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Welcome to the international anti-terrorism unit. By taking part inthis unit, you will help us make the world a more livable place.Wehave built many bases in certain parts of the world that areespecially vulnerable to security. It is your primary duty toprotect these bases and clear the enemies from the territories.Every enemy you destroy and every operation you end up will receivethe material compensation of what you do.The gods be withyou.OPERATION DESERT:This is the begining operation of the game.Wegot the news that the terrorist elements were moving towards afortress. Your primary mission is to reach the target beforeenemies.Under the hot desert sun, you'll fight for glory and honor.Eleminate terorist ATVs, SUVs and Drones. Good Luck!!OPERATIONRUINEDCITY:Lacradia, a country that has been demolished andabandoned, is in a state of terror. And our bases are under attack.You need to get there as soon as possible to support the defense ofthe last remaining fortress. The most important thing to watch outfor is the local rebels.OPERATION HIGHLANDS:Once a skiing country,Aswal is now one of the main nests of terrorists. The main purposeof this operation is to clear this paradise. Your task is to ensuresafety by destroying motorized terrorists between forts.OPERATIONENDOFTHELINE:The terrorists in Qagreiburg, now living in anecropolis after the last world war, now become a problem for othercountries. It is your main duty to get rid of this hell. The moreenemies you destroy, the more chance we get. You should do this forthe all peoples of the world.OPERATION JUNGLE:Sniugro's jungleshave been a terrorist haven throughout history. But now it's timeto put an end to it. We will use all the power in our hands forthis job. So the world will get a better place to live. Gods bewith you.OPERATION POLE:Poles can be a place that everyone forgets.But here we are getting intelligence about the existence of aserious terrorist. For this reason, it is very important to protectthe bases we build and to remove this threat. Under difficultcircumstances you will have a challenging task in combat.

App Information Operation X:Honour

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    Operation X:Honour
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    January 31, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Naci Çakır Mah. 11 ilker/Dikmen/Çankaya/Ankara/Turkey
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