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This is demo of client for opencart shop: http://cvetyi-banketyi.ru/

This is a small module that adds the ability to remotelyworkwith the OpenCart 1.5.3+ via the REST API.
With this module you can create your own Androidapplication.Application is generated from a template. You do notneed to knowprogramming languages​​. Adjust the color of the textand lists.Change the image of the header and the footer and thengenerateyour native Android application and download toyoursmartphone.

Program list: http://app-z.net/app_builder/program_list.php

How to use

* Go to http://app-z.net/app_builder/
* Register and login
* Add Your Application
* Use Actions:
Actions App Android Builder
1) Edit application
2) Delete an application
3) Build the application (Usually 45..90 sec)
4) Download the Android application (if all done successful.Ifhappen error try repeat in 15 min)

ic_launcher - Application icon. Recommended size 144x144
List Icon - Icon in list from the left in front of eachparagraph.Should be square small image
Image Top - The image in the header of screen smartphone
Image Bottom - The image in the footer of screen smartphone

Package Name - Should be unique and consist of at leasttwosegments (Example: com.mysite)
Base URL - Your shop url. Check it please. Should be beginwithhttp:// or https:// prefix

Key parameter in OpenCart admin panel should be as "key1"

This module based on opencart-webapi with minor changes
Original code of PHP module see here:

App Information OpenCart Android Client Demo

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