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This app is now brings all urdu columns of all newspapers in oneapp. Now enjoy the analyst views on economics politics and othercurrent issues of pakistan and of the world. This android app is asource of gathering Pakistani Urdu Columns written by famousPakistani Urdu columnists at a single place.We are covering thecolumnists Some of the columnist are: A.G Norani Aamira Ehsan AbbasMehkari Abdal Baila Abdul Allah Shajeye Abdul Basit Abdul GhafarQaiserani Abdul Ghaffar Aziz Abdul Hameed Yousaf Abdul Haq BakarAbdul Majeed Abdul Majeed Minhas Abdul Qadir Hassan Abdul RafehRasool Abdul Raoof Aftab Iqbal Rauf Kalausra Najam Sethi HassanNisar and all others. Note: this app need internet to operate.Disclaimer: All Published columns on this app are Owned and CopyRighted by Respective Newspapers, Magazines & Owners, We arePublishing this Content Just for Awareness and Information Purpose

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This app is specially designed for GAT preparation.
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Pakistani - Khabardar For Fans:-> Latest and new funny program with aftab Iqbal.-> New format followed.-> Honey Albela, Naseer bhai, Rubi Anam, Mehmood, and variousother entertainers.->Hopefully you will enjoy this app.Disclaimer:-> We do not host the content provided in this app, it isavailable online for free in public domains.-> This app is just an organized way to surf and stream filesavailable online and you can use special format.-> We do not claim rights on any file in this app; allcontent is the copyright of their respective owners.
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Since its introduction less than a decade ago, C++ has experiencedgrowing acceptance as a practical object-oriented programminglanguage suitable for teaching, research, and commercial softwaredevelopment. The language has also rapidly evolved during thisperiod and acquired a number of new features (e.g.,templates andexception handling) which have added to its richness.This appserves as an introduction to the C++ language. It teaches how toprogram in C++ and how to properly use its features. It does notattempt to teach object-oriented design to any depth, which Ibelieve is best covered in a book in its own right.In designingthis book, I have strived to achieve three goals. First, to producea concise introductory text, free from unnecessary verbosity, sothat beginners can develop a good understanding of the language ina short period of time. Second, I have tried to combine a tutorialstyle (based on explanation of concepts through examples) with areference style (based on a flat structure). As a result, eachchapter consists of a list of relatively short sections (mostly oneor two pages), with no further subdivision. This, I hope, furthersimplifies the reader’s task. Finally, I have consciously avoidedtrying to present an absolutely complete description of C++. Whileno important topic has been omitted, descriptions of some of theminor idiosyncrasies have been avoided for the sake of clarity andto avoid overwhelming beginners with too much information.Experience suggests that any small knowledge gaps left as a result,will be easily filled over time through self-discovery.This appintroduces C++ as an object-oriented programming language. Noprevious knowledge of C or any other programming language isassumed. Readers who have already been exposed to a high-levelprogramming language (such as Cor Pascal) will be able to skip oversome of the earlier material in this book.Although the book isprimarily designed for use in undergraduate computer sciencecourses, it will be equally useful to professional programmers andhobbyists who intend to learn the language on their own. The entirebook can be easily covered in 10-15 lectures, making it suitablefor a one-term or one-semester course. It can also be used as thebasis of an intensive 4-5 day industrial training course.The app isdivided into 12 chapters. Each chapter has a flat structure,consisting of an unnumbered sequence of sections, most of which arelimited to one or two pages. The aim is to present each new topicin a confined space so that it can be quickly grasped. Each chapterends with a list of exercises. Answers to all of the exercises areprovided in an appendix. Readers are encouraged to attempt as manyof the exercises as feasible and to compare their solutions againstthe ones provided.For the convenience of readers, the sampleprograms presented in this book(including the solutions to theexercises) and provided.NOTE: Ads are to provide app free of cost.
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That's right. You can use the internet to make money without havingto spend a dime. What mostpeople don't realize is that they havesomething that is truly marketable: their time, theirattention,their network of relationships, or even an untapped skillwaiting to be utilized. If you have spare timeand would like tostart making some income online, I will show you how to do it...for free. Seriously
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There are plenty of books that teach introductory data structures.Some of them are very good. Most of them cost money, and the vastmajority of computer science undergraduate students will shell outat least some cash on a data structures book.The goal of thisproject is to free undergraduate computer science students fromhaving to pay for an introductory data structures book. I havedecided to implement this goal by treating this book like an OpenSource software project. The LATEX source, C++ source, and buildscripts for the book are available to download from the author’swebsite and also, more importantly, on a reliable source codemanagement site.All Topics are covered in this book. NOTE: ads areto provide apps free of cost.
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The video quality of these dance videos is very good and we hope sothat our user will like these videos and give us good review sothat we can work hard in future to improve the quality of our apps.Arabic mehndi designs are quite unique and can be distinguished bytheir elaborate designs. There is a great deal of arranging andassociation will need to do to dispatch a fantasy wedding occasionbest wedding first dance songs,wedding first dance songs, weddingparty dance songs ideas,instrumental wedding processionalsongs,wedding dance songs modern , wedding dance songs different,wedding dance songs entrance,wedding dance video, pakistani andIndian wedding songs and dance. Also, for Baraat functions there iscategory which features rukhsati songs and other performances thatcherish the moments of Baraat. Mehndi Songs & Dance is a highdefinition collection of Wedding/Shadi songs. Young girls and boyswho are looking for Mehndi dance & Shadi songs videos, caninstall this beautifully designed application to see and learndance moves and rock the dance floor with fun and bhangra dance onthe wedding event. Traditional Punjabi songs called tappay andmaahiye in this app are also included. Listen hot collection ofbollywood and Hollywood songs that are played on different shadifunctions So install this app and enjoy the lovely songs withincredible performances Disclaimer: All videos displayed in thisapp are available on Public Domain. We do not host the contentdisplayed in this app. All videos shown in this app are respectiveproperty of the publishers. We only provide a user friendly way ofmaking people see those mehndi videos all in one place.
Pakistani Drama Live 2.0.0 APK
We collect most recent episodes of each program on hourly basis. homann jahan songs & trailers jawani phir nahi ani complete songsDisclaimer: All youtube terms and condidtions are fullfilled
Maulana Tariq Jameel Bayanat 9000 Plus Bayan 2.0.0 APK
Maulana Tariq Jameel Bayanat 9000 Plus Bayan Maulana tariq JameelSahab is one the popular islamic scholor all over the world. Peoplewho belongs to any fiqah knows him very well and respect him alot.He never talk about firqa wariat. Always talk about deen Islam,ALLAH SWT, Last prophet Muhammad SAW Sunnah and Hadith. MaulanaTariq Jameel sahab belongs to Tableeghi Jamat. He well known allover the world as the preacher of Islam. Many well known peoplefrom sports and showbiz his students. Like Juanid Jamshed, SaeedAnwar, Inzamamul Haq, Mushtaq Ahmed, Saqlain Mushtaq, MuhammadYousuf, Veena Malik and Many. They come to them and their liveschange towards Islam. Maulana Tariq Jameel personally so nice andhumble person and help needy people. He belongs to land lord familyand his house in Tulambah near Multan. In this app you can listenhis lectures from early days to present(2016). May ALLAH give himlong healthy life. he is actually a gift from ALLAH to us. TariqJameel Sahib called as Maulana Tariq Jamil, he is a Pakistanireligious and Islamic scholar and public speaker. Application haveAlmost All Bayanat of Maulana Tariq Jameel with 9000+. MoulanaTariq jameel is the great scholar and he is famous because of hisknowledge about islam. In this application we present you all videobyans of Moulan Tariq jameel free online with videos In the app youcan find over thousand bayaans of Tariq Jamil in which he stressesupon the importance of spreading the message of love and peaceamong the followers of Islam. Other than that, the bayaans of TariqJameel sahib also come with the message of how to live lifeaccording to the values of islam and how to become a better muslim.Download the app now and listen to the faith strengthening Bayaansof Molana Tariq Jameel Giving Dawah To Filmstar Aamir Khan –Maulana Tariq Jameel (8:17) 4 Deeds To Enter Jannat – Maulana TariqJameel (14:46) Allah Hay [Allah Exist] – Maulana Tariq Jameel(149:51) Allah Kon Hai – Maulana Tariq Jameel Bayan (168:02)Dastane Zulm Maulana – Maulana Tariq Jameel (131:08) Jang e Badarin Ramzan – Maulana Tariq Jameel (22:14) Maulana Tariq Jameel AtHajj – Arfaat Bayan (74:39) Maulana Tariq Jameel – Very EmotionalBayan at Hajj (75:46) Molana Tariq Jameel – Jannat Ke Nazare(73:51) and many more.... Disclaimer: 1- All the streamed YouTubevideos are copyrighted to their publishers 2- This application doesnot download YouTube videos. 3- This application does not displayvideos that were restricted by their publishers 4- Please becarefully when you are not on WIFI for extra fees that you may payfor the over use of your internet connection when you stream manyvideos on internet. 5- Background playing removed to respectYoutube Terms of Service 6- Still if any one have any issue pleaseemail us on given developer ID. Thanks