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What is Mehndi?Mehndi is the art of painting the body in ornatedesigns with henna.Associated with transformation andtranscendence, it is a beautiful and mysterious art form that hasbeen used for centuries to heal, to adorn and to bless.A paste ismade from the crushed leaves of the henna plant mixed with othernatural ingredients,such as eucalyptus oil, lemon juice, and blacktea. The paste is applied to the skin, and when removed severalhours later, it leaves beautiful markings that last from 1 to 3weeks.The longevity of a Mehndi design depends on many factors.Keep in mind that each persons skin takes differently to henna, asdoes the area of the body you choose to adorn.Before applying thepaste, the skin must be free and clear of all other oils and dirt.Once The Paste Is On The Skin The Real Work Begins! YOU ARECOMMISSIONING THE ARTIST TO APPLY YOUR HENNA DESIGN, THEN IT IS UPTO YOU.To Get The Best Results From Your Henna ExperienceYOU MUSTTAKE CARE FOR THE NEXT 24 HOURS.The paste must be allowed to drycompletely (20-30 min).The longer the dried paste remains on theskin the longer the design will last, recommended time 4-6hours.Remove the paste with a layer of oil, or scratch off withfingers,DO NOT TAKE IT OFF WITH WATER!Avoid water contact for thefirst 24 hrs after the paste is removed, as the color is stilldeveloping at this time.When the paste is first removed it willappear orange, it takes 24-48 hrs for the color to finish darkeningto a deep brown.Preserve and Protect your Design by Applying aLayer of 'Mehndi Maintenance Oil' to your DesignFrequently,Especially BEFORE and AFTER Water Contact.Short Historyof Mehndi:The earliest cosmetic use of henna (lawsonia inermis) wasin Egypt, where the people would dye their hair and nails, and aPharaoh's fingers and toes would be dipped before mummification.Once the henna plant's cooling properties were discovered, paintingthe skin and dying the hair with henna became a way for the peoplein desert climates to cool their body temperature.For centuriesMehndi has been practiced in Africa, India, Asia, the Middle East,and Central Eurasia for various ceremonies and celebrations.TodayMehndi is still practiced in many diverse ways, from eccentric bodydecoration, to healing ceremonies... Mehndi is a MagicalArt...Symbols and SymbolismHenna dyes the top layer of skin... asthe skin replaces itself and exfoliates away, the designsfade.Areas of the body with thicker layers of skin will last thelongest- the hands and feet can last up to 4 weeks.The arms,ankles, back, and belly can last up to 3 weeks. And the chest, andface will last a week at most.The Two Best Areas of the Body forMehndi are the Hands and the Feet.Hands ~ the most popular andlong-lasting area of the body.Palm ~ designs invoke images ofopening and offering (usually sun, flower, mandala)Back of hand ~acts as a shield-closing, defending, clenching-symbolizingprotection.According to Eastern Indian PalmistryRight hand ~ Male,ProtectiveLeft hand ~ Female, ReceptiveFeet ~ the tops stain deeply& are long-lasting.The feet are recognized as a point of divinecontact, considered a holy junction, where Human being and Earthmeet.So due to that reason we have made this app. In this appcontains the 1000+ Latest Mehndi Designs. It contains both Hand& Foot Mehndi Designs.Why are you waiting... Download itfast...Thank you.

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In this app you'll get the information (tips and tricks) about howto impress and get the girls.In this app contains following typesof videos.- किसी भी महिला को वश में कैसे करें- - किसी भी औरत को १सेकंड में वश में करने का तरीका | वशीकरण के उपाय- | नाम लेकर वश मेंकरें । - पति और किसी का भी वशीकरण करें, आप चाहोगे वैसा होगा tipsfor vashikaran- नाम लेकर दो मिनट में मनचाही शादीशुदा औरत का वशीकरण, vashikaran totke, vashikaran mantra- इलाची से शक्ति शाली वशीकरण -लौंग द्वारा तीव्र वशीकरण शनिवार की रात को- बिना कुछ खिलाये पिलायेकिसी लड़की का वशीकरण कैसे करे ! Vashikaran Totke in Hindi !! Video-1 दिन में शर्तिया वशीकरण । बिना किसी समान के । वशीकरण मंत्र ।Vashikaran From Home । Swami Ji Videos- नवरात्र में घर में इस जगहरखे फिटकरी रातो रात होंगे करोड़पति- घर पर एक तेज पत्ता जलाएं औरदेखें क्या होता है 5 मिनट बाद ! इसके फायदे जानकर हैरान रह जायंगेंआप- नीबू में 4 लौंग चुपचाप गाड़ दे आपको रोडपति से करोड़पति बनने सेकोई नहीं रोक पायेगा- वो चार इशारे जो बताते है कि वो आपसे करना चाहतीहै | - भाभी को कैसे पटाये आंटी को पटाने के असरदार तरीके ? - जो 1मिनट नहीं टिकता वो भी दौड़ेगा 3 घण्टे || रामबाण घरेलु नुस्खा || -कभी भी ना खाएं ये 3 चीजें वरना हो जाओगे नामर्द - भूलकर भी न करेसेवन - घरेलु नुस्खे- उबले हुए अंडे खाने के गजब फायदे | - चेहरे कोदूध जैसा गोरा करने का जबरदस्त घरेलु नुस्खा//चमत्कारी घरेलुनुस्खा//- अपने ओजार को हिलाने का सही तरीका - आपका 2 से 3 झटके मेंही निकल जाता है तो आयुर्वेदिक ईलाज करे - रातों रात प्राइवेट पार्टके कालेपन को दूर कर देगा ये चमत्कारी नुस्खा- Why Aloe vera Good forMen? Benefits of aloe vera for male enhancement - हिमालया हिम्कोलिनजेल पुरुषों के लिए |- खाली पेट 4 दाने खाये और किसी भी महिला की चीखेनिकलवाए - लड़की की सील टूटी है या नही कैसे पता करें - खाली पेट 4दाने खाये और किसी भी महिला की चीखे निकलवाए- क्या आप जानते है कीक्यों चिल्लाती है और रोती है लड़किया- मोटी लड़की से शादी करने के इनफायदों के बारे में जान हैरान हो जाएंगे आप- दुबई जाने से पहले जान लोये बातें|- सऊदी अरब के सबसे चौकानेवाले तथ्य - मुंबई का सच - लडकीपाटानेके असरदार तरीके- जानीये लड़कीको पटानेके सबसे आसान और असरदारतरीके डाउनलोड करे ये अँप|- ladki patane ke tarike hindi, ladkigames, ladki ko vash main karneke tarike, ladki patane ke tarike,ladki wala game, ladaki patane ke tarike, ladaki patane ke tarikehindi me, ladki tatana sikhe, Mahila vashikaran, aunty pataneketarike, mahila vashikarana karana sikhe, ladki pataneke aasardartarike, desi girls, bangladeshi girls, bangaladeshi aunty etc.
मुला-मुलींच्या फोनवरील गप्पा 1.0 APK
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In this app contains the 50+ time-pass and funny conversation ofgirlfriend and boyfriend in the Marathi language. Following typesof conversations are available,* marathi chavat call* marathichavat call recording* marathi call center funny* तुझ्या साठीतोंडात पण marathi girlfriend call recording* मराठी मुलगी झाली गरम -Marathi Call Recording VIRAL* सोमवारी रात्री ये मुक्कामालामाझ्याकडं | Marathi Chavat Call Recording Audio* बॉयफ्रेंड झाला"गरम",गर्लफ्रेंड ला दिल्या कॉल वरच... कॉल झाला Viral* रूम मालक घरीनाहीये, तू आज रूम वर ये - Marathi funny Call Recording VIRAL 2017*पहाटे ३ वाजता गर्लफ्रेण्डचा कॉल !* मराठी हॉट गर्लफ्रेंड MarathiFunny Girlfriend Phone Call Recording 2017* सोलापूरच्या डीएड च्यामुलीला मुलाचा कॉल* मराठी काकू ला कॉल।।marathi funny call* Aj Ratritula khup mja deto ye...marathi call recording* तुला खालचा आहे कानाही | Marathi Call Recording Audio* मराठी मुलीची झक्कास CallRecording VIRAL.* बॉयफ्रेंड कॉल रेकॉर्डिंग Marathi Funny Frod PhoneCall Recording* Marathi Call Audio Recording | आत्ता पर्यंत कितीजणींवर चढला आहेस, कॉल रेकॉर्डिंग* दारुड्याचा गमतीदार कॉल Customercare ला Funny Marathi Man call Record 2017* कोल्हापूरची तिखट मिरची!* मराठी हॉट गर्लफ्रेंड Marathi Funny Girlfriend Phone CallRecording 2017* गावठी माणसाच्या बँकवाल्या मुलीला शि -MARATHI CALLRECORDING* Marathi Hot Call Audio Recording | रात्र चांगली जायलाहवी,सकाळी उठला नाही तरीही चालेल | * मी नाही घाबरत तू कर तुला कायकरायचं आहे ते marathi girlfriend call recording* Funny marathiPrank call Viral---म्हातारा चेकाळलाcall my girlfriend thug life,call my girlfriend vine, call my girlfriend which one, call of dutygirlfriend, call of duty girlfriend prank, call your girlfriend,call your girlfriend acoustic cover,call your girlfriend, call yourgirlfriend cover, call your girlfriend cup song, call yourgirlfriend cups, call your girlfriend dance,call your girlfrienddubstep,call your girlfriend erato,call your girlfriend eratolyrics,call your girlfriend español,call your girlfriend feedme,call your girlfriend french,call your girlfriend gavinbeach,call your girlfriend guitar,call your girlfriend guitarcover,call your girlfriend guitar instrumental,call your girlfriendguitar tutorial,call your girlfriend harmony,call your girlfriendjonas alaska,call your girlfriend kait weston,call your girlfriendkaraoke,call your girlfriend karaoke acoustic,call your girlfriendkaraoke piano,call your girlfriend kaskade,call your girlfriendkeso,call your girlfriend lennon,call your girlfriend live,callyour girlfriend lyrics,call your girlfriend lyrics karaoke,callyour girlfriend male cover,call your girlfriend michellechamuel,call your girlfriend nightcore,call your girlfriendparody,call your girlfriend pentatonix,call your girlfriendpiano,call your girlfriend podcast,call your girlfriend remix,callyour girlfriend robyn,call your girlfriend robyn acoustic,call yourgirlfriend robyn cover,call your girlfriend robyn dance,call yourgirlfriend robyn español,call your girlfriend robyn hq,call yourgirlfriend robyn karaoke,call your girlfriend robyn live,call yourgirlfriend robyn lyrics,call your girlfriend robyn thero,call yourgirlfriend sarah blackwood,call your girlfriend scott hoying,callyour girlfriend short film,call your girlfriend slow version,callyour girlfriend snl,call your girlfriend snl comparison,call yourgirlfriend snl parody,call your girlfriend sub español,call yourgirlfriend taran killam,call your girlfriend the voice,call yourgirlfriend timeflies,call your girlfriend timeflies lyrics,callyour girlfriend ukulele,call your girlfriend ukulele cover,callyour girlfriend wainwright,call your girlfriend x factor,crazygirlfriend call me maybe,
Bhojpuri HD Video Songs 1.0 APK
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पलंग करे चोए चोए ॥ Bhojpuri Song 2017 ||Palang Kare Choy Choy ||singer-Dipu Dehati lyrics-RITESH RANJAN music-Munna Mishra ThankYou So Much By : Awantika Music Hits To watch latest bhojpuri songs2016 and latest bhojpuri movies 2016 subscribe our channel Song :-Katore Katore Dinesh Lal "Nirahua" - Aamrapali Dubey - SIPAHI -Bhojpuri Hit Songs 2017 Album :- Satya Song :- Raate Diya Butake /Rate Diya Buta Ke Star cast :- Pawan Singh & Amarpali DubeySinger :- Pawan Singh & Indu sonali Facebook Lyrics :- SumitSingh Chandravanshi Music Director :- Chhote Baba Director :-Sujeet Kumar Singh Choreographer :- Ramdevan Producer :- RadheshyamJivrajji Luha, Gajanand Lal Singh, Sujeet Kumar Singh Editor :-Dipak Jaul DOP :- Devendra Tiwari Marketing Manager :- Vijay YadavExcutive Producer :- Arshad Shaikh Chief Assi Director :- MukeshTiwari Film :- Truck Driver 2 Song :- Na Lali Na Pauder (Tohra KeRakh Leni Ihe Ka Kam Ba) Singer :- Ritesh Pandey & Indu SonaliLyrics :- Shyam Dehati Music Director :- Ritesh Thakur Star Cast :-Pradeep R Pandey "Chintu" , Nidhi Jha, Ritesh Pandey. Director :-Raj Kumar R Pandey Producer :- Sanjay Singh Rajput & RiteshThakur. Pawan Singh का सबसे हिट गाना - मरद वाला खेल - Akshara Singh- Dhadkan - Bhojpuri Song 2017 Pawan Singh - Kalpna - Tinka Tinka -DHADKAN - Bhojpuri Songs 2017 का सबसे हिट गाना - Pawan Singh - रातेदिया बुताके - Superhit Film (SATYA) - Bhojpuri Hot Songs सुपरहिटगाना 2017 - Pawan Singh - तनी फेरे दी करवटिया - Superhit Film(SATYA) - Bhojpuri Hot Songs टयूबलाईट जलाके सईया - Nisha Pandey -Bhojpuri Super Hit Song - Top HD Video Song 2017 Aasmaan Ke Chanda| HD Bhojpuri Video Song | Khesari Lal Yadav , Kajal Raghwani Song:- Aasmaan Ke Chanda Film :- Hum Hai Hindustani Starring :- KhesariLal Yadav, Kajal Raghwani Singer :- Khesari lal Yadav & KalpanaProducer :- Pallav-Rohan Movie Director :- Dev Pandey MusicDirector :- Avinash Jha "Ghunghroo" Lyrics Writer :- Pawan pandey
20,000+ Mehndi Rangoli Designs 1.0 APK
LPG Apps
This is one of the best & latest 20,000+ Mehndi and Rangolidesigns app. It contains the 1000+ Latest High Quality MehndiDesigns as well as 1000+ Latest High Quality Rangoli Designs.SoThis app is very Smart, Cool & Simple. In this app you'll getall types of Mehndi and Rangoli Desings. In Mehndi section you'llget Hand Mehndi Designs & Foot Mehndi Designs.Mehndi holds alot of cultural significance in Indian traditions. Be itweddings,Karva Chauth or other occasions, mehndi plays an important role inall the ceremonies and festivals of India. In todays era ofmodernization, the new styles and designs of mehndi are coming up,adding glamour and fun to it.Weddings being the most important dayin ones life, mehndi has become an ornament for the soon to bebrides.There is, in fact, one whole ceremony dedicated to itscelebration popularly known as Mehndi Ceremony or Mehndi KiRaat.Besides this, the phrase Haath Peele Karna as often heard fromelders of the family is a rasam of mehndi directly synonymous tomarriage. This significance maybe attributed to symbolic meaning ofmehndi that is fertility. Mehndi Ceremony is among the pre weddingrituals in Indian weddings performed a day prior to the marriage.Just as, Haldi ceremony symbolizes cleanliness, mehndi signifiesbeautification. Mehndi-Ki-Raat is usually a private affair withclose relatives, friends and family members, celebrated a midst lotof dancing and feasting.This ritual is often combined with Sangeetceremony and so is primarily a womens function. The atmosphere isimbued with dholak beats and singing of traditional songs whilemehndi is applied on brides hands & legs by mehndi experts. Thebrides mehndi interweaves the name of her would be husband and heis expected to find his name in the pattern.As well as, Rangoli isan art form from India in which patterns are created on the floorin living rooms or courtyards using materials such as colored rice,dry flour, colored sand or flower petals. It is usually made duringDiwali (Deepawali), Onam, Pongal and other Indian festivals.Designs are passed from one generation to the next, keeping boththe art form and the tradition alive.The various names for this artform and similar practices include Kolam in Tamil Nadu, Mandana inRajasthan, Chowkpurana in Chhattisgarh, Alpana in West Bengal,Aripana in Bihar, Chowk pujan in Uttar Pradesh, Muggu in AndhraPradesh, Golam kolam or kalam in Kerala and others.The purpose ofrangoli is decoration, and it is thought to bring good luck. Designdepictions may also vary as they reflect traditions, folklore andpractices that are unique to each area. It is traditionally done bywomen. Generally, this practice is showcased during occasions suchas festivals, auspicious observances, marriage celebrations andother similar milestones and gatherings.Rangoli designs can besimple geometric shapes, deity impressions, or flower and petalshapes (appropriate for the given celebrations), but they can alsobe very elaborate designs crafted by numerous people. The basematerial is usually dry or wet powdered rice or dry flour, to whichsindoor (vermilion), haldi (turmeric) and other natural colours canbe added. Chemical colors are a modern variation. Other materialsinclude colored sand, red brick powder and even flowers and petals,as in the case of flower rangolis.So this app is very powerful app.it is very useful to everybody. So everybody must download thisapp. and should have to take the benefit.So why are you waiting...Download and Enjoy it...
चेहरे को ये इतना गोरा कर देगा की आप देखते रह जाओगे 1.0.0 APK
LPG Apps
चेहरेको रातोंरात गोरा करनेका आसान घरेलु नुस्खा | 15 मिनिट में गोराबना देगा की आप बस देखते रह जाओगे|These fairness tips are soamazing.चेहरेको रातोरात गोरा बना देगा ये नुस्खा This is one of thebest skin whitening secret, this tip is very effective to lightenyour dark skin by Dark Secrets. This skin whitening treatment isvery effective.In this app contain following types of videotutorials: चेहरेको रातोरात गोरा बना देगा ये नुस्खा, चेहरेका कालापनदूर करेगा ये नुस्खा, Homemade solution for dark skin, Homemaderemedies for dark skin, Tomato miracle formula, Skin WhiteningFormula, How to lighten face and body, Get rid of dark skin, How toremove sun tan, Skin whitening home remedy, Instant fairness packfor dark skin, Tomato scrub, Skin whitening tomato facial Cleanser,How to get glowing skin, चेहरे को 10 मिनिट में इतना गोरा कर देगा कीआप देखते रह जाओगे | जबरदस्त घरेलु नुस्खा | fairness tips.सफ़ेद बालोंको काला कैसे करे | Super Nuskha. Ingredients (सामग्री ) :Coconutoil ( नारियल का तेल )Lemon ( निम्बू )दोस्तों आप 2 चम्मच नारियल कातेल लेकर उसमे 1 चम्मच निम्बू का रस मिलाये और अब आपका pack तयार है.आपको इस pack को हफ्ते मै दो बार use करना है. और नहाने से 1/2 घंटेपहले इस pack को लगाकर रखना है और 10 से 12 मिनट आपके बालोंके जडोंकीहलके हाथोंसे मसाज करनी है और फिर बालोंको धोना है. इससे आपकी बालोंकीसारी समस्याएं दूर हो जाएगी. ट्राय कीजिये और फर्क देखिए.hair growthtips in hindi , hair growth oil hair growth, oil for fast hairgrowth , hair growth oil for fast hair growth in hindi , hairgrowth treatment , hair growth treatment in hindi , hair growthtreatment in hindi at home , safed balo ko kala karne ka tarika ,safed balo ko kala karne ka oil , safed balo ko kala karne kagharelu upay , safed balo ko kala karne ka gharelu nuskha , safedbalo ko kala karne ke upay , safed balo ko kala karne ke nuskhe inhindi , balo ko kala karne ka upay , balo ko kala karne ka tarika ,balo ko kala karne ka tarika bataye , balo ko kala karne ka tarikain hindi , balo ko kala karne ka gharelu upay , balo ko kala karneka gharelu upchar , balo ko lamba karne ka tarika , balo ko lambakarne ka tarika in hindi , balo ko lamba karne ke upay , balo kolamba karne ke upay in hindi , balo ko lamba karne ke upay bataye ,balo ko lamba karne ke nuskhe , balo ko lamba karne ki vidhi , baloko lamba karne ke gharelu nuskhe , balo ko lamba karne ke gharelunuskhe in hindi , balo ko lamba karne ke gharelu tarike , balo kobadhane ka tarika , balo ko badhane ka tel , balo ko badhane katarika , balo ko badhane ka tarika video , balo ko badhane katarika in hindi , balo ko badhane ka tarika batao , balo ko badhaneka nuskha , balo ko badhane ka nuskha , balo ko badhane ke gharelunuskhe in hindi , balo ko badhane ke upay , balo ko badhane ke liye, balo ko badhane ke liye gharelu upay , balo ko badhane ka nuskha, balo ko badhane ka vidhi , balo ko badhane ke liye upay , baallambe karne ka tarika , baal lambe karne ka tarika in hindi , baallambe karne ka oil , baal lambe karne ke tarike , baal lambe karneke tarike in hindi , baal lambe karne ke tarike hindi me , baallambe karne ke gharelu upay , baal lambe karne ka upay , baal lambekarne ka upay bataye , baal lambe karne ke liye , baal lambe karneke liye tel , baal lambe karne ke liye tel.ENO चेहरे को इतना गोराकर देगा की दुनिया देखकर हैरान रह जाएगी - Fair skin DarkSecretsInstant Fair & Glowing Skin पाने का रामबाण नुस्खा जिस्सेआपकी स्किन तुरन्त गोरी, मुलायम और चमकदार हो जाएगी. रातोंरात गोराबना देगा ये जबरदस्त चमत्कारी नुस्खा आपको. 1 दिन में गोरापन इतनाज्यादा बढ़ा देगा ये नुस्खा की सुंदरता की सीमा नहीं रहेगी. दोस्तों इसउपाय से आपके चेहरेके open pores (खुले रोमछिद्र), pimples(पिम्पल्स), acne (एक्ने) wrinkles (झाइयां), चेहरेका कालापन(darkness), Dark spots (काले धब्बे), black heads, white heads, Darkcircles (आखोंके निचे का कालापन) ये सारी problems समस्याएं दूर होजाएगी. इस Eno और lemon (निम्बू) से Instant Fairness और glow आएगाआपके चेहरे पर और आपकी skin काफी smooth और soft हो जाएगी.
चेहरेको रातोंरात गोरा करनेके आसान घरेलु नुस्खे| 1.0 APK
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Rangoli Mehndi Collection 1.0 APK
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Rangoli / Kolam / Muggulu Designs:-Rangoli is an ancient ephemeralart form practiced throughout India. Designs are drawn onto theground, usually in chalk or colored powder and embellished withsand, rice, candles or flower petals.Rangoli is an expression ofthe creative self, often viewed as a form of self-portraiture.Designs are composed of geometric and rectilinear patterns, usuallyderived from nature. After the Rangoli is complete, the image issimply allowed to blow away with the wind – serving as a metaphorfor the impermanence of life.Why Rangoli?Rangoli design is a safe,beautiful and expressive tool that can bring people together towork towards a common creative goal, transcending age, language orcultural barriers. Rangoli is a powerful and therapeutic artformthat is quiet and meditative in process, allowing one to find atemporary disconnect with the relentless hubbub that surrounds ourdaily lives.Traditionally Rangoli designs are made to celebrate anauspicious occasion. However, they can be created for the purposesof:* Temporary public art* To celebrate the opening of a buildingor an event* To mark an auspicious occasion* As an educational toolfor schools, colleges and universities* As a successful andengaging workshop experience within the communityMehndi / HennaDesigns:- Mehndi (also called Mehandi) is the traditional art ofpainting the hands, feet or body with a paste made from thepowdered, dried leaves of the henna plant (Botanical name :Lawsonia Inermis). It stain's a usually cherry-red to brown colorbut this can vary with time left on and a range of other factors.Coffee, lemon, tea, and essential oils are sometimes added fortexture, smell or to help the stain. Mehndi started in the MiddleEast and Northern Africa over 5,000 years ago. It has been used forartistic, ritual and ceremonial use. Archeologists have even foundmummies with hennaed hands. It's becoming popular for a pain free,temporary body art here in the states.MEHNDI is an ancient form ofbody art that has been practiced in the Middle East, India andparts of Africa for thousands of years. Mehndi is often viewed as awoman's practice though it has indeed been practiced by men. Mehndiis the art of applying designs to the skin through the applicationof pastes made with henna powder on different parts of the body.Henna was most often applied to the hands and feet.Henna was firstapplied as a means to cool down the body. A dot was applied to thepalm of the hands and helped to cool the body.After becoming boredwith the look of the single dot on the palm, the early users ofhenna began to add lines and other shapes. Eventually thiselaboration became the beautiful designs we see today.In thedifferent cultures where the practice of Mehndi flourished,different styles and ways of application developed. There are thefine lines of designs of Pakistan and India. There are the moregeometric patterns and designs of Morocco. There are the boldgeometric shapes and patterns of various parts of Africa createdwith a method of tape resist. Mehndi patterns are created with theapplication of paste with gold rods, plastic cones, plastic bottleswith tips, syringes, toothpicks and other tools henna artists havedeveloped to get the job done and express themselves through theart of Mehndi.So we have build this app. In this app contain10,000+ Rangoli, Kolam, Muggulu, Mehndi, Henna DesignsCollections.Features: - Image sharing - App sharing - Imagezooming- Image sweeping- It contains Quotes, Statues, Good Morning/ Night images, Jokes, Girls Hair styles, Girls Shoes, Nail arts,eye makeup images, Indian girls saree and dress materialdesigns.Why are you waiting... download fast and enjoy.
Festivals: Mehndi, Rangoli And Kolam Designs. 1.0 APK
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Mehndi or "Mehendi" is a form of body art from Ancient India, inwhich decorative designs are created on a person's body, using apaste, created from the powdered dry leaves of the henna plant(Lawsonia inermis). Ancient in origin, mehndi is still a popularform of body art among the women of the Indian Subcontinent, Africaand the Middle East.Mehndi is derived from the Sanskrit wordmendhikā. The use of mehndi and turmeric is described in theearliest Hindu Vedic ritual books. It was originally used for onlywomen's palms and sometimes for men, but as time progressed, it wasmore common for men to wear it. Haldi (staining oneself withturmeric paste) as well as mehndi are Vedic customs, intended to bea symbolic representation of the outer and the inner sun. Vediccustoms are centered on the idea of "awakening the inner light".Traditional Indian designs are representations of the sun on thepalm, which, in this context, is intended to represent the handsand feet.There are many variations and types in mehndi designswhich are categorized, such as Arabic mehndi designs, Indian mehndidesigns, and Pakistani mehndi designs. Women usually applyvariations of henna or mehndi design patterns on their hands andfeet.In the modern age and even due to limited supply of IndianTraditional Mehndi artists, usually people buy ready-made Hennacones, which are ready to use and make painting easy. However, inrural areas in India, women grind fresh henna leaves on grindingstones with added oil, which though not as refined asprofessionally prepared henna cones, achieves much darkercolors.The term henna tattoo is figurative, because true tattoosare permanent surgical insertions of pigments into the skin, asopposed to pigments resting on the surface as is the case withmehndi.Traditional Hindu or Sikh weddings in India can often belong, ritualistic, and elaborate affairs with many pre-wedding,wedding and post wedding ceremonies. Different countries andregions of a country celebrate the ceremonies in different waysaccording to their own marriage customs, rituals, andculture.According to Hindu tradition, the ceremony is mainly heldat the bride's house or at a banquet hall on the eve of themarriage ceremony or few days before the marriage. Generally thebride and groom attend the event together and on the occasion aprofessional mehndi artist or a relative applies mehndi to thebride's hands and feet. The designs are very intricate. InPakistan, the Mehndi is often one of the most important pre-weddingceremonies, which is celebrated mainly by the bride's family. InBangladesh, the Mehndi ceremony has traditionally been separatedinto two events; one organized by the bride's family and one, bythe groom's family.Rangoli/Kolam/Muggulu: Kolam(Tamilamil—கோலmilamil—கோலம்Tamilamil—கோலம்) ம்Tamilamil—கோலம்) is aform of drawing that is drawn by using rice flour/chalk/chalkpowder/white rock powder often using naturally/syntheticallycolored powders in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Telangana, AndhraPradesh, Kerala and some parts of Goa, Maharashtra, Indonesia,Malaysia, Thailand and a few other Asian countries. A Kolam is ageometrical line drawing composed of curved loops, drawn around agrid pattern of dots. In South India, it is widely practised byfemale Hindu family members in front of their houses. Kolams areregionally known by different names in India, Raangolee inMaharashtra, Aripan in Mithila, Hase and Raongoli in Kannada inKarnataka, Muggulu in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, Golam in Keralaetc., More complex Kolams are drawn and colors are often addedduring holiday occasions and special events.So we have build thisapp. In this app contain 1000+ Mehndi And Rangoli/KolamDesigns.Download the app and enjoy.