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Here we are with latest version of superhero for you where you arenot only superhero but you arePanther Hero Battleground MonsterFlash Speed with combat games lots of energy and futuristictechnology. Some thug’s mafia, bad guys and gangster rpg gamesmafia have attacked on futuristic contest city of New York and theyare increasing crime rate day by day to spread alliance championsthe fear in innocent villains academy civilians future fight of NewYork City heroes The city is in the state of turmoil. Theterrorists, human traffickers and robbers are everywhere around thecombat games city. There is no acts of Violence unturned. Civiliansare rpg games scared. People are praying champions for a FlyingSuper Hero who can save them from the antagonist atrocities in thissuperhero vs Gangster City Battle. Become the contest realsuperhero and save the people from these gangsters and becomesuperhero alliance villains fighting squad. You are in for somereally tough kungfu fight fighting gamesPanther Hero BattlegroundMonster Flash Speed is a saga of superhero fighting games where youare not some ordinary hero fighter but a kungfu combat 2018 superfighter academy, action champions hero. You have the duty of takingrevenge from the super villain and put heroes an end to theirharmful intentions. If all the superhero, female warrior, femaleheroine, super fighter and flying superheroes, teams up to form anelite unit of super heroes then definitely rpg games you can futurefight superkick the Grand Immortal Gods of terrorism and win thisarena battle as contest a king fu fighter. The terrorist mafia isspreading all over the city, they have created a bank robbery crewwhich did a major crime robbery at combat games Federal ReserveBank. It was an impossible alliance heist but the mafia made itpossible by their evil tactics and plans. Their gritty crime sagais creating terror among the civilians.City has been rpg gamesinvaded by monster evils and combat games gangsters! Panther HeroBattleground Monster Flash Speed has arisen from to rescue instrange war conditions. Evils’ strikes of gangsters academy,terrorists, dark forces and criminals in the city. In Panther HeroBattleground champions Monster Flash Speed game your panther herohave to contest defeat heroes these supervillains who have mutantpowers. Superhero panther is in strange war which has villains juststarted with panther future mortal battle. Take your sledgehammerand attack with the full power like a hammer hero in this pantherhero avenger city battle. Your mutant powered enemies are mortaland your strength rpg games unlimited. Superhero future fight gameswere never been so amazing. Super strange war alliance hero is hereto defend the city with Panther Hero Battleground Monster FlashSpeed.In a world of Panther Hero Battleground Monster Flash Speedwhen there is destruction around, flying superhero panthersimulator always come for crime city flying rescue rpg gamesmissions. Panther champions Hero Battleground Monster Flash Speedin under attack of city mafia, gangster and under villains badsuper hero villains like Panther Hero Battleground Monster FlashSpeed rescue mission, a flying panther superhero has come forth tohelp new york police, eradicate city mafia, heroes crime gangsterand to fight the crime. Wild Panther flying hero future fightpossesses contest incredible crime-fighting skills in thissuperhero vs superhero black combat games panther academy alliancerpg games games.

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    Panther Hero Battleground Monster Flash Speed
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    February 22, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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Hero Iron Spider Avenger Robot Grand City Amazing 2.0 APK
Welcome to the Hero Iron Spider Avenger Robot Grand City Amazingwhere iron hero crackdown to iron robot battle fate cyborg in citytown. There are many crimes like drug buying and robot supersonicbattle cyborg in city town. You have fighting skills waste so stoprobot battle cyborg from escape. Dealers truth hidden smugglingdrug very easily from one city to other with the help of policesurvival members. Some cops are hero involved with criminals.Jetpack iron Robot.Hero Iron Spider Avenger Robot Grand CityAmazing, robot battle fate cyborg and corrupted police officers.Hero Iron Spider Avenger Robot Grand City Amazing saves people andcity from obot battle cyborg. This Hero Iron Spider Avengersurvival truth Robot Grand City maybe Amazing game is full ofexciting and action adventures.Be a Hero Iron Spider Avenger RobotGrand City Amazing and prove yourself in this new game for yourmobile phone. This is no task hidden for ordinary men because youhave to jump from one building to supersonic another hero atsupersonic speed. Cross the city of ruins, gather all the coinssurvival you truth maybe can and fate be careful not to fallbecause if you do, the war against villains will be lost. Downloadour open world game and become a crime fighter right away. Enjoyhidden the features of your favorite super heroes in a singleincredible game waste.Your parents were scientists in a hiddensecret laboratory. All truth about their life and experiments arehidden. It will not waste be survival so fate maybe easy herosupersonic to solve this mystery, maybe there will be some truthcriminal hidden elements too. So, solve this case by analyzing allclues. Maybe you will find something new about yourself too.HeroIron Spider Avenger Robot Grand City Amazing with amazing superpowers and great abilities like flying with Fighter, fire withamazing guns fight with punching hand. With the power of jetpackyou can fly on survival hidden the hero open city. Use all yoursuper power and truth marvelous strategy to save fate the peoplesupersonic and city from the waste and Robot. It is a new flyingiron hero game while you are playing and enjoy the missions whenyou are solved. Iron hero saves people and city also from mafia andcriminals. maybe provides platform where people live happily in ourcity.Play this fabulous episode to accomplish the missions. robotbattle cyborg to innocent citizens with the power of greed andguns, so you will stop unpleasant activity. Different places of thecity town you survival will maybe hero stop the dealing with robotbattle cyborg. Some cop waste member fate handshake hidden with thesupersonic power of bribe from robot battle cyborg, so police alsoagainst you. You will save own and citizen life from police androbot battle cyborg. In short, you truth will save the own andcitizen life with the curse of drugs and criminals.Time for finalbattle, our Iron Spider hero with unique skills is here to fightwith robot battle cyborg in city battle. Use all your hiddenfantastic hero power as flying iron super-hero and waste marvelousIron Spider hero to protect supersonic survival fate the people andthe city. Blend of Futuristic truth games and survival games addedwith the taste of iron hero games and superhero fighting in maybecity.A secret laboratory is exploded. This would become a maybedetective case story, where you should search clues, look fatesupersonic hidden for a hidden objects and investigate the case.But … after this waste explosion survival truth our hero got asuper power. What now? Join super champions team and start huntingcriminals.
Hammer Thor Infinity Hero Avenger Battle Ragnarok 1.0 APK
This is a Hammer Thor Infinity Hero Avenger Battle Ragnarok 3Dsimulator helicopters game especially robot police designed for thesüper game odin mjolnir players kahraman who want to battleculprit.For the lover of superhero games and hero hammer hero gameswe are mjolnir bringing a new comic game. We are in the Middle Agesmedieval times and earth has been attacked by strange creaturesfrom some other planet. They are planning to rule the earth and nowodin only some hero with helicopters super and strange powers cansave and defend. Where comes you as a comic hero & superhero –hammer süper hero, possessing a mysterious hammer having strangepowers robot. It shines like a lightning bolt and police no one canstay around. Free your land and finally the castles which havekahraman been occupied by the aliens. Be the immortal and be theavenger and destroy every evil comes on your way. The best superaction simulator game 2017.Come and join the game as defender andcreate real trade mark of your intentions in the city of hero gamesby the method of pulverizing the mafia and stopping them fromsqueezing the general population. You are utilizing a creaturewhich can be altered into big odin hammer hero and small and withits assistance, you can be the savior and complete what you inclineto police do to your city of superhero games. With mjolnir theassistance of automated super human, you can squash the antagoniststhat are getting utilized as a part of restriction to robot thesüper ordinary subject odin of the city of survival games. Act likehelicopters a genuine friend inside the state of flying games andwind up your role as the legend of the city. Bless the generalkahraman population of rescue games with the delight of the sweetrecollections of peace and accord of their high caliber past. Thisis a free action-packed RPG hammer hero game based on themagnificent comic myths. Choose your hero – mighty hammer avenger –to strike against the kahraman forces of evil mjolnir. Fightagainst demons, giants and monsters, and süper confront their odinmasters. The age helicopters of swords and spears, shields,storm-winds. Before the whole world robot crashes.Use the strangepowers of hammer hero, source of Thunder mjolnir, to push back thealiens of other planet in this unique classic hammer hero mythshelicopters game! Dark süper magical portals have police appearedthroughout the universe, and destruction started in all the realms.Be the super kahraman hammer hero and robot defend this universeodin from the other creatures.Enjoy this awesome kahraman newpolice addictive mjolnir game of the mighty Norse God of Thunder,Thor. Help the hero reach hammer robot heroNow try new Hammer ThorInfinity Hero Avenger Battle Ragnarok is the new Hammer ThorInfinity Hero Avenger Battle Ragnarok game, you can fight spider orfight different city gangster, or rescue some citizens, it’s allyou duty. Use your super powers to defend your city, save thecitizen and put an end to corruption, clear the crime from thecity, help with city police and helicopters you will be the newhero. In spider hero evolution game, city oak is ruled by somedangerous deadstroke and they have ties with the police too. Thecorrupt policeman doesn’t stop crime from taking place. Someoneneeds to take serious action against such criminals and risk theirlife to save hundreds of others. Play this robot super Hero gamenow and play as a super hero in Hammer hero evolution game. Go fastand wear a costume of the amazing super spider. It’s timehelicopters to put an end to this era of crime and save your cityfrom the crimes and bad peoples. FEATURES:- Realistic 3D Graphicssüper hammer hero kahraman- Optimizations for low end phones-Addictive Gameplay odin
Galaxy Star Hoppers Wars Hero Command Robot Battle 1.0 APK
Galaxy Star Hoppers Wars Hero Command Robot Battle is war robotsrevenge in your mobile device. FREE arena to play star battlebattlefront brutal hand to hand war games combat Galaxycharacter.Galaxy Star Hoppers Wars Hero Command Robot Battle; warrobot is going to be your craze if you are war games love playingrobot shooting games. In this futuristic robot game you are a botwith highly secret mission battlefront, for shooting Galaxy steelrobots you have to go in every star part war games deof futuristicsci fi environment for completing the challenging missions. Keep inmind that in secret buildings of sci-fi realistic environment,there war games are war robots sniper robots battle on dutycharacter to stop you. Your duty is to stop the robot battle bykilling all robo and arena keep moving Galaxy forward star untilfight is end. Aim your enemy's bots and destroy character them byhitting button. shooter and keep shooting as fast as you can wargames. You can increase your strength battle and stability yourMech robot. Wipe out the star future unfriendly robots and turn warrobots them into dust!In this shooting robot game arena, there aredifferent challenging levels in this floor fight of steel robots.This sci fi robotic street floor battlefront is worth playing, thisrobotic war is going to be held between transformer steel robotsand player robot shooter. These futuristic robots in this war robotgame are alien robots, they came from other world and they want tocapture most modern scientific lab. Let me tell you that thisrobotic fight in war games this shooting robot game character iswith other Galaxy robot strike force. You may have played star manyother shooting games battle but this war robots steel battlefrontrobot shooting in this robotic fight game is worth playing. In thisrobot war game war games the opponent are not humans but the alienrobots from the arena other world. The robot force that will fightin robotic fight is consisting on real robots who are saviorcharacter of this planet.If you are looking for something new starand love Galaxy robots and multiplayer battles it's worth thedownload to check arena it out war robots character since battleinitially battlefront it won’t cost you anything.Galaxy StarHoppers Wars Hero war games Command Robot Battle is an excellentgame that works well no matter if you play it on your GalaxyAndroid smartphone or tablet, and it’s such a good multiplayer stargame that it can war robots character give battlefront peoplebattle a competitive challenge while on the move arena.It's a timeof war ! Are you ready for surprise attacks,battle intricatetactical maneuvers and the many sneaky tricks your rivals have instore for you? Destroy enemy robots, capture all the beacons, andarena upgrade war robots your battlefront weapons to increasecombat strength war games , speed, and durability of your Galaxybattle robot. Prove yourself in each map character and usedifferent strategies battle and tactics to emerge victorious starfrom battleGalaxy Star Hoppers Wars Hero Command Robot Battlekiller game battle with extreme fights and monster warriors. Startthe arena mortal battlefront combat and stay on the battlefield aslong as you can. The great robot defense punch hero game where youplay the role of gladiator warrior who character war robots isbattle going Galaxy to hit his opponent like a star punching bag.Survival tournament has begun! Use defenses and attack techniqueswar games in this EPIC ACTION ADVENTURE!.
Samurai Warrior Survival Ninja Assassin Simulator 1.0 APK
Samurai Warrior Survival Ninja Assassin Simulator. is a 3d Gamewith angry emotions, angry ninja battles, in which The NinjaWarrior. will fight angrily with colossal titans and alliances totake revenge of their friends who looted, captured and killed bythem. Its extreme ninja fighting and also ninja escape fromcolossal titans. Capture enemy lands; grow your army, and come tofight, because The Ninja Warrior. you either GOES BIG or you willGO HOME! Prepare for epic angry assassin-fighting action with yourfavourite The Ninja Warrior. & Super Villains in the ultimatecosmic showdown! Ninja gladiator is dress up in angry hero’s dressthat is going to be awesome in fight with colossal titans and angryanimals like enemies. While enemies try to attack on angry man thenangry hero (The Ninja Warrior.) have abilities available to run,revenge, climb, and defeat them. Angry Ninja Warrior have minormissions to climbing, fighting, ninja assassin war, ninja rush etc.its going to be awesome game you ever played. Play for free! In themost massive action-strategy game on mobile!game : A classic ninjafighting adventure from the tales of 14th century with Kung Fuaction, Japanese fighting skills, attack, clash and run forsurvival. Have you ever dreamed to be Samurai Warrior SurvivalNinja Assassin Simulator Play as & Safe your city with superhero powers. Use your fidget spinner & Kung fu fighting skillsto kill gangsters, criminals & Mafia boss. There is a lot ofcrimes in the city and people need a true hero as their defender.The Japanese mafia boss and his crime squad is spreading terror oncity streets by killing and fighting. Start the ultimate battlebetween a fidget Hero Ninja Warrior and the downtown gangsters. TheMissions of the Ultimate ninja is spying, assassination andguerrilla warfare. Fidget Hero Ninja is a crime game in which crimerate in city is on it's extreme and you are going to rescuecitizens with your fidget spinner & kungfu fighting skills.Police and armed forces are unable to handle the crime city andkiller criminals in this super hero ninja game. You have to actlike city police for the ultimate survival of big city with youramazing super powers. It's time to turn on the real ultimateadventure of super hero fighting skills in this ninja fightinggames. There is Gangsters & criminals everywhere in the town.Now it's your turn to fight like a boss and free citizens fromcriminals. This An ultimate street fighting adventure with epicKung Fu Ninja Fighting adventure for fighter action game lovers!This violent 3D action game you play as angry green ninja samurai.This epic fun game contains 12 levels. Your aim is to collect allstars and fruit, randomly placed on towers. Mortal enemy warriorswill try to crush you with their strong tiger armor. You will haveto chop, kick, punch, slash through them like a hitman or just run.You have gone through learning of kung fu, martial arts, fightingskills, climbing from your evil sensei. You are armed with lethalsword blade ( katana ), shuriken and other weapons. Finish alllevels, revenge all your enemies and become a legend. Climb to topof the towers and jump down to water to finish your fight creedassassination. You can also pick stealth approach and use yourinfiltration, sneak, spy skills. Unaware from your mercenaryenemies you can finish the level like a japanese rising shadowhunter without of need to gear up and crime combat.
Panther Hero Ninja Infinity Battle Avenger War 1.0 APK
City has been invaded by monster evils and Thanos Titan! Thepanther superhero city avenger has arisen from to rescue in strangewar conditions. Evils’ strikes of gangsters, terrorists, darkforces and criminals in the city. In Panther superhero survivalgame your panther hero have to defeat these super villains who havemutant powers. Superhero panther is in strange war robot which hasjust started with panther future mortal battle. Take yoursledgehammer and attack with the full power like a hammer hero inthis panther hero avenger city battle. Your mutant powered enemiesare mortal and your strength unlimited. Superhero games pantherwere never been so amazing. Super strange hero war hero is here todefend the city with Panther Hero Ninja Infinity Battle AvengerWar.In the absence of Panther hero, the peace of the city seemed towhirl away in smoke due to the strong insurgency by the forces ofThanos Titan through their robots as is in robot shooting games.There was only strong hiss and nothing else due to the evils’strikes of gangsters, terrorists, dark forces robot and criminalsin the city. The city which was the symbol of peace was turned intoa crime city of robot transforming games. The city seemedfatherless due hero to the unavailability of claws and paws of themonster hero. In this warlike situation, many aliens pantherassumed the fictional character of villain of Panther Hero NinjaInfinity Battle Avenger War game.It’s an action filled simulationsuper hero game where you have to use your mutant hero strangepowers to rescue and save the city as frontline panther. Fightpanther hero the city survival! Jump over the battlezone use yourmutant super panther hero strange power to perform your duty ofrescuing panther robot and saving. Fight like a strange hero, be alegend panther of heroes and tagged yourself as hero of city.Panther hero fight this legend will not bear the hero injustice,prove yourself a good soldier and become a legend for your entirecity hero. The stage is well set for the entry of fictional hero ofsuperhero games. The Thanos Titan and Monster robot are using superrobot powers through their evil robots with the help oftransformation technology. They are transforming their robotsimulator into super robot, car robot, Fight robot Monster andFight robot simulator. Through their transform skills and herorealistic physics in this robot battle, they panther are causingragdoll effects to the lives of innocent citizens of robottransforming games. The city is no more a safe place for the peopledue to the robot war commenced by the strange powers of robot cargames. With the entry of Panther hero in this robot battle, thetime of the robot superhero seemed borrowed. The mutant powerswhich took a long time to settle in the city had started to crumbleas is in superhero games. The mutant hero appeared as an avengerand in no time, he sponged almost hero all the propagators offracas. Before the sharp claws and paws of the comic hero robot,the panther whole mafia was like a group of small insects crawlingon the ground and flying in the air like flying games. Peoplethronged in streets to honor him as the savior and legend of thecity of robot shooting games. The game play of this one of thepremium car and robot games vicissitudes histrionically as there isa resilient robot hero out rivaled in robot fighting. There is arobust defender in the form of Panther superhero who is inimitablein the use of martial arts and karate. A swarming ocean ofbamboozling ninja and outmaneuvering kung Fu is on tranquil accessfor the player hero of flying car robot games. The accumulation ofthe proficient kick panther and robot striking punch offers theplayer an imperious and prodigious buff to be the hero of yourcity. Install this and have the chance to sense the tangiblemetamorphosis of this game and the other survival games.
Ultimate Super Hero Iron Robot Battle Ninja War Us 2.0 APK
Ultimate Super Hero Iron Robot Battle Ninja War Us more powerfulthan ever, explore the city seen as never before, unlock new armorclasses, and upgrade them to iron help you escape soldier.Thisawesome yet free game is the ultimate combination between addictivegame play, lovely graphics and the obviously soldier the mostawesome iron character in a mobile game, even feels ashamed ofavenger himself when compared to the Iron Robot.Let’s rise for anaction simulator in new grand city which is in need of a UltimateSuper Hero Iron Robot Battle Ninja War Us to help save the innocentpeople and fight against criminals with amazing battle and avengeriron combat skills. You are a grand futuristic flying steel robothero programmed to protect and guard the city. Your mission inFlying Robot Grand City Rescue is to rise and fly over the grandcity, find and save lives of the injured people soldier waiting forhelp. The lives of grand city people is are precious, , ambulanceor, police, firefighters won’t be able to reach in time so you needto take the responsibility of grand avenger iron city rescue.flyThe to emergency situation. may be called at any time. Hold injuredcitizens in your super steel arms, fly high and take them to cityambulance for safety hospital for treatment. There are some superexciting levels where your real combat and fighting skills would betested along with your robot flying abilities in avenger amazingaction simulator.Ultimate Super Hero Iron Robot Battle Ninja War Usis an amazing action simulator where you will experience realsoldier flying adventure around grand city as flying robot steelhero legend ready for rescue missions and action iron based levels.Flying Robot Grand City Rescue has many rescue missions avenger andas a flying robot steel hero legend you must be able to save peopleand injured citizens in amazing action simulation. There may be asecurity alert, criminal attack and a combat between policeofficers and gangsters where your help would be needed. Be thefuturistic warrior flying robot hero soldier steel legend inavenger action simulator and to help the police officers infighting with against the iron criminal terrorists squad. User youradvanced super robotic gun and missile accurately and kill thegangster squad where needed. Show off your super avenger combatskills, attack the criminals and save this grand the city from allsort of threats and terror.Ultimate Super Hero Iron Robot BattleNinja War Us amazing robot controls that extremely increases thefun, excitement of action iron packed gameplay. Exciting role asfuturistic flying robot super soldier steel hero job avenger willlet you exhibit your super robot flying skills to rescue and fight.Fly over the grand city to the ultimate height for searching andrescuing people in emergency situation and take them to ambulance.Give a hard time to criminals escaping from the grand city jailcombating police officers. Snipe Shoot them soldier away with youriron avenger advanced robotic steel gun and robot missile in actionsimulator. Be the futuristic warrior steel robot and fight bravelywith the criminals to save the city and dismiss mafia groupscausing terror in the city town. Enjoy the real thrill in criminalchase missions and be the super robot steel warrior legend insoldier action simulator. A secret laboratory is exploded. Thiswould become a detective case story, where you should search clues,look for a hidden objects and investigate the case. But … afterthis explosion our hero got a super power. What now? Join superchampions team and start hunting criminals.Features: - infinite nonrepetitive stages (every time you play the level is different, youhave to think fast) - rhythm game play that keeps you entertainedfor hours - multiple stages with different scenery and new gameplay mechanics - awesome 3D mobile graphics (obviously)
War Robots : Battleground Robot Games Superheroes 1.0 APK
The Room is in distress and it needs your help!! Become the bestwar robots rescue simulator 3d driver.Begin your career by doing awonderful job as an war robots Warrior. Get inside the city andstart looking for war robots & Monster in the room. You willenjoy this latest among Rwar robots and Monster games. Saving livesdoesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy driving an epic war robots whileworking!! Enjoy real Monster war robots war in this Robot andMonster War 3d to be the dutiful rescue member of the team. Rescuethe people in need and destroy the war robots as quickly aspossible to earn achievement ! In war robots Monster War game youwill enjoy endless war robots rescue operations. Unlike other warrobots Monster games this one will take your driving & timemanagement skills to the next level!Take control of your vehiclewith realistic controls to destroy the robots in time! ! So if youenjoy war war robots Monster War 3d games you wouldn’t want to missout on this one!!Welcome to the war robots rescue mission game.Superhero war robots rescue game is an exclusive blend of Monsterwar robots army superhero rescue games, Shooting hero games,superhero adventure & super power games. You are one of thebest grand city heroes from action hero legend squad, go to thegrand city and complete your challenging rescue mission and enjoythe superhero adventure. You are an iron hero with amazing superpowers war robots at your back and great abilities like war robotswith the war robots for speed and rescues. With the power of warrobots, you can fly to the open city. Use all your super power andmarvellous strategy to save the people and city from the dangers inthe city and shark animals in the surrounding sea. Superhero warrobots to help save the innocent people and fight against criminalsin hit and run accidents with amazing flying and combat skills. Youare a grand futuristic flying steel hero programmed to protect andguard the city. Fly over the grand city to the ultimate height forsearching and rescuing people in an emergency situation and takethem to the ambulance. Give a hard time to criminals escaping hitand run and arson in the grand city combating police officers.Yourmission in War Robots : Battleground Robot Games Superheroes RescueMission is to rise and war robots over the grand city, find andsave lives of the injured people waiting for help. The lives ofgrand city people are precious, ambulance or, police, firefighterswon’t be able to reach in time so you need to take theresponsibility of grand city rescue.fly The to an emergencysituation. may be called at any time. Our grand super hero hasraised the hopes of war robots police officials as the crime ratewill sure to decrease. It is a combination of super hero flyinggames and city survival games. Combining the strategy involved instrange hero games & thrills of rescue mission games, this herosimulator lets to take charge of the city by showcasing yoursuperpowers. War Robots : Battleground Robot Games SuperheroesMission Game is bound to make you an amazing hero to celebrate theidentity as a War Robots warrior, War Robots around theWar Robotson a mission of city survival mission. For ultimate real survivalmission, the city needs a flying superhero more like a mutant heroto live peacefully. This action thriller in ninja hero simulatorwill be more than some ninja warrior games or fun will be greaterwith city hero. Gangsters are active and criminal activities are atits peak.
Pocket Pixelmon Go! 1.0 APK
With Pocket Pixelmon Go! you can track all the beasts who areclosethanks to the camera built into your telephone.Use thePocketsBalls to catch all monsters who cross your path!No need togooutside,you can play it anywhere.Wild pixelmon escape out ofthelaboratory center and now roaming around the pixelworld!!Youcontrol and train your pixelmon by tapping fast to jumpwhile themonster running forward.Wild pixel monsters can be verydangerous,so be careful!Jump and run to battle and defeat theenemy.Reachtrainer's lab in order to complete a mission across 4worlds, 15well designed levels.Safety of the city is in your hands,captureall the escaped animals so nobody was hurt!In this newfreepixelmon adventure, you have to explore all the hidden monsterballand treasure in the block world, city, roadway and junglelocationwith the help of power-ups and secret path. Complete thisgame andyou will forget about other catch monster and monstersimulationgames!Play this new kind of easy one-touch control!Wildpixelmonescape out of the laboratory center and now roaming aroundthepixel world!!You control and train your pixelmon by tapping fasttojump while the monster running forward.Wild pixel monsters canbevery dangerous, so be careful!Jump and run to battle and defeattheenemy.Reach trainer's lab in order to complete a mission across4worlds, 15 well designed levels.Safety of the city is inyourhands, capture all the escaped animals so nobody was hurt!Inthisnew free pixelmon adventure, you have to explore all thehiddenmonster ball and treasure in the block world, city, roadwayandjungle location with the help of power-ups and secretpath.Complete this game and you will forget about other catchmonsterand monster simulation games! a free catch creaturesimulatoravailable for android. Explore unknown game scene, spotthepixelmon as fast as you could and capture it before they runaway.Train your reflex and fast finger in this smooth touch controlgameplay.Characteristics:- Augmented Reality Game- Excellentgraphics-Very good sounds- Less wear battery- Easy to use- Veryfunny- Idealfor the younger children. The pets also appear insideindoors-Totally free- Not need internet connection- Beautifulgraphics-Nice sounds- Optimized system, least battery consumption-Easy tocontrol game play, but hard to master- Fun casual game ableto playanywhere, anytime- Ideal for the kids, boys, girls and evenadult-Free to play, no purchases- Share high score with yourfriends,family via social media- Download and have fun!