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One Finger Driver is a finger runner addictive classic game.Chanceto become a car rider on never ending twisty tracks. OneFingerDriver is outstanding finger tap car control game, best timepasson your smart phone. The most amazing game just tap and playitwhen you feel alone, check your skills and break your boredom.Easyto play but hard to master once you enter in the game zone youwilldefinitely engage yourself for hours and hours. Mostly OneFingerDriver games are fun casual games. But our One Finger Drivergamesoffer great fun. Spin the steering wheel to drive your car.Keep iton the road, and go as far as you can! Best game for cardrivinglover.If you want to feel real car driving experience youmust playthis game.Drive carefully on curly road without collidethecorners.This is endless game and get highest score as youcan.Multiple cars are waiting for you to select. Multi color pathandbackground make your attention increase. Smooth controlandmovements. ** One Finger Driver gameplay - Tap to start avoidwrongturns, gently drive your car on twisty road, and jump your carbysingle tap on right time to avoid car crash. - Collect all thegemscoming in your way, more you collect the gems more you canunlockthe amazing cars, have fun with several different cars andinfinitetracks. ** Features - Amazing colorful HD graphics. -Infinitetwisty track. - Single finger tap game. - Single tap turnsandjumps. - Best time killing game. - Variety of cars to play with.-Collect gems to unlock more cars. - Addictive andchallenginggameplay. - Realistic sound effects. - Totally freegame. - NoWi-Fi needed. People just LOVE to play car racing games!There areso many types of racing games such as pixel car racings,real driftracing games, and many more. Many people love to playdriftingsimulator ever since the popularity of Tokyo Drift and theywant tobe a hard core drifter who can drift cars on their Androidphones.That’s why we create our Finger Drift Max game and we hopethatthis will be the best car drifting simulator you ever play!OneFinger Driver is the new best mobile free gt racing car gametostunt racing while driving fast cars on the twisty road andstuntscars tracks in space among galaxy. No need of car drivingschool,free finger drive and learn to control the most furioussportscars, drift around the traffic at top speed meter or stuntjump onthe infinity endless roads to become a superhero car rider.Driveand drift the car through sharp edges and turns in speed tocollectdiamonds, points and shields. Avoid driving and driftingnearedges, a slight mistake in drift; car hits edge and booooom..GameOver, start again from beginning.Only the best of the bestracersor drifters can perfectly avoid all the sharp turns and edgesonthe road. Make sure your skills can face all the challenges. **FUN& ADDICTIVE GAMEPLAY - use your thumbs to drift car andmakesit turn around while avoiding other cars. However, thesimplicityis what makes it very addictive and fun. ** ABOUT PhoenixGames LLP** With over millions of users Phoenix Games LLP to beknown as thegames that babies, kids, girls and parents love. -finger rider,finger drift, finger, finger of fury, risky road,steering wheel,thumb drift, finger game, finger drift, one finger,cthumb racing,thumb arcade, doigt, finger rider, candy sun, twisty,pinger, selfdrive car Visit us on https://www.phoenixgames.in Sharetheexperience of these top free games with your family, friendsandsocial people. Or follow us on… ** FACEBOOK**https://www.facebook.com/phoenixgamesllp ** WE VALUE YOURFEEDBACK** message us on https://www.facebook.com/phoenixgamesllp**PRIVACY POLICY ** As a designer of kids & Adults games,readour privacy policy here: http://phoenixgames.in/privacy.html

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Circle Car Race : Infinite Loop Highway Racing 1.7 APK
Circle Car Race is a simple but challenging driving/racing gamewhere all you have to do is drive in circles, keep your car safeand avoid any crash.Watch out for other cars, control your speed,avoid crash and earn points for every circle your car does.Try tosurvive as long as you can, race to the top of the leaderboard andchallenge your friends.Circle Car Race is easy to play, hard tomaster, impossible not to crash but definitely addictive! Speed upand join Loop Drive but do not crash!The most addicting crash raceis back with a sequel and tons of improvement! New tracks with easyand hard difficulty options extreme racing, unique environments andbrand new cars! As it's ancestor, Circle Car Race is a loopingcasual arcade racing game with a gameplay incredibly easy to getstarted but frustratingly difficult to master. Basically, all youhave to do is drive in circles and avoid crashing your car driveloop. ================================** Feature **- Adjust yourspeed as you accelerate and brake at the right moments to avoidcrashing into another vehicle driving.- Earn more coins with everyloop, unlock cops car, expand your collection and see what suitsyou best.- Survive as long as possible, as you train your reactionsmerger - climb leaderboard with higher scores and challenge yourfriends.- Hurry up and join the impossible race merger now!- Whenyou finish a round, you can get the money reward.- Drive as long aspossible to get more money reward.- After you get the money, youcan buy more unique vehicles race strategy.- There are ninetylevels in the game, and five maps for you to challenge! driveloop!- Loop Racer is a very easy game for playing race strategydriving, but it's hard to get a good score, enjoy yourself! cardrivingCircle Car Race is a one of a kind Racing Game where theobjective of the game is to avoid collision with the other oncomingcars! Who will be the fastest?! Loop Car gets challenging as youprogress with more opponent cars in the Loop. So how many Loops doyou think you can do in Loop Car? Up for the Challenge? CollectPower-ups in the game to remove opponent cars and keep Looping! Thegame gets over when you car collides with an opponent Car. Choosebetween 2 different cars and Loop On! than Circle Car Race is anentirely Free Game, so do play the game, rate and review it!Youneed to do is to ensure that your car does not collide with othercars.Pay attention to the speed of your cardriving.================================** ABOUT Phoenix Games LLP**With over millions of users Phoenix Games LLP to be known as thecreator of cops car, car driving, than, drive loop, extreme racing,hockey, solo circle, c8, circle, striker, drive loop, extremeracing, rocket, looping, maze, Colonial, merger, rrope, merger,spangle, Neon, Devastator, stack color, Holocaust, car driving,looping, dress up, salon, cerebrum, Pinball, brain 100, racestrategy, car driving, than, cops car, circle puzzle, driving, racestrategy, and decorating games that babies, kids, girls and parentslove.Visit us on https://www.phoenixgames.inShare the experience ofthese top free games with your family, friends and social people.Orfollow us on…** FACEBOOK**https://www.facebook.com/phoenixgamesllp** WE VALUE YOUR FEEDBACK**message us on https://www.facebook.com/phoenixgamesllp** PRIVACYPOLICY **As a designer of kids & Adults games, read our privacypolicy here:https://www.facebook.com/notes/phoenix-games-llp/privacy-policy/1743215219324593
SkyFall 3D : Infinite Falldown 1.7 APK
Skyfall 3d is the latest fast paced and beat thumping game from uswhere you are in a freefall whilst avoiding dangerous obstacles andcollecting rewards to unlock better equipments and characters toaid you through.Skyfall 3d is a fast paced skydiving / Base Jumpinggame with a difference! Sky dive head first through an everchanging, twisting and turning environment, filled with colourfulshapes and obstacles for you to fly around, or fall through,otherwise.. well...you're jam, with a loud splat!Pop and collectcoins as you dive to exchange for new and exciting charachter toyour free falling proximity flying adventure.Earn and unlockachievements, pull off amazing aerial manoeuvres, and super closecalls. Challenge your friends and the rest of the world to see whocan top the leaderboard and claim victory!Think you've got thereaction speeds and reflexes to fall and fly at full speed? Jump inand see how many block you can get through. You can always slowyourself down of course, but adrenaline junkies can earn morepoints..================================** Feature **- Fast, reflexchallenging, and fun- Easy to learn, hard to master- Addictiveproximity flying game play- Intuitive controls, spacefall-Colourful levels, Clean, Colourful graphics- Collectables, Endless,vSmooth Game Play- Growing collection of Coins- Achievements,Social and Global Leaderboards- Fun sound effects,freefall- Greatand Simple UI like kaiju- Compete for the best score likekaiju.================================** SHOP **- Buy new skydiversto get a better chance of improving your score!- Buy new character-Buy More Coins from coin shop, more spacefall** COINS **- Collectcoins to gain bonus points! Diamonds are rarer then coins and giveyou 10 times more bonus points!** SHIELD POWERUPS **- Collect theshield and be protected once if you hit a rock! But careful,freefall, they are very rare and not easy to get!- Collect coinscollected for 15 seconds! Double Points is the rarest powerup so donot miss it!** EASY CONTROLS **- Control the player with left/righttouch on the screen.** LEADERBOARD **- Challenge yourself bycompeting with others on Google Play Leaderboards!- Enjoy the gameand don't hesitate to post a comment.For How Long Can You Fall ?Show us how much better you can be. An adrenaline rush that runsalong with the fast paced music and your attention.Evade for aslong as you can. Beat your own score, compete with othersspacefall. And find out who survives, "Skyfall3d"================================** ABOUT Phoenix Games LLP**With over millions of users Phoenix Games LLP to be known as thecreator of Balls, ballon games, Bounce ballz, Laser game, hockey,solo circle, ball Shooter, circle, striker, vortex spinn, puzzle,mini games, rocket, Conundrum, maze, Colonial, Hcúos of Toht Pass,rrope, makeover, spangle, freefall, Neon, Devastator, hexa puzzle,Holocaust, Gravity, makeup, dress up, salon, spa, Pinball,Catapult, space, 3d games, 3d, raching, Fire, Toon, cooking, anddecorating games that babies, kids, girls and parents love.Visit uson https://www.phoenixgames.inShare the experience of these topfree games with your family, friends and social people.Or follow uson…** FACEBOOK **https://www.facebook.com/phoenixgamesllp** WEVALUE YOUR FEEDBACK **message us onhttps://www.facebook.com/phoenixgamesllp** PRIVACY POLICY **As adesigner of kids & Adults games, read our privacy policy here:https://www.facebook.com/notes/phoenix-games-llp/privacy-policy/1743215219324593
Tricky Tap : Shoot The Clock 1.7 APK
Tricky Tap is a highly addictive clocks game. All you have to doisto shot other clocks with the needle rotating in Black clock.Allclocks vary in size and numbers which increase the complexityofthe game. As you keep on playing: number of clocks to be shootalsokeep on increasing and vary in sizes. You have to shoot inhurry asgame play time is very short. So shoot precisely and intimelymanner. Once you miss the shot then you lose the game. Justtap toshoot the other clock. Scores and stars are calculated on thebaseclocks you shoot within given time."A perfect way to killtime!Very simple, entertaining and so challenging."Tap to shoot.Killthe clocks. Can you earn all 100 stars? Tricky Tap is theclockgame to shoot the time. As we all know time never stop butlet'sstop it by killing time itself.Tap the screen to shootanotherclock. Shoot as many clocks asyoucan.================================** Features **- Simple,niceand interactive design- Simple gameplay, Tap and shoot-Whileshooting keep eye on timer also. Make sure timer will not killyou- Nice watches in different colors, Beautiful game artwithstunning graphics and gorgeous visual effects.- Collect morestarsand share on social media like Facebook, whatsapp,instagram,twitter, linkedin and many more- Great sound effect andmusic- Sethighest score and bit the other friends- Play for a fewminutes orhours at a time.- You can play offline anytime clockgame.- Teststhe logical and strategic capability.- Time killer forall agesclocks.- Be careful though, if you miss the correct time toshootthe ball you will die.- Compete with your friends and with therestof the world for the best score, highest score.- Are you stillupfor this hard mission?- How long can you survive?- Enjoythechallenge, Easy gameplay quiz alarm.- Learn it in seconds, playforhours.- Completely free to play.Tricky Tap - Free PuzzleclocksGame is an endless arcade game with a swing! Guide thetickingclock on your way through endless amount of arrow likeblocks onthe tower line zen.Tricky Tap - Free Puzzle Game brings anew angleto the classic game, If your six side ball crashes thegame ends,jrump. In this action game you control ball in a slithercircle. Inthis mini game you bounce an agar like six corner ballgame. Easyto learn and difficult to put down, quiz alarmgame.Download TrickyTap - Free Puzzle Game today and enter thezone. have the bestscore, you need to protect your hexagon,. Inthis color game youcan switch the background color.Don't forget:This is theimpossible marie run, hardest game ever and it is a veryaddictivegame! Have fun, enjoy the quizalarmgame.================================** ABOUT Phoenix GamesLLP**With over millions of users Phoenix Games LLP to be known asthecreator of Balls, age, ballon games, Bounce ballz, cavemangames,solo circle, ball Shooter, circle, striker, vortex spinn,puzzle,mini games, Colonial, minigore, spangle, Neon, Devastator,hexapuzzle, Gravity, Catapult, barbarian, clock game, quizalarm,invasion, Toon, clocks, and decorating games that babies,kids,girls and parents love.- mega blox, ricochet, ball shoot,ballshooting, skjuts, ball explode, shooting ball, ball-ball,raving,sling shot ball, samecolor, for me, my-alarm, clock in forwork,trigga alarm, clock collection, sereno, clock in,Conundrum,Visitus on https://www.phoenixgames.inShare theexperience of these topfree games with your family, friends andsocial people.Or follow uson…** FACEBOOK**https://www.facebook.com/phoenixgamesllp** WEVALUE YOUR FEEDBACK**message us onhttps://www.facebook.com/phoenixgamesllp** PRIVACYPOLICY **As adesigner of kids & Adults games, read our privacypolicyhere:https://www.facebook.com/notes/phoenix-games-llp/privacy-policy/1743215219324593
Smash up : Go ahead Jump is Spinning 1.8 APK
Concentration and fast reflexes are key to master thisalmostimpossible action-arcade game! Jump with the ball from onespinningcircle to the next! Play with your friends and make it tothe topof the leaderboard!Smash Up jump switch is a very good andfuntouch game and jump games for adults and children and unlimitedhophop to challenges to Smash Up do and fun arcade.Jumping gameswithcoins The circle will change color at each intersectionwithbonuses that you encounter during your way scrolling my ballhophop fun challenges in and to do by yourself essen colorsmasherarcade ball swatch colors spiral. Smash Up games with coinsuseyour finger color seitch to Jump the Dot and Cross fromMatchingColors Sweet scrolling my ball network switch like colorwheel andjumpgame thecircle app** How to play **- Tap to make ajump onecircle to another- Tap while jumping to make sure rightdireaction-Survive as long as possible thecircle app** Features **-highlyaddictive fast paced action-arcade game- easy to learn, hardtobeat, it's very difficult- switch between three difficultystages-online leaderboard, hard to master- no In-App Purchasesexcept thepossibility to remove ads- Simple 1 Touch controls- Freeto playAmazing color sitch graphics and sounds effects scrolling myballweb colour palette maker.- Fun & cool jumping games-AddictiveArcade Video Game, hard to master- Best for everyone-Simplecontrol mode, jumpgame- Test your brain and hand thecircleapp-Share your score with your friends and become the best!funtouchgame and jump games for adults and children.** ABOUT PhoenixGamesLLP **With over millions of users Phoenix Games LLP to beknown asthe creator of Balls,hard to master, Bounce ballz, spiral,hard tomaster, solo circle, Radius rope ball, Toon, cooking,anddecorating games that babies, kids, girls and parentslove.-circle, striker, vortex spinn, spangle, jumpgame, touch therhythm,bruh games, spin bike, bruh, blah, colour bounce, spintunes,spinny square, spin class, spin palace, bumpy ride, kosmo,cosmo,spin it, spin workout, hard to tap, spin art, spinning game,freespin, spin fun, spin id, adventure spinner, addict,mekaniker,spinner, spin a wheel, jumping adventure,spon, spinround, roundups, round balls, pyro, arrow fire, fire arrow, spinclass.Visit uson https://www.phoenixgames.inShare the experience ofthese topfree games with your family, friends and social people.Orfollow uson…** FACEBOOK**https://www.facebook.com/phoenixgamesllp** WEVALUE YOUR FEEDBACK**message us onhttps://www.facebook.com/phoenixgamesllp** PRIVACYPOLICY **As adesigner of kids & Adults games, read our privacypolicyhere:https://www.facebook.com/notes/phoenix-games-llp/privacy-policy/1743215219324593
Mystrey of Egypt : Hidden Object 1.0 APK
Find hidden temple somewhere deep in the jungle and discoverthesecrets of the lost society and then run as fast as youcan.Download Mystery Of Egypt Hidden Objects Game for free andstartthe best mystery adventure of your life. This is the bestsearchand find game for adults that will kill your boredom andtrain yourbrain at the same time. Get into time machine and visitMystery OfEgypt.Visit the ancient ruins of the Maya civilizationand Incas ofPeru, find all the hidden objects you are searching forand runaway. Is it true that the mummy takes revenge upon everypyramidraider? Start the magnificent time travel adventure andbecome thearchaeologist hero who returns to the age of pyramids.Play MysteryOf Egypt hidden objects games for free offline, finditems inpictures and reveal the secret of the king of Egypt. EntertheGreat pyramid of Giza, explore queen Nefertiti and king Tut tombinthe Valley of the Kings and find the treasure, Sphinxstatues,royal jewelry. Roam the secret passages and creepy rooms oftheancient pyramid and palace, collect mystery items and escapethehaunted city and the horrible king Tut curse in hiddenobjecttreasure hunt games free. ** How to Play - Use interactivecontrolsto play. - Choose a game mode and a search mode to play. -Lookcarefully to find all the hidden objects in each level. - Beatallthe levels to prove your hidden object skills! ** Features -Findnow the stunning and cool HD graphics with a real adventureofhidden objects mystery games - Hundreds of hidden objectstorygames with bonus mini puzzles like jigsaw puzzles - Collectstarsto unlock or escape to the next level - Find it now withbeautifulhints system to help you search for secret items hidden inyourRoom - Randomly selected image mode, silhouette mode and textmodewhich is especially designed for kids for learning object names-More than 1000 hidden objects to search - An express hiddenobjectgame with no Internet connection or downloads required, nowplayhidden objects offline - A big source of holiday entertainmentforall family members and real hidden objects mystery games! -Zoomfeature to help find little items and small hidden pictures -Bestfinding things games: find items by picture, word orsilhouetteWatch out! Be careful cause some of the old temples arefull ofvampires, monsters and other dangerous creatures. Walkthrough theenchanted forest and find the lost temple of the doom.Look at yourmap and get the list of the hidden objects you have tofind inorder to make a progress and reveal the truth of the lostworld. Itlooks like a lost city of the Incas but there are alsosomethingthat looks like a Greek temple. Don't make a conclusionbefore yousearch and find hidden objects. Download Mystery Of EgyptHiddenObjects Game and become the greatest explorer in history. **ABOUTPhoenix Games LLP ** With over millions of users Phoenix GamesLLPto be known as the creator of Games that babies, kids, girlsandparents love. - egypt mystery, mysteries of egypt, egyptianage,egypt empire, mystery puzzle, egypt adventure, egyptianpyramid,old egypt, golden treasures, jewels egypt, mayan enigma,ocultos,harry, quidd Visit us on https://www.phoenixgames.in Sharetheexperience of these top free games with your family, friendsandsocial people. Or follow us on… ** FACEBOOK**https://www.facebook.com/phoenixgamesllp ** WE VALUE YOURFEEDBACK** message us on https://www.facebook.com/phoenixgamesllp**PRIVACY POLICY ** As a designer of kids & Adults games,readour privacy policy here: http://phoenixgames.in/privacy.html
Core Of valley : Tap & Cross Role Puzzles Game 1.5 APK
Core of valley - this is a small lightning "Ball" that will pullyouin it’s world forever, will open for you cool, excitingofflinegames of a stylish interface! Download this offline gameright now,press the start button, and the lightening ball’s"adventures" inthe world of geometric shapes begin!** How to play ?**- To bring aCore into a motion, it's enough just to tap on thescreen. - Themore you press on the screen, the faster it hardcoreflies.- Youneed to make this luminous ball fly into the fallingfigure thatrotates and fly of it out. Each figure has one free edge- theentrance to it, in the same time it’s exit, which will changeit’slocation with the figure rotations .- Therefore, get close tothefalling figure, when it is turned by the free edge down, andflyout of it when it turns the free edge up.- All thesemanipulationsshould be done until the figure falls.- And this willtake just asecond and even a half of a second, so you need to bereally quick!You can not touch the figures!First you will face withsimpletriangles and squares, but the further you go, the hardertheconstruction of figures of this no Internet game are, andtheharder it will be to overcome them. Sometimes neither one, nortwo,but many figures will move towards you. In this case, youhavenothing to do but look for the passages between them and asquicklyas possible slip across. Just do not forget to collectbonuses -small lightening stars!** Feature **- This no Internetgame isendless.- The goal of the arcade Core is to put a personalrecord,and even to become # 1 among friends.- Complete a missionand tobeat the record you need to fly as fast as possible,- Bendallobstacles on the way as quickly as you only can and to collectALLthe bonuses (glowing stars) that you only meet on youradventure.**A Standalon Adventure **- A completely new story fromthe Core ofvalley. You don’t need to have previously played Core ofvalley**Individually Crafted Puxxles **- Enjoy beautiful levelsfilled withillusory, replayable meditative puzzles, using brandnewinteractions to explore the changing dynamics betweencharacters.**Contemporary Visuals **- Artwork inspired by aneclectic mixture ofarchitectural styles, valley, artistic movementsand personalinfluences, each translated into stunning geometricstructures.**Beautiful Audio **- Immerse yourself in uniquelymelodicinteractive soundscapes, replayable, tailored perfectly toeverystep of Ro and her child’s journey.Download the arcade coreofvally RIGHT NOW, but be careful, because you can becomehardcoreaddictive to this game!** ABOUT Phoenix Games LLP **Withovermillions of users Phoenix Games LLP to be known as the creatorofred game, valley, ballon games, Bounce , valley, solo circle,ballShooter, circle, striker, vortex spinn, puzzle, minigames,hardcore, Conundrum, vally, spangle, Neon, Devastator, hexapuzzle,Holocaust, red game, replayable, 4-games, 3d games, 3d,matchballs, replayable, Toon, hardcore, and vally that babies,kids,girls and parents love.Visit us onhttps://www.phoenixgames.inSharethe experience of these top freegames with your family, friendsand social people.Or follow us on…**FACEBOOK**https://www.facebook.com/phoenixgamesllp** WE VALUE YOURFEEDBACK**message us on https://www.facebook.com/phoenixgamesllp**PRIVACYPOLICY **As a designer of kids & Adults games, read ourprivacypolicyhere:https://www.facebook.com/notes/phoenix-games-llp/privacy-policy/1743215219324593
Air Laser Mini Hockey : 2018 Ultimate Fun 1.2 APK
Enjoy all of your favorite moments of the playoffs with theNo.1exciting and fast paced table sports game, Air LaserMiniHockeyTime to hit the ice with this No.1 Android version ofAirLaser Mini Hockey game. Designed to deliver the amazinggraphicquality of glow display, see and feel the real airhockeyexperience. With three levels of difficulty the computer canbe agood match for anyone, from new comer to hockey expert! Youcanalso play against a friend on the same device.Here you'll findallthe attributes of the impeccable air hockey multiplayer game.Startplaying against competitive opponents from easy mode. Chooseyourfavorite glow map from four different challenging hockey maps,getskilled to win the battles. Completely free to play, easy tostartand hard to be the Hockey Master!Get your own Air Hockey gameinyour mobile phone and enjoy the unlimited fun with "Air LaserMiniHockey". The app "Air Laser Mini Hockey" is the best tabletopAirHockey game built exclusively for smartphones. "Air LaserMiniHockey" has intuitive touch mode gaming controls and greatuserinterface. Slide the striker with your finger to get the goal.Thegame is really exciting and entertaining. "Air Laser MiniHockey"supports both 1 player and 2 player mode gaming options tolet youchallenge your friends or play against the bot. The gameisdesigned with awesome graphics with challenging game levels.Playthe glowing Air Hockey game anywhere and anytime you like. Thegamegives the best experience with amazing game graphics. Hit thegoalsand win the matches. Keep playing the game to become a Pro atAirHockey. The game is perfect for all levels of playersfromBeginners to Average to Expert players. Choose the difficultymodeto have the unlimited fun. The game becomes more interestingandadventurous as you keep unlocking the levels with increaseindifficulty levels. Download the best and challenging AirHockeytable top game and make perfect shots to get the perfectgoals. Puton your gaming skills hat and get your finger warmed upto hit thegoal. The game will help you improve your focus skillsalong withthe angles calculation. Get your own Air Hockey game andplay withyour friends anytime and anywhere.How to play- Get TwoPlayerGames: Air Laser Mini Hockey for free from Google Play.- Useyourfinger to move the hockey pad and hit the puck to scoregoals.-Enjoy the best airhockey and share to friends!HIGHLIGHTS-AWESOMEGRAPHICS, running on all Android 2.3 and newer devices-Smooth andresponsive gameplay based on REALISTIC PHYSICS- GREATEFFECTS,sparks, explosions, and lights glow when you make agoal-Completely FREE, FULLY FEATURED game- Great hockey physics. -Nicegraphics.- Lots of fun!- 2 Player Access Mode.- RealisticHockeyPhysics. - Sharp And Contrast Graphics.- Stylish puckdesign-Support Most Android Devices.- Easy to learn, hard tomaster,realistic physics gameplay, the best of it's kind- Play withyourown custom color and shape paddles- Same device multiplayermode-Vibrate when goal.** ABOUT Phoenix Games LLP **With overmillionsof users Phoenix Games LLP to be known as the creator ofgames thatbabies, kids, girls and parents love.Visit usonhttps://www.phoenixgames.inShare the experience of these topfreegames with your family, friends and social people.Or followuson…** FACEBOOK **https://www.facebook.com/phoenixgamesllp**WEVALUE YOUR FEEDBACK **message usonhttps://www.facebook.com/phoenixgamesllp** PRIVACY POLICY **Asadesigner of kids & Adults games, read our privacy policyhere:https://www.facebook.com/notes/phoenix-games-llp/privacy-policy/1743215219324593
Color Armor : Switch Circle Arcade 1.3 APK
Jump into the orbit and step into the polygonic sphere ofColorArmor. Go on a trip and dash at the spinning color wheels.**How toplay- In front of you is a spinning wall of rings consistingofvariously shaped tiles.- Tap on the screen to shoot ballsstraightinto the core and boom through the circles' rotating ColorArmor.Your goal is to hit the protected dot in the center and breakthewheel's defense into tiny cubes.- Some bricks are smashable,whileothers block your path. Sometimes they also rotation and movetothe other side. It's all about your reaction skills.- No wifigame- perfect for short offline sessions while waiting forthebus!Classic Mode: The wheels run in a straight rotation path.Whenyou drop the ball, don't crush through the wrong bricks and lettheball glide straight at the dot in the center to land thefinalswipe, or you die.Spin Mirror Mode: here comes a twist. Afterabrick is smashed, the circle waves down its way of rotation totheother side, which can turn out quite problematic, butkeepcool!Termination: Be an archer. To advance you jump from circletocircle. Cool down and focus. After the wheel's line falls shortoftargets, a new shootable line rolls out.Go Round: In this modetheball follows the rules of orbital gravity and spheres aroundtheother rotating wheels in and endless loop. After tapping, theballhops at the tile and bounces back to its orbit** GameFeatures-Simple tap controls and easy to play color game- Amazingmusic andintense sound effects- Level game modes and number ofobstacles isinfinite- Impressive color's patterns, Easy to play,hard tomaster- Simple and addictive gameplay- no wifi games, freecolorgames- Infinite fun through addictive gameplay- Escape intotheArcade with 4 amazing game modes- Slowly shrinking gaptohardcoreness, but never impossible- No wifi game; playofflineanywhereColor Armor is a one touch arcade and addictinggames topgames where you must press a color and play color jumpball insurface tapball colours and you must follow the colorpattern oneach obstacle to cross it color arcadeYour goal is simplemust Tapthe color ball to hop hop carefully through each obstacleand yourball will color change and complete your way to collect thelargestnumber of stars The challenge of the game is that theobstacles aremoving and the ball is hop and change color ball, andas we’ve cometo expect from these types of high score chasers,though thegameplay may be simple color focus 2 color balls.Becareful not topass through the wrong color play or you’ll have tostart againballs game new games colo.Have a great and enjoyablyeach time withmost popular games for free Color Armor and Downloadnow on yourdevice Share this best games 2k18 colorful free gamescolor ballgame Color Armor and challenge your friends, Comments ,suggestionsor bug reports are all welcome !** ABOUT Phoenix GamesLLP **Withover millions of users Phoenix Games LLP to be known asthe creatorof Puzzle game, arcade game, mind game, solo circle, oneline knot,color dot, raduis, games that babies, kids, girls andparentslove.- armor,color circles, spin rotate, circle rush game,dotshoot, shoot dot, impossible circle, spin tunes,probablyimpossible, dash, circle rush, spin class, orbite, colorball,spinny circle, color shoot, circles, color spinner, colorballgameVisit us on https://www.phoenixgames.inShare the experienceofthese top free games with your family, friends and socialpeople.Orfollow us on…**FACEBOOK**https://www.facebook.com/phoenixgamesllp** WE VALUE YOURFEEDBACK**message us on https://www.facebook.com/phoenixgamesllp**PRIVACYPOLICY **As a designer of kids & Adults games, read ourprivacypolicyhere:https://www.facebook.com/notes/phoenix-games-llp/privacy-policy/1743215219324593