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Welcome to Old Faces Camera Editor Wondering how you would lookasan old man? No longer need to do it! Old Faces Camera Editorappsis typical face aging booth machine. Just add photo (fromgalleryor camera) and watch your scary old man face ;) Are youcurious toknow,How would I look when I'm old? Grow old in a fewseconds! Withthis app you can make your face look decades older.Age yourself soyou look like your parent or grandparent! Add funnyglasses and amustache and your friends won't recognize your seniorface anymore!. With this app you can make yourself or your friendsold. Thisfree app will age any face with just a few touches. Youcan importa photo from your gallery, camera or Facebook, and letthe agingprocess take place.This app was made possible by intensiveresearchinto the effects of aging on skin wrinkles and color. Thebestresults are when you take a photo while looking straight intothecamera. When you download this app, you have many free toolsatyour disposal for changing your face. Prepare yourself for agingbyfacing your old age while you’re still young. Share resultswithyour friends and family members.Share results onFacebook,e-mail,whatapp,telegram or save on SD and more. Enjoy, itis FREE!Best addictive app in market.

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    Old Faces Camera Editor
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    February 16, 2018
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Kadta Entertainment
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The BEST 4D OMG Live Results App for Malaysia & Singapore! Thisapps will deliver you the latest Malaysia and Singapore 4D, 5D, 6Dlottery results for FREE everyday! This 4D app allow you to checkthe 4D results with fast and reliable speed! + Magnum 4D, Toto4D/5D/6D/Jackpot, Damacai 1+3D (Da Ma Cai / PMP), Sabah3D/4D/Lotto, Sandakan 4D, Sarawak Cash Sweep, Singapore 4D &Toto Features: + View fast real time results + Small &lightweight (AND FREE!) + FREE live notifications when new resultsarrive + Past results + Number winning history + Share results withfriends!
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OK like your photos to show up from the lovely edge fromHappyMorning Wishes? These wonderful and superior quality ofgoodmorning wishes are perfect for you to fill your heart withjoy.What's brilliant? #Easy and easy to utilize yet appropriate forallages. #Latest gathering and different plan great morningcites.#One TAP share great morning statements to send them yourlovedones #Beautiful plan of Happy Morning Wishes. Webuse:-#Application utilizes web association with burden thisapplication.I am almost certain that you won't disillusioned afterget thisapplication. Criticism:- On the off chance that you haveanyrecommended highlights or improvement, if you don't mind leavearemark. In the event that something isn't working accuratelypleasetold me. When posting low evaluating please depict what'sgoing onto give the likelihood to fix that issue. Promotions -There arepromotions in this application. Pictures for thisapplication areput away on the web and this costs cash. applicationis free, itdoesn't advance paid variant of this application, thebest way tohelp future improvement is to incorporate promotions. Itwould beideal if you treat that with comprehension. Offer yourmasterpieceon your Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, or other web-basedsocialnetworking. Be appreciate and play around with your newgreatmorning cites application here in the application store.DownloadNow and Hope you cherish this application.. So Don't MissThe Fun#enjoyyourself #Happy Morning Wishes
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Ramadan Kareem is back again. Ramadan also romanized asRamzan,Ramadhan, or Ramathan) is the ninth month of the Islamiccalendar,and is observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting(Sawm)to commemorate the first revelation of the Quran toMuhammadaccording to Islamic belief. This annual observance isregarded asone of the Five Pillars of Islam. The month lasts 29–30days basedon the visual sightings of the crescent moon, accordingto numerousbiographical accounts compiled in the hadiths. The wordRamadancomes from the Arabic root ramia or ar-rama, which meansscorchingheat or dryness. Fasting is fard (obligatory) for adultMuslims,except those who are suffering from an illness, travelling,areelderly, pregnant, breastfeeding, diabetic, chronically illormenstruating. Fasting the month of Ramadan was madeobligatory(wajib) during the month of Sha'ban, in the second yearafter theMuslims migrated from Mecca to Medina. Fatwas have beenissueddeclaring that Muslims who live in regions with anaturalphenomenon such as the midnight sun or polar night shouldfollowthe timetable of Mecca, but the more commonly acceptedopinion isthat Muslims in those areas should follow the timetableof theclosest country to them in which night can be distinguishedfromday. Ramadan will replace Sha`ban show, will be the inclusionof amonth in obligatory upon all Muslims, fasting. Or meaning intermsof our gross understanding, "hunger and thirst, from dawnuntilsunset". It is the practice of being a Muslim would give aspeechRamadan greetings to all our contacts, family and friends.Makethis Ramadhan be blessed by using this Eid Ramadhan ecardspecialapp to send your Ramadan greetings to the equally fast inthisglorious month. Eid Ramadhan ecard special are very easy touse, itcomes with a variety of interesting and beautiful pictures.Amongthe functions available are: 1. Ramadan Wishes - Thisfunctionallows you to enter your name and message in the image. Youcansend along a picture that has been put name and your message oryoucan store them in your device's photo gallery send later. -Thereare more than 30 images for your Ramadhan selection. 2.RamadanPhoto Frames - This function lets you frame a picturewithinteresting pictures and send them directly to your belovedfatherand also your friends or save them in your device's photogallerysend later. - There are more than 20 attractive pictureframes thatyou can select. 3. Ramadhan E-Cards - This function isvery simplewhere you just need to choose a Free Ramadan Cards ofyour choiceand you can send to your friends or keep your device inthegallery. - There are more than 40 attractive e-cards that youcanselect in Ramadhan Wishes Cards. Download Eid Ramadhanecardspecial now and hopefully we will be blessed in Puasa Ramadhan.
Amazing Happy Valentin's Day 1.3 APK
Happy Valentine's Day 2018! Everything is Fair in Love & War.Wish your beloved on this Valentine Day and express your emotionswith these greetings that say "I Love You". Amazing HappyValentin's Day app provides you a wide selection of greeting cardalong with greetings wishes,You can also text you own message onthe card. Your beloved will be very happy if he or she can receivethese beautiful Valentine greeting along with wallpapers duringthis special day. Download this Amazing Happy Valentin's Day appand share your love now. We wish you happy Valentine in advancedhere. Love is the greatest gift of GOD. Surprise your beloved onewith Romantic Quote, which make them feel special & melt inyour lovers hearts.Select frame your want to complete and takephotos using the phone's camera or select a photo from thegallery.Your photo will be amazed with romantic frames with itsready from this apps.Take photos using the phone's camera or selecta photo from the gallery and choose romantic sticker and resize,zoom in and out, rotate image and send the beautiful valentinephoto with sticker and send to your love one,ralative and friends.With Amazing Happy Valentin's Day apps, you can easy to addromantic greeting card,wishes,stickers and frames to your favoritephotos and share with friends via Facebook, Email,whatapps,telegram,instagram and etc.... ***** Main function: +Greeting Card(You can text you own message to your love one,friendand relative) + More than 40+ romantic valentine frames + More than40 Romantic Stickers ***** How to use: + Choose your greeting cardand put your message and send viawhatsapps,telegram,email,instagram,facebook and etc... + Takephotos using the phone's camera or select a photo from the gallery+ Choose romantic sticker + Resize, zoom in and out, rotate image,bubble text, stickers + Select frame your want to complete + Saveto Gallery, share via whatsapps,telegram,email,instagram,facebookand etc... Download this app and share your love now.