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If you are a Office worker and did not get any training on Safetythen this app is for you. This app consists on basic Office SafetyTraining. Generally office spaces are considered safe, they can bedangerous if some simple precautions are not taken. Different typesof hazards caused by Office equipment, fall, trip & collision,fire, electrical and chemical equipment can be avoided if employeesare well aware and use common sense. This app guidelines will helpto keep your office safe and will provide knowledge of safetysigns. Also some exercises for employees in office and motivationalsafety slogans are included. This app is a quick training of OfficeSafety. Have a save day!

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Feroz-ul-Lughat is written by Alhaj Moulvi Ferozuddin. It is a Urduto Urdu Dictionary (offline) and consists of One Lakh and TwentyFive Thousand words, idioms, phrases, foreign languages words (usedin Urdu), scientific and technical terms and their grammaticalreferences. This latest version comprises neat and clean scan, nomissing pages, no duplicate pages and no blur pages. Every page isclear, straight and readable. It is the only most compact size ofFeroz ul Lughat available on Play Store for user convenience. ThisUrdu Lughat is a reference book and a gift for students and Urdulearners. This app uses nastaleeq font that is more readable andonly those letters are added in list that have words in dictionary.These features makes app more worthwhile. Feroz-ul-Lughat offlineFeroz-ul-Lughat Jadeed offline Feroz-ul-Lughat Jamia offline UrduLughat offline Urdu Dictionary offline Urdu to Urdu Dictionaryoffline
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Al Qamoos ul Jadeed Arabic to Urdu Lughat is included in DarseNizami Course. This Arabic to Urdu dictionary is written by MaulanaWaheed uz Zaman Qasmi Keranvi. Al Qamoos ul Jadeed Urdu to Arabicis also available for free download on Google Play Store byapplogy. This Arabic to Urdu Dictionary app has designed in suchway that you select letter, its jumps to relative page. Pages areedited in two colors to easily recognize words with detail inserial under heading letters. There is no need of typing lettersfor search. Remember me in your prayers. Features: ArabicDictionary offline Arabic to Urdu Dictionary offline Alqamoos ulJadded Arabic to Urdu Arbi Lughat Arbi to Urdu Lughat
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Hand Shadowgraphy or Ombromanie is the art of performing a story orshow images made by hand shadows blocking light. It has a longhistory and is a famous way of story telling. It is a popularentertainment for both children and adults in many countries aroundthe globe. You can make fun in light of Candle, lamp, Lantern,campfire or even in moonlight or sunlight.Images are organised inbetter way than other apps. Every Shadow bears name that islearning with fun.Enjoy!Features:Pair of Swans ShadowBird HandShadow PuppetSnail Hand ShadowPanther ShadowDog Hand ShadowPuppetTurkey Shadow PuppetsShadow GooseCardinal Hand ShadowHandShadow of RabbitFun With Butterfly Hand ShadowsMake Camel ShadowPuppetsHand Shadow of ChamoisHand Shadows For DonkeyIdeas AboutElephant Hand ShadowGoat Shadow Hand PuppetsHand Shadow of TeddyBearAwesome Wolf Shadow PuppetCrocodile Hand ShadowGreyhound HandShadow PuppetBulldog Hand ShadowsIndian Hand ShadowAnimal HandShadow PuppetsTurtle Hand Shadow PuppetOld Man Face Hand ShadowPuppetFace Hand Shadow PuppetSquirrel Hand ShadowsCat Hand ShadowPuppetHand Shadow Puppet of Deer
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Al Qamoos ul Jadeed Urdu to Arabic Lughat is included in DarseNizami Course. This Urdu to Arabic dictionary is written by MaulanaWaheed uz Zaman Qasmi Keranvi. Al Qamoos ul Jadeed Arabic to Urduis also available for free download on Google Play Store byapplogy. This Urdu to Arabic Dictionary app has designed in suchway that you select letter, its jumps to relative page. Pages areedited in two colors to easily recognize words with detail inserial under heading letters. There is no need of typing lettersfor search. Remember me in your prayers. Features: Urdu ArabicDictionary offline Urdu to Arabic Dictionary offline Alqamoos ulJadded Urdu to Arabic Urdu Arbi Lughat Urdu to Arbi Lughat
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Eat to beat belly fat (Burn Belly Fat) It is the dream of everyperson to eat as much as they want but without gaining weight. Onlyeating right is not the agenda of losing weight, it has to be inbetter quantity and quality because it makes a huge modification inyour diet. When someone is on diet and wants to shed weight asquickly as possible, the biggest challenge he/she can come with isto battling hunger and craving to eat. It is important to have highlevel of motivation to lose weight and stay health. There are manytypes of foods that makes you lose weight which are full of fiber,protein, nutrients and minerals that can have the long-term effecton your body. These types of foods makes you feel fuller for longertime which results in less hunger and no blood sugar or insulinthorns. You might have seen many questions asked online that whatto eat to lose weight, how to reduce belly fat and you will findlots of answers for it, might be either to exercise or yoga andgain a healthy life, which is true but there are many kinds offoods that helps to lose weight which also helps you in making yourlife healthy. In this app, we are going to highlight the best 5foods to lose weight easily and safely. Features: Lose belly fatBelly fat burning Burn belly fat how to lose stomach Fat burningfoods How to lose belly how to lose weight How to reduce belly FatBurn Fat burning Weight loss Lose belly Reduce belly How to loseweight how to lose belly get rid of belly get rid of weight get ridof fat fast fat loss fast weight loss fast belly loss become slimFlat stomach Wazan kum karain pait kum karain
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The OrigamiOrigami is the art of paper folding, which is oftenassociated with Japanese culture. In modern usage, the word"origami" is used as an inclusive term for all folding practices,regardless of their culture of origin.In this app different topicsof origami are well managed and organized than other apps on store.You will find most of origami topics in it. Its step by stepinstructions are clear and simple. It consists of Animal Origami,Birds Origami, Box Origami, Flowers Origami, Insects Origami, SeaAnimal Origami, Planes Origami, Transport Origami and much more.Once you install this app, you will never uninstallit.Features:Origami AnimalsOrigami BirdsOrigami Box OrigamiFlowersOrigami Insects Origami Sea Animal Origami PaperPlanesOrigami Transport
Mr Cooks Recipes 1.1 APK
This is free app for novice cooks.Itsinstructions are step by step and simple. Cut down on thecookingtime with these tasty and easy to make spicy and sweetrecipes. Youcan enjoy by following recipes:○ Sweet potato casserole○ Chicken and Beef pie○ Tiramisu with raspberries○ Roast beef and boiled potatoes○ Yogurt cake with Marzipan base○ Grilled tuna steak with Spaghetti○ Yogurt cake with Marzipan base○ Grilled scallops with Parsley○ Veal with Rice and Vegetables○ Beef filled with corn on the cob and tomato sauce○ Saddie of venison with assorted mushrooms and herbs○ Chinese noodles with beef filled and vegetables○ Roast turkey with spicy sausage stuffing○ Poppy seed and walnut wreath with cream○ Roast chicken(Cookbook Recipes, Chicken Recipes, Beef Recipes, SweetRecipes,Spicy Recipes, Easy Cooking, Easy Recipes)All recipes, text and photographs in this app are credited totheirauthors. Please address any copyright concerns to thedeveloperemail below.
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Colors app is for the people who are learning foreign languages. Itteaches colors name in different foreign languages like 中文,Español, English, हिंदी, العربية, Português, বাংলা, русский, 日本語,اردو, français, ښتو, فارسی, malay, Java, Deutsche, 한국어, Türk, தமிழ்and Tiếng Việt Features: 顏色名稱 Nombre de los colores Name of colorsरंगों का नाम اسم الألوان Nome das cores রঙের নাম Наименованиецветов 色の名前 رنگوں کے نام Nom des couleurs د رنګ نوم نام رنگ ها namawarna Jeneng werna Name der Farben 색상 이름 Renklerin adı நிறங்கள்பெயர் Tên màu