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Math Age is a challenging educational math game that tracks yourprogress through a series of statistics that show how your abilityto calculate is improving. Learn and train: ⇒ addition ⇒subtraction ⇒ multiplication ⇒ division Math games help to developmental skills, improve memory, focus, and mental speed. Thisapplication is suitable for all ages, all people can train theirbrain in an effective way. If you like the app, please leave areview, it helps us a lot. Your feedback is also very welcome.

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    May 24, 2019
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    España Galicia Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña) Plz. Europa
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ABC Animal Sound Book ( Free Educational Game ) Real sound alphabetwith animals real sounds. Special features: - Each letter ispronounced with two real voices: man and woman. - Simple andcolorful drawings of animals so as not to visually overload thesenses of children. - Slate mode with all the letters of thealphabet. - Book mode with each of the letters in uppercase andlowercase associated with an animal so that the child can learnthem with greater ease. List of animals available: "Alligator","Bee", "Cat", "Dog", "Elephant", "Frog", "Goose", "Horse","Iguana", "Jellyfish", "Kangaroo", "Lion", "Monkey", "Newt", "Owl","Pig", "Quokka", "Rabbit", "Snake", "Turkey", "Unicorn", "Vulture","Wolf", "Xiphias", "Yak", "Zebra". Info: An ad is displayed 5seconds after opening the application, close it before letting thechildren play with it.
org.ccpes.free.games.memorymatch 1.0 APK
Memory Match, game to match different objects in pairs of two,three or four objects. An Android game for the whole family that isnot only fun to play, but also improves memory. For each level, theplayer is required to touch the square buttons and must memorizewhat is behind them to match their partner. Keep matching objectsand similar boxes will continue to disappear to achieve successfulmatches. Features: - Play offline - No need to create an account -Completely free to play! - The Memory Match game is very easy toplay for both children and adults. - Graphics / vibrant objects andrecognizable colors. - Sound settings to activate / deactivate thesounds and music of the game. - Your memory will be trainedquickly. - It is designed and structured to adapt to all ages. -Develop concentration. - Dark theme that reduces the batteryconsumption of the mobile. Game modes: - Three different levels ofdifficulty, that is: Normal, Difficult, Psycho. - Six game modes:x2, x3, x4, x2 mirror, x3 mirror, x4 mirror. - Eight levels ofconfiguration for the board - Possibility of playing with finite orinfinite time. Warning !!! - The psycho mode includes strobe lightsthat can cause dizziness and fainting, use at your own risk. 44PesGames is not responsible for any damages that may occur.
org.ccpes.free.games.dadoseroticos 2.0 APK
El juego es bastante sencillo. Por turnos, tu pareja y tu pulsaisel botón para tirar los dados, los cuales mostrarán la acción quedeben realizar. Ojo, la combinación que muestren los dados será loque tú debes hacerle a tu pareja y viceversa. No hay límite, aunquesi haces bien las cosas, podrías regalarle a tu pareja más de unorgasmo y sin haber llegado siquiera a la cama. ♥ Preliminares: Unapareja de datos indicaran la acción a realizar ("Soplar", "Morder","Pellizcar", "Lamer", "Acariciar", "Besar","Masajear") y en queparte del cuerpo ("Cuello", "Nalgas", "Pezones", "Oreja","Ombligo", "Labios","Muslos","Brazos") The game is quite simple.Take turns, your partner and you press the button to roll the dice,which will show the action they must perform. Be careful, thecombination shown by the dice will be what you should do to yourpartner and vice versa. There is no limit, although if you dothings right, you could give your partner more than one orgasm andwithout having even reached the bed. ♥ Preliminaries: A couple ofdata will indicate the action to be performed ("Blow", "Bite","Pinch", "Lick", "Stroke", "Kiss", "Massage") and in which part ofthe body ("Neck", " Nalgas "," Nipples "," Ear "," Navel "," Lips"," Thighs "," Arms ")