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The application contains incredible illusion effects that will makeyour eyes and brain deceive. Try to look at the illusion you likefor as long as possible and look at any object!Disclaimer: Theapplication contains bright objects. You should not use the"Optical illusion - eye training" application if you are pregnant,prone to seizures or suffering from mental illness. The developerof this application does not bear any responsibility for anyadverse consequences that arise from using the application "Opticalillusion - eye training" and by downloading this application, youagree to accept this disclaimer. If you are not sure, or do notaccept the terms of this agreement, or do not download thisapplication.

App Information Optical illusion - eye training

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    Optical illusion - eye training
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    May 31, 2018
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    Ilia Nechaev
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    Russia, Himki, Michurina 10
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The game is a test of your reaction, dexterity, speed. It is anexcellent app for trenerovki reactions, it is recommended forchildren and adults. In the game, with increasing difficulty,perhaps the simultaneous appearance of more and more circles. Withthe help of one or more fingers, hold their growth or disappearsaltogether, these circles. After the score reaches 60, the gamewill be very fast, get ready for what will be very hot. Usecolorful and pleasing to the eye chart. Try your hand!Also, if youhave children, let them check out your hand at this game. Equippedwith an excellent soundtrack, and can be fun for the whole day,days, weeks, and I think even years. Your record will be recordedand playing each new time, you can strive to break this record,making the achievement of higher and higher. Is there a limit ofperfection? I think no. By the way do not forget to put the game 5(five) and a huge colorful leave a positive review. Even if all ofa sudden and neochen and liked it, but even so. You can even try tolearn to play the game, except for the kids, and even a cat or acat. Maybe the dog. The developers did not check if it's possible,but why not. Impossible does not exist! Successfully play all thefamily!