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This application fetches the complete details of Identity Card ( IdCard / CNIC ) Fee issued by NADRA Pakistan. All type of card feedetails that NADRA issue to its Pakistani Citizen can beviewed/checked by this application. This application also containthe fee details of Id Card / CNIC that NADRA issued to people whoare not the citizen of Pakistan. This application also shows theFEE details of CRC ( Child Registration Certificate ) and FRC (Family Registration Certificate ). This app also show the completefee details of NADRA Applciaiton that is applied from NADRA WebsitePakID or from NADRA Centers. This is hundred percent (100%) correctfee details because details are coming form NADRA Central Server.Following are the types of card that NADRA issue to Pakistani andNon-Pakistani Citizen 1 - Normal Id Card / CNIC 2 - Smart Id Card /CNIC 3 - Normal NICOP ( National ID Card For Overseas Pakistani ) 4- Smart NICOP ( National ID Card For Overseas Pakistani ) 5 - POC (Pakistan Origin Card ) Following are the NADRA FEE details thatthis application contain 1 - New CNIC / Id Card 2 - CNIC / Id CardModification 3 - CNIC / Id Card Duplicate 4 - CNIC / Id CardRenewal 5 - New Smart NIC / Id Card 6 - Smart NIC / SNICModification 7 - Smart NIC / SNIC Duplicate 8 - Smart NIC / SNICRenewal 9 - CNIC / Id card Cancellation (Due to death) 10 - CRCNew/Duplicate/Modification 11 - New NICOP - Zone A 12 - NICOPModification - Zone A 13 - NICOP Duplicate - Zone A 14 - NICOPRenewal - Zone A 15 - New Smart NICOP - Zone A 16 - Smart NICOPModification - Zone A 17 - Smart NICOP Duplicate - Zone A 18 -Smart NICOP Renewal - Zone A 19 - New NICOP - Zone B 20 - NICOPModification - Zone B 21 - NICOP Duplicate - Zone B 22 - NICOPRenewal - Zone B 23 - New Smart NICOP - Zone B 24 - Smart NICOPModification - Zone B 25 - Smart NICOP Duplicate - Zone B 26 -Smart NICOP Renewal - Zone B Fees for Modification in Age 1 -Difference in Age is less than or equal to 1 year 2 - Difference inAge is greater than 1 BUT less than or equal to 2 years 3 -Difference in Age is greater than 2 BUT less than or equal to 3years 4 - Difference in Age is greater than 3 years 5 - Request formodification in Age for a 2nd Time Fees for Smart POC 1 - New POC 2- Renewal POC 3 - Modify POC 4 - Cancellation of Normal POC 5 -Cancellation of Smart POC Fees for FRC 1 - New 2 - Verification

App Information Pak CNIC Fee - Details

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    Pak CNIC Fee - Details
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    March 4, 2019
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    Android 6.0 and up
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    Fakhar Studio
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