3.0.16 / November 28, 2016
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Welcome to our Church Family App!!!Our family mission is simple: wewant to help people follow Jesus.Our family members are atdifferent places in their relationship with God: some searching Himout, some growing in relationship with Him, some struggling indifficult times. My hope is that you will want to use your OntarioNazarene Church app each day to reach out and give God theopportunity to make a difference in your life.My prayer is that, ifyou do not know Christ, He will make Himself known to you.This appis for you!! It tells you what we are about as a church and how welive out the mission we believe God has given to us. Tim Brewer,Lead Pastor

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Grow On 8.3.2 APK
Life is busy. And, carving out time to silence all the noises andget alone with God can be tricky. But this doesn't have to be. Withgrow on, you will receive daily customized biblical content to helpyou know and grow in Christ.
CCD APP 3.0.16 APK
The Chicago Central District Church of the Nazarene exists toequip, empower, and encourage churches among the district.Information, prayer requests, inspirational videos, upcomingevents, and Scriptures will be sent through the app.
This App will connect you with video, audioand written content not only as a follow up to the Excel and BreakOut conferences in Saratoga, NY, but from Capital District Youthfor Christ as well. We'll connect the Go Tandem Bible engagement tothoughts from conference speakers and artists, YFC staff, localyouth leaders and students.
Garnett Nazarene 3.0.16 APK
We are Garnett Church of the Nazarene located in Garnett, KS. Weencourage you to use our app to help grow your faith in JesusChrist through customized biblical content based on your uniquespiritual needs. Help us on fulfilling our mission "TO KNOW, GROWIN, & SHARE CHRIST."For more information visit our website atwww.garnettnazarene.org Features: - A customizable experience witha short Spiritual Growth Assessment.- Schedule and receive messageseach day to stay connected. - Push notifications ensure you don'tmiss a single message. - Write down your thoughts on the content inthe notes feature. - Save and share via multiple social mediaoutlets.
D1Naz GROW 3.0.16 APK
Life got you on a roller coaster? Looking forsome answers in life? Here at D1Naz we exist to make Christ-likeDisciples of the nations by being committed to Grow, Love, Serve.This Grow app is a tool for you to Grow deeper in your relationshipwith Christ. This customizable app will hep you with spiritualaccountability, practical devotionals, prayers reminders, as wellas keeping you connected to the church.
Victory Weekend 3.0.16 APK
Have daily Bible verses sent to you based on your spiritualneeds.Our mission is to reach our community and beyond with apractical Christ centered message through motor sports relatedoutreach. Victory Weekend Ministries, a division of Steve WingfieldEvangelistic Association, is committed to serve side-by-side withmotor sports sanctioning bodies (i.e., NASCAR, NHRA, etc.),similar-minded outreach organizations, and local communities. Weprovide positive fan and family friendly events that includeconcerts, driver and fan interaction, hospitality, and otheropportunities that are geared to meet people where they are inlife.We are not formally affiliated with any particular churchdenomination, but rather seek to love God and people. It’s been ourexperience that successful outreach is centered in being relevantto real life and providing a place where people can be themselves.
Ripley Nazarene 3.0.16 APK
Ripley Church of the Nazarene is a Family Oriented church inRipley, West Virginia. This app will let you connect with groupsand events at RipleyNaz.
Point Township Church 3.0.16 APK
Life is busy and sometimes it can over take us and we neglect thethings that are so important to our Spiritual Journey with JesusChrist. The Point Township Church app is designed to help us on ourJourney and move us closer toward Jesus on a daily basis. Havescripture delivered directly to your mobile device and by creatinga profile you’ll customize what content is sent to you based onyour unique needs. Get reminders each day to pray. Get info andnotifications on church events and activities. We are a lovingfaith community. Our mission is To bring people to the savingknowledge of Jesus Christ, to disciple believers in spiritualgrowth by Building Christ-centered relationships, to equipbelievers for ministry by Bible-based teaching and to meet theneeds of the congregation while challenging them to minister tothose in need. Be sure to sign up for My Tracks to receive morespecific subject content.Features:•Customize your experience with ashort Spiritual Growth Assessment.•Schedule and receive up to 12messages each day in a variety of forms, text, audio, andvideo.•Push notification ensure you don't miss a singlemessage•Save your favorites and share via social media•Write downyour thoughts on the content in the notes feature.