1.1 / May 24, 2016
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Pachinko Farm is full of fun and animals with delightful soundeffects.Tap on the screen anywhere to drop eggs to score, no skillsrequired. Random farm animals will be marching out when the middleslot is being hit. Hit animal with eggs to get extra scores.- Autoplay mode, toggled by the button on upper left of the screen.-Mute/Unmute, toggled by the button on upper right of the screen.-Check leaderboard, tap of the score wood plate.- Absolutely free,no purchase required.Loads of fun, easy to play, just tapping.Excellent game to keep someone busy (and smile too!)

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Gems and Runes 1.3 APK
Welcome to the fantastic journey through a magical world as youmatch gems to break the runes and collect cards to strengthen yourpower for your future challenges.Gems And Runes is a match-3mechanic puzzle game with a twist, all you need is a cunningstrategy and wisely use the magical spells to finish eachlevel.Game Play:-Match the gems with the same colour of the runesunderneath in order to reveal the monster token of each level.Leadthe monster token to the bottom of the game board to complete alevel.Magical Spells:- The more chaining gems you get, the morepowerful magic gems you will obtain.4 gems (any colours) = SmallEnergy Bomb5 gems (red) = Magical Fire Wall5 gems (blue) = MagicalIce Blast5 gems (green) = Magical Volcanic Burst5 gems (purple) =Magical Wind Whirl5 gems (yellow) = Magical Lightning ChainMonsterCards:-You will be asked to draw a lucky card after each game andyou will get different potions by adding the Health Point (HP) andMagic Power (MP) to your cards which will help you play your gamemore easier when you get to the later stages.Health Point (HP) =Keep this up, the card will be destroyed when juiced out.MagicPower (MP) = Monster will cast more frequently with higher MP tohelp you out.Level = Powerful magic spells will be unlocked athigher levelMore games coming soon! Thank you for your continuoussupport of our games! If you have any questions or suggestions,please welcome to contact us.
-O- 1.2 APK
Dash-Oh-Dash ( -O- ) is a demanding game to challenge your GamingQuotient (GQ).Your task is simple: Drag the dot to avoid bumpinginto lines; how long you can survive and how good you manage themovements will be calculated for the GQ.The Gaming Quotient (GQ) isbeing complied by your overall Endurance, Strategy and Reflexesfactors. A very few people can achieve a full score (100%).This isa game (tool) we used in our lab to evaluate gamer's skills forgame designs, we decided to release it to the public and wish youfind this interesting.- Two colour modes- Intuitive control-Graphical result to let you know your strength (and weakness)- Keeptrack of your progress and profile
Farm Riot 1.3 APK
The Farm has a disturbance, a Bear Patrol Team (BPT) was assignedto cool things down. Your assignment is to punish those bad behavedanimals (and creatures) with necessary forces. You are not alone!Recruit your friends to the BPT!Game features:- Single player mode-Multiplayers (up to 4) support on local Wifi network- Auto partyconnect, no sign or configuration required- Play cooperatively withyour friends as a team, or not so cooperative!- Fun realtime actionRPG party game!- Search the key to open the doorway to the nextlevel- Pick up supplements and weapons along the way- Collect starsfor lucky draw to upgrade your abilitiesTo ensure best experiencewith Farm Riot, party game can only be hosted on devices connectedto the same local Wifi.To gain smoother game play, start the gamewith the most powerful device with strongest wifi signal, beforeother BPT members join in.
Muck Pole 1.2 APK
Racing to the ground by beating the Muck Pole.Powerful tool can be bought by earning coins. Looking for "time"rocks to extend the timer. You will also find a handful of mysteryitems to be collected throughout your journey.Features:- Intuitive game play- Pixelated arcade style graphics- Powerful tools for your disposal- Dozens of items to be collected- No brainer relaxing game play
Silly 1.1 APK
The #1 silly game for silly people in this silly world!Playinstructions: Just tap!
Marshmallow 2x2 1.3 APK
Marshmallow 2x2 is a new number crunching game you have neverplayed.Are you ready for an unprecedented game play that willguarantee you will be addicted to it for the first time you play?Marshmallow 2X2 can do it! Please make sure you have enough timebefore you get it started!The game is played on a 4 by 4 game boardfull of different numbers, just SLIDE the row horizontally orvertically to match the same number and the two numbers will bedoubled, the bigger the number the higher the score you will get(each move can get more than one combination). At the end of thegame, you will have an option to take a screen shot so you can bragto your friends the final biggest combination you get!For advancedplayers:The game logic is well defined, therefore knowing themechanism will help you plan steps ahead to achieve much higherscore.1. Matches are always starting vertically, from top tobottom.2. Matches will then be make horizontally, from left toright.3. Vertically combined tiles will be moved to the lowerposition.4. Horizontally combined tiles will be moved to the righthand-side.5. Emptied positions will be filled by the lowestpossible number without matching to adjacent one.The game may lookssimple (and you may also play this game without thinking too much)but there are still some techniques to be discovered by yourself toachieve higher scores. Good luck.Features:• Intuitive, single handcontrol• Sweet, smooth graphics and animations• Simple game play,yet challenging• Taking screen shot for game results• Auto gamesave and resumeKeep an eye on all the different series from KittyGala and you will be amazed!
Balloon Carnival 1.3 APK
Let’s join our Balloon Carnival FREE for fun! This puzzle game istotally different from the one you used to play and it is much morefun with floating balloons waiting to be cleared to complete eachlevel.All you need to do is to tear off all the tickets to revealthe balloon star from the bottom, level will be completed when theballoon star gets to the top. You will get special balloon if youhave 4 or more balloons cleared simultaneously to help you throughthe game.
Marshmallow Union 1.3 APK
Marshmallow Union, a mind twisting puzzle game! Merge colourfultiles with the same number vertically or horizontally and if youcan finish it with only one left, you win! Simple!- hundreds oflevels- intuitive control- simple game rule- competitive game play