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Color the World, splatter buildings, cars and trees with color inorder to save the world from a monochromatic existence. Liberate afictional world from evil that has outlawed color and fun. CompleteParkour like acrobatic jumps as you splash paint over a colorlesscity.Complete missions for points or choose the "Just Paint" modewhich allows you to color a huge city in a never-ending creativemode.-Great Painting Fun for Kids and Adults-Action Packed ParkourAcrobatics-Creative Painting Fun-No In-app Purchases-NoViolence-Story Mode-Just Paint Mode

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    Paint The World
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    January 29, 2016
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    91 Victoria Cross Blvd SW Calgary Alberta T3E7W3 Canada
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Train Sim 4.2.1 APK
3583 Bytes
With over 20M downloads, Train Sim is the realistic train simulatorsuitable for both adults and kids who enjoy trains. Control yourmore than 50 historical and modern trains which are perfectlyrecreated in 3D for your mobile device. Train Sim’s Features: ●Awesomely Realistic 3D graphics ● 50+ Realistic 3D Train Types ●40+ Train Car Types ● 10 Realistic 3D Environments ● 1 UndergroundSubway Scene ● Build Custom Environments ● 3D Cab Interiors for allTrains ● Train derailments ● Kid-friendly ● Realistic Train Sounds● Easy Controls ● Regular Content Updates ● Optimized for Intel x86mobile devices What You Can Do Whether looking to experiencedriving a train or just want to enjoy your favorite train setup inyour preferred environment, this app is perfect for every trainlover. With Train Sim you can: ● Drive the drains ● Pick uppassengers from stations ● Carry freight ● Sit in passenger cars ●Observe the train from the ground Choose a Terrain! This traindriving simulator includes terrains that are geographicallyrealistic 3D environments which provide a different experienceevery time you play. Here are the current options you can choosefrom: ● Southern England ● Mountain Pass ● American Midwest ● India● Subway ● Port of Call ● Metropolis ● Airport ● Desert ● KidsScene ● Japan ● California Coast ● Custom As you see, there is anoption to build your own, customized 3D terrain. Choose a TrainEach environment suggests a train type that is appropriate for theterrain’s specifics. However, you can choose the one you like most.You can also change the train and its carriage cars while you areplaying. Another great option is that you can decouple. You canalso drop the freight cars while moving. Control the Weather Whenyou get bored of the nice weather, you can try driving trains whileit’s raining or snowing. You can also choose a night option, andthe lights will automatically turn on. Of course, you can manuallyswitch the lights on and off whenever you feel like it. AchievementPoints You can see the list of the achievements that need to beunlocked and how many points they bring you. These can be declininga single train, crashing more than 10 passengers, trying out allthe weather variations on a single scene, etc. Keep track of yourprogress and make the most of this train simulator game! Whetheryou are looking for a train game for kids or for yourself, TrainSim is definitely something you should try out.
Train Sim Pro 4.2.1 APK
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Ad free Version of Train Sim The #1 Train Simulator with over 19Mdownloads! FEATURES -Awesomely realistic 3D graphics -50+ realistic3D Train Types -40+ Train Car Types -9 realistic 3D environments -1Underground Subway Scene -Build Custom Environments -3D Cab viewsfor all trains -Train derailments -Kid friendly -Realistic sounds-Easy controls -Regular content updates -No Ads -Optimized forIntel x86 mobile devices Perfect fun for both adults and kids wholove trains, pick up passengers from stations, or carry somefreight. Control your favorite historical or modern trainsperfectly recreated in 3D. Sit inside the trains, passenger cars,or simply view the train from the ground as it comes towards you.iOS/Win8/WP8 version now also available
Ant Sim 1.1.5 APK
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Play the role of an Ant in an Ant Colony, collect food for yourQueen, dig subterranean tunnels, customize and decorate yourenvironment. Call your friendly black ants to attack the red antcolony, and most importantly run away from the Spiders. Ant Sim isa fun mix of simulation and sandbox type gameplay that will keepyou entertained for hours. Features -Open Ended Gameplay-Environment Customization -Fungus Farming -Underground Digging-Free, No In-Game Purchases -Optimized for Intel x86 mobile devices
Kids Car Racers 2.0.5 APK
3583 Bytes
A free kids car game suitable for kids as young as 18 months due tothe easy intuitive controls specially designed for toddlers.However, older kids will also be able to get full enjoyment of thegame as they can run opponent cars off the track and they canimprove their score per lap. Basically, car fans of all ages willbe in love with this car racing game. Features: * 18 Realistic CarTypes * 3 Camera Angles * 5 realistic 3D environments * AR(Augmented Reality) mode * Kid-friendly * No In-App Purchasing *Optimized for Intel x86 mobile devices The Game Play: #1. ControlsWhat makes this kids game suitable for the youngest car lovers isthat there is no way to run the car off the track. You can easilycontrol the car by tilting your device, and touching the left orthe right side of the screen also works. You can easily adjust thespeed with a single touch, and reaching the highest speed issomething the bigger children will enjoy more. #2. Car Skins &Camera Angles You can change both the camera angles and the carmodels while you are racing. Just click the camera or the car iconsand choose the one you find most convenient. Those 18 car modelsvary from modern race cars to traditional old-school designs. Thecamera angles are as follows: * Regular, first-person * Rear-viewmirror * Top #3. Interactions With Other Cars Usually, the gamesfor boys are competitive, and so is Kids Car Racers. The older kidscan run the opponents’ cars off the track, and they can alsocompete for higher score per lap. Of course, younger kids can dothe same. Another option is to throw barrels at your virtualopponents, which is also done at a simple touch of the barrel icon.#4. Never-Ending Race Play as much as you want, the game willautomatically keep the best score per lap, but you can have as manylaps as you want. This car driving game for kids will end only whenyou, as a parent, decide, or when the kid decides to do so. Becareful, it can be addictive for adults too. #5. The Environments *The City * The Living Room * The Desert * The Mountains * TheRainbow Castle * The AR Mode For a more interactive experience, youcan easily change the environment where you are racing. While mostof them are your typical outdoor tracks, you’ll find unusual oneslike the living room and the rainbow castle. What makes this cargame for kids unique is the AR mode. The AR mode (also known asaugmented reality mode) simply gives you a real-world environmentexperience by using your phone camera. Your children can play whiletraveling, keeping an eye on the road, and they actually drivetheir mini car on their device. This is what makes Kids Car Racersone of the unique games for children. If you are still looking forthe perfect boys game, give Kids Car Racers a try today!
Flight Sim 3.1.9 APK
3583 Bytes
Flight Simulator for the mobile platform from the creators of TrainSim, (#1 Mobile Train Simulator). Take the controls and flyrealistic airplanes in this high quality Flight Simulator. Controlyour aircraft through endless environments that includes cities,mountains, lakes, oceans and farms, or complete one of manymissions available. Flight Sim features realistically modelledairplanes with interior cabins and moving components. This is amust for any flight simulator fans. FEATURES - 20+ DetailedRealistic Airplanes - 5 Realistic Environments - Crashes withVisual Damage - Multiple Camera Views including pilot seat. -Missions - 4 Axis Aircraft Control - No in game purchases
Kids Train Sim 1.5.0 APK
3583 Bytes
Kids Train Sim is a fun Kids Train Game. Choose from 17 fun Trainsand drive them in many fun kid friendly scenarios. From thecreators of Train Sim; comes Kids Train Sim; a train simulatordesigned for kids. Kids Train Sim features many of the samefeatures of our Train Simulator however it is a bit simpler to useand features cartoon & kid friendly graphics. Activate the hornor bell, control speed. Stop and stations, switch betweenpassenger, steam and freight trains. Pan/Zoom around the train anddrop off passengers at Train stations. New; Create CustomEnvironments for your Trains, build Towns, Stations Roads becreative and design your own Train World. FEATURES: 17 Kid TrainTypes 5 Pre-made Scenes Build Custom Environments
3 Jewels 2.3.3 APK
3583 Bytes
The new Match-3 Jewels puzzle game with addictive gameplay. Swapjewels to match 3 or more and create waves of excitement in thisfun and delicious puzzle game. Become the 3 Jewels LeaderboardChampion or simply enjoy the Endless stress free Matching Level.How to Play: - Match 3 identical jewels to eliminate them - Matchmore jewels for multiple points Features: -Share your Score onLeaderboards -Endless Mode -200 Challenge Levels -Jewel Bombs -MoveHints -Slide to Move -No In App Purchases
Dinosaur Sim APK
3583 Bytes
Dinosaur Sim allows you to play as one of the 20 popular Dinosaurs.Fight your way to the top of the food chain or play as a peacefulherbivore in a realistic 3D environment. Each Dinosaur is beatifyanimated and has realistic sounds. Dinosaur Sim is action packedbut also has educational modes in a perfect mix to keep you playingand learning for hours. Dinosaur Sim also contains 3 additionalgame modes including; - Dino Safari mode, learn about each of theDinosaurs in the game, - Dino Paint mode, colour your favouriteDinosaurs - Dino Museum mode, learn about fossils and DinosaurBones Features - 20 Realistic Playable Dinosaurs - 4 Game Modes -Realistic 3D Graphics & Animations - Educational - No In GamePurchases