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This is a jumping ball game, super easy to play andquiteinteresting, spell bounding the users. One Ball Jump is alsobeingused as a concentration improvement tool by millions ofgameralready, apart from the gaming experience it provides.Theobjective while playing is to get your bouncing balldownwardsthrough the spiral, crossing the steps by escaping dangerstep itvia jumping from one step to another by rotating spiral.This gamewill make you forget time and surroundings, One Ball Jumpis one ofthe most interesting new game of the year 2018! So whatare youwaiting for? Come and have an enthralling experience withgravitypulling you down at fascinating speeds. A good way to showoff yourskills!!How to Play:✓ Playing this ball jumping game isthrillingand full of fun.✓ Your main aim in this bounce ball gameis tobring the ball down earning maximum points in every go.✓ Youtraveldown by moving through escape points in the spiral shelveswherethey are turning in reverse order.✓ The spiral can be rotatedinboth clockwise and anticlockwise directions by horizontalmovementsof finger on the screen.✓ Danger planks must be avoided atany costas they lead to “Game Over”✓ And an additional bonus isthat thereare no time limits...play as much as you want.✓ You haveto avoidall obstacles while moving your way down.✓ The goal of thegame isto earn maximum score possible.Game Features:☆ Thisfascinatingbounce ball game, One Ball Jump is full of adventure.☆Single TouchControl Spiral.☆ One Ball Jump is among the mostpopular games innew game 2018.☆ This spiral jumping ball game iseasy to grasp andplay.☆ Great visual and sound effects.☆ You canselect differenttype of colorful ball from ball collection.☆ Nowyou have 3 type ofspiral step selection for joyful game play.☆Different type of gamebackground music.☆ One Ball Jump you can playthe game indefinitelywithout any time limits.☆ One Ball Jump comesin a very convenientfile size for easy and quick downloading.☆Unwrap different spiralpatterns as you play this jumping ball gameto avoid monotony andkeep the player engrossed.☆ You can beat yourown high score in OneBall Jump - Spiral Jumping Ball (a new ballgame 2018).☆ Keep arecord of all the points you are earning withscores being updatedin real time.We are continuously in the processof upgrading andimproving this game, so any feedback andsuggestions towards thesame are welcome!

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    One Ball Jump
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    June 23, 2018
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    Android 4.2 and up
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    WAVE18 Kemp House 152 - 160 City Road London EC1V 2NX United Kingdom
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London Travel Maps 4.0 APK
Want to get around London but you cannot without a map? It ispossible that you may be tempted to purchase a map from the localbookstore but you have to remember that instead of doing that, youhave the choice to download a maps on your very own smart phone forfree. Why spend money on a London map when you can access Londontravel maps better and faster on your phone? The best thing aboutthis is that you do not need Wifi connection to access most of thefeatures in this application like London Tube and Rail maps. Youcan access London bus map as well as the other maps when you areoffline and you can just refer to it when you are navigating aroundLondon.APP FEATURES:* Offline Map access.* User friendly Design.*Fast, Simple and Easy to Use.* Zoom in Zoom out features.*Landscape and portrait modes.AVAILABLE MAPS:* Tube* Night Tube* BusRoutes* Night Bus Routes* Overground* Rail & Tube* DLR* Rail& DLR* National Rail* Tram Routes* River* Cycle Routes* CentralLondon Tourist Map* Toilet Map* Avoid Stairs* Step-free* Black& White Tube Map* Congestion charging zoneThings Offered byApplication:• London Underground Tube Map – Want to go aroundLondon with the use of the tube? You will still be able to do thatwith the use of this London tube map. You can be sure that this apphas the latest Transport for London underground map.• London BusRoutes Map – If you would want to go around London riding a bus. Itwill be possible for you as long as you are aware of the differentLondon bus maps. Do remember that there are different London busmaps depending on where you are. You just have to search for theright one to guarantee that you will not get lost. • London RailMap – If you would like to seek more details about the London busrail tube maps and the tram. You will be able to understand thevery detailed national rail maps that you can study rail & tubeeven when you are offline.• Places of Interest – Would you like togo sightseeing? Would you like to see where the parks are? Youprobably want to see river and all other places that will interestyou in London. Probably you would like to reach some places inLondon with the use of London travel maps. Do remember that as longas you are already sure where you would like to go, making use ofCentral London Tourist map may be easy.With this applicationinstalled on your Android phone, you will always find your wayaround London. You can use this map whenever you are lost or justwhen you need to go somewhere that you are not familiar with. Youdo not have to be a tourist just to enjoy this application. You maybe a local who would like to memorize all of the different placesto go. Sometimes, you do not realize how great these places areuntil you see them being featured in an offline map applicationthat you can access anytime you would like to and anywhere you are.Finding restaurants can also be easy to do with the use of thisapplication.With all of the things that can be offered by thisLondon Travel Maps app, what more can you ask for? Get all theright information regarding London bus routes map. You will be ableto enjoy London more and you do not have to worry about not findingyour way back to your hotel, not finding the right restaurant toeat on, the right place to unwind and relax or even go back to yourhome.
Beijing Subway Map 2018 2.4 APK
The Beijing Subway 2018 is the oldest metro system in mainlandChina, opening in 1969. These days, it is the busiest subway in theworld in terms of annual riders, taking people on 3.41 billionrides in 2014 alone. As you can imagine, this can make it confusingto get around and easier for visitors to get lost- but not with theBeijing Subway Map App for phones! With this one free and easydownload, suddenly the Beijing subway map is at your fingertips,allowing you to navigate your way around the city anytime,anywhere, at the press of a button.APP FEATURES:
● Simple, fast andeasy to use. 
● Designed for the first time visitor andexperienced commuter. 
● Reload function for updated BeijingSubway Map.
● Works in both landscape and portrait modes.SUBWAYMAPS:
* Beijing Subway Map
* Beijing Subway Map in black andwhite
* Planned Beijing Subway Map 2021By downloading this freeBeijing Subway Map application, you will have instant access to allthe directions you could need, giving you the potential to travelon the vast rail network and explore China's capital city with allthe information you need in your pocket. If you're worried aboutthe language barrier if you have to ask for help, then this subwaymap of Beijing is available to you whenever and wherever you needit, meaning you can get from place to place without gettinglost.With access to the Beijing Subway Map offline and online, youknow that this app will be reliable and usable no matter where youfind yourself, even when you cannot access the internet or getphone signal. This means that you can check your offline maps, evenwhen you're on the subway itself, making it so much easier to keeptrack of where you are and where you need to go to get to yourdestination.This application is totally free, and will give you thepeace of mind you need when traveling on this incredibly populartransport network. It is as well suited to first-time touriststrying to see the sights around Beijing as it is to locals who wishto check for updates to their daily commute before they leave thehouse in the morning. Checking this app removes the risk ofarriving at the station and discovering that the train you need totake is delayed or not running- the Beijing Subway Map will reloadto give you the most up-to-date information, so that you can alwaysstay informed about which trains to catch and the best routes totake to get to your destination. If you are in Beijing on importantbusiness then this application could be the difference betweengetting to your meeting on time and missing out!There are varioussubway maps for Beijing available on this application, featuringboth color and black and white versions, depending upon yourpersonal preference, as well as a map detailing the projectedsystem for the subway's expansion by 2021. The expansion ofBeijing's subway system is extensive, seeing an estimated 650 miles(1,050 km) of lines added to it- with this application's PlannedBeijing Subway 2021 Map setting, you can stay ahead of the curveand be ready for anything when these new developments are put inplace.The Beijing Subway system has 18 lines, with 334 individualstations and 344 miles (544km) of track in operation, making it thesecond longest subway system in the world. As you can imagine, thismeans there is an awful lot to keep track of if you are using thesystem for the first time, and when traveling around such busystations spread over such a large area, you wouldn't want to findout you'd got on the wrong train and end up lost! But with thisfree application, you will be able to find out at the press of abutton where you are and which way to go in order to successfullytravel around the expansive Beijing Subway. With this app, you canjoin the over 9.2 million people that ride the Beijing subwaysystem every day, and do so with the confidence that you will getto your destination!
London Bus Maps & Live Timing 2017 1.6 APK
London Bus Maps & Live Timing is a best app for gettinginformation about London Bus Routes and Timings. App providesLondon bus routes maps offline access with zoom and pan features.You can have instant access of London day and night bus routes mapsoffline on your smartphone anytime. You can get live bus arrivalsinformation by providing street name, postcode, bus route number orbus stop code.APP FEATURES:● Simple, fast and easy to use.●Designed for the first time visitor and experienced commuter.●Works in both landscape and portrait modes.● Zoom in - Zoom outwith finger scrolling.● Access different maps quickly by sidebarnavigation menu.● Live Bus Arrival Information● Get Live Bus timesof your nearest bust stops.● Offline Access London of Day and NightBus Routes MapsMaps Included:- Central London Bus Map- CentralLondon Key Routes Bus Map- Central London Night Bus Map- North WestLondon Bus Map- North West London Night Bus Map- North East LondonBus Map- North East London Night Bus Map- South West London BusMap- South West London Night Bus Map- South East London Bus Map-South East London Night Bus Map
Paris Travel Maps 2.8 APK
There are different ways to go around Paris. People can use buses,trams, metros and trains. A lot of people especially tourists whowould like to go around Paris can make use of maps in order to goaround the place. Paris has a lot of districts and they can lookthe same for a tourist. Most tourists would like to go around theplace to see the various tourist spots and attractions that areavailable.The main reason why looking at maps is absolutelynecessary in Paris is because the street seems to be made up ofvarious streets all placed together to get to different places.Making one wrong move can place people into an entirely differentplace. You may think that you already need to purchase a map butremember that you can download a Paris Metro map offlineapplication on your phone and this can be downloaded for free.APPFEATURES:* Offline Map access.* User friendly Design.* Landscapeand portrait modes.* Fast, Simple and Easy to Use.* Zoom in Zoomout features.AVAILABLE TRAVEL MAPS:- Paris Metro map- Paris BusMap- Paris Tram Map- Paris Night Bus Map (Noctilien)- RER- SNCF(Transilien)- Paris Airport transfer maps- RATPWith the use of thisfree Paris travel maps application on your smartphone, you will beable to see all the streets, alleys and roads of Paris for free.The great thing about this is that you can access this applicationeven when you are offline. When you are able to get thisapplication, getting lost will not be that much of an optionanymore. Finding Paris metro map offline can be a bit hard for somepeople because most of the applications that are available can onlybe accessed when people are using mobile data or WI-Fi to connectto the Internet. This Paris travel maps application on the otherhand is truly different because no matter where you are and nomatter what you are doing, you can be sure that you will be able toaccess it properly.The Paris Metro trains is the most widely usedsubway system in Paris and most people in Paris make use of thismode of transportation in order to go around from one place toanother. It usually carries more than 9 million people every day,taking them to different places. The Metro has about 300 stationsand it stops many times the whole day. Another subway system is theRER. It has 5 lines that can still take people from one place toanother. Transilien Lines is also a type of subway system that willtake people from the city proper going to the suburbs. There arestill other light rail lines that are being made as of now and itis possible that by the time they are already complete, the ParisMetro map application will also list down those stations.Anothermode of transportation that has returned in the early 2000s is theTram. There are two lines that are available were opened togetherbut another line, also known as the T3 was opened back in2006.Another mode of transportation that is also popularly usedalong Paris is the bus. According to reports, there are more than50 bus lines that are operating in Paris. People can simply go tothe bus stops and travel going to their designated stops. Peoplewho are traveling in Paris always have a choice to choose betweenthe usual bus that are powered by fuel and also buses that arepowered by electricity. The buses are given a separate path whichcan be seen clearly through the offline map available in this Paristravel maps application.With the use of this application, you willbe able to gain access to Paris bus map without the need to beconnected to the Internet. Why else do you need to purchase a bookcontaining all the maps in Paris that can be hard to understandwhen you can have your own Paris bus map offline you can access andunderstand immediately?
London Tube Map Offline 2018 1.8 APK
Tube Map London ( Free London Tube Map Underground ) is a offlinemap app that is simple to use for navigating the London byunderground tube trains. It will quickly bring up the Tube Map ofthe London various areas that you are currently living at orvisiting. Tube Map comprise of underground, overground, DLR systemsas well as any elevated rail lines connected to London'sUnderground Rail system.APP FEATURES:● Simple, fast and easy touse.● Designed for the first time visitor and experiencedcommuter.● Works in both landscape and portrait modes.● Zoom in -Zoom out with finger scrolling.● Access different maps quickly bysidebar navigation menu.● Reload function for updated London tubemap.● Access Offline Tube Map London Underground.● Provides thelatest official underground, overground, tube, DLR map.● Black andwhite version of Tube Map London.● Latest London Tube Map (OfflineAccess).Maps Included:- Tube- DLR- National Rail- Emirates AirLine- Riverboat Services- Tramlink- Overground- Underground- ToiletMap- Step-free Map- Avoiding Stairs Map- Bikes on the tube mapIfyou like this app and want to explore more then we have other mapsapps for London, London Travel Maps and London Bus Maps. Downloadoffline map apps now and enjoy traveling around the London.
New York Subway Map - NYC 1.5 APK
The New York City Subway is one of the world's oldest publictransit systems, as well as the largest rapid transit system in theworld- but it also has a reputation for being one of the mostconfusing and difficult to navigate, for tourists and residentsalike! The New York Subway Map application for your smartphoneallows you to navigate the transport hub of New York City at thetouch of a button. This free NYC subway map applicationincludes:APP FEATURES:
● Simple, fast and easy to use.
● Perfectfor first time visitors as well as regular NYC commuters.
● Worksin both landscape and portrait modes.
● Zoom in - Zoom out withfinger scrolling.
● Switch between different maps quickly with thesidebar navigation menu.
● Access offline New York Subway Map.
●Provides the latest NYC Subway Map, New York Night Subway Map, andLower Manhattan Map.
Through the use of this free New York SubwayMap you will have easy access to whatever directions you need inthe area. You will be able to navigate the New York Subway and NewYork night subway services at a moment's notice, letting you getthe most out of the city and easily travel to see the manywonderful sights in one of the world's most exciting and vibrantcities. Help yourself avoid the heavy traffic and taxi fares in NewYork City and spend more of your time exploring and experiencingeverything you came to see!With access to the New York Subway Mapoffline as well as online, you can depend on this application toalways steer you in the right direction, even when you areunderground without internet access or phone signal. This allowsyou to check your offline maps even on the subway itself, so youcan always keep track of where you're going and where you need tobe.This free application will ensure you have peace of mind whentraveling on one of the world's busiest transport networks- whetheryou are a tourist who simply wants to check the New York subwaymap, or a frequently traveling native of the city who wants up tothe minute information about the New York Night Subway service. Youwill no longer have to take the risk when using the NYC subway ofgetting to the station only to find out your train is cancelled formaintenance or not running that day- this New York subway map appmeans that you will be able to refresh your maps to give you thelatest information, allowing you to check for disruptions to theregular service before you even get to the station and change yourplans accordingly.Complete with the Subway map NYC, the NYC NightSubway service and the Lower Manhattan map, this regional map forthe New York Subway system is comprehensive, covering all the needsyou may have when trying to get around the city that never sleeps!Why worry about taking the wrong train when you could download thisapp today and have instant access to all of the New York subwaymaps you could ever need?The New York City subway system has 469stations and 233 miles (375 km) of routes, with stations locatedthroughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx- by the annualnumber of riders, it is the busiest rapid transit rail system inthe Western world; in 2015 alone the NYC subway took people on over1.76 billion rides all over New York- this can be very intimidatingfor first-time riders of the New York subway, but there is noreason to be put off of using it! By downloading this freeapplication you will always know where you are and which way to goto successfully navigate the New York subway system as though you'dlived in the city your whole life! The number of people riding theNew York Subway continues to increase to this day, and you could beone of the millions of people riding it for yourself.
GST Calculator India - GST Tax Calculator 2.0 APK
GST Calculator India app allows you to calculate GST tax on anyitem with all tax rates slabs like )%, 0.25%, 3%, 5%, 12%, 18% and28%. You can also copy and share result of calculation viawhatsapp, facebook, sms etc. GST Calculator India apps allows youto calculate gst tax two ways gst tax inclusive rate and gst taxexclusive rate. App give following result as calculation:* Goods /Services Price* GST Tax* Total Bill Amount* GST Tax Rate* GST TaxInclusive or ExclusiveAdditionally you can explore more about gstinformation like gst faq, gst on goods, gst on services in documentformat for all items and services.What is Goods and Services Tax(GST)?Ans. It is a destination based tax on consumption of goodsand services. It is proposed to be levied at all stages right frommanufacture up to final consumption with credit of taxes paid atprevious stages available as setoff. In a nutshell, only valueaddition will be taxed and burden of tax is to be borne by thefinal consumer.What type of GST is proposed to be implemented?Ans.It would be a dual GST with the Centre and States simultaneouslylevying it on a common tax base. The GST to be levied by the Centreon intra-State supply of goods and / or services would be calledthe Central GST (CGST) and that to be levied by the States/ Unionterritory would be called the State GST (SGST)/ UTGST. Similarly,Integrated GST (IGST) will be levied and administered by Centre onevery inter-state supply of goods and services.Why is Dual GSTrequired?Ans. India is a federal country where both the Centre andthe States have been assigned the powers to levy and collect taxesthrough appropriate legislation. Both the levels of Government havedistinct responsibilities to perform according to the division ofpowers prescribed in the Constitution for which they need to raiseresources. A dual GST will, therefore, be in keeping with theConstitutional requirement of fiscal federalism.Note: This is notGST Calculator Official Apps which comes without any warranty andpromises.
Dating Tips for Men 2018 1.5 APK
You know that feeling when you are preparing for the first datewith this great girl you’ve been thinking about for weeks andsuddenly you start contemplating about all things that just mightgo totally wrong? Well, sometimes it really happens and it’sterrifying! That's why we created a brand new app to prevent thesekinds of things from really happening to you. Our online datingtips will give you the basic solutions on how to spend some reallynice time with the girl you like. Whether you are just a boy or agrown up man, these mobile dating tips will be of great use in allopportunities! This dating tips for men 2018 app will give you thefirst date ideas – from the most common ones like movies andpopcorn to some very extravagant tips such as bungee jumping. Youwill also have a list of tips about what not to do and what is itthat you have to prevent, like talking about your former girlfriendall the time or taking the partner out to some very cheaprestaurant. APP FEATURES:Dating Tips for Men CollectionView datingtips by swiping left and rightAdd dating tips to favouritelistDaily Dating TipHOW THIS APP HELPS YOU?We offer you some reallygreat dating tips, flirting moves and pick up lines, along withinteresting suggestions how to make your date more exciting andfun. Our dating tips for men will give you a confidence boost andreveal how dates, especially the first ones, don’t have to be sofrustrating or inconvenient. Dates are all about surprises anddiscovering the person in front of you and we can let you know whatis it that you should talk about, ask and find out. And these mendating tips are not only about what you can say but also about whatyou can do to make yourself look more handsome and beautiful, whichis very important during first dates. Additionally, ladies don’tlike to be asked some inappropriate questions straight away andthis app will show you which topics are to be avoided at first. Thebest dating advices are only a few fingertips away from you anddon’t hesitate to learn from tons of experiences that we gatheredhere! Find out what most ladies love about men, what the rightlines are in the right moments, how to show your emotion in aproper way or how to repair the situation if things do go wrong inthe beginning. With our men dating tips, you will learn that usingmobile phone is much better before than after the date – this appallows you to prepare perfectly for the meeting but it will alsotell you not to use your phone during dates or else your girl willbe bored to death! It’s so much better to learn on someone else’sexperiences and mistakes. All of us have made plenty while datingso make sure not to repeat it and prepare yourself for a perfectdate! Our app is free of charge.