1.5 / April 7, 2016
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Meet Oscar the Octopus on a mission to savetheocean from it's nasty pollutants. tap through and remove allthegarbage you come across which have littered the sea bed.

What level can you achieve?

Help Oscar journey through the bottom of the sea and savehisfriends from the underwater perils of pollution. He NEEDS yourhelpto save them from the dangers of the litter in the ocean. Themoregarbage removed, the higher level you achieve. Certainlevelscontain a timer in which it must be beaten, if not; GameOver!

Oscar’s Adventure is a fun educational addictive gameforchildren and adults alike and is a part of a franchise of OscartheOctopus games and merchandise.

• Infinite gameplay. What's the highest level you canachieve?
• Finger mashing fun!
• Addictive skill gameplay
• Submit highest levels to Facebook
• Compete against friends
• Global leader-boards

App Information Oscar's Ocean Clicker

  • App Name
    Oscar's Ocean Clicker
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    April 7, 2016
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    AppBox Media
  • Installs
    10 - 50
  • Price
  • Category
  • Developer
    Visit website Email enquiries@appboxmedia.com
    AppBox Media Plc, 200 Aldersgate, London, EC1A 4HD
  • Google Play Link

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From the developers who brought you Oscar’sAdventure meet Oscar on another adventure this time popping bubblesand matching colours. Join Oscar in the insanely addictive hand eyeco-ordination game.An amazing take on classic bubble bursting Oscar’s Colours is afree fun filled game for kids and adults of all ages. The aim ofthe game is to collect as many bubbles as possible while colourmatching incoming waves of colours.Pop your way through as many bubbles as you can, tapping thecolour buttons to change Oscar into the colour of the incomingwaves. If you find a golden bubble, be sure to pop it to boost upyour score.Oscar’s Colours includes bonus power-ups such as slow motion anda bubble magnet when bubble popping gets to quick.Features:• Infinite gameplay. The more bubbles you burst the higher yourscore.• Addictive skill gameplay• Multi-coloured bubble bursting• Super score boosting golden bubbles• Slow-motion bonus power-up• Bubble magnet power-up• Immunity power-up• In-app purchases• Submit score to Facebook• Compete against friends• Global leader-boardsHow to play:As the waves of colours approaches tap the matching colouredbuttons at the bottom of the screen to change Oscar’s appearance tomatch the incoming waves of colours. When game-play speedincreases; use the bonus power-ups of Slow-motion, bubble magnetand immunity to help increase progress.About us:Oscar’s Colours has been created with a lot of dedication by AppboxMedia, inspired to help educate children in the dangers ofpolluting the sea. Oscar the Octopus is a part of wider range ofnew games and children’s literature we aim to bring out on themarket soon.Appbox Media create popular apps that people love – games,educational apps, cooking and recipes, and more.More from Appbox: appboxmedia.comFeedback: enquiries@appboxmedia.com
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Insanely addictive! Meet Oscar the Octopus ona mission to save his friends. Bounce through the murky searescuing all your fishy friends avoiding the garbage monsters whichhave littered the sea bed.How many of your fish friends can you rescue?Help heroic Oscar journey through the bottom of the sea and savehis friends from the underwater perils of pollution. He NEEDS yourhelp to save them from the dangers of the litter bean can piranhasand dangerous carbon bombs.The more fish you rescue the higher your score on the meter abovegoes, but if you accidently hit the garbage monsters the meter willgo down. Once the meter is depleted, the game is over!Oscar’s Adventure is a fun educational addictive game for childrenand adults alike and is a part of a franchise of Oscar the Octopusgames and merchandise.FEATURES:• Infinite gameplay. The more fish you rescue the higher your scoreis.• Addictive skill gameplay• Bean Can Piranha’s and Carbon Monoxide Bombs!• Multi-coloured animated fish friends• In-app purchases• Submit score to Facebook• Compete against friends• Global leader-boardsHow to play:Tap the screen where you want Oscar to move to. Remembering toavoid the sea polluted monsters and rescue as many of Oscar’s fishfriends as possible.About us:Oscar’s Adventure has been created with a lot of dedication byAppbox Media, inspired to help educate children in the dangers ofpolluting the sea. Oscar the Octopus is a part of wider range ofnew games and children’s literature we aim to bring out on themarket soon.Appbox Media create popular apps that people love – games,educational apps,cooking and recipes, and more.More from Appbox: appboxmedia.comFeedback: enquiries@appboxmedia.com
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The Bouncy Blocks need your HELP! A hugetidalwave is coming!Tap to jump to each iceberg, be careful not to get hit bytheBlocky Birds.Collect gems to unlocks cool new characters.How far can you get? Hop until you drop!- One tap controls- Minimal 3D graphics- Loads of Bouncy Blocks to unlock- Beat your friends top score#BouncyBlocks

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