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In a place people were attacked by aviruscalled zombies. No human being left there.it seems likeaforest.So, in order to get rid of this zombies soldiers camewithan operation Zombie D(Dark). Firstly one soldier got down fromarmychopper zombies killed him, and again another soldier isgettingdown by seeing this zombie crashed the armychopper.Butunfortunately only one solider had saved he shoulddestroy thezombie with weapon only. From here game starts…………

Operation Zombie D episode-1 is FREE on Android!

Game Features :

• NO in-app purchase
• Use 5 different weapons
• Action game with interesting Zombie-shooting
• Kill different kind of zombies
• End unlimited zombies with limited bullets
• Zombies are also having weapons
• Some Zombies die instantly and some are very hard to die

How to play :

• Select Gun and shoot the Zombies
• Tap the special button while choosing shot gun
• Use special power weapons
• Use limited bullets and try to walk more distance.

App Information Operation Zombie D episode-1

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    Operation Zombie D episode-1
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    January 7, 2017
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
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  • Installs
    10 - 50
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Risky Runners 1.0.0 APK
RISKY RUNNERSHow many of us would like to risk our lives for others?Probably, not many of us.Here we have two brave and courageous young men, who decided torisk their lives for another person.Two enthusiastic young boys found a person fell down from themoving train and hanging over the railway bridge, above the roadway. These two risk loving boys decided to rescue the passenger byrunning against the vehicles, heading towards them, on two ways;railway track and road way.Risky runners is a thrilling and adventurous game. The specialtyof this game is to control two characters at the same time. Whilegiving you the fun and thrill, Risky Runners improve coordinationof your hands and eyes, without your knowledge.How to play Risky Runners?Right button- for the first boy to jump over the trains on thetrackLeft button- for the second boy to jump over the vehicles on theroadNow it is your time to be part of it and help these young andenergetic Risky Runners to rescue the passenger.Your task:Let the first boy run and jump over the trains and the secondboy over the vehicles, coming on their ways.Risky Runners is a complete entertainment for Christmas and NewYear.HURRY UP!! WAITING FOR YOUR HELP
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TRAFFIC RECALLWelcome to Traffic Recall, a thrilling memory game which willhelp users improve their concentration. In addition, the app servesas an excellent tool for daily brain training.There are many puzzle games and memory games with colors,numbers, etc. Traffic Recall falls under that category of games,but with cars. Many developers used cars in their apps for racing,parking, etc., but in this app cars are used for buildingconcentration and memory. Traffic Recall is a first puzzle gamewith cars.The name Traffic Recall, itself says that, it is all aboutre-calling the movement of traffic that is of cars. The applicationpresents 28 levels which progressively increase in challenge.How does it work?Your task in Traffic Recall is to memorize the order of the carsbased on their color and when the game begins, be sure to tap themin the right order. Of course, you also need to make sure that thecars don't collide, as the game would be instantly over.At first, memorizing the numbers of three cars might seem prettyeasy, but as you level up, the challenge grows as the number ofcars increases. At the end, the game can become quite frustratingif you're one of those who lose patience quickly.TALLURI GAMES is the developer of this simple game ofconcentration which is pretty original and different from whatwe've seen. The design of graphics could easily be enhanced but thegame play remains fun, challenging and truly good for yourmind.This app was rated highly by one of the best app sites, theappszoom.TRAFFIC RECALL Game – play:- Click the level button to begin…- Then, a screen with different cars in it pops up.- Each car of unique color on the screen will be given uniquenumber.- Memorize the numbers given to the cars and the car color.- Memorize them as fast as possible, as the screen lasts only forsome time. - Then the traffic comes to the screen.- Recall the numbers and their corresponding car colors.- Follow the first number first sent order.- The same way send one car after another based on its number.PLAY IT AND ENJOY IT!
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ENDLESS FLOW FREEEndless flow free is an endless game of circles flowingcontinuously. It’s a simple and interesting game with cleangraphics. Cross each red circle and collect each blue circle.Endless Flow Free Features:# No in-app purchases. It is totally free and also ad free# Pleasant background music# Smooth game play# Simple adventure game# No levels in this flow game# Move in your free route# Unlimited challenging flow game# Free play and a good time killerTry out this little adventurous journey for the richcollection.# No levels, continuous.# No investment, free of cost.# No trouble, smooth game play.# No rest, it is endless.Try beating your last scoreEndless Flow Free is developed by Talluri Games. This is one ofthe new entertainment works for the Christmas and New YearLike Us : https://www.facebook.com/endlessflowgame
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A thrilling memory game of cars, TrafficRecall developers brought you another beautiful memory game, level36 color, now with solid colors.level 36 color is a fun packed color puzzle with 36 levels. Thisis an addictive and challenging game with simple logic. Memorizingand recalling the positions of the colors in the circle gridrequires complete attention and concentration. At first, memorizing2 and 3 colors at lower levels found to be easy and simple, but atthe higher levels memorizing more colors found to be morechallenging.The last level 36 is specially designed and differentlypresented in the game. It is quite more challenging than theprevious levels.Totally all 36 levels are filled with fun and drench you fullyin colors.level 36 color is a unique color matching puzzle game in thepuzzle world.Shortly about level 36 color :# Levels 36# A color puzzle and colorful puzzle# Soothing background# Pleasing sounds# Enough taps# A special level- 36* Specially designed* Differently exhibited* Challenging yet loving* Mind boggling puzzle game# Free puzzle# Smooth and dynamic game playGame play :# Memorize colors and their positions on the circle grid, in thegiven time.# Recall the positions and tap on the circles in the grid, in theorder indicated.# Word ‘find’ at the top of the screen indicates the colors to befound.# Taps are enough, to complete the task.level-36 game play :Relate the colors indicated, with the positions of the colors inthe previous levels by using the clues in the grid.level 36 color is a complete entertainment for Christmas and NewYear.MATCH COLORS, SWITCH LEVELS AND FETCH FUN
Christmas Gift Van 1.0.3 APK
Merry Christmas to all! It’s the season forcelebration; let the happiness and joy prevail forever.Be a Santa, deliver Christmas gifts and share the joy with allthe kids.Drive the gift van, being a Santa himself, carefully, for thegift of innocent smiles that sparkle on each face. Escape from thevehicles heading towards the van and reach the target safely, withjoy filled gifts and Christmas wishes. Santa Claus offers youamazing magical powers for a safe ride; the van can be drive upside down, below the bridge.CHRISTMAS GIFT VAN CONTAINS:# Pleasing background with Christmas theme# Pleasant sounds# Free of cost, no In-app purchases# No levels, continuous# Smooth game play# Fun filled jolly rideCHRISTMAS GIFT VAN goes like this:# Van loaded with Christmas gifts# Moves on the bridge# Be yourself a Santa Claus# Drive the van to the target, the kids# Escape from the opposite vehicles. Use magical powers and movebelow the bridge when needed by tapping on the screen.# Collect the gifts on the way# Deliver Christmas gifts to the kidsHave a jolly ride. Merry all on Merry Christmas
Nursery Rhymes-KidsRhymeSchool 1.0.3 APK
Welcome to Kids Rhyme School. Our aim is toprovide education with fun in a way the kids can enjoy it. We offerquality animated rhymes and songs for children.Finger Family Nursery Rhymes, 3D Animation Nursery Rhymes andeducational songs For Kids ! Popular Kids Songs ! ABC Songs !rhymes and songs for children ! English Nursery Rhymes For Toddlers! Learn Shapes, Surprise Eggs Train, colorful animations, colors,numbers, shapes, Train Songs, Classroom Objects Collection.Our App Features;Finger Family Songs :Mickey mouse Finger Family, Cupcakes Finger Family, Peppa PigFinger Family, Halloween Finger Family,Shapes Finger Family, Smiley, Star, Burger, Santa Claus, SpidermanFinger Family, Pumpkin finger family with different variations,Icecream finger family, capsicum finger family and many more.ABC Songs and videos, Colors Collection with surprise Eggs, AllBasic shapes Drawing and Learning with examples each, Ato Z phonicswith pictures, Number Counting videos, Train Songs, ClassroomObjects and School Supplies with pictures, Nursery Rhymes andsongs, etc.We provide All basic educational videos and Nursery Rhymes andsongs for kids for Free of cost and Free of Adds.Give your Children Basic Education before Schooling, at Home andmake them smart at school. Kids can learn on their own, without anyTutor, by watching these videos with the help of our App ordirectly on YouTube from our channel “Kids Rhyme School”LEARN WITH FUNSubscribe Us on YouTube :https://www.youtube.com/kidsrhymeschool?sub_confirmation=1Like Us on Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/KidsRhymeSchoolFollow Us on Twitter : https://twitter.com/KidsRhymeSchoolFollow Us On Linkedin :https://www.linkedin.com/in/KidsRhymeSchoolWebsite : http://kidsrhymeschool.com
PreSchool A - Z Learning 1.0.6 APK
Welcome to PreSchoolA – Z Learning App, PreSchool A – Z LearningApp isAll-In-One Kids LearningApp. This app is helpful for Kidspreschool Education. Our aim is to provide education with fun in away the kids can enjoy it. Our educational app helps your toddlerlearn Alphabets and Phonics, Learning Colors,Learning Shapes,Learning Numbers, Learning Fruits and Vegetables, with pictures forkids to understand better. PreSchoolA – Z Learning App is akid-friendly educational app Features: - A colorful education appthat helps children learn the English alphabets A to Z and A to ZPhonics. - learning and Counting Numbers. -Learning Colors : White,black, grey, green, red, blue, orange, yellow, violet, purple,indigo, etc. -Learning Shapes : Circle, oval, square, rectangle,triangle, rhombus, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon,semi-circle, crescent, heart, star, etc. -Learning Fruits : Apple,banana, Cherry, Grapes, Mango, orange, kiwi, papaya, pear, pineapple, straw berry, water melon, etc. -Learning, Vegetables :Carrot, Radish, pumpkin, capsicum, tomato, bottle gourd, brinjal(or) eggplant, green chilli, lemon, etc. -All the information isgiven along with pictures, to make it clear for kids to understandwell. -After Learning all the information completely, kids can testtheir memory using the Guess Option provided in the App. NoInternetRequired: Don't need Internet all the time for using OurPreSchoolA – Z Learningapp.