1.3 / August 14, 2016
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One Inch Man is trying to gather high power dragon warriors to helphim fight in a battle arena. To convice mighty warriors to joinyou, you'll have to fight them on by one. Battles in higher levelswith take more of your time since warriors health will be biggerand they will be stronger.How to play:You just need to click on thescreen and One Inch Man will punch for every touch you make. Whenyou convince others to join you, they will attack with theirspecial skills automatically. Upgrade your power level skills ashigh as you can in a Black market to be the best as you can be inbattle arena. There will be hidden treasure every minute in abattle.Features:- 6 challenges (Krampus, Roboman, Angel of Death,Stone man, Wise Wizard and Gokugakun)- thrilling 8 bit backgroundmusic- Google Leaderboards and Achievements to compare your scorewith othersIf you like our game, please give it a rate and areview.

App Information One Inch Man - Legend Warrior

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    One Inch Man - Legend Warrior
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    August 14, 2016
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    Android 3.0 and up
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    Romale game studio
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    Tovsto, 3270 Lasko, Slovenia
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