1.2.1 / June 17, 2021
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Pacific Jungle Assault Arena is an action-type first-personshooter.It is full of all kinds of advanced and destructiveweapons. the ismore than just a game, it also takes you into theworld of battleand glory. Get ready to play Pacific Jungle AssaultArena mission2018. Pick your guns & shoot the adversary fromthis pacificfort night craft survival battle. Show the world thatyou are anamazing shooter & a brave heart survivor. Relish inthis actionbursting shooting environment & use your vigilantmind to shootthe enemy hard. You will attain Hammer, Rifle andMachine gun todefeat the wicked enemies. You will gain the allcontrols &weaponry to win this mission. You need to fight withthe enemies& find out all the guns to defeat enemy easily. Youare the onlyhero in this pecific fort night craft survival battle.What are youwaiting for? Let's embark on the journey to end theawesome battleshooting game and destroy all terrorists. Gamefeatures: ● a varietyof powerful weapons: AK47, MP5, M4 and other6 kinds ofworld-renowned firearms, pistols, rifles, submachineguns, shotguns,sniper rifles, grenades and other weapons of allkinds. ● Richgameplay: Slide the left side of the screen tocontrol the movementof the character. Click the Accelerationbutton to sprint. Afterdiscovering the terrorist, click on the aimand then shoot. Afterthe bullet is used up, pay attention toswitch the firearm. Ofcourse, you can also use the firearm toperform a melee attack. ●Realistic 3D game screen, high qualitygame sound: Perfectfirst-person lens, the smooth picture can bevery clear the positionof the enemy, is definitely the pinnacle ofmobile anti-terrorismgame screen. The background music is full ofsubstitutions, takingyou into the real battlefield ofanti-terrorism; the actual firearmssound and footsteps arerecorded, so that you can clearlydistinguish the position of theenemy with gunshots. DownloadPacific Jungle Assault Arena, becomethe bravest assault commanderand commando hunter!

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    Pacific Jungle Assault Arena
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    June 17, 2021
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    Android 4.4 and up
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Are you looking for a Bigfoot hunting multiplayer game than youareon the right place because this Bigfoot hunting simulatoronlinegame is for all of Bigfoot lovers which can play with eachother inmultiplayer mode or Bigfoot hunting team? Just enjoyBigfoothunting survival game in wild forest, go to the wild forestwithyour teammates or two player Bigfoot hunters, find big monstersandkill them within seconds. It’s not easy to find out but theresomeclues that help to find this heavy Bigfoot monster in wildanimalforest. So be ready to enjoy this beast Bigfoot findingsurvivalgames 2020. Hunting down Bigfoot games, juegos de Bigfoothuntingis very close to the real Bigfoot story, people get lost inwildanimal forest when they go for hunting animals, now you havetofind Bigfoot in the forest with friends by playing thisBigfoothunting Multiplayer. People find some hints and cluesthemysterious creatures here in dark side of the jungle. LikeBigfootmonster intelligence creature who take just second to killthesurvival mans on Island. Now! Your mission to find out withusingsome tricks and kill them with two player or more multiplayermode.Are you ready now to play this finding Bigfoot hunting gamewithyour friends and family members? Than setup a trap and wait fortocome out to get caught in traps. Use different items like meatandnet to catch beast giants. Collect weapons to protectyourselfbecause rake monsters have intelligent mind to hit thehumanbeings. In Bigfoot finding monster hunting survival game,bighunter game and drake forest hunting game you have to consumeshorttime for killing the Bigfoot because your friends are alsowith youto help in killing yeti as beast monster hunter, Yetijunglekilling rampage game. Destroy everything which is in yourway, huntdown wild animals and hunt or hide from monsters. Inmonster gunmultiplayer and Yeti finding monster hunting survivalgame. In thiseasy finding Bigfoot games you have to face other wildforestanimals like lion, gorilla and horrified big animals. Showyourshooting skills and show that you are the expert monsterhunterman. Consider that this is the only chance for your survivalso youneed to start the predator off road jungle hunting simulatorinthis Bigfoot Finding & Yeti Hunting Survival Game andgiantsurvival hunt or the monster hunt. The forest Bigfoot findinghuntsimulator 2020 is FPS horror survival game, be a brave hunterwholooks for mysterious monster beast hunter deep in northernforest.Just came to know this might be very dangerous yeti hunterjourneyso prepared for it. In your arsenal you got small spycameras, beartraps, hunting rifles, flashlights and all the otherstuff thatmight be useful in killing the beast monsters. To huntthe Yeti ormonster is very easy just be aware from Bigfoot becauseBigfoot isgoing to tear you apart. You have to act really smartwhiletracking the Sasquatch. This monster have already killed a lotofpeople and it knows what to do. Always remember that in anymomenta hunter may become a prey. “Amazing Features For BigfootHuntingMultiplayer” • Bigfoot Multiplayer So Play With Friends&Family • Collect Weapons And Other Stuff To Kill The BeastMonster• Use Spy Cameras, Bear Traps & Hunting Rifle • HugeOpen WorldEnvironment In Wild Forest • Create Trouble For OtherDangerous& Hunting Animals • Have Amazing Fun By Play WithFriends InMultiplayer Bigfoot Mode
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