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If you ever have the fear of becoming the victim of an OTP basedfraud, then this application is for you. Frauds which includeasking for your OTP and using it for bank transfers are increasingday by day. A person in distress usually falls for a scam likethis. Everyone is aware of the “do not share your OTP” rule. But,in that minute we seem to forget this. The OTP alert applicationsimply makes an OTP alert appear on the screen. As soon as youreceive an OTP on your phone, the application reminds you to notshare it with anyone at all. So, if you are being conned, thissudden alert will remind you that no matter what YOU DO NOT HAVE TOSHARE YOUR OTP WITH ANYONE.

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SmartGovernance 3.2.25 APK
A single application for different administrative departments ofthe country. The app offers flexibility, and convenience to theemployees for marking their attendance. On the other hand, it givesthe administrative department an easy way to manage attendance,leave records and more. This application SmartGovernance is builtfor internal use of employees of different departments of stategovernment . This is not a public App and requires approval /authentication before making use of it from respective departmentheads. This is an initiative to provide convenience to GovernmentEmployees to punch their attendance from their own Smart Phone. Itleverages technology for the benefit of the employees. As theattendance is marked using the phone, it automatically fetches thelocation details to ensure accuracy. It includes features like -Punch In / Punch Out Apply for Leave Emergency SOS News and UpdatesContact Information An app that makes attendance recording andmanagement quick, easy and simple! Implemented at districtadministration dewas and patwari attendance at Indore district.
CitizenCOP 4.2.18 APK
Have you found yourself in distress situations at times andrequired urgent help? Or have you been a victim of crime on theroad or any other location? How many times have you witnessedincidents of crime but turned a blind eye to avoid anycomplications? OFTEN, right? Well, but will the society becomecrime-free with this approach? Are you contributing to thedevelopment of a secure society? Of course not! Well, Citizen Copprovides a hassle free and easy way for crime reporting. Built withan initiative to empower common man, CitizenCOP is a location basedsafety app. It is an initiative by INFOCRATS for a clean and asafer society and help develop a healthy living environment.CitizenCOP emphasizes on well-being of residents of a city,especially women. It has been successful in removing the barrierbetween citizens and police department. Whether you are victim ofany crime or witness to an incident, CitizenCOP is here to assistyou. With CitizenCOP crime reporting app, you can –  Get Help incase of emergency  Report any criminal incident or illegalactivity anonymously  Report lost or stolen articles  Makeemergency calls or send alerts  Call Police  Create a safeboundary with e-LakshmanRekha CitizenCOP also allows you to – Search if your vehicle has been towed  Allow loved ones to trackyour location with live tracking  Check if a vehicle is stolen byproviding vehicle registration card details  Calculate auto-taxifares and much more  Know latest news and traffic updatesCitizenCOP is a social initiative by INFOCRATS and was firststarted in Indore. It is now being used in Indore, Bhopal,Jabalpur, Ujjain, Raipur, Bengaluru, Jhansi, Navi Mumbai, Noida,Varanasi and some other major cities of India. It is a serious steptaken to remove crime from the society so any unethical orirrelevant use of the application will result in disciplinaryaction. Download the app today and take your first step towardsyour own safety! crime reporting app, crime reporting app forandroid, crime app for android, emergency alerts, location basedsafety, lost article report, safety app for Woman. CommunityPolicing, Noida Police, Navi Mumbai Police, Raipur Police, safecity app, Chattisgarh Police, CG Police, Madhya Pradesh Police, MPPolice, Delhi Police, Kenya Police. Smart police and policing inIndia, India police, police in india, Nagpur Police, lucknowpolice, Bhandara police, Satna, Rewa, Sidhi, Ujjain police,Amravati police, maharashtra police, delhi police, goa police,Noida police, varanasi police, citizencop varanasi, citizencopnoida, UP police, uttar pradesh police, citizencop goa, ujjainpolice, citizencop ujjain, community policing, Policing in India,smart policing india, mobile policing, public participation, safetyapp india, safety apps in india. Women safety App, safety app forwoman, safety app for women. No more Nirbhaya, stop crime, stopdomestic violence. Lets make a safe community - safe nation, safeIndia. CitizenCOP is surely your personal safety tool and guide forSimhastha 2016! Smart City - Responsible Citizen, Smart City -Smart Citizen. Safe City, Smart City, Mexico, Mauritius, SouthAfrica, Kenya, Be Safe, Neighbourhood Watch, public participationin crime control, safe city Mexico, responsible citizens, smart andsafe cities. smart city indore. app number 1, app no. 1. One NationOne App, 1 Nation 1 App. This One Nation One App now has "Atithi"feature for All hotel Guest Entry interface for social safety and"Aalamban" feature providing special safety feature for SeniorCitizens, Women and Children by providing emergency help SOS evenwithout click of any Button. AALAMBAN means Providing Help(SAHARA). One Nation One App - One India One App providing Safety,Empowerment and Convenience to Common Man / Citizens.
GRP Help App (Official) 3.8 APK
GRP Help App is a Collaborative Effort of GRP Chiefs of all Statesof India. It is the official Government Railway Police App to helpand empower Passengers of Indian Railways. With this App,Passengers can ask for Help from Government Railway Police andreport complaints. They will get a confirmation SMS from GRP thathelp will be reaching them at next railway station. They can easilyReport a Crime while traveling in trains. Railway Passengers cannotify any suspicious Object or activity, send a picture, audio andvideo to Railway Police and help preventing crime, accidents andterrorist activities just on click of a button. Let us re-enforceeach other to make railway journey safe & secure. It may formfoundation for Crime free nation. GRP mobile application alsoprovides a direct platform to Indian Railway passengers tocommunicate with the railway police authority regarding theircomplaints, inconvenience, suggestions and feedback. It has enabledRPF and other railway staff to play role of facilitator to helppeople not having access to GRP Help App. It aims at promotingsmooth and direct communication with senior police officers throughcontact us feature. Report an Incident: This facility allows you toreport any incident directly to the government railway police. Youcan simply click images or record a voice or video and click on‘Send’ button to report any incident. Useful Tips/ Information:This facility ensures quick news, tips and information intended toensure safe and secure travel. Your Reports: It is unique featureto keep you updated about reports sent by you. You may see presentstatus and action taken on your complaint. This feature offers: a)Responder Summary. b) Send Feedback (You may give feedback andassess quality of service). c) Additional Details may be sent asand when additional information/ facts surfaced or become known tocomplainant. d) View your own feedback Feedback on GRP/RPF/RunningTrain Staff: This allows you to give proactive feedback for good/bad observations for ensuring positive re-enforcement throughreward and negative re-enforcement through punishment. Please usethis effectively for conveying the message that many eyes arewatching. Your Feedback Reports: You may see action taken on yourfeedback through this option The app has been designed anddeveloped by INFOCRATS / Quacito as CSR under the guidance of ShriMaithili Sharan Gupta, IPS Special DGP, M.P. as mentor and chiefcoordinator GRP Help App Forum.
myAlert 1.6 APK
myAlert is a safety application to make people stay safe on theirown. They no longer need to be dependent on anyone else for theirsafety. As their safety is in their own hands and that’s what thetag line says ‘My Safety in My Hand’ Here is how this applicationhelps you: 1. My Safe Zone: You can actually set a boundary towhere you usually go on a daily basis. Add 4 contact numbers ofyour family or friends. In-case you are out of that boundary amessage will be sent to all the 4 contacts you have added to yourcontact list for this feature. A quick help can be provided in-caseof danger. 2. My Close Group: Create multiple groups of your familyand friends and help them keep safe. You can now track theirlocation of where they are and help them if they need help. To letyour friends track your location you need to accept the requestfrom them and vice versa. 3. SOS: ‘Save Our Souls (Help!)’ Thisfeature can help you when you are in need of an immediate help orin an emergency. You can add four contacts to this feature right inadvance. In-case you are in danger you just need to click the SOSbutton and a message will be sent to all the four contacts. In-caseyou are not able to press the button you can also shake your mobiledevice provided you have enabled that feature, and a message willbe sent for an immediate help to your loved ones, to be able tohelp you instantly. 4. Near By Places: This feature helps you getthe information about nearby places like police stations,hospitals, banks, ATM, Petrol Station, Doctor, Bus Station, movietheater and restaurants, etc. Gives you an easy access in minutesat your finger tips. 5. Track My Location: Using this feature yourfamily, friends and loved ones can track your location and you feelsafe all the time. As you are no more alone, someone is alwaysthere to help you, when you need help.
Clean City Ujjain 2.5 APK
Municipal issues are a part of our daily lives. We put in our dayin and out in struggling to resolve such issues. Lack of aconvenient platform for putting light on such issues hinders thebetterment of any city. Keeping these factors into consideration,Ujjain Municipal Corporation presents “Clean City Ujjain” a handymobile application that builds a stage, where people can report anymunicipal issues pertaining to their zone/area through their smartphone. It is specifically crafted to provide convenience to everycommon man of Ujjain. Here are some phenomenal features of theapplication. * Report any issues or complaint through images, videoor audio * GPS technology that shares the location of the issue. *News and notifications from Ujjain Municipal Corporation *Important contacts of relevant officials for better help * Browseyour zone that tells you about the exact zone in to which your areabelongs.
Lead Now 3.4.2 APK
Lead Now is a convenient mobile application developed for salestechnicians and managers who go on field and need to manage theentire sales process. The application helps user to mange hisentire leads and existing customers through his mobile device. LeadNow alleviates the job of sales person to great extent by lettinghim manage the entire data on an the go.Lead Now provides completeinformation regarding existing customers and the leads generated bythem. A user can easily add and delete customers and leads throughsimple log in. It helps user to capture images and record a voiceup to 60 seconds to support any leads recorded. The applicationmakes managing leads and customers an easy task.
CitizenCOP N 1.2.5 APK
Safety of neighborhood is the primaryresponsibility of every homeowner! Whether you are looking for anew property in your smart city or planning to revamp your existingone, enhancing security features of your home is not enough.Remember, your home is not safe if your neighborhood is notsafe, so start thinking about securing your neighborhood too.Spotting the gap between need and resources available forpromoting carefree living environment, we have designed a personalsafety app for neighborhoods. Citizen COP N brings security of yourneighborhood right at your fingertips.CitizenCOP N is a location based platform built to empowerresidents of a neighborhood in association with Home OwnersAssociation (HOA). From providing a hassle free way of reportingunlawful incidents to seeking help in case of emergency, CitizenCOPN is the best safety app available in the market, especially forwomen and children.Features –- Facilitates communication between residents and Home OwnersAssociation in a neighborhood.- Send Emergency Help (SOS) messages with location details- Report criminal or illegal incidents anonymously- Receive neighborhood news and updates in real-time- Develop a Safe Zone in your neighborhood- Create directory of all residents in the neighborhood- Get information on events in the society- Create a closed group to ensure safety of all residentsWith development of smart cities, ensure that your neighborhoodis smart too. Citizen COP N is the technologically enabled platformto link homeowners association with its residents.Subscribe to your neighborhood crime watch and alerts apptoday!
iBus Indore 5.0 APK
iBus is a mobile application developed to provide convenience tolarge number of population commutingthrough iBus system in Indore.This application is an informative tool that provides details onbus route between stations, total fare and stop list.Through iBusapplication a user can calculate exact total fare for travelingbetween stations. It also facilitates, by helping user to find apath and distance to destination bus stop. The users can even sharetheir views, suggestions, problems regarding bus facility with iBusauthority by the help of this application. The application isinitiated to facilitate travelers with complete informationregarding their daily commuting needs through iBus.