1.0 / December 26, 2012
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Live Wallpaper featuring a cell towermovingacross the open fields as if you were driving by it on ahighway.

- Basic live wallpaper
- Drive by effect of a standard lattice cell tower
- Only working on Phones Currently, modifying for tablets soon.

Have a comment or suggestion? Email us at: support@ttswireless.com

App Information OptPCS Live Wallpaper

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    OptPCS Live Wallpaper
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    December 26, 2012
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    Android 2.2 and up
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    100 - 500
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    Telecom Technology Services, Inc 7901 Stoneridge Drive, Suite 500 Pleasanton, CA 94588
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OptPCS RFCalc 1.1 APK
Essential calculators for RF Engineering. The integratedcalculators with the OptPCS Wireless Optimization tool have beenplaced into this application for basic RF use. These formulas areuniversal across GSM, CDMA, UMTS, WCDMA, WiMax, andLTE.CALCULATORS: Field Strength: Input the RF Signal Power,Frequency, and Receive Antenna gain to determine the Field Strengthin V/m Free Space Path Loss: Input the frequency and distance todetermine the free space path loss in dB Frequency Wavelength:Determine the wavelength from the frequency input Power Conversion:Convert power to and from Watts & dBm interchangeably MaskingEffect: Calculate VSWR, Forward & Reflected Power, Rho andother values at the antenna and transmitter sideWe will becontinually adding and evolving the OptPCS RFCalc application. Needanother formula or have a suggestion? Email us at:support@ttswireless.com
OptPCS Live Wallpaper 1.0 APK
Live Wallpaper featuring a cell towermovingacross the open fields as if you were driving by it on ahighway.Features:- Basic live wallpaper- Drive by effect of a standard lattice cell tower- Only working on Phones Currently, modifying for tablets soon.Have a comment or suggestion? Email us at: support@ttswireless.com
TechInsights 0.12.6 APK
About: TechInsights is a cloud-based software and multiorganizationprocess tracking system that enables organizations to deliverfully-fledged agile solutions, tailored to their specific needs,with full support for data management and reporting, within bothmobile and web environments. The tool empowers organizations toautomate their most challenging business processes with a robustset of tools that enables them to monitor and optimize operations.Benefits: - Graded visibility to technicians, engineers, managersand clients - Replacement of shared spreadsheets and emailinterchange through dynamic cards and automated, personalizednotifications - Notifications and reminders help avoid missing SLAobligations - Guided processes and data forms, eliminating humanerrors on actions and data input accordingly - Process and progresstransparency by having the workflow visible with items shown instatus empowering efficiency - Zero time to create daily and weeklyreports for both client and internal use Features: TechInsights isa multi-technology, multi-vendor platform that processes differenttypes of data fields, with the capability of performing millions ofchecks through process customization, notifications, reporting andtask assignment systems and includes the following core projectelements: - A workflow covering all phases and statuses, which inall respects illustrates the operation process - In every status,information about a project’s progress, technical information andteam performance is recorded to “cards”. - Card information andworkflow actions are defined by permissions through roles and usergroups - An advanced reporting system comprising widgets (bars, piecharts, tables, maps, grids, etc.) forms dashboards that are fullyeditable by system users; this enables users to gain visibility andanalyze data on statuses, progress, effort, KPIs and close-outreports - Dashboards are updated in real time and personalizednotifications are sent via distinctive channels (SMS, email, mobilenotifications).
IMNOS Mobile RF Test APK
Intuitive application for the visualization of wireless networktest data. Provides a statistical and geographical view of yourmobile wireless networks for basic network type, coverage, quality,and serving information. With integrated maps, location,speed-testing, call sequence automation and basic call eventlogging, this is the app to have for your initial wirelessinvestigation requirements. This is the perfect application forengineers doing RF Optimization/network analysis and designverification as well as the inquisitive subscriber checking theircoverage. Features: - Display of wireless network informationincluding serving cell, neighbors (Device Manufacturer Dependent),RF signal level (strength), quality, location, and basic servingnetwork information. - Supports LTE, CDMA, WCDMA, UMTS, GSM- Datalogging: All wireless data and speed-tests are saved in a log file-Exportable log files in .CSV and report formats with easy sharingcapabilities- Integrated basic network speed-tests with logging-Terrain Profile between user selected points- Google Maps/SitesIntegration- Map View with thematic signal level and basic callevent locations- Best RF Server (wireless, WiFi, WiFi scanned)mapping- Log file merging and reload display for optimization andsharing- Easy Screenshot button and image sharing- Event alarms(handovers)Coming Soon:- UE Scripting Service Enhancements- DropCall /Block Call Event Additions- Web Report Generation for UserLogs- IMNOS Synchronization
IMNOS Mobile Trace 5.2.51 APK
Intuitive application for the visualization of wireless networktest data. Providing statistical and geographical view of mobilewireless networks for network type, coverage, quality, and servingcell(s) information. With integrated maps, location, speed-testing,call sequence automation and basic call event logging, the idealfor basic wireless investigation requirements. The perfectapplication for engineers doing RF Mobile Network Optimization andDesign analysis as well as the inquisitive subscribers checkingtheir network experience. Features: - Display of wireless networkinformation including serving cell, neighbors (Device ManufacturerDependent), RF signal level (strength), quality, location, andbasic serving network information. - Supports: 5G, LTE, WCDMA/UMTS,GSM, CDMA - Data logging: All wireless data and network tests aresaved in a log file - Exportable log files in .CSV and reportformats with easy sharing capabilities - Integrated network tests(speed, call, http, ping) - Map View with thematic measurementlevel and test event locations - Best RF Server mapping - Frequencyand Band Information - Neighbor Cells - Log file merging and reloaddisplay for synchronization and sharing - IMNOS SynchronizationComing Soon: - FTP Test Sequences - iPerf Test Sequences