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PAC-MAM Dash Lava : Classic Pop Pean Stay as long as possible ontheway without falling into the void. Like a pixel Dash Reactquickly,dodge, move and jump on the platform geometry to advanceand reach asuper top score. Among the top games free brain,addictive andrequiring concentration for total control of variousobstacles andtraps, PAC-MAM Dash Lava : Classic Pop Pean isperfectly ideal toexploit this challenge and experience anadventure.

Pac Mam is an emblematic character in video game history, isayellow round-shaped character with a mouth. He must eatpac-gumsand bonuses (in the form of fruit, and a 5,000-pointwrench) in alabyrinth haunted by four ghosts. Four special pac-gums(superpac-gums) make the ghosts vulnerable for a short periodduringwhich the player can eat them. The ghosts then turn blueanddisplay an expression of fear signaled by small eyes and abrokenline mouth and when a ghost gets eaten, his eyes return tothecentral room of the labyrinth to make it normal again. Theoriginalgame includes 255 different labyrinths (the game wasconsidered togo to infinity, but the 256th level is unplayablebecause of a bugthat drowns the right half of the level under alarge cluster ofsymbols (see subsection Bug at the 256th level),this bug comesfrom the fact that the number of levels was coded ona singlebyte

Challenge yourself and twins to jump the surf escape the attackofobstacles and rush malicious friends.

Collect as many gold coins as you can to visit the strawberry,chocolate universes .

[Overall Game]
PAC-MAM Dash Lava : Classic Pop Pean is a fun and intuitive game,aninspired game designed for pac man players who are fascinatedwiththe types of unbelievable reflex play. Sounds and musicharmoniouslyrhythm your movements, while you dodge, move and jump,right andleft while enjoying the boost on your way!

Concentration, accuracy and timing will be the key to alongestpossible journey, but also to achieve a higher score andcompetewith your friends or colleague. Having the sense of strategywillallow you to dodge and surf as a subway surfer more easilytheobjects and reach a higher level while discovering thenewobstacles and steven universe and traps during yourgamephase.

Possibility of controlling the red and orange dragon or as thepixelcan be called for more action, with these roles of dodging,jumpingand movement you can play perfectly and live an adventurewhilefollowing the rhythm of the music.

Impossible monster ball is a game of relaxation and fun, youfeelbored take your phone and spend your time while having fun onthisarcade game.

Touch the left and right sides of the screen.
PAC-MAM Dash Lava : Classic Pop Pean is a simpler puzzlegame.
it's a geometry rushing with the soul of paw patroul
You can feel the addictive nature of the simplicity best comfortofuse.

1.Breaking prison games 100% addictive
2. Gameplay full of obstacles and traps
3. Boost objects for speed and improvement
3. Many scenes with different graphics
4. Sounds and music to adapt to the style of the game
5. Motu jungle transformed into orange dragon
6. Never gone for a while stay here and keep focusing on theredline
7. it's like a puzzle escape with coins to earn to visit newworldsand universe
8. Angry Lava is tracking you in this universe of pacmom

PACMAM Dash Lava : Classic Pop Mr Pean
• Designed for children, adults, boys and girls
• Made to ensure fun for people of all ages
• Contains stunning graphics with illustrations
• Simple and addictive gameplay with music to the rhythm ofthegame

Discover Impossible tracks Game Top game for free , a widevarietyof SUPER FUN Missions awaits you! Install the best infinitegame ofmonster ball and take your adventure now. Share with usyourexperience !

App Information PAC-MAM Dash Lava : Classic Pop Pean

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    PAC-MAM Dash Lava : Classic Pop Pean
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    June 20, 2017
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  • Requires Android
    Android 3.0 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Super Nova, Inc.
  • Installs
    50 - 100
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