidtunnel arcade cars racing track drifting and dragging pro drivinggame for both kids and teenagers while collecting as many goldcoins along the way of palm trees, not to fall on pool lake orsmashed by broken stone pillars as road blocks.For boys & girls- Want to be super sonic mario hero free carmotorcycle bike rider of kart arcade racing without smash-ing ordash-ing the brick blocks stone and collecting gold coins slotsfast within countdown time. Circuit through desert and infinite runkind of feeling inside the super hot fire flame tunnel and be agreat speed moto extreme rc wheel winner !Six different camera angles, nine different combinations of gamecar racing controls for steering wheel & throttle includingtilt motion and manual touch buttons. Race in a stunning day andnight mode of a desert tracks and lighted pyramid doom buildings.Race with other AI fast racers while collecting bounties in dirtdesert sand risky turns and hidden jumpy riding places. Desert sandwill drag and drift the cart, but a determined sprinted hot rodspeed way ninja racer steering will be the real top chase winner!Throttle the speed and make quick turns and see the drift mark allover the lane while doing laps time racing. This cool car racinggame is a addictive extreme physics brain teaser with absorbingdesert background music. Best free pocket game to park and play itanytime to kill the waiting time at the airport or stuck in the badtraffic rush.Drive safe so that you can be a real racer in the game and inreal life.Key cool features :
********************** Six different camera positions button - dynamically to change theinside and outside of the car views while driving at various anglesincluding facing you.* 2D map view of the track* Continuos streaming feed on back view mirror
* Choose the car color
* Artificial Intelligence (AI) for direction warning - If you aredriving in wrong direction, it will alert with warning message and3D direction arrow on top guides you all the time.
* Various controls offered for accelerometer and steeringcontrols
* Steering:
* Rotate the steering wheel to maneuver the car.
* Press Bottom left paddle to apply breaks.
* Press Middle paddle to apply reverse throttle.
* Press Bottom right paddle to accelerate.
* Slide the vertical stick to accelerate or slide it down towardsred to apply reverse throttle.
* Horizontal stick:
*Slide the horizontal stick left or right tosteer.
* Tilt Motion: (Using accelerometer)
* Holding the device in landscape mode. Rotate it back-and-forth toaccelerate and rotate or tilting left/right to steer.
* You canpause the game anytime and select various sound and controloptions.
* Various Game play modes including Race and Chase with AI cars(Full version) 
* Timer Mode:
* Complete the lap in less than the Best time to win.
* Complete the lap before the countdown over.
* Drifting Mode
*Speed up the car
* Turn steering wheel to left or right abruptly
* When the steering wheel is turned completely left or right, pressand hold the break for drift.
* Nitros - feel the heat - back of your car
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Race-n-Chase, is 3D car racing game in a beautiful and unique racetrack! - High voltage game!The game features rain or shine modewith six different camera views and your choice of car colors. Racealong with other artificial intelligence (AI) cars for the desirednumber of laps.Choose from three different game modes: Race-n-Chasewith AI cars, Countdown, and Timer mode with custom choice ofSteering, Stick, or Motion control for wheel and throttle. You canoptionally turn off engine (SFX) or music sound.Chill out yourracing experience with an option to turn on rain shower and lights.Watch the racing track and AI opponents in Picture-in-Picture (PIP)2D map window along with continuous feed of back camera viewmirror.Be a smart driver, don't hit your opponent or you may getsome scratches and fire sparks on your baby. Enjoy the rally actionpacked ride!Please read this important disclaimer note: Due to high3D graphics rendering, this gaming app requires latest dual coreandroid devices like new amazon kindle fire tablet, Motorolo photon4g, Samsung Galaxy tablet etc with latest android 2.3 +. Alsocertain options and features depends on device model & OS andfeatures.Product Features* Play a racing game with 3D graphics of abeautiful racing track & cars* Challenge the AI opponents*Drizzling rain or shine mode* Turn into night racing with lightson.* Collision fire sparks* Custom choice of Steering, Stick, orMotion control for wheel and throttle* Picture-in-Picture(PIP) 2Doverview track map* Continuous car back view camera mirror* Choosefrom 3 fun game modes - Lap Race & Chase, Countdown &Timer* Toggle between 6 camera views including front facing carview (Inside, Outside & Sky views)* Choose your race car color*Unique and absorbing music track plus SFX/sound controls
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Don't miss the top speed fast action of Circuit Racer 2 Car RacingDrive 3D. F1 style in a beautiful unique racing track.Rain or shinemode with 6 different camera views of your choice of color buggy,racing along with other artificial intelligence buggies for desiredlaps. You can play in 3 different modes - Race and Chase with AIbuggies, Countdown and Timer mode with custom choice of touchSteering, Stick or Motion control for wheel & throttle. Also,you can watch the racing track in Picture-in-Picture (PIP) 2D mapwindow. You can optionally turn off engine (SFX) or music sound.Features include the camera button that allows you to change theinside and outside views including sky view and four more viewswhile driving, car color selector, sound and music controls,accelerator, steering, breaking, and reverse throttle controls togive you full control of your driving and racing experience. Enjoycloudy blue sky or drizzling scenic rainy day dynamically duringgame play by touching the sunny cloud icon. Also watch your speedin digital way.Fast auto race and motor chase, but alsoeducational, this is a high voltage grand prix style circuit carracing game and fun learning tool for both kids and teenagers.Drifting, Draging, Breaking, turning, learning optimal speed whileavoiding sliding and spinning, or sharp, wide, or blind turning,learn the physics of driving and staying safe behind thewheel.Formula1 style buggy sprint indie car racing - slot speedwayrace track - rain / day lap car racer.With beautiful race track,curved and divided roads, and tunnel bridge, you're sure to want totake this baby for a spin and a half along with other buggies.