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    Open University News
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    October 25, 2011
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    Android 1.5 and up
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    The Open University
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Chinese Characters First Steps 1.02 APK
Learning to read and write Chinese characterspresents two challenges to both non-native learners as well asChinese children who first start learning characters:- the complexity of characters, as an average character consists ofabout 12 strokes;- matching characters with their pronunciation, pinyin and themeaning;This new version of Chinese Characters First Steps tackles thesetwo challenges on one screen to help you learn, recognize andremember the most frequently used 400 plus characters in asystematic, friendly and fun way. Rather than having a textbook,audio device, dictionary and a notebook to write, you get thestroke-by-stroke writing, the native-speaker pronunciation, pinyin,English definition and instructions in one interactiveexperience.These 400 plus characters are introduced in the OpenUniversity's Beginners' Chinese module第一步 Dì yī bù (L197) and drawn from the most commonly and frequentlyused word list published by the Ministry of Education of PRC(China). By combining them, you will learn a further 230+ usefulwords and phrases. For example, you learn the threesingle-character words for 'red' (红 hóng), 'green' (绿lǜ) and'light' (灯dēng), which put together make up the word 'trafficlights', which you will find in one of the word search puzzles.There are 20 lessons which chronologically build upon eachother.Each lesson has 4 sections:- Writing Practice- Listening Test- Reading Test- Word SearchThe first five lessons with characters and related activitiesare included free to give you a taste of what this app can do. Theother 15 lessons are available via in-app purchase for a total of£1.49 by tapping the 'upgrade' button.PLEASE NOTE:This app uses Google Analytics to allow The Open University togather anonymous statistical data on how the app is used. The datais used for academic research only.No personal or device information is gathered.By installing this app you give consent to The open University touse Google Analytics in the manner stated above.
Our Story 1.0 APK
Reading, even in the digital age, is probablyone of the most important skills that children acquire. It can bean important source of pleasure which also develops vital languageand social skills. It is fundamental to most school activities, itcan also open up new worlds and give access to the wealth of humanknowledge.This app that has been developed by child psychologists andother specialists at The Open University enables young children totake part in fun games which can help develop interests and skillsthat will be relevant to them when they start to read.
Open University News 1.1 APK
Want to keep up-to-date with the latest news from TheOpenUniversity? This app makes OU tweets, Platform news andlatestYouTube videos available to you in one place.
OU Brainwave 1.0.3 APK
Brainwave is a free, research focusedpsychology app from The Open University and Reed.We’ve taken five tasks from the world of psychology research andturned them into quick, fun, mobile phone/tablet games.Each game is designed to test a different facet of cognitiveability:- Super snap (Working memory)- Track (Split attention)- React (Vigilance)- Spin (Spatial processing)- Hotspot (Learning)By playing the games, you will build up a profile of yourperformance across the day—your ‘Brainwave’—charting how yourcognitive performance varies across the day and finally answeringwhether you are actually a ‘morning’ or ‘evening’ person.Your scores will also be anonymised and uploaded to the researchteam at The Open University.Here, they will be combined with scores from all the other usersof the app in order to research how circadian rhythms andtime-of-day affects cognitive performanceTo see whether you are a morning or evening person, download theapp now!
TalkFactory 1.0.1 APK
TalkFactory is designed to support exploratorytalk during pupil-led discussions in educational settings.TalkFactory displays six ‘rules for talking’ which can be editedby the teacher to support the needs of their class. Three arepositive, or desirable, features of discussion (e.g. ‘explainsreasons’ and ‘explains disagreement’) and three are negative, orundesirable features of discussion (e.g. ‘interrupts others’). Theteacher/pupil can tap on a rule in real time every time a pupilfollows it during a discussion.TalkFactory includes a bar graph which represents the taps oneach of the rules. It also includes a sum of desirable andundesirable events, and a timeline. These features can be used bythe teacher and the children to evaluate how well their discussionadheres to the rules for talking.The app can be used in the classroom or outdoors duringfieldtrips, for example. For more information and to download aversion of TalkFactory for use on an interactive whiteboard, visithttp://www.talkfactory.uk
The Secret Life of Books 1.0.5 APK
Welcome to the free Secret Life of Bookstabletapp from The Open University. From the Reception Desk, youcanexplore the six wings of our library, each inspired bythemanuscript they house.By tapping on your chosen book you will be able to accessvideocontent from the TV series as well as additional, unseenfootage.You will also be able to analyse original pages ofmanuscript anddiscover further background material on eachbook.Search for the essence of Shakespeare in the First FolioLibrarywith Simon Russell Beale, and find out what this famous booktellsus about how his plays were written.Let Dr Alice Roberts be your guide in the FrankensteinCellar,and discover why Mary Shelley might not have been the onlypersonto have had a hand in ‘creating the monster’.Join Cerys Matthews in the Mabinogion Annex to discoverfolktales with the wildest plotlines and most incredible charactersandexplore the story of who created it.Visit Great Expectations Corner with Tony Jordan,chiefscreenwriter with EastEnders for 15 years, to uncover whyCharlesDickens gave Pip a happy ending.Meet Bidisha in the Jane Eyre Study, to delve into a textthatmay be darker and more disturbing than you’d first thought.Enter the Mrs Dalloway Reading Room, and discoverVirginiaWoolf’s journey towards creating her great modernist novelin thecompany of Alexandra Harris.So grab your magnifying glass, and let’s get started.A BBC Open University Partnership.
Treezilla 1.1 APK
Help us create a map of Britain's trees withthis Treezilla app. The system also calculates the environmentalbenefits ('ecosystem services') provided by trees, for example howmuch pollution they remove from the air.Move the dot onto an aerial photo of the area and that's it thetree is mapped.You can then measure the tree size and identify it, thisinformation is used to automatically calculate the ecosystemservices.The system also allows you to add lots more information aboutthe tree such as pests and diseases, tree condition, pavementdamage etcAll the information is searchable.If the information has already been added then you can see theidentity and other information about trees in your local area.Get together with friends to turn your town into anarboretum!
OU Go 1.06 APK
OU Go is a 3D map guide for The OpenUniversitycampus in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom.Staff and visitors can use this application to locate thefollowingareas of interest:BuildingsEventsCar ParkingCycle ParkingOutdoor Art ExhibitsSelected areas of interest appear on the map as icons givingtheuser a visual cue as they travel toward their destination.OU Go provides the user with a selection of avatars, (acharacterrepresentation of the user), that is updated on the map asthe usermakes their way around campus.Visitors in particular should find OU Go useful in locatingthebuildings or events for which they are visiting.OU Go uses GPS to update the users location on the map. However ifaweak or no GPS signal is available, OU Go will place your avatarina central position on the campus map. Once a GPS signal islocatedyour position on the map will be updated.