2.0 / October 19, 2016
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Optical Illusions HD Wallpaper is a “cool wallpapers” app for colorillusion lovers. If you are a lover of “brain teasing games” like“puzzle games”, “brain games”, “brain teaser”, “trick games”,“optical illusion games”, then you are going to love this “brandnew wallpaper” app. This “color illusion wallpaper” app is filledwith “visual illusions”, “artistic illusions”, “eye illusions”,“cool illusions”, “abstract wallpapers”, “abstract backgrounds”type wallpapers. This exclusive backgrounds collection is one f akind of its nature. Cool optical effects will tease your mind &give you a scintillating experience. Though this is not an “OpticalIllusion LWP’, you can still enjoy this “free wallpaper” app withfun. It is a beautiful wallpaper app that also has “weird circles”,“moving illusions”, “abstract illusions”, “optical illusion pics”& “optical illusion pictures” in it. This illusion wallpaperapp has some cool features as well.Features:- Tons of HD, QHD, UHD& 4K wallpapers- 6 cool categories filled with popularwallpapers- Unlimited wallpaper saving option- Cool & easy touse user interface- Wallpaper sharing options with friends &family- Search option to find new wallpapers- HD quality rarewallpaper collectionNo need to find any optical illusion. We havecollected & integrated lots of Optical Illusion backgrounds inthis awesome wallpaper app. Optical illusion images of this appwill create “visual illusions” in you. You may find cool 3Dparallax effect in some of the images/photos. Once again “opticalIllusions Live Wallpaper” fans can check out this cool “Androidwallpaper” app which has lots of “illusion pictures. “Opticalillusions and hallucinations” will mesmerize you & may give youheadaches. It’s not an “optical illusion brain games” app. It isjust a “free Optical illusions” unique wallpaper collection. So donot waste any more time. Download this hottest wallpaper collectionon your lock screen & home screen.

App Information Optical Illusions HD Wallpaper

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    Optical Illusions HD Wallpaper
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    October 19, 2016
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    3022 Fifth Street Victoria, BC
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4K Wallpaper 2.0 APK
Are you looking for some premium wallpaper collection? Well, lookno further because this app is packed with some awesomebackgrounds. All the wallpapers are handpicked and top in quality.A cool wallpaper collection that will win your heart instantly. Inaddition, this is a free wallpaper app with unlimited uniquebackgrounds.Features of this app are:1. Best wallpaper categorieslike- abstract, nature car, people, city, food2. A superb wallpaperapp with 4k & HD wallpaper collection3. Wallpapers are updatedwith 4k quality photos, pictures & images4. Multiple wallpaperbrowsing options like: category, daily, featured & favoritesection5. Outstanding user interface 6. Both Home & Lock Screenpreview available7. Wallpaper can be saved in differentdimensions8. Share wallpaper via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,Viber, WhatsApp and more9. Awesome UI that interacts with you10.Wallpapers are pixel perfect that fits in all type of QHD, HD, FullHD displays.Download & don’t miss out this elegant wallpapercollection.
Cute Girly Wallpapers HD 2.0 APK
An app full of premium wallpapers for girly girls.This app isdesigned for all the girls out there who loves sweet & adorablebackgrounds. If you are a fan of "pretty live wallpapers forgirls", "hearts live wallpaper", "cute animal wallpapers”, then youwill love this app. Also, if you like cute patterns, hearts, icecreams, cute quotes, rainbows, stars, smiley faces, fairy tales,cute animals, then you will love this app as well. All thesecolorful wallpapers are handpicked just for you. You can decorateyour screen with hearts, stars, flowers, love, romance, animalprints or style screen with glittery backgrounds. You have all theoptions to make your phone a sweet one with this stylish wallpaperapp. This trendy wallpaper app has tons of cool wallpapers. Glitterwallpapers or sparkly wallpaper lovers can also check out this app.Especially pink wallpapers & purple wallpapers lovers shoulddownload this trendy wallpaper app. Beautiful wallpapers aredesigned to make your lock screen & home screen look cool.Download this hottest wallpaper app & you will love choosingnew backgrounds every day, from this app. Features:- Tons of HD,QHD, UHD & 4K wallpapers- 6 cool categories filled with popularwallpapers- Unlimited wallpaper saving option- Cool & easy touse user interface- Wallpaper sharing options with friends &family- Search option to find new wallpapers- HD quality rarewallpaper collectionGirly backgrounds collection is filled withgirly themes. It is very easy to choose your girly persona from theapp. Set a cute wallpaper from the app & make an adorablelooking phone. So don’t miss out this latest backgrounds &popular wallpaper app. After all, it is a free wallpaper app foryou to download.
Blur Wallpapers 2.0 APK
This is an exclusive wallpaper app that is filled with someoutstanding blurry backgrounds. So many unique wallpapers havegiven this app a unique flavor for you to enjoy. Bokeh collectionto motion blur; you name it. All these blur themes will decorateyour screen and will give your phone a posh look. If you aresearching for some blur photos or blur images then Blur wallpaperapp is your answer. DSLR effect, blur effect, blur photograph,blurred photo, you name it. You can find all these free blurwallpapers in this app. This amazing blur wallpaper app has somecool features as well.Outstanding app features:1. Superb wallpapercategories like- color, nature, city, light, photography, black& white2. Great collection of themes and backgrounds3. Updatedwith modern wallpapers & backgrounds 4. Different sections tobrowse wallpapers, like- category, daily, featured & favoritesection5. Fast, interactive & smooth user interface6. Home& Lock Screen preview available for all wallpapers7. Savewallpaper in different sizes8. You can share wallpaper viaFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, Viber, WhatsApp and more socialnetworking sites9. Unlimited wallpaper downloads10. All wallpapersperfectly fit in all type of QHD, HD, Full HD displaysDon’t missout this stylish wallpaper app.
Neon 4K Wallpapers (Glowing) 2.0 APK
Neon 4K Wallpapers is one of the latest wallpaper in play store.It’s a brand new shiny wallpaper app that has lots of coolwallpapers. Along with a new wallpaper collection, it has someamazing glowing images in it that will make a beautiful decorationon your Android devices. Colorful wallpapers of this app will makeyour home screen & lock screen shining & modern. Brightcolored backgrounds along with neon lights collection make it appeven cooler. No need to have a neon live wallpaper to lighten upyour screen. This full HD wallpaper app has enough dark & blackthemed backgrounds that complement all the ultra HD neon wallpapersin it & will make your screen lighten up. Exclusive backgrounds& popular wallpaper of neon themes makes you forget about neonLWP. Because hottest wallpapers in this app are shiny enough todecorate or pimp your phone like no others. Unique wallpapercollection will illuminate your scene & make it glamorous. Thiscool “neon wallpapers and backgrounds” has also glitter effect inits contents. If you are a bokeh fan you should download thisawesome wallpaper app. Since this exclusive backgrounds collectionis a free wallpaper app, it is worth checking out. Here are some ofthe features of this beautiful wallpaper app:Features:- Tons of HD,QHD, UHD & 4K wallpapers- 6 cool categories filled with popularwallpapers- Unlimited wallpaper saving option- Cool & easy touse user interface- Wallpaper sharing options with friends &family- Search option to find new wallpapers- HD quality rarewallpaper collectionThis collection of colorful HD backgroundimages with neon lights will give you a dazzling & vibrantexperience. Breathtaking backgrounds of this app have some abstractthemed wallpapers & electric colored wallpapers. Wonderfulwallpapers & magnificent background collection is worthdownloading for. Super cool 3D themed neon wallpapers of neonflowers, space, illusion, abstract, animal, car will make yourGalaxy phone brighter & colorful than ever. This amazing &sparkling wallpaper collection is a one of a kind in the playstore. If you are looking for a cool live wallpaper then you shouldcheck out this cool image collection. Also, if you are a fan ofdark wallpapers or black wallpapers then this app is also worthchecking for. You don’t find new wallpaper collection like thisevery day which has wallpapers like amazing “neon butterflies” init. So it is time to download this animated but static glowingwallpaper app for your phone & make your phone a unique one.
Minimal Wallpaper & Background 2.0 APK
Minimal Wallpaper & Background is a cool image based app thathas tons of latest wallpapers. It is a modern wallpaper app thatfeatures tons of minimalistic wallpapers. If you are a fan ofminimalism then this trendy wallpaper app will win your heart. Thisnew wallpaper app has lots of colorful minimal wallpapers. You canchoose from these brand new wallpapers & set it either on yourhome screen or on your lock screen. You can do this for unlimitedtimes since this full HD wallpaper collection is a free wallpaperapp. This ultra HD wallpaper app also has some cool wallpapercollection like minimalist style, android wallpapers, artisticwallpapers etc. Which may satisfy the need of superhero fans orpolygon wallpaper fans. This exclusive backgrounds app have somecool features to look at:- Tons of HD, QHD, UHD & 4Kwallpapers- 6 cool categories filled with popular wallpapers-Unlimited wallpaper saving option- Cool & easy to use userinterface- Wallpaper sharing options with friends & family-Search option to find new wallpapers- HD quality rare wallpapercollectionDo not waste your time by looking at other apps, Thismodern wallpaper app has an amazing wallpaper collection that willsave your time. Flat wallpapers is the new trend. So new backdropslike flat design will create a custom look on your device. You donot have to look for N wallpapers or marshmallow wallpapers as thisunique wallpaper collection has tons of beautiful wallpapers. Sodownload this popular wallpapers & customize your androidphones screen with super cool themes.
Black Energy saving Wallpaper 2.0 APK
Black Energy saving Wallpaper is a rare app in play store. It worksboth as a cool wallpaper app & a battery saver app for yourphone. First of all this cool wallpaper app decorates your lockscreen & home screen. It has lots of black wallpapers, blackbackgrounds, black pictures, black photos, black & whitewallpapers, dark wallpapers, dark pictures, dark backgrounds, blackcolor wallpapers in it. So anyone can pick from this latestwallpaper collection & set it on his/her screen. All the darkstyle wallpapers are very trendy & stylish to look at. Thisfree amazing black wallpapers app also have pure black wallpapers,black art, black abstract, black patterns & black textures init. Ultra HD wallpapers will win your heart instantly. So don’tmiss out this exclusive wallpaper collection for yourphone.Features:- Tons of HD, QHD, UHD & 4K wallpapers- 6 coolcategories filled with popular wallpapers- Unlimited wallpapersaving option- Cool & easy to use user interface- Wallpapersharing options with friends & family- Search option to findnew wallpapers- HD quality rare wallpaper collectionNow, on thesecond part, let us discuss how this brand new wallpaper app savesyour phone's battery life. Since all the wallpapers are blackthemed or dark themed, this helps the phone to consume lessbattery. So you don’t need any battery doctor, power saver orbattery monitor to save your phone's battery. With this app, youcan have both popular wallpapers & an energy saver. No need todownload battery life saver, battery efficient app, power widget orbattery optimizer, when you have Black Energy saving Wallpaper atyour disposal. Enjoy & become an energy efficient user.
Abstract Matrix LWP Pro 1.0 APK
Have you been waiting for a unique matrix live wallpaper? Thenabstract matrix live wallpaper is you answer. It’s an awesomematrix themed LWP that is not green. It is not like other matrixlive wallpaper that shows moving digital binary, rather thisamazing live wallpaper is different. It is a superb live wallpaperthat shows a moving light on your screen, which makes it differentfrom other matrix live wallpaper. A beautiful natural wallpaperthat will enlighten your mood. The thing that you may not find onother colorful wallpaper apps. It is an attractive live wallpaperthat is up for grab for all sorts of users.Top features→ Awonderful live wallpaper that creates a cool look on Androidphones→ Awesome video effects like Night vision, Tint, Sepia, etc.available in full version→ Color magic option to colorize thewallpaper with new colors, which is available in full version→ Atrendy live wallpaper that gives a refreshing look→ A magical livewallpaper experience on all HD, QHD, UHD devices→ A gorgeous livewallpaper that makes your phone very fashionableAbstract MatrixLive Wallpaper invites you to a fantastic live wallpaperexperience. Get dazzled with this awesome wallpaper. Because youhad enough live wallpaper that is based on fun & colorful. Itis time to enjoy a great abstract themed wallpaper. So get thissuper cool wallpaper & dive into the world of amazing movingmatrix.
Glass Raindrop LWP Pro 1.0 APK
Are you looking for a rainy day wallpaper for your Android device?Or are you a rainy theme lover who wants to decorate your screenwith a cool rain wallpaper? No matter who you are, Glass RaindropLWP is the app you don’t wanna miss. Why? you ask. Because thesoothing drizzle of water on the glass will make you feel you aresoaking in the autumn rain. Some may feel that they the areenjoying the rain of spring. So get this free wallpaper app &enjoy the peaceful water drop on your screen.Top features→ Anexclusive live wallpaper that gives a steamy feel on the screen→Awesome video effects like Night vision, Tint, Sepia, etc.available in full version→ Color magic option to colorize thewallpaper with new colors, which is available in full version→ BestGlass Raindrop live wallpaper that you won’t find elsewhere→ Anamazing sight of powerful particle storm for all HD, QHD, UHDdevices→ A super cool live wallpaper that is free fordownloadLastly, this amazing drop of rain on your device’s glasswill give you a calm & cool experience. It may remind you ofmorning dew or the dew drops you wanted to see on the grass to someextent. So, why to look around for rainy themed live wallpaper whenyou can have this app for free. Download this superb live wallpaperapp & enjoy the very best of your device.